Hey there everyone!  I got to ask Brendon a few questions after his eviction on Thursday about life in the Big Brother 12 house.  Check it out! 

Ashli Rae: How shocked are you to be going to the jury house with Matt especially after you tried so hard to get him out?

Brendon Villegas:  It was a bitter sweet victory – I helped get him out but I’m following close behind.

AR: You always said you didn’t like floaters in the house, what do you think about the hg’s left who have floated their way to the final 5?

BV:  I think you have 3 floaters and 2 people who have competed remaining in the game.  I saw it coming in the way that everyone was gunning for Rachel and I right off the bat.

AR: Why did you align yourself with Enzo after Rachel left instead of going with Matt or Britney who were winning comps?

BV:   No matter what – I never felt that I could trust Matt or Britney.  After Rachel left, I had to evaluate the lesser of all evils in the house and that was Enzo.

 AR:   Do you think you and Rachel will start where you left off when she went to the jury house?

BV:   Absolutely, I think since we have been away from each other we’ve been thinking about each other a lot.  Being without her helped me realize how much she means to me…

AR: Do you think your mom will be happy with Rachel?

 BV:  I think my mom will be happy as long as I am happy.

AR: Do you think you put too much energy into the comps and not enough on your social game?

BV:  Yes and no…I think I could have probably played a better social game, but I was at a bit of a disadvantage being pegged as a competitor during week 1 – only so much you can do when you are pegged a target in the game early on.

AR: Do you think it was because of Rachel that the house came after you right from the start and continued to come after you until you left?

BV:  No, I think the house viewed me as a threat – and Rachel and me together – they viewed us as a bigger threat.

AR: What was your biggest mistake in the game?

BV:  Probably trying to get Matt out vs. back-dooring Britney.  Oh, the what-if game.

So there you have it Brendon fans.  What do you think of his answers?