Are you ready for the return of Big Brother? Let’s check. Schedule cleared until mid-September? Done. Enough frozen dinners to cover a season of Sun/Wed/Thu shows? Mmm hmm. Caffeine pills to help get through the all-nighter endurance competitions? Got ’em. Conspiracy theories about the game being rigged? Locked and loaded. Big Brother Uncensored Live Feed? What? You don’t have yours yet?!

The Big Brother 12 Live Feed is your one and only way to see into the Big Brother House unfiltered, untampered, and uncensored. Every season there are two Big Brother games running: what CBS shows you three nights a week and then what’s really going on in the house 24/7 on the live feeds. Big Brother is unique in that there is no other reality show that lets you watch it happen as it happens. There’s no post-production polishing of the houseguests with face-saving recuts, just raw human elements and that’s what this game is really all about.

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