Big Brother 12: Week 4 Monday Live Feed Highlights

With the POV ceremony taking place Monday, there was lots of game talk in the Big Brother 12 house.  Someone is pushing hard for votes while the other is laying low, but will any of that help come Thursday?

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 2, 2010:

6:30 AM BBT – Another possible romp in the hoh room.  Lots of under the cover movements.   

9:30 AM BBT – Brendon, Lane and Britney have a discussion about strippers.  Brit says she would never date a stripper or someone who had been in jail and was on probation.  Brendon tells a story about a stripper he dated one time.

10:05 AM BBT – Kristen and Britney talk about the pov.  Brit tells Kristen she deserves to stay in the house over Kathy.  When Brit leaves Kristen is under the impression she will use the veto on Hayden and Kathy will be nominated.

10:30 AM BBT – Britney is now in the HoH with Rach and they talk about what to do and whether or not they can trust Kristen.  Rach says if Brit uses the veto she will put up Lane as a pawn and Brit doesn’t want that so she is NOT going to use it.  She leaves the HoH to tell Hayden the news but is called to the DR before she can let him know the change of plans.

12:07 PM BBT – Feeds are back from veto ceremony and it was not used.  Kristen is laying in bed beside Kathy she is upset.  Hayden is in the HoH with Brit and she is explaining what happened with Rach and then called to the DR so she couldn’t tell him what was up.  Everyone is scared of Rachel.  Brit had the power because she won the veto yet did what Rachel wanted again.

12:20 PM BBT – Brit apologizes to Kristen and tells her what was said between she and Rachel.  Hayden is talking to Rach who says it was Brit who didn’t want to use the pov.  Rach tells him she and Brendon are the only alliance in the house.  Little does she know about the brigade and hopefully they will take them down next week. 

 12:30 PM BBT – Rachel and Britney talk in the HoH and Rach is pushing for a 3 person alliance with Brit and Brit agrees.  I hope Brit sticks to her plan to put up Brenchel if she wins Thursday.

12:55 PM BBT – Kristen is crying to Hayden saying she is going to fight to stay.  He says it’s ok.  They talk about seeing each other outside the BB house. 

2:23 PM BBT – Lane, Hayden, Ragan, Matt and Brit are all out at the pool bashing Brendon and all the things he has said he’s done.  (Teacher, Loan Officer, Stripper, Lawyer, Doctor, Body Builder etc.)  It’s pretty funny.

 9:53 PM BBT – Kristen is talking to Lane and asks for his vote (she has already asked Matt and Ragan) and no one is giving her good news.  She is upset and starts drinking wine. (the hg’s got 4 bottles)

11:29 PM BBT – Another big fight between Brenchel.  Rach is drunk saying she is Vegas and will never leave Vegas and Brendon gets pissed because his life is in LA.  Bren is delusional if he really thinks Rach gives a crap about him outside of the house.  Rach is telling him it’s not going to work out and he’s apologizing over and over and they end up making out in HoH.

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Kristen is really pushing to stay in the house.  She’s not saying anything bad about Hayden but she is telling everyone that she is the one who can get out Brenchel out and that she is the better strategist.  I don’t think it’s going to work though.  I’m pretty sure Kristen is the one who will walk out the door Thursday.

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  1. Did Enzo & the others screen “The Other Guys” yet? Often these BB movies are disappointments (last season’s “What Happens in Vegas”, for example).

  2. I’m hoping that Kristen is the one to go home. If everybody I don’t like in the house were to go home, there would be few left to compete. I still like Hayden, and Matt (the little rascal), Lane and Enzo. I have little use for the rest.

  3. Brendon and Rachel are kind of at their wits end w/ eachother…
    Having power in the house is breaking them up…cuz they have differnt game.
    Shouldn’t be too much longer before this showmance is over…

  4. As soon as Rachel brought Lane into the equation, she had Britney right where she wanted her. Rach knew that Brit would NEVER risk having Lane on the block, therefore, veto is not used – noms stay the same and Kristen is going home. Kris can beg all she wants – the brigade will vote Hayden to stay and Brenchel will vote Kristen out. It’s done.

  5. @3.. cristina

    I think Brendon REALLY does like Rachel, which is kinda sad because i don’t believe for a second that she has – or has EVER had – any intentions of hooking up with him outside of the BB house. Brendon is nothing more than a tool that Rachel is using to get through this game. She knows that showmances are a definite “attention getter” on this show, so being involved in one was her goal when she stepped through the front door on day 1! Brendon will be TOTALLY pissed at himself when he’s sitting in the jury house and realizes that he blew his once-in-a-lifetime shot at winning BB12 over a shank like like Rachel.

    Just a prime example of what happens when guys think with “the wrong head”… will they NEVER learn?? LOL

  6. Kristen going home is best for the brigade they just have to win HOH next week. Why are they so afraid of Miss alcoholic Vegas? I swear if one of the brigade wins HOH and don’t put up those two I will scream. WTF brigade all talk and no action.

  7. # 7…. I agree that rechel is messing up Brendans game. I think he could have had it much easier if he didnt team up with Rach… she is the reason they are such huge targets!!

  8. Good grief Brendon, WAKE UP! I do want Kristen out of the house and hope that next week Rachel is the one walking out the door.

  9. All of the houseguests want Brendon and Rachel split up and one of them gone, this next HOH should should be interesting to see if they put them both up…unless one of the Brenchal team wins AGAIN. They would put up Kathy and Matt with Kathy going home. C’mon brigade..get one of them out. PLEASE!!!! Can’t take much more of this !

  10. LOL Does any one else see it being ironic Kristen and Rachel hate each other, not over the same guy unlike (Nat Lydia and Jessie) but some how I am feeling the same way and how funny it will be to see them both stuck in Jury house together, Kristen to find out that Hayden sorta tossed her to the dogs for his “Bra Gade” ( kinda like Andrew and Diane seasons ago) and Brenden wakes up to see that Rach did infact just use him as well to get attention in the house. LMAO and I thought ppl were on the show to win money not fame. Sigh DANG IT BB why didnt you pick me this year ahaha… OK next time Im sending in a racier tape LMAO…

  11. Rachel is running from her redneck past and is trying to be someone fabulous all the while looking like a prostitute.

    Its kinda sad.

  12. The problem is if Britney uses the veto on Kristen Brenchel and the Brigade might target her because two of the brigade members are on the block. She had no gain on using it.

  13. There are 3 reasons peeps go on BB. One is fame, one is social experiment and the final is money. Rachel is about the fame, Kathy is about the money and Andrew is a classic ( and horrible) social experimenter. I’m pretty sure Haydn and Kathy and lane are about the money. Matt Enzo & Brit are fame slash ego whores. Kristin and Eagan are social xperimenters

  14. Jim-love the theory. I like the social x type the best. Can’t wait to see Rachel’s goodbye video to Kristen & hear her say ” you were trying to come between me & my man” again!

  15. I watched a little last night after dark and I hate her even more, it makes me gag watching Brendan be right about the way she is acting and then back peddle because she is mad. Please someone vote her out!!! She is so obnoxious, like an 8th grader.

  16. IMO, Rachael is pretty much a high maintenance, ditz bag (and I’m being very kind here). Brendon shot himself in the foot when he hooked up with her. He could have gone further in the game without her hanging around his neck like a smelly dead rabbit!

  17. I really don’t think it was Rachel who ruined Brendons game play. I think the brigade would have voted him out regardless because they would have seen him as a threat.

  18. #20 Lisa – You make a very good point, but wouldn’t the Brigade have welcomed another strong man to their alliance?

  19. Wouldn’t it just beat all, that they get rid of Rachel or Brendon next week, THEN BB allows the evicted hg to compete to come back in the house and B/R wins? What a nightmare THAT would be!!! Please DON’T let it come true! If BB is going to let someone come back, let it be BEFORE R/B gets evicted!

  20. If Brendon & Rachel go, the show will be totally boring. Everyone else just lays around looking bored and ragging on BR, working out (really exciting), playing pool and eating. What will they talk about without BR?

  21. Im not a hater of any one in the house, they all have annoying little quirks that on any given day can be worse then others, if it affects US (not in the house) think how much worse it is IN the house. With that said I think if Brenden HAD been welcomed into the Brigade then they would have dominated the house.
    With that said I think they may have relied to much on Bren to win stuff I have to give it to the 3 that have done that, Brit, Bren and Rach have stepped up well Ok I am on the fence Rach does seem to have lucked into her last win but still its a win.
    Ragan I have nothing against but yes I do think him and Kathy have floated along, which is ok for a while but at some point you HAVE to start winning, other wise your just playing to be a jury vote.
    Kristen I think waited to long to play IF she has the game she claims and Hayden needs to keep his head in the game or he will be the first the brigade turns on. Imagine If they did that and Rach left and they brought Bren into the Brigade. I could see Matt and Bren making it to the final 2 just a conspiracy theory.

  22. I haven’t made a post in a while, mostly because I didn’t have anything to say, but I didn’t want y’all to forget me.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  23. i dont rele see ur point matt about brit being afraid of rachel, thats why she didnt use the POV.

    rachel told britney at the last second she would put up lane, who is britney’s closest “ally” instead of kathy. so their would be no point in using it. for britney, u would burn too many bridges, and u wouldnt get the intended result.

  24. lets see here- Rachel is running this game at the moment0 loving it!!!!! I hope Enzo is the new sabeteur!!

  25. I’m tellin’ ya house guests, give your portion of the libations to Rachel and she’ll self implode before your eyes.

  26. Very good comments on all points..personally i think Rachel blew her game for herslef when she told all the other hampters that since she is hoh she has all the power. But she didn’t think of the reprocutions(mind my bad spelling) and now the whole house wants her out because she is too cocky.

    And just a side note at #1 comment by William.
    The luxury POV last year was for the movie “The Goods” with Jeremy Piven

  27. I think Ragan is putting the picture together! @10:36 PT in HOH room and is sharing with Kristen/Rachel! Brigade is starting to be discover.

  28. After thinking about Brendon and Rachel’s argument, after dark last night, I’m really starting to feel bad for them both. Even though neither is on my favorites list. Rachel, in my opinion is, if not full-blown, at least borderline alcoholic and Brendon is a controller.

    I can’t see anything near a happy, healthy, relationship in their future.

    So, I’m just hoping they are just playing the game, and using one another. I’d hate to think that either of them is actually in love with the other, because Brendon is wrong, “Love does not conquer all,” not in real life.

  29. @31 LEB
    I hope you are right!! it is a bout time they are exposed! talk about a hole bunch of new drama!

  30. @10:48 AM Ragan told Rachel to observe the house today/Wed and see were Hayden hang with and hints that alliance are possibly forming.

  31. “seriously, let’s be honest here, like, obvi” I HATE Rachel!!!! I want her gone more than anything. Poor Brendan, last night he was correct in what he said to her about Vegas, but she twists everything around & makes him feel bad for his feelings. BB GET RID of Rachel, I’m so tired of hearing her the say same thing over & over. She sounds like a 13 yr old girl not an intelligent woman!!!

  32. A whole lot of drama will develope only if Rachel open her eyes. AT 11:00 AM PT Rachel is not thinking smart! What a waste of brain power and sadly R is going to kick herself!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I always go for the under dog and according to all the haters on this site, Rachel is the under dog. She is playing a good game whether you like her or not. I’m sick to death of Brit’s snarky back stabbing lying comments. Brendon is a big dolt who wants to control women, have them but change them. For example: He doesnt want R to die her hair, put on makeup, love Las Vegas. C’mon Brend are you kidding? No wonder you’re dumped. You’re gonna get dumped again. R was steamin mad when he said 8000 times, “I get it you’re Vegas”…argh what a dolt, wet blanket, mush mouth. He needs to go!
    RACHEL FOR WINNER OF BB12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and Best for the ratings.

  34. Think that Kristen will go home this week, but who knows? Maybe the rest of the Brigade is really put out by Hayden’s showmance. I hope Britney or Lane gets HOH this week. Gotta send Rachel or Brendon out the door sooN!

  35. 11:14 AM PT key quote sort of by Ragan = The person who stays will align with someone…. observe the house today/Wed. I think Rachel is finally listening??

  36. now i am starting to understand why keeping kristen would be a better move and break up the brigade.
    but i just can’t see britney voting differntly then lane…
    and i still can’t get past not trusting kristen…and i think rachel can’t either.

  37. Please, Britney is not afraid of Rachel. She knows that if she had used the POV, she would have had a huge target on her back, and this way, no one can be mad at her. Plus, she wanted to save Lane from being a pawn, which would probably send home Kristen anyway. Why stir things up when it is not needed for her game? She is being smart about it, which does not mean she is afraid of Rachel.

  38. Summer, of course u have no use 4 rest of house, ur a girl and metioned only the men, Kristen is HOT, and you no it!!! have a nice day

  39. Hopefully Kristen will stay.. I think the brigade is falling apart after Matt failed to get Brenchel evicted and Andrew’s bombshell split them up, and Kristen could theoretically stay if she can convince Brendan or even Enzo to vote for her. 4-3 vote is in store for Thursday, and it’s up in the air who will stay.

  40. The three members of the Brigade not on the block will vote for Kris to be evicted, and of course Bren will vote for Kris to be evicted because that is what Boobzilla wants.

    Kristen is going home with a minimum of 4 votes.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  41. I want Rachel OUT! I don’t know how many times Brendan has told her he loves her and she never says it back. What a drunk and ignorant HO she is! I can not stand her and she needs to be gone soon or I will lose my mind!

  42. I have been on vacation and need to catch up… did the secret come out yet as to who knows each other already? And is there a new saboteur? ty

  43. I think there is a little tension concerning Brachel and I think that Rachel is pulling away from Brendan. He needs to wise up and realize he DOES NOT NEED HER!

  44. Mallory, there hasnt been any more mention by CBS or Production as to the HG’s knowing one another outside of the house, its speculated that was just a Sab trick. (shrugs) also there is a place on to vote fo who you want to be OFFERED the options to be the new SAB IF Pandora’s Box is open I think we should find out WED or Thurs.

  45. # 48 : are you kidding? this is a tv show! I hope she doesnt LOVE him after a few weeks of reality tv showmance. come on. This proves to me she isn’t as dumb as others like to think she is. Everyone is jealous of her confidence. I hope she smokes everyone.

  46. Thank you Kristy – never thought about it being a Sab move – I need to catch up on all my tivo now!

  47. @I Hate Rachel! You know you are just “hatin” and trying to “come between her and her man” LMAO!!

    OMG just the mere thought of her saying that phrase again makes me cringe!!!

  48. @52 I don’t think anyone is jealous of THAT! You got to be kidding! You don’t know if they knew each other outside the house. Yeah she is dumb and she is a drunk and she won’t be smoking anyone…….please!

  49. Did any of you see the vidoe of Brach sitting a patron up too “buy shoots) and pretends to spill them over and over?
    Can’t remember which thread it’s on, but what a sham she and two other guys play on unsuspecting patrons, in what appears to be a not too nice pub. Her skirt is so short, you can see her “V”. She is very discussing, demostrates her as a drink slut. She is Vegas, the slum end for sure.

  50. if brenden were to be evicted next week, who do u think rachel will hook up with next?

    my guess… brittney // or lane

  51. I am not surprised Jules. I am surprised that BB let something like that in and that supposely smart Brendan is falling for THAT? :(

  52. I really think Rachel will go first. Brendan can win POV if he is nominated but Big Red doesn’t. Brendan needs to step up his game. I sure wish his family and friends could get a hold of him and let him know what is what. I noticed that since they are together in the HOH room this week they are NOT getting along. They got along bette when he was a half-not and couldn’t sleep with her up there.

  53. Kristen really thinks that Lane would vote her to stay over Hayden? Really??? Ragan really thinks he has that much logic and pull to help her? Does he really want to? Or does he want to let her think that?

  54. My respect for Brenden as a seemingly decent chap, is “in love” with a person (can’t call her neither a lady or woman), who was so disrepectful to him last nite on BBAD, pulling up up her dress and spinning around in front of what she thougt was a capative audience. After spat in HOH den, hopefully he’ll soon disengage from her, and think with head on shoulder.

  55. The “Boobzilla” nickname earlier in the thread is hilarious!!! Rachel is so abrasive… I haven’t been so irratated with a character on BB since Shima…

    They should introduce Russell into this season as a surprise houseguest… These guys are all a bunch of softies…

  56. I think Rachel is smart and Brendon is a controlling ass. Why are so many people hating on Rachel. She is playing a good game. The Brigade should be embarrassed. I think they should regroup vote out Hayden and really begin the game. I am ready for some action.

  57. Rach may be a good at winning comps, but not so much at playing the “game”. Quote from a poker superstar “nothing worse than a sore loser, worse is a bad winner”

  58. This game won’t really heat up until the Brigade is exposed… They’ve done a great job avoiding the spotlight and allowing all the attention to flow to RB…

  59. Re my #58 Rach hussling drinks. Go to I hate BB blog if you want to watch her. WARNING, watch with a barf bag. Trish, check it out.

  60. Well put Chris… Being a bad winner makes her even more of an idiot… Brendon should jump ship as soon as possible…

    I think their argument last night after dark was hilarious… He’s such a sensitive douche bag…

    He’s already dug his own grave by aligning with VEGAS… Now he’s embarassing himself… Wow!

  61. Lee, for sure. He was just pitful, kept repeating himself of her repeating herself, oh stop me Lee

  62. Pardon me folks, was trying to clean up misdirections above about rach hussling drinks, look for I hate BB, then thread rach quoted saying “all men are stupid. video of her with drunken parton purposefully spilling drinks. What a t$#^&p

  63. @59… I Brendon will try to latch onto Brittney, Ragan and Matt…

    And those three little weasels will play him like a fiddle…

  64. @Jule… I agree that men are idiots… I’m a prime example of that… And as much as I loathe MS VEGAS… I would probably still hook up with her if I was drunk in Las Vegas…

    And then consequently gnaw my arm off to sneak out while she was sleeping…

    But I definately wouldn’t tell her “I love u” on national TV… What a dope!

    I’m more perplexed with Hayden… He jeopardized the Brigade…

    I bet he’ll be the first to get sacrificed by the Brigade if necessary…

  65. Lee, who said last night in the kitchen when rach was pulling up her dress and bragging about how much champagne she gets the guys to buy, something about what kind of girl…am brain dead from watching the hamsters, did you catch that? I think Matt? But all done and said in front of Brenden

  66. Brigade needs to step up now.

    Get the whole house to vote against Rachel and vote out Hayden.

    Kristen replaces Hayden in the Brigade.

    They get out a tough competitor and replace with a woman scorned.

    That would shake it up!

  67. Roxie, NO I think Brendon would be too much for the brigade. I think their first impression of him was that he was too good looking. I do not believe they would have added him to their alliance.

  68. RACHEL–I agree with Marsha#139. Everyone is sitting back doing nothing while Rachel and Brendon do all the work. They should win the game, they deserve it. The others are taking it easy and trying to win by doing nothing and with no effort at all.

  69. why everybody hating Rachel. I not greatly fond of her, but she’s playing the game and that what everybody hates.please stope hating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. I sure hope the geniuses in the brigade realize it is time to actually attempt to win the HOH. The time for throwing challenges is over. If anyone besides Brendon wins HOH Brendon and Rachel are going on the block. If no one has the b***s to get some blood on their hands and put them up, they don’t deserve to be there. I think being a floater is a good strategy for the early days to keep from being a target but at some point you have to make a move. :roll:

  71. @ Lee # 79 Back home we had a sayin about gnawing off your arm. Coyote ugly! Does raskankal fall under that title? Brendon might realize this once he pulls his head out of his jock strap. I love this game, this show, this social experiment!

  72. To be quite honest, there isn’t much eye candy in the house this year (women wise) first glance I had ruled Kathy, Monet, and Annie. I remained open for review on Brittany, Kristen and Rachel. Well, now I have confirmed they are all lame, esp. Brit’s whining, Rachel’s nails on a chalkboard voice, and Kristen’s whole attitude (although her underwear is nice). I think a guy in the house this year is either subjected to Rosie Palmer and her 5 sisters or ummmmm..Ragan not much of a choice

  73. I think Brenden needs to get a set of balls and they need to throw Rachel out of the house she is sooo nasty!!feed her to the coyoties!!

  74. I like rachel she keeps things hoppin without her it will dull and boring what will everyone have to talk about without her. i say keep Rachel and get rid of the bro-gay. they are all talk and no action.

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