Big Brother 12: Week 4 Eviction Predictions

The fourth eviction of the Big Brother 12 season is upon us so let’s get to our eviction prediction! This season I’m going to offer up not only my prediction but also the thoughts from a few of my other favorite Big Brother websites. So check out our Big Brother predictions and then share your own in the poll below.

Ashli Rae will be once again interviewing who ever is evicted tonight so let us know what questions you’d like either Kristen or Hayden to answer. Post your questions below in the comments section and we might use it in the interview!

Big Brother 12 Week 4 Eviction Predictions:

See ya, Kristen! Now what do you think? Share your guess in the poll below!


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  1. Question for Kristin:

    Looking back, do you have any regrets about your ‘showmance’ with Hayden? Is there anything you would change?

  2. If only Britney would of used the veto. It would of shook up the house and both Kristin and Hayden would still be in the house. I think Kristin does deserve to be there. It would of made the game more interesting having her and Hayden gunning for “Brenchel”.

  3. i wish we could watch big brother i love the show ben watching sence the 1st one now im on 2nd shift and cant aford to pay to watch it on internet wish they would pay episodes so we can watch with out paying your friend doug

  4. Yay Kristen is leaving !! I can’t stand her face and her sullen attitude. It’s a GAME chick. You suck and you’re bringing the whole house down, as a paying viewer of the live feeds I do NOT appreciate your immature whining. CYA!

  5. Keep missing you Blackgirl. How ya been? What do ya think of BB this year? I think it’s kinda lame. There are so many guests that I don’t like. Catch you later. Got to do some yardwork before it really gets hot. :)

  6. kristen definately laid low at first, i mean i don’t think she was even in the house that first week…and never had a broadcasted DR session till this week…

    she did get thrown under the bus too early and unfortunately not enough time to dig herself out of the hole she put herself in…

    can’t wait to see what kind of drama she will leave behind :)

  7. Yeah Summer its not as exciting as last year but be patient I think it will get better soon. Hope Barney is behaving.

  8. did you carry your plan of flying under the radar for too long?
    should you have stepped up your game playing sooner?
    would the target been smaller if your showmance had been in the open?
    who will be in the final four?
    who do you hope will be in the final four?
    which would be worse for every one, houseguests and viewers,
    ….. brachel together in the BB house OR
    ….. brachel together in the JURY house?

  9. Rachel needs to be the next to go. Her laugh and hooker behavior is getting on my nerves. Rachel is just doing Hayden’s packs dirty work.

  10. Kristin, You have stated that you were playing the game (not personal)& then you switched, what were you playing and why did you lie so much and lie about the HG?

  11. Kristen laying low @ first was smart,a nd she should have CONTINUED TO LAY LOW..I believe her and Haydion are the friends.

    However, ILIKED her at first up tuntil she began to hang with Kathy. Kathy is poison, botom line. She uses others to the attention off of her, and her lies and heartless ugly mouth does this wnderfully. I can not stand Kathy. Had Kristen stayed away from Kathy she would not have to worry about be booted this week!
    It’s a shame because Kristen WAS so kind and I thought nice..then Kathy got in her ear (like she has others) and kristen became someone I had never seen before. A B___h! Kust like Kathy; heck u have to admit she even spoke like Kathy, used the same comments as Kathy..Kathy should be the one leaving. I mean R/B are on to her, which why she wants them out. They could of saved Kristen and Haydon and her would have still been together, which I think they r anyway in “real life,” which is gonna be hard for both of them when she leaves. Heck she down to selling her bofy to Lane to’s ashame…should of could would of..Kristen kathy is not a goof person..u should have ran..and ur smart enough to know that she is poison to why not u,….anyone associated with K has been booted from house i.e. evicted. Maybe u can return to your kind, soft spoken self once u leave and get away from Kathy hun.. Good Luck!

  12. oops just woke up and should waited to write what I did.

    Cause of my Tpos! OMG I am so embarrassed, yet you all know what I mean

    So sorry for all the mis-spekked words…but thet’re really tired TYPOS! LOL

    Get rid Of Kathy…She is not only useless, but when ever she is near or gets close to anyone…she turns that person in to someone I do not ever recognize..a 180 degree turn around

    Kathy is the person to watch out for a they need to get rid her beore she win BB. I dwear she’ll win it if they do not evict her.

    It should been Kathy going hom not Kristen or even not rachel/Brandon. Kathy is the real mean spirited, hartless, souless, person who plays on others feelings and then turns the HG she is using in to a monster! Watch her. I am not a hater…Just watch her. i have been on Live Feed, and boy can she get those words out fast! She had Jristens head spinning at one point. Just beware HG…Kathy is the one u all need to evict ASAP!

  13. I doubt Kat will win due to the fact everyone knows she hasnt played the game so far. if she steps up her game then its a different story. actually who has been playing the game? kristen has started playing but “too little too late” no one appreciates rachel’s game play or few do and talk about a floater lets just call bren a coat tail becuz he is riding high on rach’s. and the brigade welp aint seen a whole lot of game from them either unless it’s pool. ragan is cruising thru like he’s floating on a lazy river raft. britt has stepped up her game some, but bathing with rach is nasty. guess that covers my opinions haha

  14. bg and summer… i made homemade peach and black cherry preserves. omg talk about mouth watering yummmm theres nothing better than a good old nc peach…yea ive heard of ga peaches too but boy are they good this yr. want me to mail u some?

  15. kris played ok until andy fu$&ed her game and she tried to make ray loose and lost her self and didn’t even try to to damage control early…she also shouldve figured out the boys brigade and used as leverage but oh she sucks I’m awesome she’s not I couldve done better than her
    Deuces master splinter!!

  16. what twist would u like big brother to add to the game to reak havic and make peolpe not feel their safe with anyone in the house

  17. kristen rumors are flying about you and hayden in the bb house, but you a have a reltionship with someone outside the house 2

  18. RON – Cant say those are rumours, they were kissy facing it and she was all tore up over leaving him. They talked about wanting to see more of one another outside the house, I am sure her BF is none to happy about it, but its not the first time some one did this.

  19. im hoping lane is the new sabotuer……look for a lame exit speech by kris tonight,poor kid thinks she has a shot of staying.

  20. If Kristen:

    Kristen, what made you reject Rachels apology and do you regret your decision.

    If Hayden:
    What the f#*% just happened!!??

  21. KYLE – That would be a moment to laugh at Hayden would have a completely puzzled look on his face and RACH OMG WOULD LOSE HER MIND that Id love to see

  22. I am only 12 years old and I lOVE Big Brother! I watch it with my mom EVERY Season! I really think Rachel and Brendon look SO cute together.. and my favorite Big Brother contestant is Rachel…. I think Kristen is going to get evicted tonight, because the bridage wanted to get rid of Kristen to get Hayden back. Can’t wait for tonight!!!!!!

  23. Bela— those 3 you mentioned Lane, Brit and Hayden have the combined intellect of a wet mop….esp the moron who shoots at glowing things he sees in the woods without knowing what it is…good gun safety redneck

  24. Watch Rachel’s goodbye messege to Kristen be the same as all the other goodbye messeges she’s recorded… “Nobody gets inbetween me and my man”. Sigh.

  25. something I must have missed, Hayden and Kristen played very little game. Hayden has been hanging on the Brigade, which is Matt, the only player who is involved besides Rachel and her bf. I think they all need to get serious.

  26. Does AnyOne Know Where I Can Buy Previous Seasons Of Big Brother?? What Season Were Evil Dick & Danelle In?

  27. See ya, Bit_ _!!!!! You made your own bed …oh no, you were in bed, pouting most of the time….
    Go Brendon….Go Rachel – get um!

  28. Well it looks like Kristen will be walking out the front door tonight. I think that if the HG’s were on top of there game a little more they would vote Hayden out, strategically speaking that is. Kristen would then get weak and more of a easier pawn later. What do you think?

  29. @39 The Donatos were on season 8.

    As for previous seasons only seasons 3 and 4 were released on DVD but I’m sure you could find a website that you can DL them. Or just watch them on Youtube. Ten. Minutes. At. A. Time. Lol

  30. i really think that britany mite have a chance to win or kathy but i think kathy will be in the final 4 or 5 or 3 ….and i think ,brendon,rachel or enzo also has a good chane of winning

  31. My question for Kristen after she is eliminated is who do you feel is the strongest and weakest in the house?

  32. Hey BAM, you are right but what do you think about Matt? Lane? Both have been laying low as well as Kathy… The way it looks Kristen is gone, not sure yet how that’s going to affect the game.

  33. my first thought would of been Hayden, but to keep peace in the house krisen should go. then I think rachael will next she will go to the jury house next week and there will be a double eviction so don’t know who should go with her. maybe bredan. then every one can just beat each other up. brit has become the firecracker and she has surprised me. but then she did alot of gossiping with monet, talked about everyone of the girls so I’m not so surprised because of that. she has a little evil streak in her. the guys better watch out.

  34. Hey Blackgirl. Yes, Barney is being good. Since it is so hot, he sits in front of the fan. So cute. His little ears flapping in the breeze. Hey Nanny – it’s been a long time, girlfriend. Had some white peaches yesterday, and they were SO sweet. Hope you are doing well.

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