Big Brother 12: Week 5 Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll see what happened in the fifth PoV competition and have confirmed to us who won the Power of Veto. If you’ve been following the spoilers then you already know who won!

Also, Jeff and Jordan made a trip back to the house to host the Veto competition so all you fans from last season get ready to watch their return. 

Rachel and Brendon continue to work their plan of dramatics in the house. As things get closer to Thursday’s live eviction I’m expecting we’ll see more fireworks from these two which always makes for some fun Big Brother feeds!

If you haven’t been watching the feeds then you’ve been missing the real game and there’s no way CBS is going to be able to show most of what’s been done and said in the house. You can catch it all on the live feeds new Flashback feature which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome so go ahead and try it for free then keep it for just 50 cents a day.

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  1. It sickens my stomach 2 watch show time and see rachel and brendon being treated the way they have been by reagon and they not realize that 2 votes are up 4 grabs. And that they will have 2 face the way they have behaved to all their peers when the show is over, not to mention rachel and brendon get 2 see how they belittled them before they cast their vote. I have been watching bb since day 1 and never before has anyone been treated this badly in the game. why do they think they have 2 ignore anyone on the block, are they that stupid they cant see sooner or later they 2 will be up there? and what goes around comes around. Hold your head up high rachel and brendon my entire family is watching and keeping their fingers crossed 4 both of u.u make this game and if u go out u did a good job in keeping us tooned in.

    • Just for the record both Ragan and brendumb were right in saying Neandertal or Neanderthal…ragan said Neanderthal which means relating to or resembling Neanderthal man…brendumb said Its pronounced Neandertal… Which means ill mannered in behavior…so Brendon is both NeanderTAL and Neanderthal

    • Joann it sickens me to watch brendon and racheal act like they are better then everyone else, they are getting what they deserve. Those two are what’s wrong with society

  2. enzo it makes me happy 2 see u playing this game the way it should be played keep up the good work.dont let others reactions and words make u stoop 2 their level, kathy as a retired police officer myself remember your supervisors are watching and your integrity is on the line be careful what u sow u reap, it in the end

  3. Well, my last comment went into moderation, so I am going to clean it up a little and see what happens. I am not a fan of Brendon or Rachel, but last night’s BB after dark really made me sick. Those two didn’t deserve the bashing they got from the other houseguests. Britney is just plain mean, and Ragan is the fruitiest fruitcake of all time, and also one of the meanest. I want both of them to leave really soon. Ok, let’s see if this goes through.

  4. OK, Matt why do my comments keep going into moderation?

    Because your IP address was banned from spamming obscene messages under multiple names. – Matt

  5. I think some of us are looking at a different show. Rachel has a very bad attitude. She talks about people and she was the queen when she put people up. You do not get sympathy now. Did you see the way she treated Monet and Kristen? This is reality TV. It’s a game.

  6. enzo has not been playing this game at all. i think he is funny and entertaining but all hes done is talk about what hes gonna do. tryly the only ones that have are rachel(gag, matt, brit, and sorta brendon.this house is full of wanna bees. cant wait till they all get out and see what america really thinks of them.

  7. BB Lover – Unfortunately, Boobzilla lovers ignore all that. She can do no wrong in their eyes, anything done to her is done with malice and meanness, everything she’s done is done for game play or because of kindness.

    Yeah right. She’s a self-righteous, self-absorbed, narcissistic prostitute.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!


  8. @ joanne weiss

    The people in the jury house do not see what was happening in the house when they where in the house only after voted out. I think that Brittney and Ragan has as much right to talk about them, the way they treated people when Boobzilla was in charge.

    Go team ABR

  9. Totally agree with you BB lover, Rachel is no better than Britney or ragan and deserves no sympathy imo. Can’t wait to see her walk out the door tomorrow!! And would be even better yet if her little puppet decides to go with her! Ha

  10. So what if Brenchel sees what Bitchney and Ragan said behind their backs. They will see it after the jury votes and its not like Brit/Ragan are Brenchel’s groupies and are sooo in luv with them. Who cares, its a GAME where integrity, morals, and all the good stuff are left behind. A week ago Ragan was the best cuz he was Brenchels friend but now he is the devil cuz he backstabbed them. Guess what thats BB.

  11. BG exactly! Its a game you make deals you break deals, you lie and and you deceive, to what extent well that lies with the individual.

    Jury House gets to see what we see when the next HG’s shows up so they see some of what happened after they left but its edited they have to go with what others tell them happened, what they see happened after they left and what happened while they were still there.

    Last Year Russel Voted for the last person I expected him to vote for so we never know till it actually happens.

  12. can’t wait till thurs night when boobzilla is voted out. she wont know what hit her.

    @Amy- ABR is anyone but rachel

    Go team ABR!!

  13. There is such as thing as vicious, hateful, snarky, petty, two-faced, etc. Rachel, Britney, Kathy and Regan are the Queens of that kind of behavior. Personally, they all need to go. I’d rather watch the guys play pool and scratch themselves.

  14. Here is how I see the remaining hg:

    Rachel – yes she has been a world class butt and is getting what she deserves but enough with all the bashing. What in the world will everyone talk about when she is gone.

    Brendon – loser no other word for it.

    Matt – scum should have never lied about his wife and is certainly not playing the game with some one of his intelligence.

    Enzo – just stupid and lazy.

    Hayden – get a haircut sissy boy and be a man.

    Ragan – if he would leave off all the catty bs and just play he would be my favorite player.

    Brittany – mean girl from the word go. She is that perky little cheerleader in school you would love to see taken out a beaten.

    Kathy – Who????.. What has she done beside fail.

  15. oops forgot Lane – he is just that forgetable. Being from Texas I really wanted to like him but nothing so far.

    Oh well there is the last half of the season maybe things will improve once we can move on from Rachel and her MAN…..

    On can only hope.

  16. Wait, Summer, don’t go! I love reading your posts! (It’s me, Jeanne, from Fandom – posting here under my dogs name, Roxie, because there were so many Jean’s, Jeanne’s, etc. when I started posting here).

  17. @17 Summer, if you don’t hate B/R, you may as well p*ss in the wind. The haters don’t listen, only reaction is to attack and belittle.

  18. I don’t hate B & R and I will say so on here. It won’t hurt my feelings those who don’t agree with me. If we all agreed life would be boring. I wish Ragan hadn’t turned into the mean girl with Brit the bitch. I have not liked Brit since day one. Her and MOnet talking crap on everyone then once Monet is gone she grabs whoever is available. I didn’t mind so much at first Ragan and Brit’s bitch session about Brachel, but it is getting old. Really old. Why won’t anyone play the freaking game? Last season was one of the best, this season is one of the worst.

  19. A couple of days ago I commented on all the disrepectful name calling of Rachel and the reply I got was “get me a beer, Biotch.”

  20. and furthermore, why is a highly educated scientist working as a call girl/escort

    and the other one working as a swim coach??

    maybe they should have picked a better occupation…lol

    mommas don’t let your kids grow up to be scientists

  21. well, I hope they show him him to stop being pussssy whipped and take his head out of his azzzz

  22. Matt is telling Ragan and Brit how he found his suitcase disheveled. He thought that something was out of place, then set a sweatshirt in a particular way, and later it was all messed up. He says he is 100% positive that someone went thru it. He states Rachel used his bathroom and that’s why he thinks she did something to his suitcase. Then Brit says that that was when she and Brendon got into an argument about something Rachel talked about in DR, and then they were talking about the BB rules and rulebook.

  23. @ I HATE RACHEL just wanted to say I love your posts & I couldn’t agree more. I really want Rachel out. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Once again I will say, BB help Rachel get help for her Narcissitic Personality Disorder & make the world a better place!

  24. So if Rachel or someone did go through Matt’s suitcase did they indeed find the DPOV? Because that’s where it looked like he put it unless he keeps moving it. Other than keeping it on him personally where can he actually hide it, nothing can be locked. He must be continuing to move it since last night on BBAD Rachel asked Ragan if she could use the HOH bathroom and Ragan responded that it’s not his place to say yes since he’s not the HOH and proceeded to inform Matt when he came out of the DR and then Matt went into the cabana room to tell Rachel that Ragan relayed the message and said that she could absolutely use the HOH bathroom and that he has an “open door” policy with the HOH room. Then all of a sudden she didn’t seem to need to use it anymore. So if he infact is stating the “open door” policy rule, did she or did she not find the DPOV? Does anyone know? And has Brendon called this house meeting minus Rachel yet? If so, what was the subject matter? The DPOV?

  25. @Kathleen et al who have commented nicely on my posts:

    Thank you.

    To those who have not commented nicely:

    that’s your opinion.

  26. So when in the jury house, how much to the evicted HG see? just the televised show??? I’m sure Brittany will continue to bash Rachel once she’s gone for her to see.

  27. Each newly evicted HG brings a DVD with highlights for them to see.

    Put together by production, of course…

  28. Rachel found the diamond power of veto and production told her because she is the holder she can use it because at the next eviction as soon as Julie says the live vote will begin, she can stand up and reveal she has it and use it.

    Whoever finds it and owns it can use it! I hope she takes Brendon off the block and puts Hayden on and Hayden goes home!!!

  29. haven’t seen alot of game play on the show myself. enzo doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with his own game. he changes his mind minute to minute. this entire cast is playing emotional. i would like to see the game of old stratigically.
    enzo was just a example. does seem that new final 3 are being made. that will surely help inprove game play this week i hope. evryone is foucussing on the negative and not the game itself. just an opinon, but true. matt’s is the most powerful person in the house at the time and safe from eviction next week also. i would like to see him be put on the block, not try to win the pov and break out that power. i think that will rock the house guest and game is on.

  30. abby i hadn’t heard that. don’t you think matt would have said something if it is missing? did i miss something? that also will shake the house and maybe the game will begin.

  31. omg I hope rachel did take the dpov from matt now that makes great tv keeping my fingers crossed 4 that one

  32. so mean reagon and brittany if rachael found the dpov your both so done in this game. And I’m so over the 2 of u. last year was so much better then this year, the words that come out of the mouths off babes come back 2 haunt them some day hope I read about it

  33. @ Scgurl…… I was always under the impression that the sequester house only got to see a tape of the last evicted house guests “live eviction”

  34. Matt, I don’t know what you are talking about, Dude. I do not post under multiple names, and I don’t use obscenities. All I did was call Ragan a fruitcake, which he is. You must have me condused with somebody else. Anyway, no hard feelings, just don’t put me in moderation for something which I din’t do.

  35. It’s all right for yall to dislike B/R but you are missing one important fact, and that is B/R have never got the rest of the HG’s and taked about other HG’s the way the other HG’s take about them, Also they have never made fun of other HG’s behind there backs the way that Britney and Matt and Ragan do, but the rest of the HG’s go along withe and makes them just as bad,

    Last night Rachel tried to take to Ragan, and little miss I’m so sweet said “I don’t want to get in the middle of this “BUT” and then junmped into the middle and started running her mouth.

    But what really made turn the TV off was when Kathy was up in the HOH with everyone else but you know who and was trashing B/R I guess to fit in, and she takes about having integrity, and then you see taking with B/R like she’s thier friend, Kathy you have NO INTEGRITY after

    I’m not saying that B/R haven take about other HG’S but most of the time it’s face to face and yes rachel treated people wrong and she has a bad attitude, but I don’t see how it reason enought to go to the level that the rest of the HG’s have gone too with the way they treat B/R

    Last: No we don’t ignore how B/R have acted, we just don’t put our integnity or morals away just because it’s a game, And I don’t understand people who can say “It’s just a game” and believe that makes everything alright, because it doesn’t and coming down someone else’s level just because they have does’t make it right

  36. u cant take anything regan does seriously now that hes the sabotuer!!!! the fight on bbad prob was a request from america and he played it fantastic!!!!

  37. I think like rachel said she was playing the game not belittling someones person she was always saying how much she liked brit, ragon,krist,kathyetc. but she has always said be careful of matt hes the real devil in the house. how could he lie about his wifes health. Is he not afraid it could really happen 2 her. I dont understand how he can do that 2 her. shame on u matt

  38. @John..#31….yes indeed we ladies have a problem with Rachel. She makes the whole gender look bad. Not because of her questionable gameplay. Because of her fakeness! Im not sure theres an original body part on this girl. nothing wrong with improving yourself…but she took it to the extreme.

  39. I know ragon is the sab. but it is disgusting how he talks about rach, and brend. I dont beleive thats what amer. had in mind. didnt he say he was a proff. in his career. may not have that job when he gets out hes so 3rd grade

  40. I like Rachel and think she is playing the game hard except for her last decision the whole Kristen thing that was just personal!! Other than that she wins the HOH’s b cuz she studies and thinks about things for the quizs. I used to like Brit but now can’t stand her for her bashing it is getting really old and it’s just mean!!! She needs to go next! I wish Rachel could stat cuz atleast she keeps things interesting! Lol

  41. after last night I am so team rachel and brendon they are really playing the game not the 3rd graders in the house who just think bb is a bashing game wheres all the past bb players they would 4 sure like playing the game with r&b. if america has a vote this yr. my vote goes 2 rachel u go girl

  42. I 2 felt bad dor kristin but she was going after rach. and brend. so they played the game and shes gone thats what hoh does in the game. get rid of those who come after u. sadly they are after the showmance just like last yrs, with jeff and jordon. How soon we forget what they went through last season. But look who had the last laugh and the money. Im rooting 4 the showmance 2 stay at least they are playing the game not trying out 4 a career hogging up the cameras

  43. I can’t beieve that yall think that Britne and rachel are the same, they’er not even on the same scale, britney is about 5 levels below rachel, I have watched of day 1 and have never seen rachel act or take or treat an other HG’s the way britney has or does, Yes rachel treated monet and kristen ect wrong but not as bad as ragan or britney do, also britney just can’t keep her mouth shut, she has to get into everything when it comes to B/R, even thing she should stay out of, she now play up to the boy’s thinking that it’s going to kept her safe, So I can’t wait to see her face when she goes out the door!!

  44. The most hypocritical thing in the history of BB was said last night. As Britney was crying, she said, “I just don’t understand why his (Brendon’s) attacks need to be so personal.”

  45. Hey Summer…stay a while. Someones going to get pissed off no matter what ANYONE says. Might as well throw your opinion into the mix. Your comments are great.

  46. How do you know Rachel took the DPV? I kind of don’t believe it, because if she can go through peoples things(against the rules) then why have rules? People could just do what they want. Where did you find this out? I don’t have live feeds, but what from I understand Rachel and Brendon have pretty much isolated themselves from everyone. Has Brendon called the house meeting yet? I’m not saying you are wrong, I’m saying if you are right then production is controling the game and that is not fair.

  47. tonight I hope bb has another plan 4 next week 2 help keep this game just about the game not about who can say the meanest things about someone in the house thats not a game thats sickning. If this continues they will loose viewers and I’d hate 4 that 2 happen. cause I live bb when it airs each season. So please bb do something make the show what its suppose 2 be a game thanks. so wanna not hear anyone crap from the ones doing the tv interviews 4 camera time on showtime with the way they are bashing people in the house. at least when russell was doing it he had class about it and when he gave an appology it was excepted

  48. Thursday night sabator locks the door out!!! No eviction and R&B saved one wins hoh and get out Regan & Brittany I’m so sick of there nasty mean talk about others… Brittany u was on the block with best friend Monet and u To cried like a baby and u are still in the house… R&B both was there to support u
    What a two faced BITCH

  49. does anyone out there know 4 sure if rachel stole the dpov from matts suitcase? so praying its true can u just imagine everyones face, playing bb if that happened and how it changes the entire game. viewers would come out of the wood faster then a cockaroach lol

  50. omg luv marys theory on the door being locked and R/B are safe brittney would sit and cry 4 hrs. when they put her up on the block and I would watch 24/7 just 2 see how much she cries and begs 2 stay. At least rachel cries 4 a reason, and didnt backstab who shes up on the block with not like britt. did 2 monet

  51. @ #36 Abbylicious, I can’t see that actually happening and Matt not making a big deal about it. We know that Rachel and Brendon have been reading the BB rulebook and going to the DR for something but I can’t see that if this really did happen that Matt wouldn’t be doing the same thing as well.

  52. Agree with BBlover…they have all been playing a nasty game. Rachel can’t expect them to treat her any different than she’s been treating people when she was HOH. If she can dish it, she should be able to take it.

  53. I really hope all this talk about Rachel being able to use the Diamond Veto is just talk. It will seem like as though the rules are being made up as it goes along for her favor if it’s true.

  54. what are these people going to do when Brendon and Rachael leave? This is the WORST big brother ever as all these people do is make fun of others. Britney and Regan are going to hell I don’t understand why they are being so mean. Grow up. Bring on a new season.

  55. OLA BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    @joanne (1) – i do NOT think Ragan & Britt are thinking long term that way and if they are obvi they believe they wont’ need their 2…i beg to differ myself, wouldnt’ that be ironic?

    @Team ABR – ah yes there you is again! lol. not sure on that description of rach, wow very acerbic! you like LOVE her dont’ u? :P

    Oh, I still think when everyone sees what Britt & Ragan have been saying (not just on their fake tv show) but also around the house, their minds may sway a bit. esp if britt/ragan are in the final 2! doubt either will make it but ya never know eh?

    @roxie it’s too bad they are sooo alike they should have ALIGNED together!
    esp the ladies they always get a BAD rep on BB! they should have tried an alliance w/Kris!
    None of the guys would’ve believed it! I’d be in shock if Rach was lifelong amies with one of them! I mean that backchatter is horrid.

  56. Matt, going to stand up for Summer here. I’ve posted with her for about a year now and she really does not use offensive language, but you can always count on her to call it like she sees it – that’s what I like about her! There is a SummerToo on here from time to time, but that’s not Summer! And, yes, Regan is a fruitcake!

  57. @summer – :( c’est dommage.

    @trish – it’s true, Batty Bashing Britt only wants someone to talk smack about with, she will turn on Ragan too! wait & see, all we need is ONE catty comment from her and she’s outta there!

    @abby (36) REALLY? that happened? OMG that would be HILaroious, but ya dun know if she does take herself off, Bren goes home, the house will be so p’od they will send him home!
    That would be awesome and serve Matt right!

    @kristi – matt can’ ttalk about the d-pov AT ALL! so if it’s missing, he can’t even INfer about it’s presence! i love it! they said they would take it away or lose its power! what i want to know is why would rachel even look there? how would she know to search his suitcase? things that make you go hmmmm

    @bill (45) ahh you are right, perhaps it was a trick he made up! think the tv show is too? ahhh heck that’s going to be real bad for ragan eventually!

    @chris (52) yup yup britt will soon be out the door she think she’s protected but wow is SHE ever the delusional one, livin’swimming in the sea of denial! her mouth is sailor!

    @mary (57) – yeahhh i love it! drama ensues!

    @joanne (58) not sure but i’d like now, am assuming Matt (@BBN) you do not know or you would have commented by now? :) inquiring minds wanna know!

  58. Jadelle – hey, what a great idea! Why didn’t all the girls form an alliance from day one? The guys did it and it’s been working beautifully – well, so far.

  59. Some of you may have missed something Rachel said last night in taj.

    She actually pointed how she would not be in this position had she been making her own decisions. Remember her first HOH? She immediately regreted who she put on the block. She later wished she never got rid of Monet.

    This is all Brendan’s game – she actually told Kathy that her and Brendon will not end up toegther anyways the other night as well. The house will be doing them a favor by splitting them up.

  60. yowah ragan has STOOPED so low w/Britt.

    Ragan: I think he’s extremely attracted to you or something, otherwise why would he be so obsessed with your relationship
    Britney: Maybe.. he’s always asking how tall he is…
    Kathy: I’ve dealt with people like that, and it’s usually something that happened in his childhood
    Ragan: I hope it was really bad.
    –Lessa: oh Ragan, stop that. Just. Stop.
    Matt: He said he got picked on…
    Britney: I’m sure he did, but because of his behavior.

  61. Matt: I heard that America knows who the Saboteur is..
    Britney: So it’s someone in the house…
    Ragan: Ooooh, I thought it was just production. They said it was someone in the house?
    Britney: What did the Saboteur say..

    Bubbles – they’re sharing DR info.. Hee lol.
    I heard Matt was sharing a LOT of DR-info even tho he was warned, wonder if that has something to do with why he may have lots the D-POV?

  62. Jadelle Hi, I have been trying to make apoint, maybe you can help, Yes everyone in the house has been mean and has taked trash about other HG’s, but the differance is what level you do it at, I was told taht you can tell someone to go to Hell-o. But art is when you do they are happy to go. What really get me upset is the level that some people well go to, Just to say I Don’t Like You

  63. i dont get why know one likes brit and regon. they only talk about brendon and rachel. now atleast. and by coming on this site and talking about the players and bashing them as well you are acting just like them. so…. anyway brit does make fun a rach in front of her but rachel is just too dumb to notice. OBVI!!!

  64. Britney: Here’s my real goodbye message. Suck it, you flaming pansy. You have no balls. All you do is attack people personally, because you’re not a big enough person to realize what the real situation is, and even call out things as they are. You make up lies. You fabricate things about people, so that you can feel better about yourself. You can take your insecurities and walk right out the door, because you’re the worst person I have ever met in my life. You disgust me. You repulse me. And… I don’t care if you live or die. Period.

    By the end of her speech, Ragan has joined the Kitchen Counter crew… Britney fantasizes about Brendon’s departure…

    Britney: Nobody even gets up off the couch. Julie calls his name and we all just sit there. When he gets evicted, nobody even stands up to say goodbye. We all just stay seated and start talking about something irrelevant.

    So now who’s saying the love Britt? Rigggght

  65. i love brit. favorite player!!! jadelle you are probably ugly and fat and jealous of brit so suck that!!

  66. Ola @ Chris – you make some good points! There is making fun of, insulting personally as in attacking their character! OBVI ppls will make fun of you in life it’s part of it, you deal, but personal attacks are diff, and while I agree on how annoying HG’s can be, I dont’ condone that kind of talk, Britt is just so outta hand. All the convo’s she’s having on the feeds, I just posted some. Her parents have GOT to be stupendously horrified! :(

  67. @dani – there’s no reason to personally attack me, i didn’t say anything about your comments at all, i just posted what i saw on the feeds sites so that others who don’t have them could see, i didn’t refer to anyone, so i don’t understand why you are attacking me and calling me names!

  68. Wow dani take it easy, there’s no need to be mean. Everyone can post their opinions, we’ve been over this so many times.

  69. what on earth? where are the admin’s, we had this same problem yesterday. and its happens again & again, take a chill pill please, seriously no need to provoke & disrespect one of the posters on the site. there are other ways to say you disagree with what someone said!

  70. @ #75 Jjg, no one has actually asnwered that yet. However, the more I think about it, if Matt is not allowed to tell anyone about it or discuss because he would lose it then how can Rachel and Brendon be going over the BB rulebook together if that’s what they’re going over the rulebook for? Because then she or he wouldn’t be able to use it either. Correct or incorrect?

  71. here we go again! ignore it jadelle, admins may or may not get involved but what can we do?
    we all know those who are on here regularly to just avoid peoples who try to stir up strife!

  72. thanks *torch* , mj, gem, i will keep posting, Matt has my back and so does Ashli Rae I is not worried! :) so what is happenin’ on the online cams?

  73. Everytime I pull up the feeds all they show are these guys talking about R & B. Bitchney and Ragan, Matt & Enzo, Matt & Ragan…

    I mean, Enzo goes up to HOH to listen to music so he can sleep and Matt is there and all he could ask was, “Does Brendon still think he is leaving?” He asked Enzo 3 times, before Enzo answered him…

    What are these people going to talk about after they leave??

  74. Hi ya torch, He was just looking at himdelf when he said, and doesn’t know it, Hope it made him fill better!!

  75. brenhel is talking game about possible things for HOH comp. I just got online a half hour ago had a flat tire in the rain storm. and matt and ragan talking game.

  76. This crap will definately be rigged for Rachel if she did steal the dpov and was able to use it. If cbs lets that happen I will not watch BB again even though I have been watching since season 1. Come on BB and cbs let the houseguests play the game fair and dont cheat for a guest just to boost your ratings.

  77. What is up with the TV Show that Haiden is hosting and why is Kathy still there it made me laugh when she said she has not even started being physical yet. i wonder how many criminals have gotten away from her. When she watches this season integrity was not a part of her game watch out for Lane he might just sneak right in for the win.

  78. This crap about the DPOV being taken is the biggest load of crap Ive ever heard…if that was the case…Production pulled the biggest bunch of crap in television history…the houseguest should all get up and walk the f out…and say screw CBS…leave it up to the HG to make the game…let the producers alter there way out of a job…

  79. CBS is not going to allow that to happen…i think viewers might be tired of seeing what is going on with B&R and want to move on…

    On to what I don’t know, but I am curious to see what will happen next…

  80. how come Rachael never told Kathy that Haiden and Kristen had a plan to put her up and her little girl Britney screwed it up

  81. Here is how I understand the power the “D” veto, Matt can only use it for the next two week, this wk and next, it gives him the power to take “both people off” and replace them as he see, same as last year, but he can’t say anything because then he can’t use it at all, Now my understanding about if he louses it, and if B/R have it he’s just out of luck, and it’s my understanding that B/R will be able to use it, that is if they have it, So as I see it one of two thing are going to happen

    1. No-thing and reachel walks out the door

    2. the world as the HG’s know it “Blows up in thier faces

    We shall see tomorrow, Can’t wait

  82. Its illegal if production did that. Production can’t do anything and if they do they will have a fine or jail time.

  83. If the DVeto is stolen, it still will not save cockaroachel cuz the veto cermony is already gone. What is she gonna do use the Dveto(not Coup D’tat) on eviction night. And the HOH was has earned the special power so i beleive she can expose the fact that Matt has the DV but cannot use it.

  84. @91 Dave – This is a nightly “talk show” thing they do to talk down about Rachel and Brendan.

  85. @ blackgirl, Member last jeff had it, but it wasn’t use until live TV. I agree with you, Yes reaachel can tell HG’s if she just knows, or if she has it will be able to use it on live TV

  86. Brendon insulted the cockroach yesterday. He called Britney and Ragan a cockroach and they can’t hold a candle to a one, I mean, they are much lower a being! I felt bad for all the cockroaches out there. The two totally disgust me! I so hope Brendon wins HOH on thursday! I would just love to see how all the attitudes would change toward him. And Kathy, you are not much better than Britney. You are truly a lazy, mean, liar! You’re for whoever you are talking to at the time, Sad.

  87. Again, if Matt is not allowed to tell anyone about the DPOV or discuss it because he would lose it then how can Rachel and Brendon be going over the BB rulebook together if that’s what they’re going over the rulebook for? Because then she or he wouldn’t be able to use it either. Correct or incorrect?

  88. not a chance…the rules say that matt couldnt tell anyone about it or it goes away…so how could bren and rach steal it #1 without help by production? and #2 still use it when the whole time no one could find out about it or risk losing it…there is no way for them to have any reason to even be snooping through Matts things unless he was guided there…”production” the whole idea is crazy and if by some chance in he@# it does happen CBS is risking there credibility…

  89. Chris, Jeff had the Coup D’tat not DVeto. I am assuming that a special Veto can only be used at a veto cermony. I might be wrong though.

  90. @dani So far Britney has personally attacked everyone save for Enzo, Hayden, Lane, and Matt from what I recall. So yeah…

    I don’t see why so many people say Rachel is just jealous… I have to ask, of what? She has nice body, with plastic surgery or not, she got Brendon as boyfriend apparently, she’s won HoH twice which is hard and she “had” half the house as her friends before people started weirdly talking trash about her.

    Seriously, not watching the live feeds, all you see is monday the whole house is nice to Rachel, tuesday Kristen hates her, wednesday Kathy starts talking trash about her… and by friday the entire house has back stabbed her, and there is no rhyme or reason to it other than them being fake and scared.

    Now as far as sportsmanship on Rachel’s part… well the parts where she isn’t very sporting you can understand why. Like the last HoH comp. It’s bad form to only cheer Brendon on, but anyone else wins you’re going home so what do you expect? Everything that Ragan was pointing out that’s not bad sportmanship. “you cried when you loss and were too happy when you won” That’s nonsense. They’ve been in a win or die situation every week and for Rachel she is completely stoked about being there and loves the BB game so again, what do you expect?

    If you doubt Rachel’s insight into the games that are going on listen to her on BBAD when Hayden comes up to talk about the Veto. She practically tells both Hayden and Kristen their plan for them and plays Britney like a fiddle by mentioning Lane even though she said she would have put up someone else.

    As far as Personal Attacks… as someone that is a competitive gamer, or was, there is a difference between cussing at someone and blowing up over game play and even poking someone with a “yo momma” crack, but in the end I don’t know many people that are genuinely hateful to others in that community, and that’s all different than talking about people behind their backs and maliciously trying to make someone, especially if it’s only one or two people (like what’s going on in the house), lose or just talking badly about them behind their backs on a personal level.

  91. the dveto can only be used at the veto ceremony, only one HG comes off and Dveto holder puts new person on the block and that is what JULIE said.

  92. Also since this is not a couples comp, if production led Rachel to it, and it became hers, she could not share the info with Brendan. They would just say Matt lost it and its just no longer a factor.

  93. Last nights BBAD was crazy. Brenchel are not my favorites but last night was too much. If Brit would not have acted like she did, I dont think Bren would have went off like that. And their little “talk show” made them look ridiculous. I have lost all respect for Brit and ragan now.Im pulling for either Enzo or Hayden now.

  94. i think Rachel goes home. and i hope so. then next week i want brendon out. that would be awesome. rachel and brendon needs to go.

  95. heres exactly what happened according to CBS website word for word…he can only use it on 1 person and replace that person with whom ever he wants besides the HOH

    “Matt goes for it and enters the question mark door. Inside he learns he is getting the Diamond Power of Veto, which allows him to save himself or anyone else for the next two weeks, and also solely pick who will go up as the replacement nominee. The deal is he can’t reveal he has the Diamond Power of Veto until he uses it.”

  96. Stop thinking that Production led rachel to the DPOV. Brendon thought that Matt was lying and had good reason to which would triggered a “well if he’s lying he might be hiding something…where could he hide it?” It doesn’t take production to get involved at all…

  97. Notice how last night (again I listen to these folks) Rachel mentioned that Brendon would have to tell the DR that he is going to throw water on someone, and then do it. They were looking up info on how far they could go in attacking another HG without getting kicked out.

  98. so wish dick comes back 2 teach the hg how 2 play the game not hog the cameras 4 notoriety who wants remember ppl who are so caddy

  99. and Matt does not act like it’s missing, we saw him put it in his bag but he could have moved it to a more secure location at some time. and if brenchel had it they would act different.

  100. I agree with Blah, it doesn’t take a team of production for hg’s to think another hg is hiding something

  101. Yes i know but it’s the samething just a differant name, BB said that who ever had the power of the “D” veto would become the Most powerfull person ever, what I was trying to say was I don’e think we wouldn’t know you really has it until Live TV

  102. Regarding the DPOV, I was under the impression that the house guests are not allowed to search through someone else’s suitcase…or is that just production? I know there was some discussion about whether production had gone through Matt’s things and “stolen” the 1 dollar bill (as part of the story he made up). So now I’m a bit confused…is Rachel allowed to go through Matt’s stuff?

  103. reagon makes me sick 2 my stomach wish bb comes up with something 2 veto his sab. he is making me sick 2 my stomach and i cant stand him anymore. He use 2 be my favorite I guess it went 2 his head when we voted him 2 be the sab.

  104. I really dont see how Rachel could use the DPOV if she stole it. Would it not be the same if someone stole the regular POV – then they could use it? I just don’t see that happening. If she did find it and take it she should be immediately disqualifed from the show for theft.

  105. At #111 blah…what would lead them to look in his stuff?…when the HG’s win something they dont get it while there in the house…they are not given anything…so what reason would they think to look in his stuff…the logic is not there…it makes no sense…there stuff was all looked through before they entered the house so why would that even be a factor for bren & rach unless “the deep dark told them something”

  106. bbfan I am a good sport so I will give u that but lets face it bashing is not playing the game in the bbh I am so upset watching reagon and brittany act like this bb is just about them shame on them there are other hg playing and they have them tunening in with them. They 2 will feel the consequences at the end of the game theres a rope they are hanging themselves on coming 2 an end sooner then later. I beleive everyone has had their full of the bashing so lets play the game

  107. but no one has to win to get the power of veto when it comes to the dpov, there’s no competition for the dpov, so someone could technically steal it. I wonder if rachel did take it, if she could use it, might be why they’re looking at the bb rule book

  108. and they all know that Matt recieved SOMETHING for opening Pandora’s box, so it wouldn’t be much of a leap to ask themselves what he got and is HIDING it, brendon didn’t believe that Matt only won a dollar. that would be motivation for looking through his things, not a tip from production

  109. have any of ya seen the picture of the bb hg that dropped out during sequester, if not look it up she is sizzling hot puts the other women in this season to shame, her name is Paola

  110. I don’t think it’s foul play if Rachel was able to steal it and use it, after all, I’ve seen it done on Survivor, same game basically

  111. remember when Ragen got sidestepped by brendan in the house…brendan was trying to get in his way…my guess is they were reading the rules to see what it takes to get kicked out…there trying to push the limits of whats allowed, without getting physical…remember Josh from a few years back they killed feeds and removed him from the show…they dont want that to happen.

  112. the two aren’t so different from each other. The point is, no one knows if Rachel would be able to use it if she stole it

  113. hope rachel gets her hands on the dpov takes her and brendon off the block becomes head of hoh then replaces the nom’s. and theres a double eviction guess who is going home. now thats good tv and 1 hell of a game move. look out brittney and reagon u may have seen your last days in the bbh

  114. his name was justin season #2 and he held a knife at a girls throat while she was drunk, also scott season #4 for a vilent temper those are the only two for attacks at other HG’s.

  115. So Matt can only use the DPOV at the veto meeting, right? So does that mean they will still have a veto competition and someone wins the “regular/golden” POV? Then at the Veto ceremoney, next week because he doesn’t have to use it this week, does he wait until after the “regular/golden” POV winner announces whether they are going to use it or not, so it’s like a double Veto ceremoney?

  116. I think Rachel can use it it goes along with the whole Pandora’s box theme.

    The entire idea of Pandora’s box is that Zeus hated mankind and so gave Pandora a box with the spirits of mankind(or whatever you want to call it) in it and said not to open it, hoping she would. When she did it released all the evils and such onto the world, but luckily she closed it before hope, love, etc could escape.

    It makes sense within that context that if a power was released it would be “stealable”.

    As far as Matt not being able to talk about it. That was him talking to himself, not something that any of the cards indicated unless that was revealed somewhere else then He can talk about it all he wants.

  117. The only rules according to what was said about the DPOV is that you could use it during the next 2 weeks. You get take off 1 person from the block and select who is the replacement.

    It does not state when the power has to be used or who is and isn’t safe from it. Theoretically with those rules, Matt could go home this week.

  118. I can’t stand that piece of crap Brat-ney, and that wierd ass Raegan, and that tool Hayden’s stupid little talk show,one can only hope they never see network television again.

  119. torch…right on…(lala land for sure)…i think they need to publish the rules and regs to us so we can keep our eye on BB ourselves…I dont want to spend hours reading through FFC rules that probably dont apply to BB anyway…give me the big brother handbook…lol

  120. What are we going to talk about once Rachel is gone???? There will be no life in the house.
    If 2 people knew each other before, it could be Matt and Ragan…..Also, Rachel is no scientist…. she did not know she cannot put metal in the microwave…..and she is no cook either… she wanted to make cole slaw with red cabbage….

  121. It was my understanding the DPOV would allow the owner of it to replace one or both nominated HG’s and I am lost here as to if the DPOV was found by another HG’s I have NEVER seen other HG’s take things like that from one another an BB allow it. That would make it fair game for them to steal the Tv Enzo won and the Money Rach won, to much speculation there but we will find out.

  122. I heard on here that Britney couldnt even tell rachel that she would use POV on her for the 5000 and then just not use it and keep the money. Production said NO…. so if she cant do that then i seriously doubt rachel can steal Matts power.

  123. Maybe they’re looking at the rule books to see if there will be an eviction if Brendon walks out or gets kicked out. Because when Chima got booted, there was no eviction.

  124. I hope you realize production loves Brenchel and hates the brigade, they are trying to oust the brigade because they told Reagan there is an all male alliance in the house. Production could tell Rachel that there is a diamond power of veto somewhere in the house and she could find it and hide it and use it and save herself!!!! I think they already have it which is why Brendon is trying to piss everyone off so he will be evicted but he has the veto to save himself and Matt will be raped + evicted.

  125. @KEmBrad 151

    Britney couldn’t TELL Rachel what she was going to do with the POV or her vote as always.

    Rachel can give the money to anyone as was stated during the POV competition.

  126. Rachel’s voice drives me CRAZY!! Can’t wait til she is sent packing tomorrow night. What will poor Brendon do without her? Play a better game I hope. Go team ABR!

  127. I did Torch and I sent you an email with some other stuff you might find interesting LOL..

    I think we are all getting a little bit paranoid about who will walk who wont and who has the DPOV who stole it and who can use it LOL.

    Kem I agree, there is to much speculation I know they also got onto a houseguest one time for using another houseguests toothbrush to clean a toilet and was not going to tell them, Production stepped it at that point because well I think its pretty self explainatory GROSS.. and unsanitary We shall see though, I really thought it would have been Rach to break if her or Bren were booted but it looks like Bren is going to be the one to lose it. HMMMM

  128. On the CBS website where you can submit suggestions for the sab. lots are putting down that he should lock the exit door so Rach can’t leave and there will be not eviction. Which is crap and not fair. I didn’t think thats what the sab was all about.

  129. I just read on another spoiler site that brenchel is going through the rules to see if it’s ok to go through other peoples things and take anything, because they don’t believe Matt only won a dollar, they think something else was in pandora’s box

  130. Re. B & R going through the rule book:

    I believe that B & R were looking in the rule book to answer a question they had about Matt’s dollar bill card – that he won in the very first HOH competition. Matt had that bill/card in his possession before he opened Pandora’s Box and then reused it to fool the other house guests into thinking that was what he retrieved from the box. Matt had also said that the same card that he won in the HOH comp was the one production put in Pandora’s Box. Rachel knew that Matt had kept that bill/card after the HOH comp and was wondering if production could have gone into Matt’s bag to retrieve it so they could have put it in the box. If it was against the rules for production to go through the house guest’s things after they entered the house, then Rachel was convinced that she could catch Matt in a lie and she could expose that lie to the rest of the house. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I saw it on BBAD.

  131. Brendon forgot this is a game, i f I were in that house I would have told the bully that my size is not going to affeact my courage!! Brandon will not confront lane, after the Rach lied on Lane there was no confrontation from Brendon!!

  132. All these Rachel fans make me laugh on how they make up “Rules and Theory’s” to keep her in the house with the whole DPOV. If the case of her finding it she can use it, does that also mean if someone was to “Find her $5000.00 ticket” Do they get to keep it too? Think about it, HG’s would be “finding” everyones stuff. More over the show I watched, Matt was told if it was found or found out about, it would be VOID.MEANING NO ONE CAN USE IT. Sorry Rachel fan’s she is done, however she can get more BoTox but she better fill up that skinny ass upper lip.

  133. Not one man stood up and checked brendon for attacking Britney, past house guest would have checked a man for getting in his girls tift with two other girls

  134. Ok what would prompt Rachel to search Matts bag would be the dollar card he stated he got for opening Pandora’s box which many question as it to be a lie.
    Simple logic if he did get it from Pandora’s box and one from the competition, he would have 2 dollar cards.
    Simple search to see if there are 2 cards and Rachel discovers the DPOV. Now whether that happened and how and if she can use it.
    Production does not have to be involved at all, all they could answer is if she found it, can she use it
    Did she not tell Brendon that cannot tell him something, which would mean the same rules apply to her has they did to Matt
    Just my thoughts

  135. so hope reagon steals the dpov and sab. the eviction on thurs. giving it 2 rachel cause bb will start 2 get boring without her in the game. haden is so boring and matt is a snake lane is like riding the back of enzo and brittany is jealous of the girls but kathy u cant make me beleive u could have integrity if u paid me u have certainly prove u are the biggest liar in the houseand backstabber. I think u just wanted a vacation away from home, and your job. cause u havent played the game yet so stupid floater. as 4 braden he fell in luv is that so hard 2 beleive? good 4 him at least he won the game already hes so luved back by thats not dreamland

  136. Isnt anybody sick of Ragan and Brittany yet? They are like two cackling hens……..Their lives revolve around Brendon and Rachel….thats so sad!

  137. Also if this just all us speculating and nothin happens and she walks out the door, then with Matt holding the DPOV, the chances of the brigade in the end is favorable, unless BB does something to change the game or destroy this silent alliance in the house from other HG, just another thought

  138. I Hate Rachel!

    Your just an idiot !!!! i have been watching the whole season i see nothing wrong with Rachel game play only thing i see is a bunch of retarded people back stabbing an talking crap behind her an Brendons back at least what she has to says is in front of there faces.. And Im so sick of that pinched up face of Brittneys an her stupid comments… I would be ashamed to have her as a daughter or g/f

  139. TORCH all the bashing is disgusting. I wanna see the game played not all the kindergarden crap. lets hope its gonna be edited of all the bull. and the game continues the way it should be played. as 4 dreamland no its been a nightmare how they are portraying theirselves on national tv. shame on brit and ragan o yea matt and hayden 2

  140. sandstormatrix:
    I don’t think Rachel went through Matt’s bag. Hayden and Enzo knew what Rachel was up to with the rule book and told Matt that she was inquiring if Production was allowed to go though HG’s things once they were in the house. Matt figured out that she was trying to catch him in his lie and he probably fabricated the story about his sweatshirt being disturbed to make it seem that she was the one going through his stuff – and therefore the one acting deviously. I’m not absolutely positive of this, but that’s my theory.

  141. Well I’m sure Rachel will get DPOV, a Double Penetration On Video, as soon as she returns to LV. Keep dreaming Rachel fan’s

  142. So I’m thinking if Matt is not allowed to talk about the Dpov otherwise he wouldn’t be able to use it….then if it were stolen from him by another player, why wouldn’t he be able to ask WTF? If it’s no longer in his hands, he has no claim to it, therefore we’d be hearing something about it, don’t you think? I’m starting to think this Dpov being stolen business is a rumor…
    @Jadell, I love your comments, especially the play-by-plays. I don’t have the LF so it’s cool to be able to get caught up. Thanks!

  143. I want Brendon to know that this fan does not hate him for losing his temper with Ragan.
    I have admired him. Ragan, Kristen, and Kathy are kiss-up backstabbers. Matt is smug contemptible liar.
    I don’t know if I can continue watching BB anymore .
    Brendon, when you leave the house you are leaving with my admiration.

  144. At TMZ show Rachel:
    Rachel from ‘Big Brother’ — Wannabe Bikini Model
    40 minutes ago by TMZ Staff

    Back before she became the most hateable person in the “Big Brother” house — Rachel Reilly was a wannabe bikini model for Hawaiian Tropic … and the footage has finally hit the web.

  145. uhmm no he can just give it to her!

    but Rach is planning on searching the HOH during the house meeting and stealing the veto and then using it tomorrow to save herself.

    But on CBS everyone is telling the sab to lock the front door or something!!!

  146. @brandy d – Thank you for your comments my dear.

    But I am confused. You said “Your just an idiot”.

    My *what* is just an idiot??

    Or did you mean to say “You’re just an idiot”?

    In any case, please feel free to make more comments that say much more about your intelligence than mine. They don’t bother me at all.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!


  147. @I hate Rachel

    I cant wait to see the look on your face when Rachel wins and I hope she comes to this site and reads ur comments and punches u in the face!!!

  148. the sab isnt going to cange the course of the game…that would be giving an advantage to regan…the pranks were more rediculous than that…remember the x’s on the pictures…lamo

  149. @Abbylicious – When Boobzilla wins what? The Booby prize at the next wet t-shirt contest she enters?

    She sure as heck isn’t going to win BB.

  150. @Lins
    You are probally correct and its all just our devious minds wanting and hoping for something happens where we all say “Wow”, but the way I see it is Matt having the DPOV keeps the brigade safe for one more week.

    But then the numbers of HG dropping it seems they will have the advantage to make it to final 4, I personally would like something game changing as like last year with Jeff

    As far as Rachel, I dont agree with some of her tatics on the game,but the reality is she is making the show interesting as where the other HG give up on comps, shoot pool and well thats about it.

    People bashing other HG in the house, sorry it may be rude and crude, but heck thats why we watch BB, every season they bash each other, this season needs to pick up on the excitement level and these HG need to start playing the game.

    Brendon, if he indeed wants to give up, walk out the door or is it reverse pysch to keep himself in the game without upsetting Rachel

    Either way he will be out the door next week, him winning HOH, I just cannot see it, from the last endurance you would think the final 3 on the paint can would be the stronger male players and in this case it was not, the gremlin reigns again. I do think we are ready for a new HOH which indeed we should get

  151. The was another sab message. So what. Sure Matt could use the DPOV creating a scenario where neither goes home. I don’t think so!

    Can’t wait for tomorrow. Glad it goes down before primetime west coast too. Have fun sticking around Brendan!!

  152. I have not been watching the live feeds for the past few hours, what just happened with the sab? What was the announcement? Does that stupid Rachel have some sort of power now? I keep reading that she went through Matt’s suitcase and stole his DPV, what the hell? I have a sickening feeling that neither one of them are going anywhere tomorrow. If they don’t I think I will cancel my live feeds, I cannot take anymore of Brendon, I can halfway stomach rachel, but Brendon, NO! He is scum.

  153. OK, just watched the TMZ video of Rachel. If you haven’t seen it you should go look. It is her before the boob job and at least 30 pounds ago. What is she doing with her mouth? The only thing I remotely liked was her hair being brown.

  154. Did Brendon leave last night? I am just watching After dark, & he’s talking to the camera as if he is leaving.

  155. wow this used to be the site to go to for fun banter and info on the show but it has become a bashing of other posters,so bye to all.

  156. So here are my thoughts and hopes…since this was the week that Annie would have gone out, I think BB will not have an eviction and let R&B stay. They can blame it on the Saboteur and Matt for opening Pandora’s Box. If not, since Matt has the PBOV, the Brigade will take out the HGs. The house did not split like in all the other season with a natural shift in power week to week. This season is a little boring and Rachel is the only saving entertainment. BB has to step in! They don’t have to expose the Brigade and can still do a double eviction to shake up R&B. Plus there was suppose to be 14 HGs and someone dropped. Please save R&B BB.
    P.S. Is anyone else sick of Ragan and Brit trash talk then crying for being “bullied” by Brendon. Hypocrites! Earth to Ragan this game is not about making lifelong friendship and sportsmanship…its about winning $500K! Stick him on Survivor with Russell.

  157. Rachel’s crying is ridiculous. The chick is a great competitor but she kind of brought this on herself. She had the opportunity to take out Matt and another one of the stronger players but she didn’t take the opportunity when she was HOH.

  158. it’s really sad that this has become a bashing party on the posters, but it’s not to late to turn things around. if we fallow the rules all will be fine. if your note sure how the site works, i suggest you read matt’s rules. they are doing a great job providing us with this site and we should respect that.

  159. Unfortunately there are a lot of immature people looking to pick fights. Whatever happened to being able to have an opinion? If you don’t share the same opinion as someone else that’s fine, but no need to call them down. This is for BB talk, not personal attacks.

  160. if i were kathy i probably would have had a victory squeal too…kinda like heat of the moment, thrill of the kill…i mean win.
    as for the others being happy, why not have fun with it when you have two special guests in the house.

  161. wow yea rach has played the game but she is such a bad sport about it…just like ragan told her. in victory she says bring it on and in defeat she cries.

  162. And what the heck, like, are these like, outfits (and I use the term loosely), that like Rachel like wears?

  163. Like I guess I’m not like totally in with the Vegas paid escort like fashion trends like OMG.

  164. It’s Pandora’s Box, Matt just opened it. He didn’t WIN it! So if another HG finds it more power to them lol.

  165. I absolutely hate EVERYONE in this house, except for Rachel and Brendon!
    Now let me make it clear that I don’t LOVE them either, haha. They have definitely made some huge errors, game wise, and just general personality actions wise as well. However, I find it funy how the rest of the house guests keep insulting Rachel and Brendon, and keep whining about B&R whining. Do they not realize that the fact that ALL we ever hear is them all whining about B&R makes them more annoying then B&R themselves.
    Brendon and Rachel have a right to be angry and be lashing out, they have been targeted from day one just for liking each other and being openly aligned. Again, not saying that their lashing out has been particularly classy at times, because it obviously hasn’t. But you have no idea how emotional it could be for them in there, considering they have been fighting since day one. The rest of the house guests are so immature and by them constantly insulting and whining about B&R behind their backs, they come off as even more annoying and immature than B&R!

    Every time anyone but B or R comes up on the screen and starts mouthing off, I seriously just want to slap them. I hate them. HATE.

    I hope somehow something crazy happens so that B & R can stay at least another 2 weeks.
    If one of them goes home tomorrow, I am done watching the show. I literally feel like puking watching anyone else but them.

  166. wow that was the best he could come up with. no one knows it’s him, so yea for that, but come on.they really need our help and suggestions

  167. If the showmance is broken-up all we have left for ENTERTAINMENT is the HG laying around like a bunch of Broccali.

  168. I don’t think Reagan should be allowed to pick his own sabotages. First off, he didn’t even want it in the first place. He is going to pick all the easy ones. He needs to really destroy stuff!! I want Annie back!!!! LOL!!

  169. If Like one of them like does like not go tomorrow like I am done watch this show and anything CBS ever again

  170. I hope this week is a non eviction week.
    I would love to see Brendon and Rachel.
    I know they have been going downhill and sort of losing it, but it’s understandable.
    People have been gunning for them and treating them like crap.
    They are the only ones who deserve to be there and I think everyone else sucks so bad. And I’m sick of hearing everyone else bitching about them too

  171. To the people who keep saying “like”
    You are so immature.
    You are just as whiney and scummy as losers like Brit Ragan and the Brigade in the house.
    You look like idiots. Just so you like, know. pfft

  172. You want showmance watch a soap, and to say people don’t know what it’s like to be somewhere, were people don’t like you try spending sometime in Afghanistan

  173. Those who are talking about how classless Brendon and Rachel have acted in certain circumstances. Take into consideration the context.

    Brendon was targeted as a threat and the only guy not invited to “the Brigade” out of pure coincidence. Rachel was targeted because they were openly “friendly” with each other. This was what? Day 2 or 3 that this started for them.

    Since that day it went from a fairly even split between floaters openly on the Brigade’s side (Monet and Britney) and everyone else largely hanging with Brendon and Rachel… and slowly, pretty much without reason, them over the course of the last 6 weeks talking behind Rachel and Brendon’s back, lying about them, personally attacking them to their face and behind their backs, and back stabbing them… Save for Andrew.

    Rachel has been kind, ditzy, and somewhat overbearing at times, but overall a good person.

    Brendon has pretty much just tried to be a guy and fit in and not to mention, cooked for the house.

    Andrew, although awkward, was still trying to fit in and be nice as well as clean up.

    Consider yourself being the nice person with a quirk like most of us are, or at least i would hope, now imagine being back stabbed and harassed for 6 weeks straight for pretty much no reason. Do you think you would be as restrained? Most people I would think not.

    But not only that, think of the gamesmanship involved going on. You have had 11 people targeting 2 people for the entire time. There is no game community that would allow that to go on and definitely not to relatively nice people. You know why? Because gamers like competition (hint, you know like Rachel has been talking about trying to get people that are playing to be in the Jury house) and they want to prove that they can win on their own merits. Not play with an unfair advantage, whatever that is.

  174. Britney is a fool.

    She should have tried to keep Brechel in and made an alliance with them, The Brigade will just continue to pick the others off one by one…

  175. Wow, will the teenagers get offline please? I don’t care about your version of free speech, but this site is monitored and I’d like to read intelligent debates that concern Big Brother on here as Matt suggests and not insults. Please, it gets real old. And I’m only assuming we’re all adults here.

  176. I agree, Britney should’ve just gotten over her dislike of Rachel and formed an alliance with Brenchel, because a bond of all guys are not going to carry her, alliance wise. She should’ve listened to Kristen’s warnings.

  177. What a lame trick for Ragen to choose. Did he really think he could accomplish that feat, why didn’t he choose the stinky cheese bit that would have been funny. Please, the only thing he has mastered : He screams like a cat in heat! I loved Brendon’s POV speech to the nasty BRATT-ney LMAO! I hope the door stays locked on Thurs Live show,HA HA what a shocker that would be! Would luv to see that reaction all the hg sinking in their seats sayin OMG. The showmance must go on, THEY GO- NO SHOW too many HG just sitting low & lame all the time,their BORING! Wasn’t there suppose to be 14 house guest? Maybe there will be a double eviction next week.that would be really great to keep the couple together for another week in the house and stir up the other house guest, MORE DRAMA. That would leave them all with dropped jaws to the floor lol :)

  178. I think the most Drama would be Rachel leaving, Brendon staying on his own, hooking up with the boy’s and booting matt out not that would sell T.V

  179. To allow Rachel to help herself to the DPOV and use it to save herself would be as wrong if the HGs are permitted to physically attack one another. this should never be permitted. Production would never get away with it because so many of us would boycott the show.It would be like rewarding illegal activity for the sake of ratings.
    CBS, home of the former Walter Cronkite, would never permit such methods for advancing in the BB Game.

  180. @JordyJordy
    It would only make sense for Brit to align with Brendon and Rachel if the brigade was exposed, in which case has not been. I can say the way it looks the brigade will just pick off HG week after week until they are final 4, which I see it has very boring.

    What gets me is Ragan want to be firece compeitors and then just be happy drinking and shooting pool, uh ok then BB is not for you, the fact is the show remains only interesting when we see the house split and HG pay there own game, so far we have not seen it.

    Whatever the house votes is what goes, when are these HG going to play there own game, we defenitly need something more than the lame sab antics to be a real twist.

    Whoever wins HOH next week really is not the HOH as Matt holds the DPOV, which case we may see a fall out like Chima, really no matter who you are going for CBS really needs to do some game changing.

  181. IMO rachel brings it on herself, and is partially responsible for bringing on Britney’s and Ragan’s behavior. Rachel to has been guilty of saying mean things about other houseguest. I watched some of the conversation between Ragan and Rachel last night and did not see anything wrong with it. Ragan was just talking to rachel in a com tone of voice. I still like Ragan, because he also says that he does not like this side of him and is going to try to tone it down. I honestly don’t understand all the negativity against Ragan.

  182. I can understand that if Rachel dishes it out she should be able to take it, however she told kristen to bring it on and said things like floaters get a life vest. Not once have I herd her call anyones Va***a a sewer or called anyone a whore as Britney and Regan have called her. Plese Brit says the Brendon and Rachel should say things to peoples faces but on BBAD you can always hear Britney bashing someone, she has bashed Kathy as well I have to say that if I were Britney’s fiancee I would call it off seeing her true colors if she can be that hateful and mean, but not to their face what will go on when her man is not around she is still young and has to grow out of the highschool divas clique phase and become an adult before she walks down the isle. As for Regan and his cat like ways how will he be able to maintain the respect of his students when this is over.

  183. Tonight Rachel said she “didn’t want to lower her standards.” What? My response is a take-off from a comment that was said by Diane to Sam on the old sitcom “Cheers”: “Your standards are already so low that you would need a ladder to kiss a snake’s hiney.”

  184. omg so upset with the bbhg all they do is talk about brendon and reagon, lets play the game if I have 2 hear 1 more night of hayden’s t.v. prank I dont want 2 tune in anymore it turns my stomach. how soon they all forget just like brendon said last night how rachel helped them through things when they were on the block or crying over his dad(reagon)and at least she says shes sorry when she says or does something wrong. So kathy thinks shes any better what she did and she represents the law her integritiy sucks, thats 4 sure she refuses 2 say shes sorry well who ever stays I hope kathy brittney and reagon feels the wrath of either brendon or rachel cause then when they have no 1 on their side they will also feel what they made them feel like when they were on the block.

  185. come on rachel u can figure this out its reagon thats the sab. not lane, read between the lines hope u get 2 stay tonight since u are the only 1 playing the game u go girl

  186. hope brendon wins pov today im so sick of the others they suck at the game bring back the good old days hey russel help we need u 4 entertainment

  187. so done with bb the only ones left are all the loosers. The 2 best players left tonight there is no one in the bbh I want to watch play this game. This is the worst season of all the 12 they have aired Bye Bye bb

  188. yes. Lane won hoh. im really happy. and im glad that the 2 losers are gone(brendon and rachel). im super happy that lane had won.

  189. I wish I knew a little more about this. I’ve been to 4 blogs and forums today trying to get details, a lot of the web sites I have been to I’ve found the feed-back section has turned into a slanging match. It isn’t really the sort of thing ladies deal with, i really was wishing somebody here could really be of assistance?

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