No easy way to put this, live feeders. CBS calls the shots on when the live feed cameras are turned off and on in the Big Brother house every year and this season is no different. Due to what I believe to be the compressed television broadcast schedule of back to back Wednesday and Thursday episodes, CBS has ordered the live feeds to be blacked out until Wednesday night:

CBS production is blocking the live feeds, [but] SuperPass is providing special programming to subscribers during that time. The block will occur for an extended period of time starting tomorrow (Tuesday) morning Pacific Time.

Since there will be specially created and fun content featured on SuperPass, [viewers can] visit the Live Feeds and Live Shows pages for the most updated programming calendar.

I believe the feeds are being turned off so production can pre-record their Wednesday “live” episode which won’t really be live at all. They’ll be filming the Veto Ceremony, “live” eviction, and even possibly the first round of the 3-part final HoH competition. By keeping us out of the house via the feeds they’ll keep the suspense for finding out what happened and boosting their ratings.

Unfortunately I have no control over this situation, nor does RealNetworks, who delivers the live feeds. But what we can all do is register our complaints with CBS for their decision to block out their most dedicated Big Brother fans. Go here on CBS’ website for the feedback form and let them know your thoughts:

CBS Feedback Form – Tell Us What You Think

Thanks again for all your support this season and I’ll keep you posted on any updates to when we’ll have our live feeds back, but for now you can expect them to return Wednesday night following the east coast broadcast. Until then, we’ll always have the shower moments with Britney and Lane, separately of course!


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