Big Brother 12 House Tour – Pics & More

You’ve met the Big Brother 12 Houseguests now meet their home for the next two and a half months: the Big Brother House!

So far the new BB House looks very classy and polished. I’m digging the cabana room that was once the spa room (gee, I guess those ridiculous rumors of a coffin in that room were wrong). Very relaxing with that giant bed in there! If I had to pick a bedroom I’d be going for the Sunset Room too. What about you?

Check out a few of the BB12 House pics below. Big Brother Access has more over here if you’re interested. Don’t miss Julie Chen’s guided tour video as well. You can tell she’s really gotten comfortable with this place after so many seasons!

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  1. I don’t know. The sunset room looks like it would be hard to sleep in if those luminescent walls were still on even after lights out.

    But, yeah, that’d be my first choice. :)

  2. I love the looks of it all. I would like to see a little older people with a flower power style going on.

  3. A little contemporary and retro all at the same time! It was about time the house got a face lift.

  4. I love the house! Looks like they finally got an interior designer. I would also choose the sunset room if I was the first to enter the house. Or I would choose the Cabana Room to sleep in, if it was possible.

  5. I like the 1st bedroom. The colors are cool and serene; good for sleeping. The sunset room color is too much for me. Don’t think I could sleep in that room. And the pink flamingos are sooooooo tacky in my opinion.

  6. I would choose the have nots room lol. The house is cool, I like the new look. Let the backstabbing begin already.

  7. The BB house has a new look every season, its always the same house because its a studio in a parking lot in Calif. its not even a house, I think the decorations gets better with every season, its just a shame the houseguests from every season are such slobs and the place is trashed as soon as the HG’s gets in it, with so much free time on their hands you’d think they’d keep it cleaner, after all they are living in it for 2 1/2 months, and there is enough of them there to keep it clean, I wonder if their own homes they live in outside the BB house, are also pig pens

  8. Umm who really cares if its clean or not? And it’s not like there are crumbs all over the floor and things just put everywhere.

    Anyway, the house looks really neat. The sunset room would be my choice.

  9. #11 John…….do you watch the same BB we all watch?
    First of all as nice and beautiful as it is “Before” the HG’s moves in compared to very shortly “after” they move in, the have to walk all over clothers/shoes thrown all over the floor, dirty dishes and food all out on the counters, towels all over the bathroom floors, just an overall mess!
    It would sure be refreshing for the viewers to see when we tune in to watch the show is a fairly clean house, after all these HG’s are adults, their not 3 years old.
    But then again, I guess its how a person is taught at home growing up, is how ‘some’ are after they are grown up.
    But this is my own opinion and I’m not asking you to like it.

  10. Does anyone know why they did not show the backyard? Do you think they changed it for something, or do you think they didn’t show it just because its the same as always?

  11. I think there are only 12 chairs at the table instead of 13 is because of andrew he’s an orthidox jew and he keeps kosher. which I believe means he will not eat at the table i’m not too sure just a guess.

  12. Maybe the coffin room is behind the have not door, its suppose to be H_LL. So maybe thats it. LOVE BB.

  13. @Cesar – I was wondering if that had something to do with Andrew. Thanks for your input!

  14. Does anyone have the BB12 live feed url’s for real player I do not want to watch feeds via browser that just gives real inc. another way to throw ads at us!

  15. Hello everyone. Does anyone know what is ment by what i’ve heard about a sabiture? (please forgive my spelling)

  16. @Scott – This person, the Sabo or Mole, is really nothing more than a prankster from what I’ve been seeing and reading. Stir up trouble, put salt in the sugar bowl and sugar in the salt shaker, that kind of thing. Supposedly WE get to suggest what this prankster is to do.

  17. @Scott no worries I can’t spell it either so I say the mole which is much easier to pronounce and spell. Are you the Scott from Fandom? I hope this mole is not a prankster cuz that is so played out.

  18. @Hunter – I agree with the Cabana Room idea; that’s the bedroom of my choice. I think the backyard is the backyard without change, except when they toss in toys like pool tables and practice games, etc.

    I think the house looks better than it has in a loooong time. Maybe…dare I say it… the producers listened to our complaints about how trashy and cheesy it was all getting last year? I was a HUGE JJ fan, but half the players were just ick. Oh, well. On to a new season with actually intelligent people, all of drinking age. Let the psychological gaming begin!

  19. i think whoever wins veto should get to pick who goes up as an alternate. i think they should do a show with all the people that were evicted first. gives them another shot at winning. great show watched it from the first one.

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  21. BB12 house is the same exact house including paint, furniture, rugs and decor as BB8 UK from 2007. Check it out. It’s nuts.

  22. Does anyone know where they sell that comforter in tonights head of household room????

  23. I would like to also know where the bedding came from in the head of household room!

  24. The bedding wish I knew. Any more pics of the house available? Oh well waiting on the next session I watched the over night one from 12midnight to 2am on showtime saturday live.

  25. too funny! I was looking through this site hoping that someone would tell me where I could buy the bedspread in the HOH room. I see there are a few of us who would like to know. Maybe someone will be able to tell us……

  26. Found the bedding at Target last night. Bought it and decided to return it today. I wish it were a duvet cover :(

  27. i wish Brendon Didn’t have to leave the Big Brother House. Oh well, at least he’ll be with Rachel

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