Big Brother 12: Week 5 Power of Veto Episode After-Thoughts

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 episode! There’s no mystery now for who’s on the block after this week’s Veto Competition. Either Rachel or Brendon will be evicted on Thursday and we get to just sit back and watch it all play out.

Fire up your Big Brother uncensored cams right now and watch the live feeds to see the noms fight to stay in the house. It looks like Rachel could be in trouble this week with the votes, but the other HGs will continue to fool Brenchel.

Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show, the return of Jeff & Jordan, and who you think is in the most danger of being the evicted from Big Brother 12!

P.S. – Yeah, the server had a few hiccups tonight but all is now well. Phew!


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  1. This by far is the craziest week in the house. Brendon’s drive to have people vote out Rachel will not work. Everyone wants her to go!

  2. Brendon is really pissing me off.

    For them to be so happy while I’m sad! What are they thinking!?

  3. the thing lane said about brendon and rachel was great. he basically said what america was thinking. can’t wait to see the poor losers walk out the door.

  4. I liked the comment about matt being a midget. He is a midget, even better, a troll. I hope his wife becomes stricken with some terminal disease as well, surely serve him right for flapping those gums he calls teeth!

  5. Cathy needs to die in a fire.

    She’s so unnecessary. And her laughing at Rachel as if she was so great? Her lame behind hasn’t done ANYTHING. She has NO game.

  6. kathy was excited. so what. and rachel never cheers for any one but brendon so come on. shes just a drama queen.

  7. Just when I think I couldn’t dislike Rachel and Brendan any more than I already do, I watch tonight’s show and my dislike has arose to a new level. Hate…….

  8. Can that lunatic Rachel just go home already…if she stays I’m not watching anymore. She is seriously annoying.

  9. I hate Kathy. She hasn’t played ANY of the games well.

    I don’t care if Rachel’s a slut or whatever, she DESERVES to stay in the game.

    Kathy…is old dead beat loser. She’s lucky Brendon/Rachel are targets becuase her floating behind would’ve been out three weeks ago. She sucks.

    She’s a nobody.

  10. I think this is great watching “the lovers” blow themselves up and look bad doing it is great entertainment LOL LOL LOL

  11. cant wait to see rachel go and kiss britneys ass. and brendon dig rachels hole deeper. B&R byeeeeee!!!

  12. I can’t wait to see Rachel cry tomorrow night. The more I watch this season the more I want to see Brit stay around so I can get a continual dose of her golden comments.

  13. I am disgusted with Big Brother this season, Brendon & Rachel are the best ones in the house, an they are being treated disgustingly.
    I will never ever watch Big Brother after they are gone. I am so so dissapointed in this!!! Big Brother house guests you should be seriously ashamed of yourselves.

    • Are you serious!! Everyone hates them. She’s a slut and he’s a dog! Please Brit or Ragan are better then these two! Are you sure you are watching?!

  14. It’s going to be soooo boring when Rachel and Brendan leaves.

    AND Regan is a good for nothing. He hasn’t done crap to sabotage the game.

  15. Britney loves to make fun of people but she cant take it back -Thats golden

    Brendon and Rachael are gone but they certainely did the most work in the house and kept it interesting

    Andrew-Beast, nothing else

    Brigade- Worthless peices of sh** who strategize but dont do work

    Matt- not a genius and a dumbass liar

    Kathy worthless

    Ragan Sabetour

    Thats sums it all up pretty well

  16. Can that lunatic Rachel just go home already! If she stays I won’t be watching anymore. She is seriously annoying and disturbed

  17. My opinion dump brendon now and watch the drama queen get worse and worse lol good stuff all around

  18. im not a huge fan of rach since the git go but she has played the game…but like ragan said last night she hasnt been the best of sport about it…saying bring it on or floaters grab your life vest. and in defeat she wants to cry and get ppl to apologize to her

  19. i didnt even see hayden played did matt reallii slapt ragan’s butt??? hahaha im tired of rachel cryinn foreall..n brenden needs to men upp

  20. I wish both Rachel and Brandon would go. Brandon needs to grow a pair and stop kissing up to Rachel who is always talking trash about him. No wonder everyone hates them.

  21. Britney is absolutely the best player in the house – I enjoy her funny comments in the diary room – she is so “right on” Brendon is such a “sap” I bet his family wishes he never met that nasty Rachel.

  22. I have NEVER commented on a TV show before but this whiny, crazy Rachel has to go!! Hate her voice,argggg

  23. brendon and rachel havent done anything realy if you really think about rachel sent home who monet and kristen. huge threats? no… so honestly they (rach) is a good competitor in hoh comps but dumb as hell and bren is good for nothing and by acting like an ass he basically is disrespecting the game

  24. Ha! Bren is scared to be in the house by himself w/the others. That’s why he has no problem going home. What a total wimp!

  25. Nicky: That’s disgusting. How could you wish that someone be stricken with a disease?

    Where are the mods? Once again, this forum is plagued with contemptible misanthropes expressing their darkest thoughts.

  26. OMG i am hating this show!!! I know alot of you dont like Brendon and Rachel but I they were my 2 fav’s from the start and I hate that the house has picked on them from the start. Rachel has been annoying and cocky but still I dont like anyone else but them everyone else is boring and stupid and I hate them all…If brendon and rachel leave i think ill have to stop watching the show cuz I cannot stand anyone else.

  27. Rachel and Brendon are the most nauseating players ever. It’s a good thing they are both up (and therefore one is bound for home), or I’d have to quit watching. I can’t stand another night of the two of them.

  28. I have watched every season of BB and this is the first time I have ever watched BB and thought that the people on it were all trashy and have no couth! What happened to the game of BB? Now its like watching bad high school movies where all the teens have outed another couple of kids! Your leaving a bad taste in the mouths of the public! Are there no rules at all to this game? Play the game stop being so mellodramatic about stuff that is not going to make the world a better place!

    • This is the best comment I have read yet!! My husband and I have watched this show from the time we started dating! This season is horrible! There was not one player I really liked. It’s too much immature drama every week and really annoying people. It’s like they ran out of people auditioning for the show and just took the rejects

  29. no kidding Raine. Brendon is a whimp. I want a man that takes control. I’d walk all over him. What’s his number?

  30. if brendon and rachel dont leave i will have to stop watching. or cut off by ears so i dont hear rachels disgusting voice. and if i hear brendon say im in love one more time i think i will cut them off.

  31. The HG are getting ready for a PARTY!!! Enzo wonders if it is going to be recorded for a show. Rachel says she will not cause drama or talk game during the party.

  32. I get that Rachel and Brendon are lame, but they are MAKING this season. w/o them it’s going to be super lame. What Enzo and his stupid one-liners? Lane & Kathy are worthless. This house will be so effing boring. CBS has really let me down.

  33. I don’t get why everyone has teamed up against Brendan and Rachel. It’s not like Jeff and Jordan kept their relationship a secret last season and they were the winners. I think that Brendan and Rachel have feelings for each other and it’s just the way it goes sometimes. Why are you kicking the underdogs when they’re down? Have some compassion. All Britney does is complain about both of them and back stab. Why not team up on someone else for a change. Plus, how have they not figured out the Brigade? Somehow those 4 keep in the game and they’re never ever targeted and doesn’t anyone else see that? How come those 4 are just sliding through the game because Matt keeps winning stuff? A much stronger alliance for Matt would be Rachel and Brendan because they actually win stuff.

    Just my thoughts.

  34. wowww if rach is actually gonna let him do that i will loose all respect i had for her as a player.

  35. Rachael is the biggest poser that i have ever seen. Those crocodile tears were priceless when she was talking about how Brendan was “sacrificing himself for her”. That poor guy if he only really knew her type of personality..

  36. Britney rocks, Brendan is such an idiot if he thinks this little ploy will work. He doesn’t have the balls to take it all the way through.

    • Brendon and Rachel piss me off so much. Rachel is an inconsiderate hypocrite who doesn’t realize what she has in Brendon. Brendon is an immature jerk who is love-struck and will throw anyone’s game or personal life under the bus in order to get himself evicted.

      So far, my favorite players are Britney and Lane. Britney’s a strong-willed girl who plays the game and her DR sessions are hilarious every time. Lane is a gentle giant, in my opinion, and i think he is loyal. He’s definitely a dark horse to win this entire game.

  37. @TVoverFeedsANYDAY

    Brit can’t take it huh? It looks like she took it from Brenda pretty well there champ.

  38. I loved Kathy’s reaction to beating Rachel. She should have been happy. Rachel is just a big cry baby bitch and needs to go!

  39. Brittany loves to hate, but she’s such a BABY when she’s hated on.

    I love watching the episodes where her class-less ass and Monet have the ULTIMATE PITTY PARTY.

    Britany sucks and her and her mother aka Cathy need to leave.

    Did you see how angry Brittany got when Rachel blew up on Cathy? They’re obviously related. LOL. Pathetic because they both are so non-threatening.

  40. It’s funny that Britney calls out brendon for talking behind people’s backs. Does britney realize that’s all she’s been doing this whole game? Does she know the definition of hypocrite? She’s brutal.

  41. I think that Britney and Cathy should wake up and smell the roses. There is an alliance with the others and they are being used to evict the stronger players. Come on ladies you are giving us a bad name.

  42. brendon and rachel are NOTHING like jeff and jordan….yes tey didn’t keep their relationship a secret BUT they got through and they didn’t parade around when they won (thus creating bigger enemies…duh) and they didn’t go and cry and throw a tantrum when they lost (thus creating more enemies….DUH!) It is just as STUPID as rachel asking why everyone is after them since the first day….they shouldn’t have sucked face since the first day….that is stupid not game play……WHAT IDIOTS. They should keep rachel cuz she will just fall apart.

  43. I’m so glad one of Brenchel is going home. At times, I’ve wanted to stop watching because they come off as phony, ignorant, and hypocritical.

    Rachel says the men are the threats so that explains her booting two girls. Rachel can cheer, but no one else can even if you’re the underdog Kathy who pulled out a huge win at the last second. Rachel complains that people are playing personally so she appeals to Britney her “friend?”

    They’re terrible. They come off as terrible people. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I can’t wait to watch this show without cringing anymore. Comparing Jeff and Jordan to Brenchel shows how great J and J were and how pathetic Brenchel looks.

  44. Can’t wait for next week. Hopefully Britney will be on the block, however, all we’ll see for the next few days is her CRYING!!!! By the way, at the beginning of the BB 12 we we’re told that there are two people in the house that are friends. Who are the two people?

  45. @SkinnieMinnie

    Brendon and Rachel were targeted from the start because they had the only public alliance from the get go and they didn’t align themselves with anyone. Rachel was too busy thinking that she ran the house and playing on a short-term basis than thinking long-term and bringing other allies into their group (or at least treating people with a level of respect instead of acting like jerks).

  46. Best part of the episode: the reaction of J&J to Brendon losing his cool like a little kid on the bowling alley.

  47. Jeff and Jordan are cute. The other crazy biatch is physco. The show is over but I’m still cathing up. They are starting the bowling game. Shhh, please, lol

  48. Jeff, Kathy pulled out a huge win? LOL what? Kathy won a ROUND not a competition.

    Kathy sucks worse than life.

  49. I think BB will come up with some kind of way to let Brendon or Rachel come back into the house after they get evicted. I really think that Brenchel is the only thing that has kept the ratings decent this season. After they leave there will be no more drama!!

  50. britney doesnt care that she talks about people. she never has said that she herself is loyal to any one. she has no alliances. and rachel and brendon talk about everyone just because they arent as blunt they(rach) takes innocent people out of the game because of her insecureties. brit talks about them. and everything she says is “golden” and is what america is thinking.

  51. Ok Brenden and Rachel are playing a GAME, so tell me how a Sheriff Deptuy is honorable by calling another woman a skank?? All of them go around behind B& R back calling them names and plotting against them, well you know when they are gone the rest will be doing the same thing against each other, And what about Matt making up an illness, wow thats waht a real man would do, all it is is a bunch of Adult Bullying going on and everyones time will come to turn on each other.. Adults making personal comments and Bullyng other adults on TV yep thats integrety for sure!! Kathy should be ashamed for calling anyone a skank!!

  52. ok calling brendon..brenda…that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Let him be her night-n-gay-l and not her knight in shining armor!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  53. @ Jeff

    I agree. Rachel and Brendon are playing dirty, but if someone else decides to play back then they hate it. They expect to the be top..

  54. Kay – Are you actually defending Brendon and Rachel? Did you just tune in today?

    “Floaters get a life vest!”

    Enough said.

  55. @Sean
    I agree with what you said. I was just sayin she has played the game…but not thought about everything before she acted.

  56. Britany is THE hottest little thang on TV. Cut-off-jean shorts? Come on! She’d turn even Regen’s head!

  57. @Sean its true, as flawless their dynamic duo is, its 2 vs the whole house, the minute they knew they were being targeted they should have started purposing alliances thats their only mistake.

    in addition for those who hate rachel and want her to go home, dont be so happy cause a house guest is returning and she has a whole nation vote cause no one wants anyone else back in the house

  58. BBq i laughed i was like for real. he lost everything that would save rach. so A0 he isnt even close and B) who the hell calls them self that?!?

  59. Most likely won’t watch after Brendon and Rachel go. They were the only ones I cared to see.

  60. I’m thrilled Rachael and Brendon both stayed on the block, I hope Rachael gets booted. She is the most annoying, hateful and fake person ever! Brendon I liked in the beginning but he has become an idiot and playing like an idiot because of that twit, even her voice is annoying, I can’t stand her! With her out of the house I think he’ll be better off as well, why he can’t see thru her is beyond me, she’s nasty, a cry baby, sore loser but loves to rub it in everyone elses face, I hope when she is booted out everyone in the audience boo’s her!!!

  61. Big Brother would be so boring with out rachel and brenden. So fun watching pool and that brat brittney makeing fun of everyone. What goes around comes around.

  62. @ desperate I don’t think you should say anyone should die in any fashion, that is just bad karma. Just my opinion.
    I LOVE Britney even though she is a mean girl sometime she tells it like she sees it. Rachel makes me want to throw up and Brenden hasn’t a clue and can’t wait til he’s sees how wrong he is on all counts. ie: matt ragan alliance britney being rachels friend and most of all rachels unconditional love for him. “even a monkey could’ve hit more then 3”

  63. @Abby2 I agree. This game is going to be extremely boring once Brendon or Rachel…especially the latter is evicted.
    They both have some game, and actually bring some entertainment to this show.

    Last year, I watched the live feeds all the time because there was so much drama. This year….meh.

  64. Ok, people if you keep saying that you’re “not gunna watch thr show anymore” because two dumb idiots leaving the house? They should have won, but they DIDN’T. so now they have to just suck it up and deal with it. It’s their own fault.Sure they made it entertaining; but it’s not like the shows gunna be horrible. whoever stays, is going to start shit with the HG’S. so it’s another week of pure entertainment. So stfu about how your never gunna watch the show.
    May I remind you, it is a game.
    and oh, if some surprise comes up and none of the go?…Guess who has the golden power of veto? MATT! So even next week one of them would go.
    So, suck it up or deal with the fact that one of them is going home.
    it’s a freaking game. Get a grip, or don’t watch it at all.

  65. Are you stupid…I was saying they are killing it by seriously playing the game .. what are you dumbb.. seriously.

  66. The worst person on the whole show is Brittany. She acts like a high school girl that gets a group around and whispers and runs her mouth and goes back and tells that person how great they are. She still had Rachel fooled. She thought she was her friend and she was destroying her. They don’t like Rachel because she was the best at the challenges. I won’t watch after they leave. Just a game but they are all losers but those two. J

  67. if only brendon knew all the things rachel says about him in th DR. he would cry like the little girl he is. it would be nice to see him actually play this game for himself when rach leaves but he will just dig a deeper hole.

  68. honestly i think that this is one of the worst seasons ever!!! the people on the show are so not interesting to watch!! boring!! although tonight was awesome due to jeff and jordon being on the show for like ten minutes!!

  69. Ok this is a game people I mean play it smart and that is what Brenden and Rachel are doing they are playing the way you would if you was in the house and I DONT LIKE NEITHER ONE OF THEM but they are playing the game the best they are deceitful and vendictive and that is the name of the game but like most people who enter the house they get close and their game is ruined or they dont play the game they slip thru the holes

  70. I think that you clowns are funny. You dog Bren and Rachel and the tools you support are on another level of stupid. Not one of these idots think that the 4 strongest males have an alliance so that means the rest of the trash will go out one by one. With the two you all hate still in the game at least there will be a show…The worst cast ever. All those brains and no common sense.

  71. Mannn you lot are boring!

    Why the hell would you want Rachel or Brendon to go??? They are playing the game, giving The Brigade some competition (else theyre just gonna fly to the final really undeservably) and providing DRAMA! Which is what the show is about…

    Yall over-rating Britney, shes good at competitions and she is funny at times, but shes also just a big bitch who cant take what she gives. Her gameplay is awful – she should have made an alliance with Brendon and Rachel! Shes going home, she has nobody on her side, its just The Brigade, rest floaters.

    As Rachel said, floaters need to get their life vests, they wont be around for long!

    Anyway, Rachel should stay for 2 reasons:
    1. Will keep the house alive.
    2. We’ll only have Kathy and Britney left as the women, dont want a sausage fest like our series too (BBUK – 7 guys, 3 women, looking to lose another woman this Friday). Zzzzz

  72. I think that the show is rigged because the 2 hoh’s that Matt one were comps that strong men with small feet would win. Also, what ever happened to the statement that 2 players know each other from outside of the house (kathy and britney)?

  73. I’m sooo glad that I don’t have to hear Rachel say “come between me and my man” again. Britney is becoming a Veto queen. It is good to see Kathy step it up a bit.

  74. Yeah. Nice support by Rachel: comparing her “supposed boyfriend” to a monkey. Not that it will last, but I’d hate to see her when she gets into an argument with him. SHE DIRTY!!!

  75. all the players are guilty of backstabbing and trash talking. it’s not bb with out that! yes, these girls that are left (and regan) are very catty. and please Matt! Put a shirt on! you have the body of a 10 year old boy! i don’t have a favorite this season but i do have players i don’t like! pretty much all of them! and the ones that i do like, are floaters just playing a weak game until all the drama queens go. the real show will be when they all start fighting to get to the final 3. i am hoping bb will give us a twist at the eviction tomorrow. or maybe bring the evicted guest back? please! some more drama in the house would be awesome!

  76. I want her out. Ratings? c’mon. If you want them to stay you are crazy. The drama, the brigrade will turn against each other.

  77. I have watched all seasons of Big Brother and this has to be the worse. The showmance of Rachel and Brendon is an embarrasment, and I am ashamed to even acknowledge it,the showmance that is. I do not watch daytime soap operas for that same purpose. It is suppose to be a game. Kristen and Hayden were cute and funny, just like Jeff and Jordan, who I enjoyed watching on Amazing Race and will probably watch Jeff’s new show. This nonsense has got to stop Rachel must go and please no more of her

  78. Although Rachel and Brendon are the next two to go…(unless one of them pulls out an HOH next week)…what Brittany, Kathy and Ragen don’t realize is they will be picked off one at a time by the Brigade. They will never have enough votes to stay with Rachel and Brendon gone. It will be down to the three floaters against the Brigade…can Brittany keep pulling out these veto comps? I hope so…she’s going to need it! Go Brittany!

  79. I do not like either of them but they make for a better show. The rest outside of the “brigade” just do not have a clue.

  80. I think America made a nasty mistake making Regan the sab… i mean SAP… Was loving the game up to the nasty and unprovoke and sure not needed comments comming from his mouth. Pick a prank and keep his sorry and very pittyful comments to himself… left tonight totally discusted with that excuse for a human … Only reward will be is to see him go… yesterday was not soon enough … As for the rest of the group .. none would want me as a judge… worste bunch i have ever seen … ONLY IN AMERICA

  81. if i read one more time that rach and brend play the game that best i will seriously throw up. they evicted monet and kristen. well rach did while brend sat back and watched. and you know how big of threats m and k were. they were getting between rach and her man, i mean thats what is the most importanted thing… love. wowwwww!!!! BS.

  82. i think that this season sucks cause none of players are doing sh*t in the house and the people actually playing the game are the ones being targeted. Rachel maybe annoying but she is the best player in the house so far. they feel so threatened by her that they had to gain up against her. I am tired of this game now ………..Rachel leaves I stop watching the game period

  83. Today’s 1st limerick attempt: (Power of Veto edition)

    Brendon’s a psychotic buffoon
    His antics are that of a loon
    Most people think
    His girlfriend’s a skank
    And can’t be evicted too soon

  84. Goodbye Rachel….never quite saw someone so self centered and evil….glad to see you go…maybe Brendon can recover and regain his head from your ways

  85. Kathy, Reagan, and Britney are no better than Brenchel. All 3 of them are two-faced. I don’t agree with a lot of B/R tactics but they don’t deserve to be treated that way by those 3. I can’t wait til they get voted out by the Brigade!!!

  86. @100. I agree. I am tired of seeing Brit act like a high school mean girl. She needs to go not Brenchel. Without them there is no reason to watch it.

  87. Its all fun to watch. Who really cares who wins anyway?

    Seriously, who has vested interest in any of these people? Its kind of silly to get worked up over people on “reality” TV.

  88. I just wish that Ragan has to sabotage the eviction by locking the front door (like Annie did with the kitchen) so the eviction is cancelled.

    It would be the biggest sabotage ever! They all want to split Brechel, and the time it looks like they are about to, FAILLL.

  89. Rachel is a stripper and knows how to play her emotions/tears on men. I can turn the faucet off and on in a heart beat. Get a clue Breden.

  90. Rachel and Brendon never had a chance to relax and have fun in that house from day one unless they won Hoh…everyone in that house wants them gone cuz their jealous they cant play like them…thye had to play so hard to be where they are today and unfortunatly their time ran out….but I think their not going home…bb is not going to let them s home..YET..but if one of them do, thye will be back…the show will suck without them…most ppl only watches i for THEM.

  91. How can people defend Rachel and Brendon?

    She basically asked to be put on the block this week. Do you all have a bad memory, or is it just selective?

    “Floaters get a life vest!”

    Translation: “Next week when I’m not HoH, I want to be the target!”

    They have zero sense of diplomacy. None. Let’s make a comparison, shall we?

    Season 7. Will and Boogie. A very tight, loyal alliance. The entire house knew they were an alliance. Will was a former winner so they knew that Chill Town was a threat. They made it to the Final Four, and Boogie won because of diplomacy and smart competition play. Neither of them won an HoH until mid-game. They had a fake alliance with Danielle and James. They led on Janelle and Ericka. They pulled the strings while other people won HoH and evicted houseguests. They are the prototypical Big Brother pair, and they have the $500,000 checks to prove it.

    Diplomacy and smart competition play wins Big Brother. Maybe Brendon and Rachel will learn that after they get booted out.

  92. ANGIE..Rachel reminds me of Janelle from day one and thats why I like her so much…loved Janelle.

  93. Please tell me how “floaters get a boat” And “SKANK” differ???? seriously If a Deputy Sheriff says that on national tv, I hope I dont’ get pulled over by her?? Whats she gonna call me?? Brenden and Rachel are playing the game and thats what everyone else hates. Once they are gone who’s next, the name callin won’t stop there. So yes I like B&R ..

  94. Audri=puke THEY PLAYED A GOOD GAME did anyone else seriously win anything besdies Matt and Britt HELL NO its a game Go Puke hunnie

  95. ppl are saying how can anyone defend rachel or brendon….the question is how can anyone defend the rest of the clan in that house…it had to take 7 ppl o gang up to get one of them out

  96. @Matt B

    We know what Rachel said was foolish but lets be honest, they were going up anyway!

    Might aswell cause a stir with it.

  97. we think kathy and britney are mother and daughter both from arkansas ages 40 22 and they look like they are related anyone agree ?

  98. Deffinately dramatic in the house this year!! Brenchel has brought alot of this on themselves!! When you tell the house bring it on, then expect just that!! Instead we see Brenchel as the dog with bark and no bite!! Send that winey Rachel home and watch Brendon grieve himself right out the door!!!

  99. “Brenden and Rachel are playing the game and thats what everyone else hates.”

    Pretty much every “personal” argument has involved Rachel and Brendon. They themselves claim that it is not just a game, it’s personal.

    They’re not playing the game. If Brendon was playing the game, he wouldn’t be sacrificing himself.

  100. kathy may be a sheriff outside the house but that doesn’t mean she can’t say “bad” words. i can’t swear at my job but when i’m away from the customers, hell yea i call them names. a person can only get pushed so far before they snap.


  102. I do enjoy watching Britney but will she be so witty and entertaining when the brigade goes after her? Or will she be shedding fake tears underneath her blankets? When it comes down to the last 4, I can’t wait to see who the brigade will decide who to knock off first!

  103. I can make the argument that Rachel and Brendon are whats making the show boring.
    When you isolate yourself the way Brenchel has, then the target is easy for the whole house to team up to get you out. I would say their strategy has done them ZERO good for the long run and have in fact, made it a little more boring.

  104. It’s cruel to ask Regan to ruin his game by being the annoying prankster! That aspect of the game is boring… you don’t need it and it annoys me the view. What is gorgeous Brendon doing with rude,whiney Rachel? Why do sweet guys like that go for mean rude girls? Clearly he has issues if this is who he wants to be with. She pulls away from him, lies to him and talks about him behind his back. I hope he sees what the viewers see and dumps her cocktail serving behind. Clearly, Kathy and Britany are mother and daughter.

  105. okay! where do i start!
    rachel attacking kathy? what is she absolutely insane?? you are ON THE BLOCK and this is how you think you will get POSITIVE ATTENTION? yea… good luck with THAT!

    brenden is a weenie. i know that sounds like im 5… but seriously. who throws away 500,000 $$$ for a girl who needs some skin cream to clean up her disgusting pale and pimply face??

    anyways, i don’t mean to seem… distasteful… but i think that these two absolutely should go home because they are just disgraceful! especially when brenden whipped the ball at jeff and jordan, i was embaarrased…

    anyways. ding dong the witch will be gone. lets hope everything goes according to plan :D

  106. After tomorrow’s eviction, The Brendon and Rachel Hour will be renamed Big Brother!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. I thought Kathy and Brittany were mother and daughter from the day it was said about 2 lifelong friends in the house, but i noticed tonight how much they looked alike

  108. #145 – I completely agree. The real strategy starts after Brenchel is gone and people start turning on each other! That’s what I like about Big Brother.

  109. Brendon shouldn’t even be on the show. If he doesn’t want the opportunity to win a large sum of money then get out and give someone else a chance.

  110. When real alliances get split due to their own doing or an outside source, the game will get a lot more fun. Much better than watching crocodile tears and pansy boy.

  111. ps – as soon as Brandon is off the show -I’ll be done with it… he’s the only reason I’m watching this racist show. If not racist? Why only one ethnic houseguest. This is America. Or why not one not fit person? This show is a joke

  112. jordy jordy ; WOW. I love that idea … locking the front door so there could be no evection .. LOVE IT . let’s all right in and request that as the SABOTAGE; I would put money down the Regan is too much a coward to pick that one… LOL .. I will be sending that request in… DRAMA sure to follow …

  113. If one of them is going, might as well go out in style and let a bomb off in the house!

    You lot take it too seriously,, no matter how hard they campaign thats not gonna change, you should enjoy the drama not complain. Wont be any when theyre gone!

  114. It is not fair that Brendon and Rachel are getting treated like that. They have been fighting since day one and some people havent done anything to prove themselves.
    Enzo is a floater

    Kathy is worthless and I don’t understand why she’s still in the house

    Lane has not crap

    matt is a liar and looks like warlock

    britney is the fakest person in the house
    after this week everything will change in the house, to all the losers trying to get B&R out of the house wait till they see what’s in store for them

  115. One more thing, for everyone getting upset for the house going after a couple, do you guys forget what Rachel did as soon as she found out Hayden and Kristen were a couple?

  116. @marianne

    Hell yeah! It would be fantastic but I cant see it happening, espicially since the sabo is Ragan :/

  117. Hey I’m not in Big Brother so why the rule…:Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban.” Oh, what? Big Brother and your network can’t take honest feedback? How lame and immature of you! That’s why you can’t get the show right if you don’t listen to viewers. Guess you better delete this now so nobody knows that you have critics.

  118. I don’t agree with the way that everyone is ganging up on Brenchel but they have sort of brought it on themselves. Their antics have been sort of deplorable and they made personal choices to get Monet and Kristen out of the game when they could have easily taken out the guy who nominated them both this week.

  119. Vote for
    Brendan’s most lame lines tonight:

    (to Rachel)

    a) “If there is one person you should want to kiss it is me.”

    b) “I told you I’m going to protect you; that’s what a knight does.”

    c) “I’m going to put you in your place, and you’re going to like it.”

    d)(to Matt)”Hope you like stepstools, midget.”

    d) “I’m going to put you in your place, and you’re going to like it.”

  120. So Matt B. How are any of the other players any better?? They are making very personal attacks against Rachel, putting her hair extensions in their hair acting like school girls making fun of an outcast girl, none of them have even tried to talk to Rachel but behind her back?? They are doing more personal things to B&R then they are to the rest of the house..

  121. I am so glad I saw this episode as I was feeling sorry for Brachel. Seeing Jeff and Jordan again, these two are not them and are too strange for words. They need to be evicted and go feel sorry for themselves in the jury house. It is now time for Matt or Britney to get serious and targeting the each other as they seem to be the only ones winning. The winner can pick off the others.

  122. “One more thing, for everyone getting upset for the house going after a couple, do you guys forget what Rachel did as soon as she found out Hayden and Kristen were a couple?”

    Brenchel fans have selective memory.

  123. b) I cringed a bit, haha!

    I loved when he said d) though, cant stand Matt and he looked lost for words.

  124. Hayden and Kristen were boring and added nothing, Brechel rule, thats why they have to stay together unlike them.

  125. Kay, when did I say they were better? Big Brother is characterized by people going into the Diary Room and venting.

    Remember Season 3? Dani lost the final prize that should have been hers because the other HG’s were not happy with her diary room commentary. That’s why they created the jury house.

    My criticism of your post was that you pretend like Brenchel has never done anything wrong. Open your eyes!

  126. ALL of the houseguests are petty
    The gossip rains down like confetti
    They talk behind backs
    With unfounded attacks
    And weave webs of deceit like spaghetti

  127. i voted for reagon to be the sab but he has proven as lack luster as annie. not sure if it’s his fault or just because he has nothing to work with? thoughts any one?

  128. Just playing the game, they were going around calling Kiriten a shank or a hooker or a stripper??? or making fun of her physical appearance… nope they were playing a game trying to figure how to get Kristen out..

  129. @Q (#167)… great question/poll.

    I’d have to say a)

    But, it’s sort of a trick question he posed. No way does Rachel want to kiss only one person, obvi!

  130. I have to say…any attempts that CBS is making to inject some life into this party is failing.

    I mean the saboteur is fizzling out, and all the suggestions Reagan gets won’t come close to having any effect on the game.

    If the job is truly to sabotage, then locking the door before tomorrow’s eviction would truly give it some justification.

    And it would throw the scent off Reagan, and totally onto Rachel!

  131. @177 Kristi
    I definitely think it is because he is lack luster. He has all the tools that Annie had to work with. I don’t think he should be able to pick his own sabotages. He is going to play it safe every time and not do anything to really mess up the game. He didn’t even want it in the first place.

  132. The fans of Brenchel forgot
    How she told off the whole lot
    When she won HoH
    A sneer on her face
    Floaters, grab a life vest… NOT!

  133. hey desperate,if you think rachael and brenden play fair then you are desperate for conversation.They are the most hateful people in the house.They only cheer for each other(Go Brenden,Go Rachael).,this is their cheer when the competition begins and all the way through.When Rachael wins she cheers for herself., same for Brenden.Britney did the right thing.One,if not both, of them should go home.First Rachael.And,how when last year one of the players()I forgot her name) was evicted when she threw her microphone in the water and tonight when Brenden lost he threw his ball near if not directly at Jeff and Jordan who were just co-chairing the game?? Double standard.He was destroying the BB’s property.The same reason BB immediately evicted the house-guest last year.Remember???Comments,please.

  134. @Jen

    Racist show? Well, when one considers the fact that the majority of the American population is white and that the majority of the Hispanic population in the United States is white, visible minorities are not as under represented on this show as one may think since.

    Moreover, the person who was supposed to be 14th house guest (Paola Aviles) is actually a minority.

    As a black guy the last thing I want to do is watch minorities on the show just for the sake of having minorities. I hate tokenism.

  135. Do these fools really wanna just Kumbya they assess all the way to the end really Regan so Matt is your bestfriend in the house he would quickly sell you out for the Brigade and Britney you talk more shid about everyone and never say it to they face and Lame would aslo sell you out to the Brigade and Kathy really and you still did not win man if this was not the only thing on during the summer I would not watch and if I was not a die hard BB fan I would not watch because these people are by far the worse houseguest and really you all think Rachel is the Sab. really how dumb can you be

  136. i feel as though everyone in the house is jealous of brendon&rachael.I wish they just leave them alone and let them just be happy.I wish everyone would see through brittany and eagan sneaky ways and vote them out of the house.Everyone lets ban together and figure out a way to keep the lovebirds on the show!!!!

  137. @flo curtis – Chima was *expelled* for a multitude of offenses, one of which was throwing her mike in the hot tub. Or was it the pool?

  138. ask a question did’t say you said It!!!Matt B how am I pretending just defending them against personal attacks about their apperance on TV and the other players hinting the are playing with honor and integrety?? So I wonder how the others are any Better as “People” in the house??

  139. Wow alot of people here. I don’t think people are jealous of Rachel and Brendan. I do believe they are not the only ones causing drama though.

  140. Way to go Kathy! So happy she stood her ground. Loved seeing Jeff and Jordan again. Go Brittney…hope she takes it all!

  141. OMG, you are prob. right. Cathy and Brittany are both God awful ugly and do look alike! Yuck. They should not even be on the show. Sherriff, what a joke. You give cops a bad name.
    Yes when Brendon goes I’m done. Not much of a show. The Brigade is a joke, I cannot believe people have not figured out kind of shows you the mentality of the players. Unfort. Brendon/Rachel are too into one another to notice and warn others. The men are jealous of Brendon period. What did he ever do to anyone?
    Matt, get a life. I cannot wait for all to find out your wife is not sick, you are sick. Lane, Hayden are you even real people? Hello.
    Enzo, you could be funny but you are a joke as well. Raygan, gay gay gay get a real life and play the game already. Matt is not your w/you.

  142. I agree Gerald. How can they not know that there is an all guy alliance at this point. The rest of the houseguests are complete idiots. They are just going with the flow and playing it safe. Now is the time to start making bold moves and these houseguests aren’t doing so. I will be so glad when the Brigade is exposed and the rest of the house feel like idiots.

  143. Its going to be a better game after these two are gone. The HGs will play and still have some respect for one another. Rachel is a hateful person. She set the tone early and will get what she has coming.

    The BGs need to make their announcemnt after HOH comp (if one of them wins) so Brendan will not waste his time thinking he has Enzo and Hayden. He will have to stoop to the other cockaroaches and form an alliance with them.

  144. Rachel get off the cross , someone else needs the wood. You are a poor sport, and that Brendon needs to grow a pair of balls. It’s like a 6th grade romance. Has he ever had a girlfriend before. People would love to be in that game, he throws in the towel…wussy. If he just gives up, he won’t be in the jury house either, so he better stick it out. Be a MAN…. Jordan did it last year & won. Also, if Rachel is so educated, why doesn’t she use proper grammar. My man&I…it’s my Man and me… just don’t like them and they are so childish. GROW UP… (and I love the talk show, Gays of Our Lives..LOL

  145. @flocurtis #187

    I was shocked at Brendumb throwing the bowling ball like that at Jeff & Jordan. I guess he’s not to Chima’s level yet according to Production.

  146. Way to go Kathy! So happy she stood her ground. Loved seeing Jeff and Jordan again. Let’s go Brittney…hope she wins it all!

  147. To say that Brenden is a coach his sportmanship is truly bad,throwing things and calling names.He should go next.Hope he doesn’t win HOH or the POV next week.My money is on the Girls.Go Kathy and Britney!!!

  148. At least Brechel keeps it entertaining. Meow meow is boring and does nothing. Hayden is so boring its disgusting what a follower. Kathy is horrible boring as a rock Brittney is 2 year old Reagan is a horrible sab what a retarted message even dumb Rachel would not fall for that. Boring Matt is a joke thinks he has it under control. They just want to play the game like good competitors and may the best one win. Oh great tv I think I will watch reruns of Leave it to beaver.

  149. Britney is a goddess. <3

    Brendon and Rachel, please leave. NAO. Kthxbye. (seriously, Brendon is such a little wimp and Rachel is an annoying hypocritical whore)

    I could care less about Lane and Hayden. They haven't done anything interesting.

    Ragan is awesome, and Matt is like the only real strategist this season. Enzo is pretty funny, I guess.

    I hate that the Brigade (cept Matt) wants to throw the comps. =|

    And Kathy… I think she'll come out of her shell soon and actually win some comps.

  150. Brendon and Rachel are the sorest losers I’ve ever seen. I’m glad that Hayden called Rachel out on doing the same thing that Kathy did. It was Kathy’s first “win” she should be excited. As for those of you that like Raunchel and her girlfriend, Brendon, I’m wondering if we are watching the same show? I cannot stand the 2, she is annoying and he is missing his boy parts if you know what I mean.

    Britney and Ragan are entertaining and funny, while NOT being annoying.
    The brigade is useless.
    And Brendon calling Matt a midget, oooooh that cuts deep neaderTHAL. What a lame excuse for a man.

  151. flo cutris:

    Good point. I forgot Brendumb is a swim coach.
    He has anger management issues and has some control issues as well.
    Would you want him around young girls in bathing suits?

  152. Hey Rachel, get off the Cross , someone else needs the wood. And Brendon, get a pair of balls. Be a man. So many people would love to be on that show, and you are throwing in the towel for “LOVE”, she will dump you when she gets home anyway. They act like babies and are little wimps, they are embarrising to say the least. And if Rachel is so educated, why does she use improper grammar. It’s not “my man & I”..It’s “my man & me” stop going to the DR drunk. Britney cracks me up. Yah, she is a back-stabber, but they all are. That’s the name of the game. Eventually, they will all turn on each other. I love the talk show on BBAD “Gays of Our Lives”..I’m sorry, it makes me laugh. Just my opinions….LOL

  153. britney basically saved lane’s ass by not using the pov last week and keeping him off the block while rachel was hoh. and i can’t wait until lane turns on her and votes her ass off when the rest of the brigade want her out. that’s gonna be sweet. then she’ll know how it feels to smile in someone’s face and pretending to be their friend while scheming against them. ooh, i can’t wait.

  154. Boy you people are sure on the hate Brachel bandwagon tonight. I guess none of you get the LIVE FEEDS? If you did you would know more of the story and stop being so judgemental.

  155. I often talk to my wife about wanting to be on the show and the crap Brendon is pulling trying to get the votes for Rachel makes me want to punch him in the face. Am I the only one who feels this way?

  156. Boy you people are sure on the hate Brachel bandwagon tonight. I guess none of you get the L I V E F E E D S? If you did you would know more of the story and stop being so judgemental.

  157. Great point about a swim coach having poor sportsmanship…

    However, he is also an astronaut, scientist, stripper, etc…. and all of those professions are notorious for being poor sports, right?

  158. Yeah Jason I am sure there are alot of people who feel that way. The same way I feel when Brit and Ragan do their BS. Makes me want to do the same thing to them.

  159. Trish, thank you for your comments. Any time you care to post something constructive, we’ll listen. Until then,

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

    CYA BOOBZILLA!!!!!!!

  160. @Trish… yes, you’re right. The television edits do present more of a “hate B&R” slant than the live feeds show.

    But still no excuse for their childish and hypocritical behavior.

    However, as I stated in #176 above…. ALL of the houseguests are petty.

  161. Maybe Reagan’s next sabotage will be to knock on the other roommates doors then run. that should be so exciting i only hope

  162. rachel is the fakest person I have ever seen…its unreal that brendan is falling for her act…Ive never seen so many fake tears in my life….wake up brendan!!! your an idiot…shes a 2 bit…high priced call girl from america’s land of infidelity…go back to vegas and pimp yourself some more money trick!!

  163. OH you know what I HATE RACHEL I love you too honey. Thanks. I didn’t know you speak for the majority, but even if you did, how about you take a dose of your own medicine. You have one point of view and that is all YOU can see. You act like you are the only one whose opinion matters, doesn’t it get old saying the same crap???? LOL

  164. @Trish… yes, you’re right. The television edits do present more of a “hate B&R” slant than the “live feeds” show.

    But still no excuse for their childish and hypocritical behavior.

    However, as I stated in #176 above…. ALL of the houseguests are petty.

    (had to post this twice, cuz I forgot to put “live feeds” in quotes and the other post went to moderation – I hate it when I do that!)

  165. Brendan to Rachel:
    “I told you I’m going to protect you.
    That’s what a knight does.”

    Rachel (in DR, after she and Brendan lost POV)
    “I feel like a monkey could knock over three pins.”

    Brendumb is Don Quixote.

  166. Well I disagree with almost everyone on the board. Yes Brenden and Rachel are a little annoying but I am for them all the way. Will be sad to see one of them go. It Sucks! Rachel should be the one staying..she has worked the hardest this entire game and deserves to win it. Britney and kathi have done NOTHING but run their mouths!!! They are LAZY!! The only one of the “BRIGADE” who has done anything is Matt the rest of them are terrible!!!

  167. @Jen. how many minorties applied for the show…I expect you to know after playing the card without knowing the facts. Rachel targeted the other couple onle after she was told for weeks that the reason everyone wanted her out was because she was in a power couple. I love people who make up terminal illnesses like Matt and Kathy they are my heros.

  168. @kristi – What was out of line? I did not accuse anyone of anything. I can see how it could be taken out of context, but that happens in here all the time.

  169. Reject all YOU want HONEY, I could careless what you think really. Stay on your I hate Rachel bandwagaon, after Thursday I guess you will have to move on to something else, HONEY.

  170. BYE BYE Rachel. Watching her this week was the best can’t wait til 2morrow to see her walk out the door!! Can’t stand her or her laugh! Oh by the way no 1 wants her man oops I mean woman

  171. I understand that everyone has their opinions, and it will always be that way. But can we please just be civil and just discuss Big Brother like we came on this site to do?

    Anyway, in my opinion, BB12 is far more boring than BB11. Last season was so suspenseful and just amazing. This year…. ugh.

    I’m in the process of watching BB6 on Youtube. I hear that’s the most hatred-filled BB season ever… could BB12 give BB6 a run for its money?

  172. I agree Jason. I wished Britney would have just did it for us. She would be house already, DQ’d, but the whole nation would have cheered. Her neandeTHal walk was classic.

  173. I so hope Rachel goes home. Sick of hearing her whine when things don’t go her way. She can dish it out, but she can’t take it.

  174. If Rachel does go home I would love to see Brenden win the HOH and put Britney and Kathy up. Kathy go HOME!!

  175. Rachel getting mad at Kathy for cheering when she won a round of bowling was pathetic.
    Kathy was right. “Why did you pick me? Because you thought I’d lose.”
    Kathy handled it well.

  176. It is tough to get behind any of them b/c they all do the same thing. Anyone who disagrees is just blinded. I originally liked Brendon and if he didn’t get into Rachel so early, he might be in a good spot b/c he was pretty good at keeping the peace prior to going off on everyone last night.
    But Brittany and Rachel do the same catty things. Ragan is showing his true colors. Lane is getting pretty petty. Kathy is rather fake with her sympathy towards people and should stop playing the dignity card. Hayden and Enzo have done fairly good to not piss anyone off and whichever one gets to the final 2 will win.

  177. Rachel in the D.R. saying at monkey could get at least 3!….. that was great!

    As soon as she said it I couldn’t help but think “Rach, you just got between yourself and your man!”

  178. Yeah Chase good idea. Don’t think certain people will see that though. Some just have such a one-sided opinion they can’t see past that.

  179. she just made a comment. didn’t personally attach anyone. that was my point. she didn’t single out one person. general statement. let’s get back on topic please.

  180. Its so great see that people are finally seeing who Britney…a bitch. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Brendon put her in her place. All those disgusting things she says about Rachel and now she wants to be sensitive? Please, you’re gonna get whats coming to you when the brigade turns on you and votes you out. Go team B&R!

  181. I agree Kristi. Let us keep the personal attacks to a minimum….like 0.

    I think Rachel’s behavior was repulsive. Brenda is pathetic. lol

  182. Ok, I am done with THAT. On to the topic. Everyone has their opinion, guess some just don’t like what some say. Too bad. Get over it and move on.

  183. Oh Anna I totally agree with you…Britney makes me sick!!! We will see her crying once again when she is sent packing!! Kathy also!!!!

  184. I wish Brendon would wake up and stop fighting to keep Rachel in the house. He is giving up a chance at the money, while Rachel puts him down in the DR? Wake up Brendon. You don’t need a woman who says a monkey could do better than you

  185. Ragan is a horrible Sab. I was missing Annie tonight. R&B need 2 stay or the rating will drop. I know I won’t be watching. For all the R&B, I understand that 3 voice is a bit annoying and B is a little slow but Brit and Ragan are mean devils who talk some much personal trash behind people’s back. Karma is coming.

  186. Rachel and Brendon aren’t mean. Rachel felt remorse for putting Brittany and Monet up when she was h.o.h for the first time. Just because Brendon is supporting Rachel doesn’t mean he’s stupid or dumb, i mean you can’t help it if you have feelings for someone. Rachel and Brendon are playing the game the way anyone who wasn’t scared would play. just because the rest of the players don’t want to go against the house doesn’t mean they’re great players, it means they’re losers and need to remind themselves they’re not here to make friends, you’re here to make money. and i really don’t understand how you can be so evil and mean to people just to make them feel better about themselves. what losers and how insecure can you really be? people turn on people so fast in this game and they are so fake! if both of my favorite players leave i will stop watching the show for this season. Rachel and Brendon don’t deserve this and i hope they last forever. Regan is a fake ass bitch. Brittany is a prissy and fake bitch. Kathy needs to stop playing like she cares about R&B and their feelings and get the fuck out. as for the 4 boy group they’ll start turning on themselves soon enough. this is my first season watching and i am already mad at the show. All i have left to say is be strong R&B and play the game all the way to the end.

  187. Can’t wait to see how Britney reacts when after B&R are gone and she is put up with Kathy…Kathy will go first, next Brit…then it will be ALL Guys..

    We will see how SHE handles backtabs and ALL that happens those LONG days until Eviction Night

  188. I think is Kathy is awesome!! And ALOT stronger than what people think!! I was glad that she stood up for herself against BIG RED! Hope Kat wins next HOH even though it won’t matter because of the DPOV!!
    GO KATHY!!

  189. I am giddy with excitement that Rachel is going to be eliminated, and then her humpback Brendon will be a sour puss for the next week, no way he wins HIH due to the fact he is a douche

  190. Damn too bad this BB went down before I saw Q’s funny remark…….I don’t mean to get between I hate Rachel and her man, but I thought he was MY man?! Damn ……

  191. breezin’ i AGREE! those girls are as good as GONE in the next 2 evicts, i dont’ care what the guys say they’re lying!

  192. Enzo and Ragan talking to Lane, asking him if he got the white trash bags yet:

    “White Trash, bags, have you got them yet?”

    They are even saying the “comma”, to make sure Lane understands they are calling him “white trash”. (in a very joking way, of course)

    It is kinda funny… however, I must say that if it was any other racial or ethnic “slur” or connotation, there would be h*ll to pay.

  193. MUST WATCH…..@ 7:17/18 PM PT Ragan is watching everyone in the kitchen while the party still going on….. He is sharing his thought with us live feed fans!!! He says he feels bad that Britiny is worry about the saboteur message today. He says Rachael is going home. Guess the message was a ploy to get R&B in a comfort zone. :)

  194. christine i agree with that comment completely. it makes me feel like i’m in high school again. no thanks

  195. Lane just sort of called Enzo out on the white trash thing… in a nice way. Making sure Enzo knew he noticed and didn’t really think it was a good thing to do when he knows Lane’s family is watching.

    (Enzo denied the reference was on purpose)

  196. Scene: (Rachel going to confront Kathy about cheering for herself in POV)

    Rachel: “How can you feel glad for yourself?
    Put your glee up on the shelf.
    Because you have won,
    My days are done
    It’s about me, nobody else.

    You call that integrity?
    Playing with honesty?
    I thought we were friends
    Is this where it ends?
    You thought of yourself, not me!”

    Kathy : “Rachel, I don’t want to hear
    Your screeching voice in my ear.
    You thought you were tough,
    Well, I’ve had enough
    Of having a skank as my peer.”

  197. @Nic… Definitely. Very impressive memory of events. No question, she knows the game and is a solid competitor. (even though her game strategy may be horrible)

  198. @trish! – hee yup yup! you & rach in da bb ring! who wins? gee i’d give it to you b/c them hair extensions can only fly around so much! lol *zing!*

    @samora – hoping for a shocking miracle tm!
    did anyone find out whether rachel found the diamond POV?

    matt said on the feeds, he purposely set it up to see if someone would go through his suitcase! and he practically told the crew it was rach b/c she asked to use his bathroom upstairs in the HOH room. okaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!

  199. This episode was HILARIOUS on sooooo many levels.

    1. whn Rachel started stabbing the vegetables!! i died…like really WHO CARES?? NOBODY [in my Britney voice] hahahaha.

    2. Whn Brendon tried to kiss Rachel whn she was upset & she backed off…TOO FUNNY. Why does he think tht kissing makes things better?? Clearly you’re a huge disappointment to her…yet again you have failed to step up!

    3. Why does she think shes not a threat?? She is the only other person who has won HOH. Clearly regardless of her showmance, THAT is threatening!! DUH

    4. whn they set up the mock bowling alley for them to practice Rachel went from a 4 year old throwing a tantrum to a slutty Vegas cocktail server who just got a thousand dollar tip. Like truly it was like a switch…”BAM, stripper strut, BAM…this is my house, i’m staying & they dnt need to fuck with me…stripper strut” Really??

    5. Rachel knocks 6 pins down thn picks Kathy bc clearly she knows she can beat her…WRONG CHOICE! Of course shes excited tht she won yet somehow ONCE AGAIN Rachels the victim! This is why i don’t like her…bc she can never own anything tht she does

    6. Brendon gets 3 pins— talk about the laugh of the century!!!!!!!! “i feel like a monkey could probably knock over 4 pins” -Rachel….sounds like love & support to me people! And why does Brendon think everybody needs to be somber bc he’s sad tht he could only hit 3 pins.

    7. The Kathy/Rachel fight…again CLASSIC. Rachel really thought she was getting an apology. i am JOKED OUT. truly. & thn Britney “if you apologize to her Kathy, i will slap you in your face!!” lmaooo

    i mean the list could go on forever at all the laughing i did.

  200. Good evenin, ya all, Wow had a few problems getting on tonight, somethin about the server and error establishing a data base? I do not know what I did wrong, OOPS,anyway, you folks are being so nice tonight! Still hilarious as EVER! So, did matt ever find his DPOV? Did he really lose it? Are we on to bigger and better things yet? Is Jadelle there, Neicy 25 , Torch, and of course Sterling? I can not remember all the”kewl kids” fill me in on what happened today. Please!

  201. I hate Kathy. She’s a waste of a spot in the BB house. Can’t compete for sh*t. That’s why she was so happy, cuz for once she wasn’t the first to lose / fall off / fail in a caremel pool for 20mins.

  202. @Q Priceless! You are GOOD! Is Rico in the area?@ Jadelle,OK, thanx for the update. I went and bought a 6 pack and popcorn for Thursday night. I have to tape it tho!

  203. it would be wise for the house to get rid of Rachel.. she’s a bigger threat. & may come back to win hoh

  204. I haven’t seen how the other houseguests are being “mean” to Rachel and Brendon. They are simply reacting to how Rachel and Brendon have inflicted themselves on the house.

    Whenever Rachel goes, I think she should be barred from participating in the jury house and any decision making regarding the ultimate winner of this season’s game. Rachel is unstable and vindictive. She is incapable of making any rational decision.

    “Sab” Ragan should cram cotton wads up into Brendon’s nose so Rachel’s pheromones will no longer get to Brendon’s brain(?).

  205. Tishe, I am here for you
    I’ll do what you tell me to
    If you want a few words
    About the Big Brother turds
    I’ll be happy to give you a few!

  206. Hey Trish, it’s tishe,we also need one on rake and brittles! Please Q! Rico may be able to try and help! Very happy to read all of your comments! I was freakin’ when I couldn’t get in!

  207. Man I hope the house is smart enough to vote out Rachel. I can’t stand B/R. All the crying, wimpering, complaining, and dumb-a**-ness needs to stop. And Britney is funny as hell! Love Enzo too yo!!!

  208. I watched BB tonight but had to ture it off, ragan has a new mission and that is to come between B/R they said it what america wants, BS Now me have the (sab) just after two people and not hte rest of the house, please BB get off the B/R trashing

  209. For real how could anyone feel sorry for Rachel she is only getting what she deserves.Kudos to Kathy for standing up to her.Britney is priceless and way to represent those HOGS Sooie

  210. @ All…. Server caused some delay messages. Read #280 and look at that time flashback feed. Enjoy!!! :)

  211. Hey y’all – I’ve been reading the posts – natives are restless tonight. I think we are all in for a new game after tomorrow (not better not worse) just gonna be different – which is nice.

    Some excellent rhymes tonight! Rico and Q are up to the task once again.

    It is interesting that only B&R are prepping for the HOH tomorrow – the rest are very comfortable… for now.

  212. I don’t know how anyone can knock Rachel and not Brittany? Or vice-versa? They both do the same thing.

  213. @Rico, that is better than best! You are pretty dang good! Thank You! @ Chris, you couldn’t log on too?? WHEW! I thought I did somethin’ wrong, I’m kinda of a klutz when it comes to the computer! Rico, how do you ya all do that? Pure talent!!! We need a “don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out rake” CHALLENGE!

  214. If Rachel goes—I look for brendan to be more his true self ( after he gets over the emotions of revenge )…BUT, if brendan Goes, do we really think there will be much change in Rachel’s behaviors??

  215. “Q” is the “King of the Rhyme”
    He’s proven it time after time
    If we ask him en force
    For a Brit/Ragan discourse
    We’ll toast his wit with Patron and a lime

  216. I’m a hairdresser and the bathroom scene is way toooooo funny. Poor Lane will be so thin on top now he won’t take his baseball hat off. Do they really believe that a pair of thinning shears can tell which hairs are dead or dry? Can they really be that gullible? I am on the floor

  217. Scene: (Britney & Ragan are in Cabana room, making fun of Brendumb and Rachell. Britney walks across room, swinging her hips and grabbing her boobs.)

    Britney (as Rachel):
    “Floaters, grab your life vests–
    For me, mine is my chest.
    You’d better sink or swim,
    ‘Cause my weapon’s my trim,
    A VIP cocktail waitress.”

    Ragan (as Brendan):
    “Your knight is here to protect.
    It’s about love, not sex…
    Dude, where’s my balls?
    They’ve gone for the cause
    Of “love” for a girl I just met.”

  218. In a minute, Rachel is going to count all the little tiles on the bathroom wall.

    Brendan isn’t even the one that knows the stuff – and hes staying!!! Funny.

  219. I totally agree with Amber’s comment!
    B&R made this season, without them the season would have sucked! & to see one them walk out tomorrow will suck! Hopefully something surprising happens and they don’t leave=)It’s also sad to see the house not with them and putting them down to their lowest… disappoint, the others realoly sicken me!

  220. OMG Q you are fabulous! That was so freaking funny……..even if it is about those two it still is funny………lol

  221. please someone tell me just what reachel did to make yall hart her so much, And please don’t ell me it’s her laugh or how she looks, because everyone laughs and looks differant, So you’re going to tell me it’s how she treated the other house guess, OK but the other HG’s are worse than she was, Yes she was mean and made fun when kristen was up, But watch the feeds the other HG’s are once again worse, So when it comes to being mean and trashing people, B/R is on level 1 and the HG’s are bout level 5, except Britney and ragan which are at level -10 and that’s on a scale of 1 to 10

  222. Hi Sterling, Hey Trish> Where did Jadelle go and the rest of the partners in “kewl kids” go? Kinda late for the old folks? LEB, thank you for that. All I want is re-assurance for Thursday night! I expanded on my budget for a six pack and buttered popcorn to see that rake or raskankal or what is her name? She is leaving right?

  223. i am not being nasty but wondered where you got such viscious people on this big brother? why does everyone hate Rachel?

  224. @tishe, here I is! yahh i sure hope so! man there’s likely to be viewing parties tm night and it’s only the 1/2 way pt! they had jury cake today! yahhhh!

  225. Q you were asked to do one about Britney and ragan all you did was other B/R, God you must really hate them, try again

  226. I know this has been asked and answered before – but which of the Brigade will be the first to go out of the game? My vote is Matt – I don’t like his game; but Enzo is hard to figure and has been decent to B&R – a good guy (wise guy?) and you know where good guys finish.

  227. yeahh tishe! the site went down for 2 hrs, think it gasp! crashed! :(, b/c no one i know in 3 diff countries could log on to it! lol. but it’s back up yahhhh! phew! where would we go to discuss, debate & discourse? ;) and miss Q & Rico’s limerick sessions no way jose! Y’all need a BB site of yo own! Limericks of Love for BB! :)

  228. hollaz chris! da night posting crew is ON! :)
    @sterling – Matt will be the 1st out. Bar none I think.
    @tishe – not sure about this D-POV?

    Guys what happened with that? Was it really stolen or was that just rumour? Heard nothing bout it all day! Chuh! Just CBS doin’ its thang, planting nuggets of nuisance to get us all excited! ;)

  229. @Chris #326

    Making rhymes just isn’t easy
    Especially with houseguests so sleazy.
    I’ll see what I can do–
    Let’s hear one from you,
    It might be enough to please me.

  230. As an adult & law enforcement professional Kathy should have understood Rachel was telling her how she felt. She could have said she was sorry for making her feel bad, she was just so excited she wasn’t last at anything for once. Rachel & Brendon tried to make a deal with Kristen & Hayden before they targeted them but Hayden told them no, so they had no choice but to break them up.

    I don’t like how B/R, the Brogade or the or the hen-gay-de treat each other. Is all the personal attacks really part of the game? What a sad commentary. They could just tape some high school bullies & cliques why bother with a “game” facade at all? B/R attack people when they are afraid & betrayed. The hen-gay-de does it to just be mean & amuse themselves.

    Especially Kathy & Britney “pretending” to be their friend living in the HOH room when they had the power. Nick should be very afraid.

    Regan is a “communication” professor? I’d think he’d have a better command of the English language than to resort to the non-stop *itchfest.

    When Jordan wanted to go home last year to let Jeff stay, I don’t recall people calling her names. Brendon is trying to be honorable. He didn’t win HOH or POV. Rachel has won more competitions so he’s thinks she has a better chance. Just like Jeff last year, he wanted to date Jordan after the show “if” she won the money.

    I likes Reagan until he was given this SAB power, Think it went to his head or it was too much stress or something. Plus he gets to pick what he wants to do and still earn money. Really lame twist, at least make him earn it! Take some risk or something. All it’s doing is giving him more air time to *itch about B/R. Spare us please.

  231. Im soooo sad that R and B are up on the block but rachel should stay she has already won 2 of the 5 hoh’s so she is amazing brendan is awesome when he told off Brittany :) go rachel!!!!!!

  232. @Sterling… I think, if they all make it to the final 4 (or even 5), it might be Enzo.

    Only because at that stage they will all like eachother, so it will be about who wins the competitions…. and Enzo hasn’t shown much.

  233. Hi trish, tried for over an hour, when too another BB site, and boy did it sucks, where’s torch?? everyone should watch BBAD you will be able to see how much watching BB and BBAD when B/R are gone. wasn’t watching lamo cut his hair fun?

  234. @Chris, we”hart reachel” because of her I’M VEGAS” She is out for her and her only! She has managed to whip one “supposedly” man in a few short weeks! The only thing she has on her side is, well hell, I give up! What does she do that makes her the great and powerful skank festival? I D K! Yes Brittles and ragan are just as bad, but it is a game after all! Yes?

  235. Hay Q you are very good wasn’t saying anything bad, you are great, so here I go

    I would if I could
    but I can’t so I won’t

  236. Rachel doesn’t deserve to be in the house at all!!! I really wish Britney or Matt wing this whole game!!!

  237. Enzo:

    “Yo, I’m climin’ da walls…
    No TV, no music, no calls.
    Matt’s shaves my back
    With two hands that lack
    Disinfectant from scratching his balls”

  238. One fine day in the middle of the night
    two dead boys got up to fight
    back to back they faced each other
    take thier guns and shot stab each other
    a dealf policeman held the noise
    and came to the aid of the tow boys
    if you don’t believe this story is ture
    as the blineman he saw it too

  239. I did not watch last season, or the seasons before. Jordan is actually cute, and desirable. Rachel thinks shes that good? At least the girl saw her hair is different than the horse hair she has attached.

  240. Looks like the Brigade is getting all their ducks in a row….

    (sorry… horrible, I know, but I couldn’t let it go)

  241. Thanks for the responses – the reason I’m asking is right now it’s looking like a Brigade member will win – so at some point (soon) one of them could pull a really strong move to eliminate a member of the alliance. In fact, Hayhair and Matt are talking about a scenario right now that could result in a premature ejection :) of a Brigade member – a “safe” pawn.

  242. Rico, enzoannoysme is a slug! I feel pity for the woman that falls for his B.S. He could be acting tho! Not, I do not think he would make it in a re-make of “Attack of the Killer Tomotos” yeah I spelled it wrong. What has me SMOKIN’ is that the dude just might make it to the final 4! Why is no one out there pee’heed off about this! Forget rake, she is a has been there done that! She’s gettin ready for the wo circuit!

  243. this show is gonna suck without rachel and brendon!!!! the other house guests are freakin’ boring!!!!

  244. Good bey Rachel u will be missed…
    Brendon is the man of my dreams!!! Sacrificing him self in the name of love wow what a man… Rachel is a lucky girl fo sho!!!

  245. trish but I still don’t still don’t get it, I see how you fill when someone attacks you on the site, you don’t like it. I’m not saying no-one can dislike rachel, because I don’t like her either, but what I’m asking is way people hart her at the level that they do, there’s not liking someone and then there’s just being mean and low about it

  246. @tishe – I couldn’t agree more – sorta why I’m asking some Brigade questions tonight. Enzo as a final 4 – I just don’t get it!

  247. So does it look certain that Rachel is leaving? Or is there a chance Brendon goes? Rachel’s been the better player, so you’d think she’d go.

  248. I get why no one likes Brenchel.. But it would be a great SAB twist if Ragan locks front door and no evictions this week.

    Also, is it just me or does everyone in the house literally talk game with every person in the house.

    Finally, I noticed on feeds that Lane had to take a cold shower because hot water out. Please tell me that was not a SAB trick!!!!!!!!!!

  249. @Erin… I think it is more along the lines of “sacrificing himself in the name of ‘like'”…. they just met, you know. I suspect that true love may have to develop after some time in the real world, as opposed to the BB world.

  250. Dear Big Brother,

    The Sab. idea is not working. Really why would Rachel ever turn against Brendon? Especially through a message from the Sab. This years so called twist sucks.

    From Your #1 Fan

  251. OMG the sheriff finally showed her shit! She has been acting like a lame duck. I was rootig for her,cause I felt she would represent us female officers ,like a wild forest fire.She needs to align with one of the guys,like Lane.Maybe he is a police officer too.He reminds me of a undercover cop I know. So exciting tonight Matt & Hayden playing DUCKY in and this DUCKY is out LMAO

  252. @#1Fan – fo sho! The sab idea was lame from the start and they brought it back from the dead. What were they thinking?

  253. They should make the Saboteur sabotage something that actually affects the GAME. Not just some prank, not some lame message that is not believable…something that would actually change the game – THAT is sabotage. Pranks are just worthless.

  254. Rico I was being sarcastic… But who are we to say they aren’t in love,, I believe in love at first sight…N e ways those two are very entertaining!!!

  255. I pray that brendon and rachel marry one day, and then she rips him apart and sponges as much alimony as possible from him

  256. by request…

    Scene: (Britney and Ragan are lounging by the pool, looking across yard at Rachel)

    Britney: “Rachel is such trailer trash,
    Big boobzilla swingin’ her ass.
    She thinks I’m her friend?
    Bitch better think again,
    That hooker ain’t got no class.”

    Ragan: “Her hair extensions are nasty–
    Whenever she walks past me,
    I smell her putrid funk.
    She might as well get drunk,
    There’s no way she will outlast me.”

  257. Again, how are Brit and Ragan better than Rachel and Brendon? They both stooped to each others level and now they both look pretty pathetic.

  258. @Rico – dat was awesome good stuff!

    @ Q – i sure did, i was like, those 2 are soo like cuddly, did ya see how cozy they were this week! and ragan is lodging up there in the room b/c lol, he’s scared of bren

    @erin – hollaz wass up? rach IS a lucky girl!
    let’ see if when bb13 is on, those two come back to da show! that wold be something if they were still 2gether! seriously!

    @steve – hoping, wishing & prayin’ that the door does NOT lock!
    why would rag do that though? cbs & bb yes, ragan absolutely not!
    course if he’s told to do it, he has no choice! hee…2nite it seemed as if he was able to choose his task! he’s only done 2 messages? both sucked!

    @#1 fan – true still that was a sad lame twist, but ofcourse ragan played it well, b/c it puts more suspicion on rachel as the *sab*…..

  259. @Q @Rico OK! Ya all are talented! You both did this in a very short time! We should have a contest! SERIOUS! It would have to be about a HG in the game at the time. We would set a date, and then tell peeps to vote! Wait, this is out of my league. Sterling, Neicy, Jadelle, Trish. It would also kick ass in ratings in the other threads or sites or how ever it works and it would be a BlAST!

  260. Maybe the sab should put shaving cream in a sleeping HG’s hand and tickle their nose…. gosh that would be swell… or unscrew the salt shaker cap – whoa that would be very amusing!


  261. “You are my heart, you are my soul, you are my best friend, you are my partner in crime, you are my SUPER-partner in crime….”

    Ugh!… just threw up a little in my mouth. It didn’t even sound sincere.

  262. Interesting how people forget what Brendon said in his about his strategy to put the girls against each other, and then the fact that he was flirting with Annie too. So lets not make a fairytale out of these two. When Rachel sees how he was chatting up Annie – wiping her tears and stuff. You know?

  263. Honestly the thought of no B/R together in the house is already REALLY boring…Like wow now we get to see Kathy smoke and cough and Regan and Matt flirt with one another and??? oh yeah thats it…BORING

  264. @erin – i heartily concur ragan is soo passive i mean what has he done for bb fans lately? :P
    cue the janet song! as for rach she’s so lucky, bren is one hot studmuffin! found a hot pic from da feeds, chk yo electronic message system! :)

  265. @tishe–glad you like the rhymes. thanx
    We have certainly inspired each other.
    I just thought it was a fun way to get inside the HG’s characters and try to put their thought in words (often sarcastically!)

  266. I still can’t believe Matt didn’t put b and r up the first time he won, stupid move cause we had to hear Racheal cry and Brendon act like a whipped little b*tch. Can’t wait till eviction day. Btw lane is goin all the way lol

  267. @Sterling, Darling I do not get the whole season! Enzoanoysme will make it to the final 4. Talk about the floaters, he has been doing it since day one. The only people who see it, the viewers. Whatcha think about a contest between Q, Rico, Chris and the rest of our talented writers??!!

  268. This the worst BB season yet. I can’t believe I had anticipation for this. Do an AllStars and leave this cast out. Thank you for the improvement in my sleeping habits… I gave up on Big Brother After Dark. Jeff and Jordan was nice but that was it.

  269. @nic – yeah that IS true, and so far if all dem guys are in an alliance with bren it would make so much sense b/c hey, who’d think bren was part of da ‘bro-gade’ and the whole pt is to get rid of ALL the girls! after rach goes (IF she does that is lol) down to 2 girls! what the heck? pure guys dominatin’ as if kathy will win anything no offense but that bowling thing was a fluke, even SHE knows it!

  270. @ #1 fan, you got to be kidding it would put more suspicion on rachel to be the (sab) now let me get this right “the (sab) (rachel) gives a msg saying that brendon lost HOH and the veto because he wants reachel gone from the house, and this is going to make the other HG’s think she is the (sab)

  271. Rhyming is not really my game
    And I’m sure the result will be lame
    But tishe has asked
    So I’m up to the task
    Though Q and Rico’s not my name

  272. Scene: (Britney in DR, after winning 3rd POV)

    “Now what do you think of me?
    Three-time winner POV.
    Their fate’s in my hands,
    Better make no demands–
    The door’s the last thing they’ll see.”

  273. Sterling just gave us a rhyme!
    I’ve got to say it’s about time!
    We welcome all verse
    None better, none worse
    All are considered sublime

  274. @chris – them HG’s will believe anything, we never said they were the sharpest crayons in the fisher price toybin! it’s all childs play in the BB house! really roll out the play carpets and puzzle foam pieces! BB Playtime is about to begin!

  275. @Q I am serious! You folks are FUNNY and actually quite good! I’m actually serious, it is funny to read! SMILES! Tell Rico too! Come on you guys! It would be great! I would even try, if I can find the website!! BBN wants this about them, lets give it to them! I am an old hippie that loves debate! Sterling, you could make it about enzo! CHALLENGE! I just figured out the whole computer thing! I have been watching BB for years with my grown kidz!

  276. Remember the entire reason the house is targeting Brendon and Rachel is because Rachel is attached to Brendon and Brendon was targeted because Enzo went to 3 other “strong looking” guys and formed the Brigade which left Brendon, who looked to be the only strong competitor in the house left.

    That’s the whole reason.

    Hayden defended this as saying “it was the first week” which is why Rachel didn’t put him up.
    Rachel didn’t want to rock the boat so she put up Monet to because she had the 10k…Matt replaced Britney because Rachel was certain he wasn’t going home.

    Britney made up lies, Rachel got confused, and Matt’s decietfulness led to the following week Matt making a deal to not put up Brendon and Rachel because Matt saw it as a way to keep safe for another week.

    This is Matt following what he said AND Rachel doing the same.

    Andrew was supposed to stay, but because he spazed, he went home, but he would have stayed and Kathy should have gone home at this point. This was ALL on Andrew.

    So no reason to hate Brendon and Rachel yet, but reason to hate Hayden, Matt, and Britney…

    On Andrew’s way out he reveals Kristen and Hayden are a couple. Hayden Target’s Rachel and Brendon out of the gate so Rachel fires back. 1 for 1… the childishness should have been over at this point but instead, Kristen gets mad and put back up Rachel… This shows that Kristen is the driving force here…

    Once they get down they go into a fight. Earlier Kristen said she’s not in a “pair”, but then gets mad for being called a floater. She’s one or the other so if she’s not a floater, she’s in an alliance and even without the emotional aspect this is a good call to get Kristen out and makes perfect sense from both perspective.

    Rachel goes to apologize, even though she doesn’t want to and Kristen continues with nonsense…and then Kristen and Hayden go to Rachel and Brendon, admitting before that no matter what that’s not going to happen.

    Rachel also keeps her word with Matt.

    Enzo has just been telling whoever’s on the block they got his vote.

    Lane, Ragan, Kathy, and Britney keep saying they’re going with the house.

    So at the beginning of week 5…
    Hayden, Enzo, Kristen, Annie, and Britney have all been revealed as liars about everything.

    Matt is “devious” but honest in game play

    Rachel and Brendon have shown to be honest in their game play and pretty knowledgable about where other peoples’ games are for the most part.

    Ragan, Kathy, and Lane have shown to be floaters and backstabbers.

    >.> Why would you, as a person like anyone but Rachel, Brendon, and Matt?

  277. props & big-ups to our poetry guys!
    Q, Sterling & Rico! :) delightful! :)

    Q you are the quintessential poet
    Even though you don’t know it
    Rico followed suit, and his rhymes were kinda cute! Sterling did his rhymes, and oh were they so fine! Guys am so impressed, betta than all da rest!

  278. Brittany is so annoying…ANNOYING> Stupid talk show they made up. It’s pathetic. This is where I change the channel. BORING. I hope they get rid of her next and I hope they treat her the way they are treating B&R.

  279. This ongoing rant against B&R is getting a little tiresome. It’s time for them to move on – possibly up?

  280. BLAH I agree with you 100%. It just doesn’t make sense how everyone is against them because they are attached. If anyone of the other house guests had their spouses/g/b friend on the show they would be doing the same thing as Brenchel is doing. And Ragan is so funny how he turned out to be just like the rest of them thought maybe he would be different. Kathy, it’s true what everyone says all you ever see her doing is laying down and smoking and vice versa. Brittany, Ragan and Kathy need to be gone soon. It really doesn’t matter to me anyway cause pretty much i’m done with it. I might be curious to see who will win on the show.

  281. @Jadelle #393

    That is really funny!
    BB Playtime. It’s like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.
    That would be a great HOH competition. The HG’s could all be dressed in sweaters and slippers like Mr. Rogers.
    “Would you be my neighbor?” LOL

  282. I hope Rach & Bredan both stay tomorrow, make the sabotour lock the front door.What task he took wasn’t worth $10,000.00 to me.It wasn’t even worth 1 dollar. The Sabotour Twist is a joke,I hope BB didn’t give him this one cause R&B were kissing like 2 love birds in bed tonite:) You failed the TASK Ragan.I Just switched channel on TV I want to miss that stupid show going on in the HOH room now.GOOD LUCK RACHAEL and Brendan which ever one gets to stay,raise some drama like Dick did. :)

  283. @sterling – seriously! we’ve managed to steer away from the brenchel bashing for most of the day can we pls continue? ongoing rant is SO tiresome, it’s funny b/c even if rach goes she’ll be talked about JUST as much while she’s gone b/c then everyone will worry about her jury vote and what will happen when she sees all the episodes! (gasp!)….and if brendon will join her there or go on an evil warpath of vengeance & redemption! sigh>*

  284. Yawn. Watching the live feeds, these houseguests are really stupid. RBK are clueless they are just being used by the Brigade, they are wasting their time hating BR when really they should have been forming alliances. Really juvenielle and poor game play especially for season 12!!!

  285. BBAD—EVERYONE in the HoH Room should be ASHAMED of themselves!! Kathy above all preaching integrity, honor, her AGE, and her JOB…WOW!! I am 47 and I have NO DOUBT living in the BB House would drive anyone batty…but PLEASE Kathy ACT your age, practice what you preach

    Everyone is bashing B&R for talking about others….But COME ON when the WHOLE HOUSE is in the HoH Room holding a show Degrading themselves more than B&R could ever do on their own….Name calling, TALK ABOUT SCHOOL BULLYING!!

    I am about DONE paying for Showtime just to watch BBAD..and Live feeds…FORGET IT!!!!

    CBS needs to cast better people…MY GOSH I would be SO Ashamed if I was a member of Kathy, Ragan, Britney’s FAMILIES!!!

    You see Enzo, Hayden, Lane, and even Matt are keeping quiet and NOT making total asses of themselves…Ragan is suppose to be smart??? Kathy a grown woman & Mother??? Britney IS UNREAL!!!!

    I agree about B&R’s poor sportsmanship and agree that they have been immature…BUT this in the HoH Room??? I can’t stand it

    And this is Just “MY TIP” for the Night

  286. AWWW Sterling, Darling, That was really good! See, you just came up with that,didn’t ya? Yes! Q! Rico! Priceless! Need one from Neicy and Trish, Torch and Jadelle, and Kristi AND all the other peeps out there. This season is not a Challege! So, we will make it one!!! Set a date!! Keep it clean! NOT! Being censored is 3 bonus points! Would be nice> Yes, BBN, they will keep it to the potty mouth level. I promise!

  287. I’d like to see him not make a scene and not lower himself to the rest of the house’s dirtiness. I would love to see him win and he would actually deserve it.They are really playing the game the others will see soon once they all start turning on each other.

  288. Well, goodnight everyone…. got to go to bed.

    Looking forward to everyone’s posts tomorrow. (or maybe Friday – I might be tied up all evening tomorrow)

  289. I just turned BBAD off and I won’t be watching it of BB sgain, If all BB is going to do is let the HG’s minus B/R sit up in the HOH room and do no-thing but bad mouth B/R and that sweet,nice,good little thing Britney, please she make me want to just punch the TV, can’t believe people think she funny, thats all she does the girl never shuts up, Please BB and CBS pull your heads out of your backsides and tell those lower life forms to shut up about B/R unless they have the balls to say it to thier faces, which not one of them have, and for miss I play this game with integnity, to take a good look at herself, because you have no integnity and the people you work are seeing that!!!

  290. HAHAHAHAHAHA Brit trying to argue with Enzo over his titles in Pool….Get Rachel Out–Then Kathy & Britney!!!!! I want to see it be ALL Men going for it!!!

    UGH, I USE to be a Kathy fan WAY back, now I am ashamed WOWEE

  291. I think Brendon will go out quickly once Rach is gone. He’ll be a fish out of water without her; he’s never really played the game without her. He knows (thinks?) he’ll get a warm welcome in the Jury House. They may start to find that true love it ain’t but until the final show – they will be getting to know each other…. very intimately.

  292. It’s mind boggling how people on here who like Brendon & Rachel say that they “DESERVE” to stay. In my opinion, all of their dumb gameplay has landed them right where they are. When Rachel won her first HoH, she wanted to send Monet or Brit home for personal reasons. Sending Monet home was a waste of her being HoH cause Monet wasn’t a threat. Next, the second time Rachel won HoH she makes it even more PERSONAL & puts up Kristen & Hayden. Why put up Kristen when Matt said he was coming after you the week before?? Matt should have been on the block not Kristen. As for Brendon he is so ignorant in this game, Rachel literally has him by the balls & has messed up his chance of winning Big Brother. Furthermore, I doesn’t help that Brendon & Rachel are always up under each other that they’re oblivious to the “REAL” alliances in the house. And they always have their pity parties talking about how people are so fake, but yet they talk trash about everyone as well. 

    I just can’t wait for tomorrow for them to be separated. Hopefully Brendon will leave along with Rachel when he finds out she is the one to be evicted. 

  293. Goodnight ya all, thank you for the wonderful entertainment. Reality check. Rake is going on to be a “wanna be, reality celebrity” She will poo-poo her lips all the way to the top! Yeah, I do not like this woman! Yeah, the show will exist w/o her! Geez! She got what she wants! She does not give a crap about no one in the house! Way to go BBN! You scored some ratings on this one, but not record breaking! I Binged it!

  294. Scene: (After POV competition, when Rachel got mad at Kathy, Kathy walked out. Kathy is outside by pool, smoking cigarette, talking with Britney.)

    “Rachel wants to get mad at me
    For winning one round in POV.
    I’ve tried to lay low,
    But that skank’s got to go–
    Bitch busted by this deputy!”

  295. Nite Tishe – I’m hanging it up too. BBAD is almost over and I gotta get some sleep. Tomorrow should be real good following the LIVE EVICTION!

  296. I agree with Clare Ann!! Have the sabotour lock the door so none of them can leave tomorrow…Regardless of what people think I love Brendon and Rachel! I like Hayden too…I don’t like Kathy or Britney their are both B*&$hes! And Enzo annoys me to pieces!! (Well Rachels laugh does too but I still like her) Anyways I Don’t want them to leave tomorrow

  297. @ClaireAnn…I THINK Ragan is given options to chose from to do, and he wouldn’t agree with locking the door and keeping B&R in the House

    NICK — Britney’s guy, You kiss that potty mouth?? She is talking about her balls….what a lady. MAN..This is my last post tonight…this whole thing with all the HG’s being in the HoH and ranting behind B&R’s back…I can’t take it anymore

    Leaders of this filth?? Britney–KATHY–RAGAN!!!

  298. C’mon BB12. You dont let the houseguests sing, talk production or diary room, but you let them degrade and slander both Rachel and Brendon when they arent even there to defend themselves. I feel sorry for their families, who have to watch that garbage! Ragan is an egotistical, superiority freak who I wouldnt let teach my dog – and Britney is a loud foul mouthed spoiled brat, apparently jealous of Rachel the way she bashes her 24/7. I’m sick of hearing Ragan and Britney both bashing Rachel and Brendon the entire 3 hrs on live TV.

  299. Oh by the way,as soon as the showmance is split-up the only good entertainment left will be watching all the guys with their hands down their pants twisting their pencils.WOW, can’t wait! WHATEVER!

  300. rachel and britney got into a fight
    the rest of the house were out of slight
    enzo and lamo were play pool
    lamo said britney so cool

    enzo said it’s your turn to hit the balls
    britney was yell, just leave that all
    rachel yelled, I still have a chance
    britney was so mad, she pee’d her pants

    it’s thrusday night, and quite fill the room
    and britney says that rachel is doomed
    rachel is voted out, she crosses the floor
    but when she try’s to leave, someone has locked the door

  301. Good Nite all you Wonderful BB fans. Thank you for entertaining me.I really enjoyed all your post,it was fun :)

  302. @ DOT I wasn’t wishing that.I am sick of seeing those guys doin that all the time.That was a sarcastic remark, not a wish.ok

  303. Rachel and Brendon deserve some scorn, no doubt, but this unrelenting and cruel hatred heaped upon them has been unbelievable.

    My theory starts with “a woman scorned …” Although Britney and Ragan would not have had any realistic chance with “totally-hot-at-first-impression” Brendon, his marching right past them into the arms of Rachel deprived them of any sensual propinquity they might have expected. They will NEVER LET IT GO so long as they live. Britney is Heather Chandler, Regina George and Veda Pierce rolled into one and, for those who don’t know, Ragan is the walking, talking, swishing personification of the Flaming Queen.

  304. MY very favorite is watching Brenden make Britney cry..She can talk trash and run her stupid mouth all night and day but when someone stand up to her shes’ a whimpering crybaby..I cant wait to see Britney get evicted and Regan was a loser..

  305. Go ahead evict Rachel and then Brendon.
    Let’s see how far Ragan, Kathy, and Britany make it after that.

    Hey what is up the SAB? You put a message to divide Rachel and Brendon. Hey SAB, in case you missed it, Rachel and Brendon are officially done. How about doing some SAB against the brigade or the wife disease liar.

    Easiest $20 K I ever made, huh Ragan—worst choice for SAB you could have made BB.

  306. i just can’t wait to see tomorrow. we will find out who has the best impregnation. bb or us. but i think we are winning by a land slide.

    props again to all of you here. i hope it wasn’t as bad as it looked.

  307. What the hell is Brittany’s deal? I thought hillbilly girls from small towns were supposed to be down to earth?

  308. Britany was talking shit about the whole house when Monet was still there and now shes friends with everyone??? Brendans been awful in all the games he deserves to go and maybe once rachels gone the game will actually begin? Matts the only guy that seems to have a serious gameplan. Whether u think his lie was terrible or not at least hes doing something he deserves the win. And why would Regan, who has been not trying to win any competitions so far, suddenly announce to Matt that he wants the HOH this week? Shouldn’t that signal that he might be the SAB? Why would he act so different all of a sudden wouldnt the houseguests be wondering that.

  309. Raunchel is GONE, tonight! Raunchel is a cancer growing on each BB guest, and her eviction will be a huge relief to all, including the viewers. Not having to watch that orange-haired, manipulative psycho each week is going to be a real treat.

    Buh-Bye…..Raunchel! Don’t let the door hit ‘ya where the good lord split ‘ya!

  310. I truly dislike Brendan & Rachel. On tonights ep they sunk to new lows even for them. Now after one of them is gone hopefully the house will target THE BRAINDEADS–I mean THE BRIGADE…

  311. wow, i absolutely can’t stand Brenden or Rachel…in the beginning i was sympathetic with em but now they are just way to into themselves…Brenden NEEDS to MAN UP and get rid of Rachel…she’s no good for him..i personally think them to know each other outside the house..i mean whats the chance of them both being chemist and being as connected and involved as they are already…they are already saying i love you to each other…idk but im seriously sick of Rachel running around acting like she owns the place being rude and unsportsmen like but when she’s on the block and on her way out she thinks that everyone should be nice and sympathetic…wake up call!!! WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND…bit ya in the ass didn’t it Rachel?? ahaha

  312. Best episode of the season. I can’t wait to see the demise of Brenchel, but I’m sure I’ll tune some time soon in the weeks after. It’s going to get really boring.

  313. ugh jesse i couldn’t agree more…BORING!!! Wherever Rachels at is where the Dramas at…and dramas fun when your not involved lol:)

  314. It dont matter the Brigade got the numbers..So Rachel Brenden than Kathy and Ragen and Britney are all gone..

  315. So many Hypocrites on here…so what is good for Rachel is not good for the rest of house??? You must be stuck on stupid to think so. Now that Rachel is the one being made fun of its so funny anymore??? why not? She laughed when both Monet and Kristen lost the chance to win veto and then tries to get stupid and pick a fight with Kathy who by the way has yet to win anything at all…Kathy does not have to “pretend” to like Rachel no matter the situation. Rachel has ZERO power and has resorted to what she really is an alcoholic tramp. She has had zero morals since she walked in the door and thats one thing but, she also lacks integrity and thats a whole other story. It was o.k. for her to run around the house like she had been crowned and now that she is not reigning supreme anymore she turns into a whiny brat who picks fights with EVERYONE except men…dont you see a pattern here? People are tired of Rachel and thats the bottom line. Until you have to live in a house with a woman who likes to flash everyone and get as much attention as possible you have no clue. This girl does nothing but, try to get attention by talking about all these other loser men who flock to trash like her or the women in the BB house she has a very bad self esteem issue just like the retard Brendon. She preys on weak men just like Brendon all the time. She is loose and easy. She makes Las Vegas and ALL the families and people who live there look very bad. She makes it look like all there is to do is drink and get drunk and give her money. Give me a break this girl is far from a woman she is nothing more than a cheap bottle of wine trying to act as though she was aged. I cant wait to see her leave. You can only treat people badly for so long before they finally lash out at you and if it was fair when she did it its fair now that its done to her. Trashy is as trashy does and she is TRASH.

  316. Where in the heck did you find these nasty little nutcases this season?
    Rachael& Brendon are cool. So is Hayden. But you must have been really hard up to pick the rest.
    They are so mean, cruel, and stupid WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???

  317. Well this is indeed a game where everyone except for Brendan is trying to win some cash. So how dare the other hgs putting the most obvious alliance up for eviction. This same duo who treated people like dirt last week cuz the power was with them. How dare the rest of the house for playing the game they all signed up for. Was so proud of b*tch boy how he threw the ball after his poor attempt at the veto challenge. Whay a sor looooser.

  318. Kathy did nothing wrong. She was chosen by crybaby and won. In games, we get excited and we get shout. Come on folks, you never watch bowling, baseball, football, soccer, cards etc. Kathy was not rude, but just letting it out. Crybaby can share her tears for 5 minutes on the couch tonight.

  319. I’ll Admit Rachel is annoying and cocky but Brenden is guilty for falling in love with her..He made be a mams’s boy but at least hes not fake like every single one of them.Enzo Kathy Britney and Ragen all prentend to like him and then they call him names and talk trash behind his back..Oh yea thats really classy And all you people out theyre who are ready to convict brenden are clueless and uneducated..I guarentee Brenden will be successful in 5-10 years and have a good degree..while Britney will end up like her Idol Britney Spears..Trailer Trash…Enzo and Ragan no future for them

  320. I think Brendon and Rachel are the only ones who were playing the game the big brother way… You need enemies, you need allies… That stupid Brigade nonsense is starting to piss me off… They are “ruling the house”, but it doesn’t make for good game play. They are coasting by staying under the radar… Matt is the only one that seems to understand the game in that stupid alliance…

  321. I believe the game will really heat up once Brenden and Rachel are gone they have both been hogging the house from day 1. Now the real game begins with lots of turns and twists.

  322. @yankee bill #450. u can’t be MORE correct. and for those who think rachel is classy & smart, you all could not be MORE wrong.

    Let’s see I need votes so i’ll get in an argument with Kathy, 1 more touch lets make it a senseless argument… kathy hit it on the head – “you picked me because you thought i couldn’t beat you, guess what i beat you bitch”.

    Love Brit… “if you apologize to her i WILL slap you”.

    that was one pitiful performance by b/r… it’s like kathy SHOULD HAVE let rachel beat her b/c rachel has been nice to her and right now she’s at her lowest… boo hoo. and brendon, you’re lucky jeff didn’t say or do something to you after you threw the ball… what a good sport. i use to be sorry for bren, what a sorry excuse.

    lets look at it this way… those 2 b&r are made for each other… may they live happily ever after… just please move to china, cuz if they don’t i’ll have to.

  323. It is about time that Rachel and Brendon get what they deserve..I’m tired of Rachel crying that she has had to fight every day to stay in the has everyone else..hope to see her go.

  324. The villain is going to be kicked out this week. Thursday will definitely be one of the best days of this week.

    Remember to put an appropriate dress on your way out, Rachael.

  325. the 2nd best part of thur show will be when julie says “in case you were voted out, the other hg’s recorded msgs for you”, now remember they’ll want her vote at the end.

    “Sorry, no one had anything to say”.


    Britney – “Sorry Rach, good buddy, you were right i wish i had taken you off the block”.

    Ragan – “You’re a smart gal and a great chemist and I’ll really miss ya.”

    Kathy – “I apologize… and the 1 vote in the 5 to 1 vote was mine, sorry you were a good friend and i was a bad one… sorry, so sorry “.

    The Brigade in a group, one after the other:

    Hayden – “The brigade strikes again, we’re unbeatable and you & Bren had to go”

    Matt – “sorry to see you go bitch and we’re really going to miss your laugh”

    Lane – “don’t worry we’ll take care of your punk of a man, southern style, ‘squeal like a pig’…”

    Enzo – “and you know what a punk is right? and what they do to punks in jail, don’t you? At least in Jersey, I heard.”

    In unison… “So SORRY, we’re going to have to get between you and your man!!!”.

  326. #458 Great quotes, Greg

    You forgot Brendon : “I’ll see you soon, darling”.

  327. Rachel is crying out back
    “Kathy won the round, that’s whack!”
    Kath took Rachel out
    Which caused Rach to pout
    What comes around goes around, Jack!

    Rach says to Kath, “apologize”
    For telling me all sorts of lies
    Kath says “you know what?”
    You’re kind of a slut
    And your hair looks like crap with those dyes

  328. Love Jeff & Jordan, Hate Brit, Rachel should leave and the sab.(Ragan) needs to start conflict between the brigade.

  329. Rachel is leaving tonight
    Some out there think that will bite
    But others out here
    Might sit down with a beer
    And cheer and yell “That’s right!”

    If Boobzilla could hear us
    She’d prob’ly, like, forget jus’
    How she yelled out that day
    At Kristen that way
    And cry “Why ME under the bus??”

  330. c’mon guys, its just a game. Hopefuly these people dont act like this in the real world. Thats just how they play the game.

  331. chao anh… @bb from vietnam #462. “… and I LOVE you Rachel, sorry i’m so incompetent playing for HoH or the last PoV”. can’t feel sorry for brenda anymore… they say ‘love is blind’… well, brenda can claim that on his tax return for 2010.

  332. This group is the worst group in BB history – last night not one person showing good sportmanship.

    Brendon did outsmart Brit – he insulted her so he would not take him off the block for the 5k. rachel still would have gone home and Brit would have had 5k – what a stupid move on Brit’s part

    Brendon showed he really cares by saving rachel the 5k

  333. Rachel and Brendon are both acting extremely childish. Neither one of them deserve to be there…period! Im hoping Rachel goes this week and Brendon next.

  334. @dominque #289. GREAT recap… I’m finding last night’s PoV episode funnier everytime i think about it… Brit’s line of “… I’ll slap you in the face” was so funny.

    Love, just love Jeff and Jordan, look B&R this is how a great couple looks and acts with class. Jordan is just the right degree of ditzy and without an annoying laugh… instead she just says cute things… “I told him what kind of ring to get so he doesn’t get an ugly one” and that accent. OK, I’ll admit I love Jordan. Jeff be forewarned, “I may try to get between you and your woman”. Just joking, they could have their own show IMHO.

  335. Does anyone else think that Regan and Matt are the life long friends in the house? They are together 24/7 up in the HOH room. I think the two of them are related somehow, brothers, cousins, hell maybe lovers. Something fishy between them two.

  336. @breezin #412. just my take on how the hg’s act in the bb house… either they act properly with integrity then their family/friends (f/f) says “that’s exactly how they are”. Or they act poorly and hatefully then f/f says “they’re just playing the game, they’re not like that for real”.

    But I have no idea what f/f’s are saying about B&R under the covers antics… ‘yes, i do’, they’re saying “that’s how he/she is, i was just hoping they wouldn’t show America that side of them”.

  337. Brendan is a waste of spot. if he’s really willing to give up 500000$$$ for some girl, who talks smack about him in the DR. Then don’t be on the show. People KILL to be on that show, and he’s just throwing it all away.

  338. my take on Rachel… could anyone crave MORE attention then this gal? if you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all. i’m done talking about her.

    one last thing… can any of you guys/gals out there on BBNet guess what Rachel will say to the other Hg’s before and/or after the vote???

    OMGosh… this could be her shining moment in the spotlight, can’t imagine her not taking this time as her last Hoorah. CAN’T WAIT.

    I’d like to see her go, just to see if Brenda can grow a pair once she’s gone… but if “the unexpected” happens, can you IMAGINE the drama in the BB house next week… CBS could have thousands of ppl signing up for the live-feed or BBAD. I wouldn’t mind getting a cut of that action… LOL!!!

    BBN, you’ve got to be excited about that possibility.

  339. i watched in horror last nights show…..sooo petty. when is it ok to gang up on someone like that ahhh the gang metality at its finest.
    As an educator myself i see this everyday in small children but it is never allowed to get out of control. But it is fostered in this so called adult show.

    And as for Ragon i thought you were a gentleman, when you star taking a personal aproach i.e stinky hair extension,s?

    Ok , ok i get ti it its about getting people off the show and there are people you can’t stand but when you star gangin up like that and getting personal it take on another flavour.

    Oh and Cathy the thing i liked about you was you stuck to your principles but now you are just part of the gang …!!!!

  340. I think brits the most fake person ive ever seen in my life she bounces from one group to the next acting like their friends and then slamming them behind their back i cant wait until the bregade gets her out and sends her fake butt home. and cathy is digusting of a person id be afraid if she was the sheriff in my town bc she sucks at everything besides bowling. she has zero game and thinks she belongs there. everyone this season is so shady.

  341. Rachel, what is wrong with you when you had all the power you were acting like the queen B***** but now you have fallen. What makes your gameplay so crazy is that you can dish it out but you can’t handle it when its you in that low spot. Get a life! Go home and stop that d*** crying its old

  342. I love the fact that everything Brendon touches turns to a pile of stinking crap. “Rachel, I’ll be your knight in shining armor.” Doesn’t he see his whole knight in shining armor act is working against his whole ridiculous plan. Brendon is the lesser of two evils for the simple fact that his voice isn’t as annoying as Rachel’s. Oh, and he has enough sense not to stalk people for apologies for hurting his feelings.

    Rachel! Grab your life vest! I’m sick of you accusing people of trying to split up you and your man! You should have been smart like the brigade and made alliances not alienate the whole entire house. Also, now the whole house is rooting for you and your man to be together, OUTSIDE THE HOUSE!

    Brigade = Genius!!!!

  343. Well it really seems like alot of people dont even watch the show or the feeds…how on earth could you defend someone like rachel…she is getting everything that she deserves…right down to the funniest skit Ive ever seen on BB in the HOH room…great stuff…what goes around comes around…and for brendans sake lets hope that her “garna-sifa-herpa-aids” does come around…absolutely discusting she is….

  344. @bobby #468. excellent observation and a great “what Brit should have done”… too bad she wasn’t quick enough to think of it, she was laughing to stall while she was thinking but prev. she had said to Rachel during the Rach/Brit private meeting she didn’t want the $5000 target on her.

    Though after Brenda’s speech she could have asked for a volunteer pawn (w/Matt’s agreement) to put in place of Brenda and a promise to split the $5T equally among the remaining hg’s. With everyone agreeing to vote Rachel out, Brit’s NOT getting her vote in the end anyway. She would have been safe and THEY would have bilked Rach out of the $5T with the same result as Rach walking out with it. And she could have had the icing on the cake, saying to the bOOb, “so who’s the smart one now?”.

  345. sorry to hog… at PoV ceremony when Brit said ‘Brendon let me hear from you 1st’ and he said ‘We’d prefer to hear Rachel 1st’ or whatever he said… I wish Britney had said “NO… this is MY ceremony and I’m PoV and I said ‘YOU speak 1st, bitch-boy’…”, now that could have been some drama.

    I know Evel Dick or Dr Will would not have let Brenda intimidate them.

  346. Why is everyone so down on Kathy? Why not Enzo and Lane? They haven’t done squat either, except for being in an alliance. I was so glad when Kathy stood up for herself. Someone needs to tell Rachel and Brendon that all of them are in to win it, not just them. give me a break!

  347. I am so disappointed in Britney and especially Ragan. I watch Showtime after Dark and I was appalled at what those two were saying about Rachel. I know that she is not everyone’s favorite (I like her) but the nasty things they were saying about her were absolutely childish. Ragan of all people should be a bit kinder. Growing up a gay man was a difficult for him and he was taunted for that. Has he no compassion? And Britney…she’s just plain disgusting.

  348. Wether you hate them or love them, it’s all people talk about why because the others are BORING floaters!

  349. I’m not a fan of Rachel & Brendon but w/out them the house will be extremely boring. If production doesn’t have any tricks (the sabator is not a trick, he isn’t doing a good job)…get ready for a zzzzzz fest. The brigade now have the votes to just pick everyone else off. It’s not too hard to figure out how this season will end. Also, I know its a game but Britney & Regan have taken personal insult to a new level…if Rachel or Brendon said the things they say (especially Britney) they would call them out on it and talk about how they are horrible people. I’ll start taking naps during BB, I need to catch up on my sleep anyways!

  350. So Sad Rachel. Great That Brendon Won H.O.H!
    I Hop Matt Goes Up, Since Stupid Regan Won P.O.V, And Uses His D.P.O.V, And Puts Regan Back Up And Regan Goes Home. That Way The Bitch Won’t Win Any Money At ALL. GO BRENDON!!!!!

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