Big Brother 12: Week 4 Live Eviction Episode Tonight

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll have our fourth live eviction in the BB12 season as either Kristen or Hayden will be evicted and just miss the Jury House.

The live eviction will be followed by a new HoH competition and after last week’s awesome comp, complete with a screaming match, the bar has been set high. I’ll be here posting all the results live during the East coast broadcast show so keep checking back for the latest Big Brother 12 updates all night.

HGs have been on lock down inside the house since Wednesday which usually means something crazy is being built in the backyard. The same thing happened two weeks ago before we had the surfing endurance HoH competition. Keep in mind that the only way to watch the endurance HoH comps live and be the first to see who won is with the live feeds (free trial link) so have yours ready to go!

Share your thoughts and tell us why you want to see either Kristen or Hayden go home. Be sure to vote in our Eviction poll too. Don’t forget to join us tonight in the Big Brother Chat Room during the live eviction show at 8PM EST!

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  1. rachel needs to leave. i have never witnessed such a dramatic, childish idiot in all my days. she lies, she contradicts herself and she is a big bully. what is brendan thinking. she is a skank!

  2. i think to keep things interesting in the house, brendon has to win hoh…otherwise, we all know what will happen…

  3. I like Brendan more than Rachel so Rachel would be going home if I had my way. I hope Brendan wins HOH, oh please BB Gods let it happen!

  4. I don’t believe that Kelsey. Only for the reason that I have the l i v e f e e d s and it shows that all want Brendan out first. I don’t know why, it is Rachel who has won 2 HOH’s and it is Rachel who is loud and crude and dares others to “bring it on” and not Brendan.

  5. does it show who wins a end com cuz feeds were out last time

    Normally the live feeds show the full endurance competitions complete with the winning moments. The last endurance competition was a frustrating deviation for that norm. I don’t expect that to be a trend. – Matt

  6. @Trish

    Really? wow, I’m surprised. Brendon hasn’t proven himself strong in the competitions at all. Oh, noooo. What is wrong with this house? lol.

  7. Ron, I think we’ll get treated to more of the “A competition is going on which we wish to remain secret” message on the feeds. Sucks too. Can’t see D.R. or important competitions, what’s the purpose of the $40?

    I’d consider the endurance competitions to be very important and those you get to see on the live feeds (which cost $15/month). You definitely won’t see the Trivia / “secret competition” messages if it’s an endurance comp going on. They just don’t show the Veto/Lux comps on the feeds. – Matt

  8. Brendon appears to be a smart and kind guy. Evidently he is thinking with another part of his body or he could see how Rachel is using him. I’m also suspicious of Britany–she’s playing both sides quite well.

  9. To bad the women havent learned how to play the game as well as the men. Women are to busy being jealous of one another while the men are working as a group. pretty soon all the women will be out(except one. whant to guess who will be still standing?)

  10. @Trish i honestly think rachels out when they get put up, rachels not only had the best results but is also the biggest ass to everyone so…..

  11. i want hayden to be evicted but i know thats not going to happen.

    i love rachel and brendon. and if brendon wins HOH all i have to say is they both lucky. but luck runs out in some point in time and then its bye bye for them :( i just wish they would have made a bigger and stronger alliance!

    reagan is such a huge floater. if he wins HOH and puts up rachel and brendon i would be so mad!!

    britney is playing rachel so bad its riduclious!!

    i hope some kind of magic happens and brendon gets the coup de ta thing!!

    i love big brother but man why is this season cast a bit on the boring side.

    big brother 13? i doubt it but i hope they do make one though.

  12. why is rachel packing up?

    and even though they have been locked down all day wednesday and today i highly doubt it will endurance. they did endurance last week.

    it is prolly something that is just like… alot of stuff. like its an entire setup.

    i wonder how they get anything in that backyard. i dont think they crane everything in , but i also dont think one of those back walls open up.

  13. Brendan would be a great allie once his D-bag is released.The brigade sucks,they should call themselves F-troop!!! BTW,how does Brit get like 4 perfect shots in the POV comp???

  14. God am i the only one thinking that their making one of those “Hang tough” endurance comps just so brendan has a good shot at winning. Seriously i think there would be much more drama if someone else won hoh and put up brenchel.

  15. i meant 2 weeks ago my bad.

    and i didnt add anything about the eviction.

    its pretty obvious to me atleast kristin will be evicted from the big brother house.

    i think there is 7 ppl voting so we will here ms chen say,

    “just as a reminder houseguest when i reveal the name of the evicted houseguest, that houseguest must leave immediately…..with a vote of 7-0……. kristin, u have been evicted from the big brother house”

    it will be at that point, i EXPECT kristin to LIGHT UP rachel. she better. the reputation of philly is on the line haha

  16. I don’t pay for the live feeds, but I do watch and record BBAD. If the HOH comps are not complete when the Thurs. episode ends, you can usually judge HOH winner by HG comments. They’ll also have the HOH room ready soon thereafter and everyone will go up to see it.

  17. Hayden needs to go, the “Brigade” is almost as annoying as Brenchel. Once the Brigade is broken up then the votes are less predictable, we already know one person will get 4 votes, and Kristen is useless anyway and her and Rachel is the only drama in the house.

  18. I agree, Rachel really has to go. Such a little babyy, Brendon is better off without her there anyway. I agree, the guys are playing the game much smarter than the girls.

  19. ALso for those people complaining about teh brigade for not doing anything. Their a 4 strong aliance thats gonna be in a house of 9 once kristen gets evicted. Besides hayden, none of them are raelly huge targets on anyones radar, exxept maybe lane on rachels but she wont be in the hoh comp today. Also so far theirs no sigh that their gonna break up or be descovered unless BB producers just flat out tell ragan wich wouldnt suprise me. This keeps up their gonna out number everyone one else and start picking them off, this is one of the strongest starting aliances BB has seen for a while.

  20. i dont want BB to interfere at all with the house. i mean as a huge natalie/kevin/jessie fan of season 11 i did get a sense they were, but even as much as i want to see rachel go down (not under the covers… or hear it for that matter) i want to see it play out naturally.

    on one hand i want to see brendon and rachel keep winning just because it will be crazy, make them big enemies, and i wanna see everyone clown on them and have to keep delaying their plan to get them out. plus britney will be safe.

    but on the other hand, i want to see them fail MISERABLY. i want to see rachel have the worst week ever. like i cant wait till she is up against the wall with nowhere to go and she has to go campaign for herself to ppl she utterly disrespected

  21. i think a lanes a laugh he’s really funny and the strongest person in the game at the moment (britney) likes him alot, i think if the brigade falls apart they could alliance together and make the final final four is lane, britney, brendan, and possibly rachel if brenden wins hoh today but if not enzo.

  22. if i was in the house i swear i woulda figured out the brigade.

    if im anyone in that house and i see lane, hayden, enzo, and matt always hanging out at night, and 4 guys who are clearly homies i dont think for one second they dont talk game.

    like really? they are all alone and just good friends? and talk nothing about game? HELL NO. sooner rather than later they see whats going on, and are gunna throw around the alliance idea

    there all men, all have different strong points, and eventually it would be found they are all together more than most ppl in the house.

    if im in that HOH spot, i would put up either BR or enzo and lane.

    u gotta do it now i think with the brigade because if u dont, they will control votes in like 2 weeks

  23. i can’t remember which poster said it (sorry for that, there are so many of us and your’ll great) but it would have been funny if she went to the vote house, and gave brendon a big kiss ans said i cant wait for you to get there. i know i didn’t quote that word for word, but still funny and sorry again for not remember who said it or if i didn’t quote it correctly. rachel would have went ape sh!t!

  24. @trish – I agree w/u love Bren to death, lots of us do, but we are banging our head against the wall the way he is being led by Rachel.
    Wouldn’t it be utterly delish if he turns on her?

    @johnjack – So true, they should’ve been smart and stopped making enemies! Esp Rach with her ‘bring it on’ really who’s goin’ to forget that? Somehow me thinks those words are goin’ to haunt her and bite her or Bren in the A**!

    @marcus – rachel is packing up likely b/c she needs to move out of the HOH house to make room for the new one! Course if that person is Brendon she can just stay right there! :P

  25. Honestly if Kristen goes home tonight I will not be that into the show until the bully and the bitch goes home. This cast sucked from day 1 and the producers have a chance to spice it up and unless they do there is no point watching cause it will be as predictable as everyone says. I am praying for a miracle or coup de ta …very sad

  26. Kristi – I think Craig started that one but it was a bit more then just a kiss we all embelished HAHA

  27. Since Rachel will have to sit out on the HOH comp, can she give Brendon “helpful hints” if she sees something helping another competitor or will she be told to be quiet or stay in the house?

  28. even if they don’t know about the brigade, yea a power move need to be made. rachel even tho she was playing emotionally she did that. now some one needs to put up b/r or 2 of the strong guys. this is the times things have to get dirty or marcus is right.

  29. HATTERAS – NO depending on the comp NO she cant help him otherwise she will be told to go inside.

    MARCUS – DEAD ON Something HAS to happen this week.

  30. i know they can encourage them but i don’t know if rachel could give hints, but i don’t think so… please no more research. lol

  31. @Jadelle every one in the house hates Rachel and Brendan already, i like Brendan alot but i dont think he shuld be with her know because of all the drama she’s causing. Brendan has to win to get some respect, i think the most drama would happen if brendan puts rachel up.

  32. We all know Kathy is going to win hoh so who cares…Well i wouldnt bet my house on it but she might have a chance if its a Roll over and die comp

  33. haydenisatool. agree completely plus the fact she treats him like crap. that girl has some serious mean/hateful eyes anytime brendon disagrees with her. he’s trying so hard to make the relationship work and she realy doesn’t care, she’s told him i think twice she doest think this is going to work out. just my opinion

  34. Kristi, thanks! The only reason I asked was because Rachel mentioned it last night. She said to Brendon & Britany that she would do it. Ragan is a good listener and logical thinker. He could be the sleeper in this game if he could do better on comps or at least win POVs

  35. haters, i agree. he has been laying low. he was quite smart to keep his prize. he’s thinking long term and i think we are going to see him start playing some serious game soon.

  36. I hope brenden wins

    if he doesnt im done for this season

    I cant stand this “mean girl” mentality throughout the house, yes brenden says things about other people’s GAME, but he doesnt flat out say things that are just uncalled for…making fun of him in front of his face, “trapping” people with him…thats just so freaking rude…just because you think hes a douche? so what, hes a nice guy…

    its disgusting, and even ragen takes part in it and he should know better…this is high school…its really pathetic

    brenden wins HOH, or Im done…and its not that I think or even want the guy to win the game overall, I just want him to evict one of those slimy folks who just sit and BASH him…

    what is wrong with people?

  37. Bah.

    So long Kristen, we barely knew ye!!!

    No one will put up Brenchal (except possibly Hayden, but not if his “allies” have anything to say about it). Most of the hg’s are scared *bleep*less of her.

    I guess I would be too if she lived in my house.

  38. tommy that was a good one. i realy want to see her police skills put to use, which i’m doubted she is at this point. a beat cop, heck a parking ticket person could have figured out the brigade by now.

  39. how would it get better with B and R up? that turns the game predictable…if Brenden wins HOH…THOSE THAT SIT THERE PLAYING “lets show america how cruel and vile we are” will have to play the game against each other

    right now, its brenden brenden brenden….

    I would have teamed up with them because they will NEVER have the votes to win…..but no, lets just take out brenden because hes a “douche”? sigh…

  40. I feel sorry for Kristen. When (or if, LOL) she’s evicted tonight, she’ll be wearing her hippietard and red wig. She really does look like Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company!

  41. Ragen sadly is pointless in this game till matt goes.

    the brigade is messing up the season because they just sit there with votes…and others are attached ala ragen and matt, and that will be pretty messed up imo…ragen has played this game with matt, and matt will throw a knife in his back just because he had a deal with the brigade?


  42. It will be great if Brendan win’s HOH today, then we can watch the rest of the house squirm all week again. I think its obvious that Brittany wants to be this years Natalie.

  43. I hope kristen outs the all guys alliance, and tells brenden that rachel is bad for him etc

    and what people are saying about brenden…personally I think kristen believes brenden is a good guy, and that he doesnt deserve the BS hes getting…”trappinG” someone…thats SO mean

  44. Has anyone notice that Rachael’s ugly behavior is catching up with her? Look at Flashback the first week and than how awful she looks the last week. Heavier, hair fried and hips wider!

  45. You hear us CBS? we need a brenden HOH….anything else…

    Lane-obvious and boring
    enzo-obvious and boring
    ragen-will do what matt wants
    matt-will do what matt wants-B and R
    Hayden- B and R

    do these people not understand that if they keep targeting these people who will get ZERO jury votes, that they are handing BB a reason to give them a power

    if they both go up, Im rooting for a coup de taut to brenden, so he can show that if he was thinking for himself, he would be dominating this game

  46. yeah rachel is definitely looking worn down. and shes had the HOH, shes been off slop forever…its just nuts…

    brenden must win, then, dump her, and nominate her :)

  47. anyone else with the live feeds, were is kathy? i can’t see her anyplace and i thought they all had to be in the hoh room right now.

  48. At the rate she is changing Vegas will only hire her for maid service to the VIP’s rather than VIP Cocktail Waitress! :)

  49. I love rooting for the under dog and it’s obviously poor Rachel. I would like to see them be 1 and 2 with Ragan or Brit third. Sorry none of you can talk me out of it. Rachel may be all the things you say, but she does play the game. Many times in BB past there’s been plenty of Aholes that won, that we all hated.

  50. Rachel does look like she was rode hard and put up wet. I don’t know what she entered as her age, but she looks like she’s Kathy’s age (40). In fact, I think Kathy looks younger than Rachel, but that’s just my opinion.

  51. well thank goodness…I have tried to post several times n’ nothing posted..will write later..

  52. I would love to see each of you who pick people apart about every single thing they do…YOU need to be on tv for a few weeks so we can all Hate on you and make fun of everything you do, sound like and look like. c’mon people is this how you treat people in real life..that’s sickening and scary.

  53. hmmm…. seems to be 50% for Brendon to get HOH n’ 50% not….A really big twist would be if Kristen stayed n’ Hayden left..Talk about excitement..Rachel would bust a boob..While everybody else would be headed to the bathroom to change their drawers…hmmm hmmm what a show that would be..

  54. I hope Matt wins ,,,he is playing for his sick wife..that is so touching…it is a good thing this brigade don’t go to combat..but these are 4 dumb mopes…..they couldn’t find their hind ends in a whirlwind with a flashlight

  55. it would suck a lot to be stuck in that house for two days! tonight is the reason i paid for the feeds…so i can see what happens when the live show is over! i can’t wait to see who wins…i’m w/ everyone else who thinks it will be a LONG hoh competition tonight! I hope Brendon wins to see if he makes a ‘power play’ or if they’ll play it safe and get rid of kathy. i wish they would get rid of hayden, he is really irritating me lately!

  56. @ 59 This is BB blog and all who make comments have that right! One player has acted like a drunk/strunting her body parts and acts like a VIP Ho to the BB12 house.
    Just expressing myself based on what has been reflected on the live feed.

  57. i do NOT want matt to win ever again! he totally wasted his reign as hoh. andrew went home on his account…matt thinks he’s SUCH a strategist and he failed completely!

  58. Well, I loved when Brit demonstrated how dramatically Brendon dropped off the surf board in the endurance comp. This next HOH should def. be worth watching….only if Brednon falls dramatically again after talking so much smack about the other male HG. We shall see what we shall see. lol Hey, Kristy281 and Trish!! ::Waves::

  59. I’m watching the live feeds right now and everyone is in the HOH room and Britany is talking about her boyfriend Nick and Rachael keeps saying Nick wouldn’t do that, he would do this like as if she knows him. Rachael must really believe she needs to be in the center of everything. I hope she goes next week because she is really ruining BB12 for me.

  60. LEB- Do yourself a favor and scroll past that post.

    CONNIE – LOL no kidding if Hayden went BB would have ONE HECK of a cleaning bill for the couches hahaha

  61. HEY Neicy Hiya Torch ! … Had a nice lunch, and getting off work early cant beat this and EVICTION tonight.. hmmmm what a day

  62. hey Kristy281 I was thinking of ya all while I had a late breakfast, been much action today yet.

  63. Every story needs to arc. B/R winning HOH and POV makes the story flatline.

    It is time. Can you smell the foreshadowing? By tonight, I look forward to seeing B/R kissing up to someone. Otherwise its just dry, and another boring foregone week. *throws a grenade*

  64. Hey Neicy!!!! Hi again Torch and Kristy. Wow they are boring me locked up in the HOH house. Where is Kathy and Kristen? Don’t see them on the feeds.

  65. It’s nice being boss lady and I can use my company computer for the feeds and talking to ya! Hey I worked hard for this position. :)

  66. Reading these comments I see that some people are hating people they have never really seen. You should not hate people on a reality show because they are probably not actually like that in real life

  67. Torch – Not to much happening.. Little game talk thats pretty much been covered from yesterday speculations and what not.

    TRISH – welcome back boss lady :P

  68. TORCH – One can only hope they got her the message all the yelling at Production Trish did last night Id think. She was almost as bad as CHIMA hahah.

    TINA – Yes they did show that which kind of made me forgive him a little bit. But call me silly I beleive in Karma and I hope that they take those things into account when saying that stuff.

    Now before any one reads that wrong im not playing the moral card or self rightous I am just saying I have never understood fibbing out family members being gravely ill. Thats just me. But she was ok with it so, if it got him sympathy ok good luck..

  69. i think what would be intresting is if they brought back jeff from big brother 11 or someone to be in the house to shake things up! that would be funny i would die to see jeff or jesse back!! haha

  70. i guess some people think being in the BB house should just be all flowers and roses and everyone sitting around eating bon bons and chatting…. Wake Up people this is BB!!

  71. MELISSA – Im not sure how they are going to manage it will Jeff doing the other show but Producers have confirmed Jeff will be spending the night in the house in the coming weeks (swoon) I cant wait.

    I swear if Rach is (gawd forbid) still there and she so much as breathes on him I will rip her lips off HAHAHA

  72. I would turn off my tv if I had to see Jesse again, he is more annoying to me than even Rachel and ya all know how little I like her.

  73. Jeff is supposed to be coming back but i dont believe he will effect the game… hes just going to spend the night for his new web show, i think…. still excited to see him though!!

  74. Torch— I agree, cant stand jesse!! Ge is soo annoying and full of himself. Honestly i dont care for Rachel either but i would take her over Jesse ANY DAY!!!

  75. Its not really about the “power couple” all yout B/R fans. You know they are one argument away from spilitting up. Its the drama Rachel brings to the show. She can stay, and play. Brendan needs to go.

    I can see Brendan being left alone and things being a bit slow. He’s the one that wanted to put the girls against each other anyway.

  76. Heyya Torch. I can’t beat the action tonight either. Hopefully something spectacular happens….like Wiz’s version of the Bredon/Kristen kiss.

  77. My personnel opinion I think a pro. body builder like jesse have the ugliest body’s around it’s not natural to be like that.

  78. They are bringing Jeff back. At least I thought I saw that in the spoilers on here. That is going to bring some life into the house fo sho!!

  79. That would be awesome, Neicy.

    A kiss and maybe a haunting comment for Rachel to ponder…. something like Kristen saying to Brendon after the kiss, “Well, honey, we kept it a secret as long as we could…”

  80. wow i leave for a few to prep dinner and look what happens. lol hey torch, neicy, trish, kristy and anyone else i missed

  81. I would love for Rachel to lose it and have the worst temper tantrum BB has ever seen. I would kick back with a Bud light and some popcorn for that.

  82. They are bringing Jeff back for a night or two. He’s doing the around the world thing and he will stay there for at least a night. Don’t know if it will effect game play or not. Don’t know how much he’s allowed to tell anyone, if he’s been watching.

  83. I think Kristen is going home- actually, almost certain. I think she ll get only one MAYBE two votes.

    I think the only one REALLY playing the game right now is Britney. She has BOTH sides of the house with her!!!

  84. I certainly hope someone other than Bren wins tonight, had enough of the same ‘ol,same ‘ol in the HOH room. Hopefully someone else will win and shake things up…I thin it would be just great if Brit wins and shakes the hell out of everyone. Anyone could do that of course, just hope it happens.

  85. LMAO @ us all wanting to witness the GREAT RACH MELTDOWN… GRENADE!!!! DUCK !! Yall are the best.. Hey Rico, Neicy and Welcome back again Kristi Hi Mary too I dont recall if I said hello Im sorry HOW RUDE OF ME ..

    TORCH – HAHAH at the We kept it secret long enough honey ID DIE…

  86. just what i said last night. my head still hurts from last night. i think what production did at this point was legal because he told the hg’s that production told him and that told us. taking a break for the day. way to much reading yesterday. lol but eitherway, even if it is legal, i don’t like that at all. if the hg’s can’t figure out it on their own, then that’s their fault. but will keep you updated.

  87. Would really LOVE to see Lane win HOH and surprise everyone. Then put up Barfden and Skankchel… GO TEAM LANE!!!!!

  88. Torch and Kristy281 sitting in a…. opps.

    Yes, I’m ready to DUCK for the GRENADE!!!
    I thought you did say Hi…can’t remember

  89. Brendon must NOT win HOH tonight. I want his pansy azz(sorry Trish) on the block with his red/burgundy headed girfriend. Come on Brigade and Brit win this thing so that those two can join the small(lol) people.

  90. i just can’t wait til 8, find out what we already know, kristen goin home, and if whoever wins has any balls. let’s face it or not rachel has made the only power move even if it was personal.

  91. MARY & TORCH – I have a very dear friend from IOWA (JESSE’s Home State)and was not a real pleased with the antics either suck is life.

    I still have those gawd awful pink spandex pants burned into my brain LMAO

  92. Hope Brendon wins HOH this week….ughhhhh!!! Do NOT want one of them to head home! :(:(

  93. I was a regular on this site last season, not sure if any of my buddies from last season are commenting on this season, if ya’ll are it’s Bridget M from New Orleans and hey to all and to everyone else hope you’re enjoying this season.
    I was hoping Kristen and Hayden would find a way to stay in the house. I can’t wait for Rachel to go home, her voice and laugh are just so annoying. I am so over hearing “if someone comes between me and my man” ugh. Brendan I like him but he really needs to find his ballz and be a man. Brittney I do like her, also Ragan love him. I think they will be my favorite’s this season. I know people think Ragan is a floater, maybe he is but I just see him as trying to keep the peace and being friendly with everyone in the house. Enzo, like him just needs to step up his game. I think him, Matt, Lane and Hayden entered an alliance way to early in the game. Kathy she has just been laying low. I do see her as a floater and wonder if she is losing comp’s on purpose or if that’s part of her game play. If I haven’ mentioned someone they don’t need to be, lol..This is just my opinion

  94. Kristy281…I wish I could take that memory away for you *shivers*.

    Torch: I miss Trish too. I guess she is working hard.

    Kristi, I can’t wait either.

  95. oh if rachel get’s eveicted i’ll pay the 60 for the patron for that. i liked her at the beginning sory dany, but the way she has acted the past to weeks, not at all.

  96. @ nolagirl, all opinions are welcome! Especially one’s involving Ray Ray’s demise in the house. Those are the funniest…in my opinion.

  97. Kristi – True is True. I am not pulling for anyone specifically for HOH but with the weeks turn of events I do think Brit is at the front of the line in who would make the boldest move if they won it this week. But we will soon find out.

  98. Something interesting to look at – if Brit wins HOH I doubt she would put BR up! She doesn’t want them being on her back. However the whole house wants BR out! Interesting..

  99. yea didn’t need that image. i hope it’s an endurance and one that lasts a long long time. then everyone will see who’s throwing the comps and who’s not.

  100. HEY we are all in an alliance here if I have to suffer that memory I see it only fair you all suffer with me. Sorry,

    NOLA I didnt post alot last year but I do for what ever reason remember your screen name Welcome back.

    And Trish is Im sure setting the example of being the good boss lady she is.. But she needs to get her tail back here.. ASAP

  101. Any outcome is bearable, other than Brendon winning HOH. If an evicted member came back for a chance to win HOH and took out Rachel, that would also be great. Sorry to offend…..

  102. and Kristi they need to keep the have/have not comp seperate from HOH this time so they don’t have an insentive to go early.

  103. JAMIE – Brit wants them out, I dont think she is afraid of them she knows she has Kathy and Ragan on her side and with Lane I am sure she has been and will be told she is safe there, even with Hayden he told her he was glad she didnt use it. So simple math and she will see she could put them up with no worries, and in NO WAY putting a target on her. Just my thoughts

  104. they would be in the jh all by themselves. glad cams are not in there 24/7. things will get freaky in there, not that i’m oposed to that, just glad we don’t have to see them do it. my eyes would burn out of my head.

  105. Why is Kathy there? What is her purpose in that house…to police the others by playing security guard? That woman has done absolutely NOTHING to show that she is even interested in this competition! All she wants is to just manage to get into the Sequester house. Well, count your blessings Girl…with Kristen on the outs tonight…you’re a judge when you’re evicted next week.

  106. I have loved Big Brother from the very begining and look forward to every season. But I must tell you this season is nothing more than a bunch of losers. This is the first season I have not been able to choose 2 as my favorite to win. Where did you find this group of losers at?

  107. Well love or hate rachel… you gotta admit she’s playing the best game in that house- the brigade has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING- Britney, Ragen and Matt are floaters- and lets face it… kristen is gone tonight-Brenden is just kinda tagging along with her- tho he has won the pov

  108. hey Sabrina don’t forget Britney has won two pov’s also, so if she is floater so is Brenden, and I don’t think he is a floater, now enzo,kathy lane & ragan are floaters.

  109. People keep saying how afraid the HG’s are to put up B&R…What is it to be so afraid of…Put em up..veto not goes home then see how the other plays out the game…Which ever of the 2 is left can’t put “all” the remaining players on the block..Are these people just dumb..there is safety in #’s n’ they have the #’s..Rachel depending on Brendon to win HoH..He got a 1 in 7 (8)shot..(I think)..just be sure that the veto is called “fight ur way out of a paper bag” comp cause we know Kathy won’t win..

  110. OK Ladies and Gentlemen, I am leaving my work HAHA to head home I will check on you all in a bit, and of course will be right here tonight HUGS to all…


    and for my girl Neicy – DUECES !

  111. Torch, hold down the fort homie. I have to go run some errands before tonights live show!! I will see you all on here at 8!!

  112. Ok, what about this twist…. Kristy gets voted out…. But she gets to take one person woth her…wouldn’t u just freaking love it!!!! I would frame the look on Reds face

  113. yeah torch. i’m going to walk my dogs, spend some time with my husband without the laptop in my lap and 1 headphone in my ear so i can hear what he says. lol he’s a trooper. got to give him some credit. he has to deal with it during the day when i have time and now i’m talking about it in my sleep. poor guy. love him sooo much

  114. hey Jawjagirl, Kristen’s perfect exit would be to go up to Brenden put him in a clench, give him a tonsil licking french kiss and tell him in a quiet voice it was fun while it lasted and walk out the door.

  115. If Kristen is voted out (which she probably will be)I would love to see her tell Brandon “come join me in the jury house next week and I’ll make you forget all about Rachel”. Then see Brandon gone next week and watch Rachel as she literally self destructs. Now that would be some “MUST SEE TV” LOL

  116. Hello all. I never comment on these sites but I just MUST this time! I would love nothing more than to see Brendon win HOH again. I honestly don’t care who goes home tonight, as the house will be in turmoil either way if Brendon wins HOH again. Racheal might be a bit much lately, but her and Brendon are the only two who have continually FOUGHT to stay in the house and they are both great. It’s the other hg’s who need to turn their nastiness on each other, and learn how to play a smart game! B and R deserve to stay!!!!

  117. If Hayden won HOH this week, he would put up Brendon and Rachel. If one of them won the POV next week, and took themself off the block, Hayden would put up Britney up cause she did’nt use the POV on him or Kristen. We will have to watch tonight to see who our new HOH is.

  118. I do think Brendon is a bit weird/no people skills. I love Rachel though and I am a R&B fan. I hope that Brendon wins HOH because the Brigade needs to be discover. I think some people will throw the HOH despite all the I hate R&B talk. Lastly, I think the worried things that the other HGs say about Brendon (and last night on Showtime was the worst) are me and disgusting. You can dislike him but the verbal insults and character assassinations over the top. Remember karma and even if he does not make it to the end…you will need his and Rachel’s vote to win. STOP being mean. Play the game.

  119. Matt is by far my least favorite.. He is a wanna be…dr will, or Dan..he will not win BB 12, (I can only pray)…and if he does for God sake fix ur wife’s teeth..and ur own Bugs Bunny. I hope the NoGade punches his ugly face when they find out what a liar he is. And I am losing my respect for Britney, she won’t put B/R up….

  120. I am tired of all this Brendan bashing myself. Bash his game play but to bash him personally? I mean what right do any of those douches have to do that? They are all ignorant mean people and I can’t stand any of them.

  121. hey Trish I like Brenden but just get him away from that redheaded bimbo, and I’m really starting to hate Enzo real bad, I think I would rather have Rachel in the house over Enzo the dimwit and you know I’m not a fan of Rachel’s.

  122. Brendon MUST win HOH tonight so he and rachel are safe! it would be smart to put up brit cuz she plays them but i kinda dont mind her. put up two brigade members and get one out ASAP! forget kathy shes a floater she doesnt have to leave yet. get the obvious “brigade” people out of this house!

  123. I hope Brendon or Kathy win HOH! I know Brendon will REALLY try and I love Kathy I think she is such a smart competitor but she needs to stop throwing comps and win something!!!

  124. I think if Brendon wins HoH, he may put up who he wants rather than Rachel’s choice. She would explode. Maybe that will end his infatuation with her. I think he’s slowly beginning to see that he has been thinking with the wrong part of his anatomy. The other night “I am Vegas” umpteen times was really pushing it you could tell (she hasn’t even lived there that long). And those looks when she didn’t like what B was saying……

    I hope if Brit gets it she really does what she says and puts up B and R. I’m fairly positive R would go home. The more she drinks the worse she gets.

  125. Enzo said his targets are brendon/rachel/ragan…

    brendon needs to target the brigade members

  126. I’d like to see Hayden win the HOH tonight. He would have no problem putting up Brendon or Rachel…”not personal – just game”. He had a bad week for sure. Can’t wait for tonight’s HOH competition !!

  127. Well they are playing the HOH game I guess, the feeds are done and well that is what the feeds are saying………lol

  128. hey all – just got on again. the feeds are can they be playing the hoh comp? I thought they do it live after the eviction…i’m so confused!!

  129. I wish both kristen + hayden could go home tonite. Like them or not rach (I am Vegas, Vegas is me) and Bren make the interesting. So does Brit.

  130. @torch – that would be HILarious! i agree Kristi w/#’s I’d be beside myself if Kristen did anything towards Bren, it would set Rach off like NO one’s business! Hee*

    @trish/mary – what what? they are doing the HOH comp already? I thought it was the ONLY part (aside from eviction votings) that was LIVE on TV? What the heck is CBS doin’ now?

    @Kristi – did you find anything in all your readings? I smell a *fish*

    Hay or Kath win HOH? Gosh I sure hope not, a wasted effort! Hopefully Bren will b/c he will bring da drama! Floaters winning HOH will just go with status quo so as not to ruffle any feathers! We dont’ want to see that type of game, do we BB fans? :O

  131. @holly – the new SAB will be announced this sun @ 8pm, the voting ended last night.

    @rachlover – i do agree that ONE of the brigade members need to be evicted next week!
    can u imagine all of them on the jury? (well that would be nice b/c that means none of them will win BB12 but still! :S)

    @trish – i wasn’t bashing Brendon as a person I was just questioning his judgements and decisions on the show concerning Rachel. but it is what it is, each person reacts uniquely to this crazy environment and WE have NO clue how it is for them, we’re basing our reactions on previous seasons and what we’d do i guess. i still love mr. villegas! :)

  132. I don’t know what they are doing. Maybe it is the Sab. competition. All the feeds say is the HG’s are playing a game that will be kept secret till live TV. So you tell me what does that mean? I am praying so hard for Brendan to win HOH………it is one thing to bash his game play or the way he acts with Rachel but to bash him personally? Without nothing to go on? The Brigade are stupid and idiotic morons. Brit is a hangeroner who they will disgard as soon as they can. She acts like she has it made…….some of you find her funny, and I did at one time but lately her game stinks and so does her attitude.

  133. feed says that the bb hg are playing a game that is secret till the next tv episode….oooh, i wonder!!!

  134. maybe this game they are playing right now will enable the winner to save someone from being evicted, and automatically making the other one on the block go home?! i have too much time to think of scenarios right now! i hope they are almost done!!

  135. @holly – the new SAB will be announced this sun @ 8pm, the voting ended last night.

    @rachlover – i do agree that ONE of the brigade members need to be evicted next week!
    can u imagine all of them on the jury? (well that would be nice b/c that means none of them will win BB12 but still! :S)

    @trish – i wasn’t bashing Brendon as a person I was just questioning his judgements and decisions on the show concerning Rachel. but it is what it is, each person reacts uniquely to this crazy environment and WE have NO clue how it is for them, we’re basing our reactions on previous seasons and what we’d do i guess. i still love mr. villegas! :)

    @jajawgirl – oooh i love that twist, oh my can u imagine! these are the twists that make BB great, I 4got about that one! whomever’s evicted gets the stunning job of taking someone with them!

  136. thanks Torch I voted for Kathy thought she might get some money since I dont think she will win.After their 2weeks of sabotouring do they leave?

  137. they do love to keep us in the dark, but the feeds being down right now is normal on eviction night it happens every week.

  138. oh i was wondering what happened to the last part of my post and the beginning posts 2x! (sigh) gotta love technology on posting boards! lol. no worries trish! i’m still on team bandwagon brandon Vee! :) he’s utterly frustating me, I really hope he pulls through 2nite to win HOH! i can just see the brigade’s faces now! :S hee*

    @rachlover – why is ragan included in his targets? i don’t think i’ve seen the 2 interact, and if enzo’s going to say ragan’s floatin’ – cough cough – pot meeting kettle turn black!

    @torch – is it 2nite? oh my bad even better! less drama in waiting! guess the *pandora’s box* offer is on Sun, i know SOMEthing is on Sun! :P thx for da correction!

  139. I am not going to search through all these posts for whomever said Kathy isn’t throwing comps, she is just bad at them. She has thrown a few of them because she doesn’t want the house to feel she is a threat. IMHO..I don’t see her as a threat at all and would be shocked to see her win a comp. You would think with her being a cop that she would be able to win something.

  140. @holydog- the SAB will be offered the sum of money IF they are free from eviction after two weeks. After two weeks I believe they are revealed and pulled off
    That is why they are ASKED to be the SAB and not forced. If they refuse, the second person with the most votes are offered the position

  141. A few other things what ever happened to the “long lost friends” that were “supposed” to be in the house. I remember hearing about it on day 1 and that is it. I hate when CBS says something that isn’t true or just drops it after the first day. If it was Annie, at least tell us. I hope Brendon doesn’t win HOH tonight, simply because Rachel would just be telling him what to do. My hubby always tells me women have all the power, he calls it p***y power. lol..guess he is right

  142. Wow I just reread my entry on #177. I didn’t mean any poster here, I was talking about the house guest, partically The Brigade and mean girl Brit. Sorry for the confusing!

  143. I am ready for the games to begin too, and NO Bye Bye Brendan. He is going to stay. I hope! LOL

  144. thanks Jamie no matter how you look at it sounds like we have some good times to watch next few days.

  145. If they let Kristin do that…take Big Red with her…that would be talked about FOREVER. I say a little prayer. Who has the balls to put up B/R???????

  146. JawGirl I think everyone sure talks the game, wonders who will really do it? Hope to NOT to find out till some other week…..

  147. i am so tired of seeing matt and enzo put their hands down their pants what if the girls did that all the time yuck

  148. Thing is even if CBS “interferes” with the voting results, it’s not like we’d know? PPls can vote in from anywhere in the world online it’s not just the text msgs right? (shrug) but even they know it can’t be some ppls, the BB fans wouldn’t believe it!

    @torch – u crack me up! lol. i swear you just want to see Kris plant one on Brendon! if only they could read these boards now! Rach would be hella pissed, but *meh*.

  149. hey Jadelle you were right about the saboteur it will be on sunday, I just rewatched parts of last weeks live show.

  150. Brendon win tonight please!!! Put Hayden and Britney up. Backdoor Matt, if they get the veto. I’m tired of hearing Britney’s voice being a snake in the grass. I can’t stand phony people! 2nd choice to win HOH is Ragan.

    If Brenchel goes on the block, I’d rather Brendon stay so he can get payback on them wusses a.k.a brigade. (what a joke)

  151. I would just like someone to get a good dig at her and see her loose her cool, and I wish someone would burn her tacky hair exstensions.

  152. @HaydenISaTool: The live feeds always go to Trivia in the lead up time to the live show. They are not hiding the HoH competition. That will be shown on the feeds if it is an endurance comp.

  153. This has got to be one of the worst seasons of BB I have ever seen. No one has the guts to make anypower moves, like say keeping Kristen this week.What a slap in the face that would have been to Rachel and Brendon, you think they are paranoid now, that would have sent them over the edge. I am so so so SICK of all of these majority votes and not wanting to rock the boat, for Christ sake you are playng Big Brother the audience wants to see boat rocking, and I am not refering to Rachel and Brendon’s disgusting showmance that won’t last three days outside of the house. She is a partying bimbo, and he seems to think she is a chemistry major, if she is a chemistry major I am the Dali Lama!!!!!

  154. @sandy – when did meow man mix (enzo) start putting his hands down his drawers? that a bro’gade thang? ewwh*…

    here’s to hoping for an ACTION-packed week!

    @Pam Q, I sure hope it’s not a sweep vote again! that part is most definitely boring but I’d like to think that both Brit & Kath would vote for Kristen.

    Merci (beaucoup) Matt for clarifying, thurs nights are usually the BIG nights alot happens.

    @torch – I think Vegas got to her head (literally) :P…bless her fighting soul! that sailor mouth tho’ gotta keep dat in check chica!

    @rose – yes yes yes, oui oui oui, si si si!
    Bren needs to win HOH! I dun noe Trish has a banner all ready to go for the epi! :) This was mine! I know he will make POWER moves!

  155. Brenden is okay just get him away from that redheaded thing, I want her and meow meow boy gone the most.

  156. @torch – yup yup! enzo the emu is driving me crazy, he think’s he’s sooo gangsta! it’s ridiculous!

    apparently on another board here someone said kathy & kris went home but i highly doubt that’s true – guessing post person was stating what they hope would happen, no time zone could have the show on already except in 15 minutes (atlantic coast) they’re 1 hr ahead so they would know first! don’t think any post-ers are from that area of canada/us though! so we’ll have to wait another 2 hrs!

  157. OMFG! Did u see! Mihcele used the money she won from BB11 (she did get almost 40 000$$$) and she used it to get plastic surgery and stuff and she is so popular now and she divorced her husband and she is starting a major science showww!!!! OMFG MICHELE I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! xox

  158. the live show starts at 8:00p.m. eastern time zone, that poster is in error Jadelle. so don’t worry.

  159. Yes her.


  160. she didn’t need a lot of altering she had a lot to work with, the show just brought her out of her shell, I always thought she was sorta cute.

  161. rachel looks like the jolly green giant right now.

    Abbylicious: i think you posted that a couple of days ago…also something about plastic surgery and how good ‘she’ looks now…nobody cares. you are probably her anyway.

  162. @ Jadelle, thanks…. I agree with you also on the sweep vote. They are so boring! People have definitely made it far with a target on their back. Those are the people I like to see win, whether I like them or not.

  163. D’Oh! C’mon now, whooa where did that come from? Sometimes we repeat stuff on posts b/c we want to um emphasize them? It’s all good! It’s OK! Let’s play nice pls (Abby & Mary pls make up! :) In less than a hr all our questions (well most) will be answered and then the real posting board fun can begin! Brendon for HOH! (yes, oui, si!)

  164. jadelle it was on after dark last night the camera went right to enzo and his hand was way down those shorts they didnt say anything i heard

  165. hey Abby your right about Michele she is a knockout now if she would have looked like that BB she would have had the guys drooling.

  166. Did anyone hear Brendon telling Brit that the story of Matt’s wife is probably a lie? She is telling Matt what Brendon told her (some time last nite)…and she and Ragan are saying how awful that is that he would say that, and that it will make Brendon look like a douche…

  167. Go Brigade, kick some girly man butt at this HOH comp and make his and skankys week ahead a nightmare.

  168. if brenden wins HOH, I will definitely be continuing with feeds…it will be EXPLOSIVE…otherwise…it will just be mean, and the idiots sitting there thinking it ends when brenden leaves will have a rude awakening

  169. Common Brigade let’s kick some BR butt!!!!!!!

    @Mary: your nasty comments aren’t necessary here! Thanks

  170. @anne-marie: did she really? hee* rachel’s goin’ classy & chic! gotta see this! :)

    @torch – thanks thought so! (the show is only LIVE (technically) in 1/2!

    @sandy – thanks, oh & ewhhh, so glad i um missed that event…

    @ laura – how did Bren even find that part out? from ragan? why on earth would he tell britt b4 telling rachel? and he has to know that he makes an even bigger X on his back (true or not) dun noe Matt would LIE in everyone’s face til the finale! :S. Awww Bren say it aint’ so! Trish/Kristi/Torch/Kristi w/#/s – have u heard anythin about this?

  171. I’m clueless how Brenden might have found out about matt the mutt’s wife and the mutt’s big lie.

  172. at some unknown time Andrew could have told Brendon..possibly one of those times that we can hear none of a conversation …

  173. brenden actually suggested it before…rachel’s first HOH…others were there…kathy…rachel…but they didnt think it was something he would do

  174. good thought connie you might be right that would be the only possibility that I could think of also.

  175. Hmmm…intriguing (@ – connie) keep forgetting about them midnight convo’s drew & bren had when drew was up for eviction, perhaps he spilled more secrets than we thought! he really could have blackmailed his way to the final 4 with all the bombs he had! (sigh)…but everything happens for a reason right? besides somehow i think drew would’ve floated on for weeks if not for matt’s stupidity in putting him up anyway! geez louise crackers n cheese i’ve never been so bored waiting for an epi of BB to start! :P…

  176. I hope Brendon wins HOH tonight! I don’t like him but I want to see the brigade in panic mode. They are such a joke. They think they run the house but all they’ve done up to this is vote!!

  177. let me say first, i am so proud that i haven’t had to remind anyone about the rules in past 2 days. good job guys. we know it’s going to happen everyonce in a while, but for the most part, i think all the posters have had fun and been more respectful to each other than we have seen in the last few weeks. this makes matt’s work alot easier and i’m sure he respects us all for respecting his rules.

  178. Ohhh Kris NOW you are trying to save your butt? Why didn’t you try something like that BEFORE? Ohhh she figured it out! Hay had no clue he dropped a hint! Too bad no one believes her! As if Bren would trust Kris, if he gives that 4th vote he knows Rach will bust a gut, hair extension, weave & everything else in between! :P…

  179. 4th vote? Where are the other 3? I’m watching too and while she may have Kathy’s (we all know how wishy-washy i will go with the flow so as not to target myself!) she’ll fold in a sec!)…Britt (well if she votes against Hay she no longer has the protection of the alliance and Lane would be sad! :( – Ragan is 50/50. Lane, Enzo & Matt are all voting for Hay so there’s a swing vote, which is Brendan? Um…even HE knows betta!

  180. Whoa, BB post-ers, Trish/Kristi w/#’s/Kristi/Nic/Mary – did y’all SEE K’s boytoy from backhome? He is HOT! What is SHE doin’ with Hay? Yikes! He’s like I’m a 31 yr old man, he’s a 24-yr old boy! *zing zing!* :)

    Lovin’ this! ahhh & Britt with those red extensions was hilarious! Course Rach did not see that they were making fun of her nor Bren, well the bulb can only be so bright in the HOH closet right? :P

  181. Surprise, Surprise! Kathy kept her word and actually voted for Kristen – stunning really!

    @dusk-so true it was fun to watch! he’s mucho adorable, and a MAN’s man! why would she dump that? guess ya never know eh? it was only 2 mths after all, but still she shoulda broke it off before entering the house

    @jadelle – you were on this all day did you do ANY work? :P just kiddin’, now i know why you took an extended din din break to come on here to post like crazy! Go Brendan Go! Oui, Si, Yes!

  182. Hey Hey Ya’ll well I dont think there was enough tequila in my margaritas to deal with this yet LOL .. BUT… here I am.. and can I say UMMMMMMMMMMMM Kristens out of the housr BF was HOT !!!

  183. JADELLE – Girl I said that on the other board HOLY WOW.. HE IS WAS HOT HOT … and look soooooo classy I mean Haydens a cutie in that goffy college frat boy way but WOW she had a MAN !!!

  184. :P hee, – oh yeah baby HE was soo hot! K totally dodged the Q about whether she’ll go back to her BF in Philly but little does he know he already said it’s OVA! Kristy w/#’s – you r too funny! I shoulda done tequila shots too! (for rach’s HOH convo w/Chen – that laugh – shudder)

    @xrs – GO Brendon GO! Si! Oui! Yes!

    @MJ – you dun noe my thoughts are highly occupied on eviction thursdays! I’m a BB fan, no shame! (tongue out emoticon! ;)

    Here we go, HOH comp is ON!

  185. These have to be the dumbest houseguests to ever play this game!!! How come they can’t see what’s clear as day. Its so easy to see that Matt, Enzo, Lane, and Hayden are in an alliance. If I were in the house I’d notice that! Geez!!!

  186. its pathetic that they think a bunch of guys arent teaming up and are content just not feeling safe or having an alliance…so stupid

    Brenden win HOH PLEASE, make my week

  187. Yeah I agree #280. They think Enzo, Lane, and Matt are just playing the game and just kind of floating to whoever has power. How can they not know that they are in an all guy alliance. The only guy who has been voted out thus far is Andrew and he is the one they didn’t like. All the rest were girls!!

  188. ragen…well…that is probably a good thing honestly…

    but brenden needs HOH

    then we will be gooood

  189. If America’s choice for “Sab” accepts they do it for two weeks – IF the HoH opens Pandora’s Box. Regardless of whether they are voted out during that time or not, their identity will not be revealed until the finale.

  190. yep, this is true 280, lets hope he wins

    but you would think just the fact its 4 guys would be obvious, I blame brittney for telling them everything otherwise they would be in the dark

  191. ANOTHER endurance comp? And seriously paint?
    I hope this is the last one until the finale! I found this comp pretty boring, they’re rotating in circles who stays on the longest, all these writers @ CBS and that’s their brilliant plan to save the season? UM okayyyy!

  192. That’s a great pt @Bren – if Britt (just like today how she told Enzo about Rach saying she would nominate Lane) had kept her mouth shut and stop informing the brigade of EVERYthing, they’d be so in da dark and likely targeted before now! I must admit though she’ playin’ well both sides, everyone TRUSTS her!
    So BB post-ers what’d we think about 2nite? Nothing too fantastical – I hyped it up more in my head! :P

  193. yeah I see it blowing up in her face eventually…just because the guys hold no real alliance with her, and R and B will fold eventually…

    gosh this HOH is a killer

  194. I have a whole new respect for Ragan! I am rooting for him! And was it the easiest prediction EVER that rach-hoe says something incredibly resembling ” You tried to come between me and my man” like SHUT UP already, we get it, you think the whole freaking world is trying to come between you and your robot, I am rooting for ANYONE other than brendon, and not Matt either, cause he is clearly an idiot and will likley F* it up again

  195. Yes Brendon is down only Matt and Ragan other hgs dropped probably not brave enoubgh to do the dirty work

  196. I DO NOT want Matt to be HoH again. Besides, if Ragan accepts the SAB job and opens Pandora’s box – just think of the possibilities. :)

    BTW – someone said the SAB would be removed at the end of two weeks. NOPE, they stay unless evicted during the course of the game.

  197. Aw, crud. Ragan gave it to him again.

    I think Matt will be tempted by Pandora’s Box. Now will Ragan accept being SAB? I voted for him because he’s a hoot anyway and I think he’ll be creative with the jokes he plays on the house.

  198. Ragan MAY accept it but I highly doubt Enzo would! Woo wooo go Enzo!
    All I know iis that Matt BETTER put up BR or ill have a heartattack
    Can’t stand that dumb bimbo laugh! Julie probably couldn’t wait till their convo was ovah! :)

    The brigade hides their alliance well because everyone mostly hangs together. There are no real solid enemies in this house and I find the HGs are mostly respectful to one another in certain ways (except for some cat fights which are normal)
    Their alliance will come out eventually when the votes become extremely similar for evictions are POV cermonies
    Till then they are doing a fantastic job of not going over the top and making themselves targets!

  199. Okay,,,1.) maybe Hayden shouldn’t told Kristen about The Brigade as it might come back to bite em…you never know with Big Brother. 2.)Matt is a snake,,,enough said. 3.)I think that the Brigade needs to take Brendon out as he’s a hug competitor…

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