What’s On The Big Brother 12 Live Feeds Right Now

If you’re still not trying out the Big Brother Live Feeds then you’re missing the real game and the full experience of Big Brother. So far we’ve watched the HGs crumble in to fights, the first of many endurance HoH competitions, late night sexmances, and way way more stuff that they’re never going to show you on TV.

Right now on the live feeds we’ve got eviction nominees Kristen and Hayden trying to keep each other’s spirits up and Rachel and Brendon doing more butterfly kisses than anyone can stand (and apparently taking off his shirt helps with that manuever). Earlier the Brigade was breaking down the best video games while Britney tried to talk Lane into a manicure (Brenda Brendon already got his). Of course once the alcohol comes out all bets are off, much like Rachel’s top did last night (the other HGs are convinced it was an intentional “oops”).

Now Enzo is back outside with his boys telling them about his game play conversation with Brendon. I’m going to jump over and listen in to that channel. You should too. Give the Live Feeds Free Trial and see what everyone else is watching and talking about. It’s the only way to watch the game uncensored.

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  1. omfg REALLY I MEAN REALLY???? lmfao I had not so nice things to say about Britney when she was trash talking but now I see her game, and now I think she is hilarious and LOVE her sarcasm. Some people are so touchy lol

  2. Britney has definitely grown on me. I don’t know why she was so toxic when mixed with Monet, but maybe it’s because she’s sharing those thoughts with us in the DR rather than continuously throughout the BB house.

    And I wasn’t kidding about Brendon either. Rachel announced that she had already done his nails.

  3. Even the HG think she lost her top on purpose. Brendon tells her all the time to stop being the way she is the proof is right there. Anyone with eyes and ears can see. I’m no angel but I can obstain from sex for 3/4 months. Even drunk!!! For 2 people so in love that is something special and sacred, only a hoooeeerr would share that with THE WORLD. Brenda is no better. just my OPINION

  4. No, you are totally right. Sex can wait until you are off camera.

    Besides that, This isn’t the love connection. Its BB. Play BB and maybe I will some what like your game.

  5. I can’t imagine what Brenda’s family is thinking right now….I bet they wish he had been gay. What a disgusting excuse for a woman u r Ranchy…
    has anyone heard her say “I love you” back to Brenda?

  6. I’m still trying to decide who I like!! Usually by now I have a favorite. It changes day to day! One thing I’m certain I’m not a fan of Britney or Rachel. This sucks

  7. Nope. She has not. But, maybe she just doesn’t want to say it on TV. She will put out on tv, but not say I love you. Totally understand where she is coming from there. lol

  8. LOL @ Nikki…the cameras are one thing, but to know there are lurkers on the other side of the wall. I can’t even sleep with my own husband when we have house guests, much less knowing that some perv with the live feeds may have just…well you know. She said a whore is doing it with everyone…hmmm i’m no scientist or anything but sex + cam in front of the world = hhhoooo eeerrrr.

  9. my last comment is awaiting moderation. hmmm Connie wrote some great stuff to Chelsea on the last page Nikki

  10. I guess we will just have to wait and see if Rachel and Brendan campaign against one another soon.

  11. Brechel must fail. They’re good competitors but insanely annoying. Matt made a big mistake not just putting them both up and guaranteeing one went home. I guess it helped him stay safe this week but wow it’s so brutal to watch those two. The brigade needs to start winning stuff. Britney is growing on me as well. She’s the voice of America haha.

  12. Brenda and Raunchel are a f*cking horrible soap opera.

    “I am Vegas!!!”

    No you’re not sweetheart. You’re a girl trying to run from her redneck past, looking for a fabulous lifestyle to be given to you.
    You don’t need a chemistry lab, you need a PIMP.

    And Brendo(n), grow a set sometime this season will ya? You are such a sissy pushover.

  13. LOL @ Nikki…the cameras are one thing, but to know there are lurkers on the other side of the wall. I can’t even sleep with my own husband when we have house guests, much less knowing that some perv with the live feeds may have just…well you know. She said a whore is doing it with everyone…hmmm i’m no scientist or anything but sex + cam in front of the world = hhhoooo eeerrrr.

  14. Production is ratting out the Brigade. No wonder they have been keeping low. They probably tipped Andrew off about K/H too. Production, America and the rest of the house are coming after your couple. Deal with it!

  15. how is one of rachel’s favorite things ‘working out’ she can barely do a freaking sit up right now…?

  16. @Poops- I’m with ya! Very funny…well put!
    I don’t see what everyone else sees in Enzo. I think he’s a shmuck and a half! Half the time I forget he’s a player in the game, and when he actually gets some camera time I find myself wondering when he’ll go away…
    I must confess I, too…have shamelessly come to like Britney! She’s clever and funny. And fairly good at the game it turns out…

  17. Brit is getting good at keeping it low key and being the voice of America.
    I also don’t know how production is ratting out the Brigade? Can they do that?

  18. Am also a in the closet Brit fan now, LOL she is catty but it seems to have transformed from completely annoying to only some what, butI do laugh at her DR sessions and I do think she is being under estimated I think we saw what happens when you do so with Janelle, Oh the teddy wearing bartenders hmmmmmmmm yes that whooped some serious butt and made them boys work for what they got. AND Lord forgive me for adding that she is also proof you can be, hot, with big boobs and prnace around even in the skimpiest of out fits and yet NOT look like a tramp. Plus she was a Chess wiz… Strategist!! .. I think so…

  19. Yeah apparently production hinted to Ragan about the brigade… but he doesn’t believe it. They should just go ahead and spell it out for him because if they haven’t figured it out by now, they won’t until it’s too late.

  20. I have always figured that Ragan was a little too smart about this game. He has tiped B/R two weeks in a row concerning the POV/HOH comps.

    Once he walked in out nowhere and told them about the poker POV one week, then hinted at what was the HOH last week.

    I don’t know…

  21. Yes Michael..Brenda opened Pandora’s (Rachel’s) box n’ all the evil smells filled the house…rollling on the floor laughing my ass off ..ss but I could not resist..lol..

    around what time where the boys talking about the best video games? haha im serious.

  23. Well…I don’t know if they tipped him off or not, but that’s just wrong! If the other houseguests can’t figure it out, that’s their bad, right?!
    I’m not FOR the brigade, by any means…but if they can stay a secret in a house full of nosey people all this time, more power to them! They deserve the ability to keep their alliance a secret!

  24. Nobody is focused on the 4 guys in the brigade cause Rachel is focused on getting the women out..She is paying no attention to them..Brendon is focused on trying to keep Rachel’s temper n’ tongue in check..

  25. Right…
    I almost think they should sacrifice Hayden and drop to a three-person alliance..just to keep the drama in the house, and the spot-light off of them. Might be a good move for the three not on the block this week!

  26. It would be funny if Hayden was taken out for calling attention to the Brigade!! HA! That would keep the drama flowing, and keep me entertained.

  27. Who was the player last season that said (several times) THAT PRODUCTION WAS TRYING TO INFLUENCE THEIR DECISIONS?? I can’t recall..

  28. NEW RULES:

    1. If you watched BB for more than two seasons, you can’t pretend to be shocked that BB often puts it thumb on the scale to influence the game.

    2. If in past seasons you got mad when BBAD concluded because you wanted to see more, but this season you’ve turned off BBAD after an hour or so, you have to admit that this season sucks.

    And, last but not least;

    3. Matt, when a season sucks so bad that after a month even the house guests (Enzo) have to wonder when they are going to start playing the game, Matt you have to be a pal and tell us to save our live feed money for next season

  29. no..I don’t think Chima she didn’t stay long enough to make a smart decision muchless possibly be influenced by production…lol… maybe Kevin??

  30. I wish Big Brother would do something about Rachel and Brendon both think that they are America favorite. I have read so many comments from fans of Big Brother and they are not so happy with this season Big Brother, you would think that Big Brother could/would do something to stop all of this, before everyone stop watching this show.

  31. just posting for the email updates, lol..once I catch up I will be posting more. I can say that I was rooting for Rachel and Brendon, not because I like them but because I felt they were the underdogs, but I am re-evaluating. This cast is just so different from last season

  32. I don’t think there really are any likeable characters this season. I just think its about who is playing to win. I actually don’t like anyone. But, Brittany has come a long way. She is letting it all out in the DR, and playing everyone else for a fool in the house. That’s funny.

  33. I think people who are true BB fans need to continue to support this season even though it doesn’t mach up with some of the past ones (although I think there were worse ones early on). If the ratings fail we might see the end of BB. From my perspective even an off year of BB – is better than no BB at all.

  34. OK – I got that off my chest – I have to say that, like a lot of people, I’m tiring of the Brachel issues, and I really starting to get interested in Brit’s game. She is one slick cookie and she a spread the BS with the best of them. She’s really good and it’s so funny to see her reverse her stories in the DR! I’m going to be rooting for her as she hopefully slides around the B&R debacle, outsmarts the Brigade and floats by the floaters.

  35. Britney is going to take this house by surprise I think. She might even be the one to get either Brendon or Rachel out of the game. thee brigade has been trying to do this for weeks. They have failed every time.

  36. Actually the Brigade hasn’t done much of anything. Matt’s HOH was pretty much a bust… come to think of it, this week’s HOH is pretty much a bust too…:)

  37. To save this season they MUST bring back the Coup D’Etat – The person that wins the Coup d’etat, at the eviction ceremony, can at that moment overthrow the current HOH, become the new HOH, and put up two people at that precise moment. The houseguests then instantly diary room vote for one of the two new nominees. Theoretically, the Coup d’etat winner can put the current HOH in the eviction seat if he/she wants to. The only person that will know about this power is the Coup d’etat holder.

  38. We will see if Brit actually follows thru with her plan to getRaskankal and whip boy out. I’m thinkin she might cave. She is a fun player to watch,but,,, she seems to be 5 cans short of a sixpack. I am rooting for her tho, she is becoming my favorite.

  39. Rach went totally Vegas nuts last night and Brendan couldn’t take it but I thought that he pleaded her back into staying true to him. Maybe something happened today during the live feeds – but last I knew they were still… face sucking best friends.

  40. I really don’t think Brit will last much longer. Just a feeling. I love BB no matter the cast. I just don’t like the days it airs this yr and I really wish it would come on more then once a yr! I also wish that whoever Wins pov would get to pick the replacement and in turn the HOH will get to vote to evict if the pov was used

  41. @Indygirl – interesting ideas. They really haven’t changed the “rules” ever (have they?). I would like BB to offer viewers a significant vote – like Coup D’Etat or Double Eviction. Voting for custard and crabcakes doesn’t cut it.

  42. The live feeds are boring. Right now Ragen and Kristen are talking, boring convo. Wow, Kristen thinks so might have a chance at staying. What planet is that biatch from ?? Others are playing pool and they all think their good, especially
    Brit, i could bet her no problem. The players this season have no clue, really don’t like one another except maybe Lane and Hayden. And the Brenchel (which is totally sickning)

  43. What would be awesome is if an evicted houseguest came in with the Coup de whatever and replaced Rachel’s noms, with Rachel v. Brendon. Monet, or Annie, even Andrew. I would fall on the floor laughing.

  44. wish hayden would go – make a 3 man brigade. stupid matt should be next, then enzo.
    leaving lane.
    rachel and brendan have to go soon.
    so does kathy and raegan
    leaving britney.
    final 2: Lane and Britney
    Okay – lane’s story about shooting critters was fun after all…..at least he tried to add humor to the house.

  45. Sterling, BB actually listen to us? We the people that make this show as popular as it is? YES ya all are right, a Coup D’ Etat and or a double eviction. In our dreams right? Wow i had to check on the spelling on that and I still got it wrong! Ah well.

  46. Kristen’s giant hobbit clown feet really enhance the hippy-tard outfit and wig!

    I’m not trying to be mean – she can’t help the size or shape of her feet – I’m just saying they reallly add to the whole look.

  47. Did I just read right? Is the Brigade considering keeping Kristen for really real? Or is BB just messing with me?

  48. I like your final two teacherlady – but they have to start picking up the pace because Lane especially hasn’t done cr*p so far. All he has done is throw competitions.

  49. @Neicy25

    She probably will. Then she’ll get drunk and talk about Vegas. And then she’ll forget all about it. So disaster avoided.

  50. Ok, I was just making sure. BB can mess with people. The brigade should get rid of Hayden for making them noticable. That would add some flavor to this season. No?

    @Davis. Yea I suppose it wouldn’t affect her much. lol

  51. LOL 69 Rico – “hobbit clown feet”… hahaha

    68 Tishe – I have to think BB reads this site – it’s intel, they need to know what the hard core fanss think… don’t they?

  52. LOL @ Tishe!! HAHA

    @Sterling they should read what us hard core fans think. GIVE US SOME FLAVOR. ITS KIND OF BLAND RIGHT NOW!!

  53. Where did they find so many guys who can’t shoot pool with a sh*t! I haven’t seen anyone run more than two balls all season.

  54. Alright Sterling, lets challenge them! The Coup D ‘ Etat is the perfect idea. Are they listening? Yes we are hooked on this show but this season is almost like washback in my beer, uuggh! Alot of folks are totally pissed right now, so let BBN actually give us a real say in what goes down in the dirty house!

  55. @Tishe and Sterling

    Haha they should just have a Big Brother: BB Network season. I think everyone here would be capable of giving the people what they want.

    And you’re right, for the most part this season, no one can shoot pool to save their life.

  56. Matt you’ll be happy to know that Britney, and Ragan just gave a shout out to Big Brother Network on the live feeds! :)

  57. Tishe – I think they know the plot needs thickening, and spice – the sab died early, the showmance has run it’s course, now they need to introduce something to give us something fun and interesting. Come on BB – get to work!

  58. Idk. I just think something needs to happen. Coupe de whatsitcalled, something else like it. Something that will take down people unwanted in the house. Something that makes people crack up besides last nights “I am Vegas” fight. ANYTHING.

  59. Indygirl,miss you, & aagree completely with you. The only reason I liked the writers strike was the fact we had more bb. I also wish that they would go back to the Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday line up.

  60. See Ya All, this is perfect, BBN needs to throw one hell of a loop in this game. They have their out, the commentators! The ones with REAL, GOOD, GAME! This little pansy a– poo has to take a nap! Hell, BBN created us, now they have to put up with us! Which one of ya all started this to begin with? I’m serious, anyone else with me??

  61. Isnt that funny Kristen..you havent’ done anything in the game yet..and now your begging and pleading…hahhahahahahah go home

  62. @95-Kristi: I agree, I hate the current TV schedule, I need my BB fix at regular intervals, lol.

  63. 96 Kristi – agree, the Tue, Thur, Sun format was much better – and I think better for the HG’s too. Too much down time.

  64. It is too much time in between episodes. Between sunday and Wednesday, i’m bored to tears. What is with the new line up!!??

  65. Kristen has become pretty pathetic – pretty sad. She may think she has a couple of votes (Kathy and Ragen?) but I doubt she’ll get anyone to vote for her – gotta respect the hoh wishes…. at least for a few days more.

  66. Woohoo matt! Rach just plugged your/our site! Go bb net.thanks again matt! Oh no now we will be invaded haha

  67. @ Connie # 41 it WAS CHIMA who complained about production’s influence…and for those of us who were no Jeff/Jordan fans it was painfully obvious that production was keeping them around for ratings…They need to just let the game play out and pick more interesting people so they won’t have to rig things…

  68. @ Neicy 25, @ Sterling, @ Davis, @Indygirl, let the uproar begin! There are alot more commentators on here that are pissed off too! They are probably just sleepin!? I have to go to la la land too. Keep the challenge going!!

  69. @ Connie # 41 it WAS CHIMA who complained about production’s influence…and for those of us who were not Jeff/Jordan fans it was painfully obvious that production was keeping them around for ratings…They need to just let the game play out and pick more interesting people so they won’t have to rig things…

  70. Well so much for mankind…. Brendon has pretty much sold all men down the river with this one. I hope he keeps painting inside the lines.. wouldn’t want to get any polish on her little toe!

  71. One thing Kristen has to remember – is that IF B&R were the final two – one of them has to win regardless of how much the Jury hates them. I don’t think that’s going to happen but it’s possible.

  72. @Sterling. You are right. It is possible that B&R could make it to the final two. Everyone has failed to get them out of the house so far. I pray it doesn’t happen though.

  73. Boy I sure would want some of those nuts after Rach has licked her fingers and sorted them – looking for the good ones. I mean you would think a VIP Hostess would know better!

  74. LOL Neicy25 – looks like we’re holding down the fort tonight – posts are slow, unlike yesterday with over 360 or somehting.

  75. @Sterling, at least we can just post what is going on right now without all of the “I heart Brenchal & I Hate Brenchal” lovers all over the place. This is great. Just light commentary, and show ideas for BBN.

  76. Kristen knows she is going home. She has to. She is just grasping at straws, instead of lying down and taking it up the BLEEP.

  77. Poor kristen she thinks she has a snowballs chance. Take a clue – hayden is not campaigning. And why is she giving Brit tips on how to play the game? She’s a day from going home winning no hohs/pov comps.

  78. What? Brendon sold all mankind a long time ago. What is up with the whip boy mentality? We need to have a vote, and the dirty house MUST comply with our vote! Ratings would sky rocket and BBN would get the credit, WIN, WIN, scenario!

  79. I really hope this isn’t going to be one of those times when she(Kristen) stays and he gets voted out. I mean some people she talking to are making it sound very good that they are going to vote for her to stay. I mean sometimes they have me convinced.

  80. @DEESA, they are just blowing smoke up her ass. She isn’t staying over Hayden. The brigade is an all male thang. lol

  81. Bren must go next for his own sake-dignity. As Brit and hayden says he’s now looking like a total “douche”. He honestly can not expect to win this game.

  82. Well Niecy25 I hope so. I figured the brigade would stick together but are people talking about what she’s telling them I mean do they all know that she making promises to everyone basically?

  83. Tishe – I thought you were off to bed.. hard to keep a good BB fan down. I’d like to have the fans cast a single vote in all elims. Most of the time it wouldn’t matter but it might as things tightened up and would add a little unknown element as well as increase fan participation. We could call it American Big Brother or something like that.

  84. Hey, Sterling…. just been spending all day licking and sorting all my jars of Planters Mixed Nuts…

  85. They know. Trust me. She is talking to everyone, and everyone knows she is talking to everyone. Did I just see someone from production with the name badge and all?? Or am I being punked?? lol

  86. Am I missing something or is kristen that dillusional? She honestly thinks it’s going to be the closest vote ever and this elimination is the most imporant ever. What? Either kristen’s wig is on too tight, she’s drinking too much wine or she’s mentally checked out of the house.

  87. Lol Tishe I thought you went night night too? Just can’t leave em alone eh? We should just get a tally of Ideas to pitch to BBN. Get them signed and send it off. WE NEED A SAY IN THIS!!! AMERICABBN

  88. It is becoming quite painful watching giant hobbit footed hippy-tard wearing people deluding themselves into thinking they have more than one vote…

  89. I think Summertoo said it best – my ears are bleeding listening to Kristen bleat on and on about how it’s in everyones best interest to keep her in the game – to draw from her strength – blah blab blah

  90. Oh — I just got a flash of who Kristen looks like. Does anybody remember the robotic android in Blade Runner – she was spooky… just a little like you know who

  91. I kinda like Kristen – sort of – and I know she is fighting for her BB life here, but watching the begging is excruciating.

    Not to mention hearing her say she doesn’t deserve to leave over and over again. Why? Who deserves more? Maybe Kathy? Kristen has only played a strong game in her own mind.

  92. Geez kristen pls go to bed, quit campaigning for the night, wash the leotard or something. This is the most I heard her yapping for weeks.

  93. Kristen is playing the game in her mind. She only wants to stay to screw Rachel over. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see that. But, Kristen had nothing but time and opportunity to get this done. She’s done nothing, yea she almost beat Rachel this last HOH, but she has done nothing so far. WTF?

  94. gperkins – agree! She has said more tonight than she did in the first two weeks. I thought she was mute for the first few days. I thought “gee that’s gonna put a crimp in her game play if she can’t speak”. She’s even getting sick of hearing herself – now that’s something.

  95. 147 Rico – wow that’s her “Pris” very good – I should have remembered but I’ve been dulled by the BBHG’s tonight.

  96. Kristen does unintentionally roll her eyes while she talks…that’scrazy that I identify that. She is doing so much talking, and not really saying anything important.

  97. Did Kristen just say – “if you ask people who are you going to vote for they will either lie… or tell you the truth…” There’s a nice piece of logic for you – I can’t argue with that!

  98. Neicy25 – agree – but it would have been interesting if Kristen had won HOH – I wonder what would have happened?

  99. HAHA Enzo doesn’t want to go talk to Kristen. “Enzo, go put your hands down your pants and play with the pillow”. lol

    Uh oh Sterling and Rico Cashews and Peanuts again!!

  100. OMG! Brit is so funny…. about Brendon sorting the peanuts with he dirty hands, his taint, Rachel’s dirty gooch…. cracks me up!

  101. Britney just made my night with her Patron comment. I can go to sleep now. Good night all. Hahahahaha.

  102. Oh lord. Kristen is going home fo SHO!! Just to not hear her campaign anymore.

    “If you didn’t change clothes, I didn’t change my mind!”

  103. Matt with his hand down his pants!>… Did anyone see that episode of “Friends” where Joey has a hernia and can only stand the pain if he puts his hand in his pants like that? Then he does an audition for a commercial with a little boy while standing like that….

  104. Why Kristen? Just go outside. Hang out. Its over. Yeah, you should have at least made it to jury – but you see Hayden’s not doing anything for himself. Figure it out! Boring.

  105. Rico – yes I do remember it – great show/series. But hernia or not Matt has taken this thing to a new level. Maybe it’s a secret signal to his sick wife?

  106. Oh God, now we have to hear Rachel and Brendon talk about how they would never sell each other out. Hayden told Kristen to campaign. He isn’t campaigning because he knows he is safe. Kristen should sense that and just quit while she is ahead…or behind. lol

  107. That’s right ppls! I’m tellin’ u that Coup D’Etat is the ISH, (meaning it’s the bomb!) a big one, that would change EVERYTHING?! Re my post @ #56, can u imagine WHO can get that power & change the BB game this season completely! We need it, something to get excited about! Pls CBS PLS! Are ya with me BB fans? Coup D’Etat! Coup D’Etat! Matt feel free to join the campaign! :D – U want SPICE! HOT Drama for your BB lives? Coup D’Etat! :P..

  108. Is there anyway to euthanize Kristen game-wise? Just put her down quietly. She’s going home, everyone knows it and it’ll make life easier for all involved. Give her something to even her out or put her to sleep until eviction and as she struggles to stay awake someone whispers “Shhhh, it’s okay, it’ll all be over soon”…

  109. Another Brenchel conversation….ugh!

    Ok, Sterling – you have to take a shot every time she says the word “token”

    Neicy – you have to for every “under the bus”

  110. @thewizardisoz That is a fantastic idea. lol “SHHHH, its ok, it will all be over soon”. That’s just brillant!!

  111. lol Wizard – something strong and pleasant and then just have her roll up in a little ball and dream until Thursday?

  112. Someone should do the same for Rachel as well. That way she can’t win HOH and she can sleep while being put on the block, and sleep all the way to the jury house.

  113. Sterling, Its ok, we will be drunk by the time her conversation is over. That is the beauty of it.

  114. Rico, can we do it for the word “like” instead? I will be drunk faster. Like by the third shot..

  115. @Neicy – I imagine it’d go something like this:

    Random HG #1: Here’s a drink Rachel with something to give it a little kick.

    Rachel: What’s the kick? The hell I’m talking about? Give me the drink.
    (Rachel knocks it back per the usual)

    Rachel: Kick? This is nothing. Don’t you know I’m from Vegas? I do this all day.

    Random HG #1: Wait a sec.

    Rachel: Where’s Br…end..on? I’m…getting..sl..w.er…bcv.. What was in that drink…?

    Random HG #1: Something to quiet you until you’re evicted next week.

    Rachel: Nobody can…break…me…my man… I am Vegas…(passes out)

    Random HG #1: Why yes, yes you are. Goodbye.

  116. If it was a shot for every time “like” was said – weed be shaying thwings reel fuzzy by noow

  117. Neicy… I was going to give you “like”, but didn’t want to be held responsible for alcohol poisoning.

  118. Brendan and Rachel are just falling into everybody’s hands. Its on!!

    Hayden, wins HOH can easily tell one that he can’t trust the other.

  119. Did you see the look Enzo gave Kristen when she came out it was like OMG she wants to TALK to me – gag,,,

  120. @ The Wiz….I don’t think I have laughed this hard since last night with the whole “I moved to Vegas when I was 22 Brendon because….it was a part of me”. For real, I think I might have tinkled a lil bit while laughing. That was fantastic!!! Thank you. Standing O.

  121. Yes Sterling, the look Enzo gave Kristen was priceless.

    I would be asleep, I wouldnt make it passed the third “Like” with a shot. I am a lightweight you see.

  122. Three shots, a good laugh (thanks Wiz), some mind altering drugs (for the HGs) – all in all a good night. I’ve got to get some sleep – I’ve got the BBAD bags under my eyes. And to all a good night!

  123. Rico, I’m going to have to call it a night too. If anything too crazy happens I might be back. But I have a paper to keep typing! @The Wiz…you too much! I had a great night on BBAD!! Give me a blow by blow tomorrow night Rico. Dueces!!!


  124. #73 sterling–
    thanks! I think Lane just didn’t want to rock the boat too soon! Maybe after some of the shouters and showmances leave or quiet down, he will step it up.
    I really would like to see Lane and Britney in the final 2.

  125. @121 – Some of actually have lives and don’t spend half our waking hours on the computer – especially in the middle of the night. Also, I hadn’t realized that comments other than light commentary, and show ideas for BBN were unwanted. Too bad you’re not in charge.

    Kristen is gone, no worries.

    If Brenchel doesn’t win HoH, hopefully Boobzilla is gone next week – unless the HoH gets stupid again like Matt did.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  126. Goodbye people, the gray bar prevents me from reading your clever comments. Using another site now. Way to go Matt!!!!!
    Bye Bye Bitches

  127. Has anyone notice the closeness of Lane and Brittney, i think they know each other and are being very good at hiding it…

  128. Ever notice when they all pile on that big flat bed in the cabana room they look like the seals in San Francisco Bay?

  129. They should consider changing the name of this program to BIG BROTHEL. It used to be a good show but this year has turned into an orgy.

  130. Love to see Brit in the top two. I don’t know who else deserves to be there with her. No one is really playing this game but her.

  131. i agree with you Jack in CA
    I think that Lane and Brit know each other.
    And i think that Brit should be in top two also.

  132. I love Kristen she’s a great representation of a good Philly girl which I am so I got to stick with her. I think her n Hayden r so cute n he is such a good guy. They r the only real people in the house that won’t kiss R/B ass just to pretend to like them or they will think about keeping them around bc they want to listen to her spice girls cd. Some people need to learn how to be a real person n not be so fake so people will like them. Open ur eyes people!

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