Big Brother 11: Week 7 Thursday Post-Endurance Highlights

Last night on Big Brother 11 the excitement ran high for Team Jeff & Jordan as the game continued to shift in their direction. Following the live Power of Veto, where Jordan doubled down with her wins for the week, the HGs went on to evict Lydia to no one’s surprise. From there the remaining six houseguests battled it out in a mini-endurance competition and a new Head of Household was crowned.

Find out who won and what happened after last night’s HoH competition below.

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 20, 2009:

6:15 PM BBT – The ‘Can Do’ mini-endurance competition flips up on the live feeds long enough to see Kevin in the lead

6:40 PM BBT – The live feeds are back as the HGs are congregate in the kitchen. After a few minutes it’s obvious that Jeff has won and beat out Kevin by just one can. Russell and Michele are on slop as the Have-Not’s this week.

7:30 PM BBT – Kevin reveals that BB announced during the game when he was in the lead, alerting the other players, but didn’t mention this when the other HGs were winning. He feels this was disadvantageous for him. I’d agree. Apparently Russell “shut him down” for 1 minute, allowing Jeff to win by 1 can. Seems there were powers you could win/use during the comp to impact the other players. Cool!

9:00 PM BBT – Kevin is working his magical words on Michele. He talks about how Russell is going after Jeff like he said from the beginning.

10:15 PM BBT – Jeff gets his HoH room and all join in to see. His letter is short but sweet. Jeff says he’s glad it wasn’t longer or he’d cry. That’s what she said!

1:00 AM BBT – Kevin, Natalie, and Jordan talking light game. Kevin says he wouldn’t have put up Jeff/Jordan if he had one. Yeah, right! Jordan says she just wants the best player to win. She seems semi-oblivious to their efforts.

3:15 AM BBT – Jordan and Jeff talking game. Jeff told Michele earlier that Russell is safe. He tells Jordan they’ll contemplate backdooring Russell later this week, but for now his plan is to nominate Kevin and Natalie for eviction on Friday.

3:20 AM BBT – Michele and Russell promising to protect each other. They feel comfortable knowing Jeff still needs their numbers.

3:30 AM BBT – Jeff is second-guessing himself now and wondering if he should nominate Russell and Kevin. His is going over potential Final 4 and Final 3 scenarios with Jordan. They can’t decide what to do yet.

It was a big night for Team Jeff/Jordan. Will Jeff betray his alliance of Final 4 or stick to his first plan of nominating Kevin and Natalie. The new nominations will be revealed tonight on the live feeds so keep watching and check back here for the results later tonight.

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  1. I can’t wait till the noms. I am hoping that Nat and Kev go up. I would love to see how it would play out with the final four being Russ/Michele/Jeff/Jordan. Hmmmm, with all of the sore losers on the jury Who Knows what they will do!

  2. i want kevin/jeff/jordan in the final 3, so this week they shoudl start off the nominations as russel/natalie, then at the veto they know that jeff/jordan/natalie/kevin will use the veto on natalie or not use it at all (it depends if they want michele as a target, too) and either way, russel has a good chance of going home.

  3. if jeff puts russel up for nomination, he has a chance to win pov, also michell has a very good chance look who she’s playing against. she’ll take russel off, game over for jj. team rm will win it all!!!!

  4. @Richard, of course russel will ahve a goodshot to play since their’s only 6 people left their wont be a drawing, but if you look at numbers, and if natalie and kevin want to stay theyll follow jeff/jordan’s orders and help evicted rusel or michele.

  5. if natlie would truly flip to jeffs side, it would be quite a finnish, although she really hasn’t won a thing, the vote could be all team jj would need and nat could pull kevin in and the whole game would change again!!!! keep it exciting!!!!



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  8. I like Russell, even though he might be a little short tempered, he have never gone back on his word. Remember he took a risk by keeping Jeff and Jordan safe the week he was HOH. Michelle is a little batty. Natalie is a schemer and will say whatever makes her safe. Kevin had better tell what Natalie said so that he can keep himself safe. Natalie will put Jeff up if she gets a chance because she knows how to scheme. Jordan won the veto she is not as dumb as she pretend. She does not want to have sex with Jeff without a committment pretty smart hey.

  9. if cbs wants to keep their ratings up, then they better make next season “Big Brother: All Stars 2” yeaaaa!

  10. Jordan is smarter than she gets credit. She matched Dr. Michel step by step on last pov. She might be a little naive but maybe “dumb” like a fox. Go Carolina Girl!

  11. I hope team J/J really think about the noms. I would love to see Natalie or Russell go home. I want Natalie to leave because she will be able to lie her way into the final 2. Russell is already planning with Michelle to stab Jeff in the back the first chance he gets. I don’t Russell had any plans to help J/J. He used them to further his game. Which is a smart move. But Russell is only loyal to Russell. In that case Natalie is only loyal to herself too. She will throw Kevin under the bus to further her game. Natalie will throw anybody under the bus.

  12. From “Small Screen Scoop”
    Finally, there’s now going to be a two-hour finale. The ratings for “Big Brother” are up 5% this year and they’ve decided they have enough material to fill a two-hour show. I don’t know that I necessarily agree with that. I have a feeling they have enough stuff to fil 90 minutes and we’re going to end up with 30 minutes of boring filler. Ah well.

  13. How about how well Michele did in the veto last night. I watch BB in HD and I swear Jordan was right next to Michele and could tell which step she was going for. If you have it on tape, look back at it. Jordan would make a move to the opposite position and then appear to be listening or feeling which step Michele took and she would take the same. Also, I think Michele can drop the “I don’t remember” crap. She remembered all those timelines last night, she kind of shot herself with her own gun last night. Natalie is up Jordan’s butt so she is sealing her final 2 fate through her. Dumb Jordan! I’d like to see Jeff and Russel as final 2.

  14. Jeff should stick to his word. You are only as good as your word. Even if it is just a game Jeff was the one insisting on swearing on parents. I will have no respect if they vote out M or R

  15. Also remember that while in that jury house they get to talk ALOT about their votes and they always seem to vote who played the best game….at least the ones I have seen…they seem to put their personal feelings aside for the most part….just my opinion

  16. Jeff and Jordan should be the winners, they are the only two on that whole show who have any class….It would be awful to see liars, cheaters, conivers, and just plain rotten people win this…

  17. I am so hoping Russ wins pov this week so he will be guaranteed safe. And Russ is not planning on stabbing anyone in the back until final 4. He has given his word several times in this game and always kept it. I don’t know why people on here are so against him. It seems like he may be the only who will keep their word.

  18. The Sexual Roundtable from last night was very interesting.

    Im a straight guy, but it was interesting to hear Kevin, and just see someone different life style u knoe?

    Jordan isnt as innocent as she seems.

  19. Jeff should get out Russ. U have the numbers dude.

    He was going to backdoor Jessie, and they were best buds in the house, dont think he wont do it to u.

    It would be interesting if Kevin and Natalie go up, And would be kinda messed up to put her up 4 times in the last 6 days.

    But if she stays she beatsa the all time BB record.

    But also Jeff as we have seen is very easy to manipulate, so what he saying he will do this morning will be completly different afte he tals with Natalie, Kevin, etc.

    Plus Michelle and Russell are gonna get found out very soon. Either that or they will implode on themselves because Michelle is still lying, even though she is somewhat safe. Its gonna come back and bite her good.

  20. Jeff has to look at that, MIchelle is always the center of a lie, and when asked always says she doesnt remeber. And she is a threat in the game.

    Anothe rmajor thing is that, Chima ha dMichelle’s back and een promised her saftey, and next week Michelle put her up.

    Russell lies havent come to the surface yet, nor that clear. He was working with Ronnie to get Jeff and Jordan out.

    He was going against his own alliance, to get Jessie out which is have good move, have too much at one time. especially when u dont have the numbas.

    Jeff needs to think this;

    Kevin hasnt lied, that Jeff knows of. Kevin has rele stuck to his guns the hole time.

    Kevin has been becoming a strong compeitior. Also one that Jeff so far can trust.

    Now Natalie I would say is the weakest of these 4. She DIDNT vote to evict ronnie and said it loud and clear in the house which gadges her loyalty in the game.

    She isnt a major threat to win alot.

    If she were to come after u, the person that would help her the most would be Russell.

    If u get Russell out, she truly doesnt have the number to do anything.

    Like now, There is no way Natalie can pull the stunt she wants because she would only have at most like 3. tie goes to hoh.

    And to Jeff, he has been partially brainwashed by Michelle so it would work.

    I should be a darn attorney or something. I break it down like a sciene. lol

  21. I think the talk last night on After Dark was a first for me! Probably for BB too! It’ll be interesting what Jeff might do. I think he better put up Nat and Kevin. Anybody left from the “other” side could win. I can’t believe JJ think those 2 don”t lie! Of course they don”t see what we see. It’s been an interesting year!

  22. If given the chance I think Jeff should backdoor Russell. He can’t play for HOH next week and it will be up to Jordan. Hopefully Michelle will help get rid of Kevin and Natalie. Russell is planning of going after Jeff before the final 4. so Russell is planning on breaking his word. All are going to play for veto so this is kind of tricky. Maybe he should put up Kevin and Natalie and hope Russell or Michelle don’t win the veto. Then he can do it. I have no faith in Jordan winning the HOH next week. But at least with Russell out there’s a chance.

  23. I think he will say evict Kevin because I read he wants to take Gnat f4. So after swearing on his parents he intends to break his word. If this is so I hope Jeff gets evicted. You are as good as your word. As far as I know Russ has kept his word with Jeff. He says he voted to keep Jesse because he gave his word not to put him up or evict him. Not smart but he still held true to his word. Maybe J/J should take a lesson from Russ especially since swearing on parent was at Jeffs insisting

  24. you can bet that Russell and Michelle will be coming up to the HOH room to side if they are still onside with Jeff and their alliance. Hopefully Jeff will see fit to ask the same of Russell and Michelle if they win HOH next time. I realize this is a game of lies and deception but Russell seems to keep his word if he makes a deal Go Jeff

  25. If Natalie or Kevin go against any of the others in the final two, they will have the jury votes. If Jeff is smart, he will get Kevin out, then Natalie. Kevin is also good in non-endurance competitions. Scary thing will be if next HOH Is endurance. Jeff can’t compete. Russell will probably win. Will be interesting.

  26. i didn’t like jeff and jordan at first but now i love these two people. they were so funny when all of them were out there talking about sexual positions! ha ha ha
    i so love jordan, she’s so understanding about sexual orientation and jeff was cool about the whole thing unlike that ignorant jessie!

  27. i wonder why there r so many russ haters. people need to let go of the chima crap, she gave as good as she got. the votes he gave people, including jesse- which WAS a bad move, was because he was keeping his word. As an earlier post wrote… he IS the most honest player right now. j/j r like we can’t trust russell, all the while swearing on their families on a final 4. then 5 min. later planning to backdoor him. If j/j take nat with them, they deserve whatever happens.

  28. no matter what i want jeff and jordan in the end with jeff winning. i am praying that jeff will find out that kevin is making up stories. i want the dirty natalie OUT then kevin.

  29. Jeff & Jordan are screwed. No matter who is on the block, there are three votes this week. Jordan will vote the way she and Jeff decide. The other two not on the block will approach one of the nominees and save them in exchange for teaming up against J&J next week. It will be Jordan vs three people on HOH competition since Jeff can’t play, I would take those odds! No one wants to sit next to either J&J in the final two so they are in trouble.

  30. Although I have wanted Natalie to leave, I think Lydia did deserve to go, after her recent crazy behaviors. I’m also glad that Jeff won the HOH competition, can’t wait to see who he puts up. I’m a huge fan of BB, but I’m somewhat disappointed in this season’s BB. They chose some unbalanced people to go into the house this season, not that they “knew” they were going to be so much trouble. I guess we did need something to make this season more interesting, cuz it’d have been a snooze fest. One more thing I want to mention, although I feel Jordan or Jeff rightfully deserve to win for being such nice people, it does make the house feel a litle “dull” (should I say). Anyway, I agree with Analaigh, BB: All Stars 2 sounds good to me, for next season!

  31. Chima apology letter was bogus, it was three paragraphs long…first of all an apology letter is only one paragrah. Her first par, was justification second para was the apology and the last par was reservation. So much for a heart felt apology.

  32. Chima apology letter was bogus, it was three paragraphs long…first of all an apology letter is only one paragrah. Her first par, was justification second para was the apology and the last par was reservation. So much for a heart felt apology.

  33. i wonder why there so many russ haters. I know the chima thing but she gave as good as she got. his votes were him keeping his word, including to jesse, which WAS a bad move. As an earlier post wrote, he IS the most honest player right now. j/j r like we can’t trust russell, all the while swearing on their families on a final 4. Then 5 min. later talking about backdooring russ. if j/j take nat with them and screw over russ, they deserve what they get.

  34. I don’t want to see Natalie win because she is a bully. Kevin just follows along, tells lies and tries to swim with the tide. Jordan is stupid but sweet and only is getting this far because of Jeff. I’d like to see Russell, Michele, and Jeff the final three. After that, I honestly don’t care who wins.

  35. So the new rat Jeff IS planning to back door Russ this week which means that he is not a man of his word and he swore on the life of his family. He is now officially a loser in my book.

  36. @Ashley…I think that the HG’s view the nomination and backdooring as two different things, so, if Jeff promised not to “put up” Russell, that meant to nominate him. Filling a spot after the veto is not seen as nominating the person…I could be wrong…

  37. @Ashley…I think the HG’s see nominating somebody and backdooring them as different things. Jeff promised not to “put up” Russ…that is, not to nominate him. Backdooring is after the veto, and filling a seat. However, if they promised safety until the final four, that kind of sucks. Remember, Russell said it would be something he might expect, and he has made deals with so many people…

  38. Jeff is not a rat, he is palying the game and trying to think what will be his best chance move to get tot he end. If he goes up against Russel in a endurance comp he is hooped.

  39. it’s all part of the game, everybody lies, no one keeps their word and no one should be expected to. Anyone in the house that trusts people’s word in there deserves to be evicted.

  40. Hey, hold on. When Russel was in the diary room he said that now he and Jeff were even and all bets were off. Jeff has to save himself. Remember, this is a GAME.

  41. Jeff should put up Nat and Kevin and if one them wins the POV then he *has* to put up Russell all the while saying gee, I am so sorry.
    Watching the group of them in the BYard while Russell was in the DR just shows how there is no drama when Russell isn’t around.

  42. Yes they did Cheri!! How is the golden boy Jeff any different then anyone else in the house now? He is not! Making a deal for final four and backing out is one thing, people have done that ever since I started watching the show. However, they didn’t swear on their family…

  43. ok it’s a game, but to swear on your family’s life, then go back on your word. Power changes people, doesn’t?

  44. The only way Jeff has a chance of winning is if he takes Russ or Michelle with him to the Final 2. Anyone else would get too many Jury votes.

  45. it look look like kevin and ant or going to be on the block and the target will be to back door russ

  46. BB is not about class! It is about lying your way to the top. I hate how people always want the “classy” ones to win. Yes you’re word in the game should stand for SOMETHING but not everything. I think Jessie and Ronnie were playing the better games of the other house guests. Nat and Kevin haven’t done anything and should have left LONG ago. I don’t even really care who wins anymore. My prediction is it will be Jeff and Jordan in the final two with Jeff winning because he has actually played the game, like a sissy imo but the game none the less.

  47. @Ashley… Jeff is not back dooring Russell. Russell said just last night that he would put Jeff up because their agreement no longer holds. So if Russell acknowledges there is now no loyalty between the two then how would Jeff be back dooring Russell by putting him on the block when Russell would do the same to him?
    Jeff and Jordan to the end!

  48. @MattyK.. if you can stay in the house by keeping your word then you are better than the ones who lie their way to the top. period. anybody can lie and manipulate. but if someone can actually play a clean game and still make it as far as jeff and jordan have that is something to be proud of. it is harder to be honest and win than it is to be a lying manipulator and win.

  49. i would love to see jeff, jordan and russ go to finale 3, neither jeff nor russ would win if they go to finale 2 with jordan… jeff’s best bet would be to let russ take jordan out at 3 then jeff and russ finale 2 then it would be a crap shot” roll of the dice” as to who would win… that would be my favorite end to this chaotic season…

  50. If Jeff backdoors Russell after swearing on his family he deserves to lose this game! I will have NO respect for him and even though I can’t stand Nat and if they take her to the final 3 I will route for her to win bcuz she did play the best game by fooling a couple idiots who believed her! I thought Jeff was so much smarter!

  51. Hello everyone,There as been some talk in other room in some people or saying there will not be no pov next week is tis true?

  52. @MATT Theres been some talk in some people are saying there will be no pov nexts week is this true?

  53. Russell said that him and Jeff were even. I think Russell would nominate Jeff. They should stay together until final 4. If Nat goes she has the jury votes and if they can’t see it they are stupid. The nominations should be here soon.

  54. My Big Brother dream would be Jeff and Jordon to be the final two. Hope Jordan wins it all because she and her family needs it more. If Jeff won I wouldn’t mind that either. Surely hope that little snake Natilie wins nothing. It is a game, but get real there is no need to be that mean at all.

  55. kevin and michelle are black horses in this game…they could very well take this game to a new level if theywere to join together…think of it, they would be the last 2 anyone would think would be in an alliance….

  56. It is sad, I am so confused by all the lying and all the backdooring and all the broken promises and the being “even” talk, that I have no clue who I want to go this week!

  57. Kev doesn’t know how to light a grill?!??!?! I like him, I do, but who in the world doesn’t know how to light a grill?!?!

  58. Someone earlier commented that Chima posted a apology letter. Does anyone know where I can find it?? Or if it exists??

  59. U sure hope Nat goes this doesnt seem to understand just how sneaky/smart she is. as for the michelle/kevin final two I dont see that unless J&J lose a competition. Im rooting for Jordan now after watching her read her letter last week. Jeff seems to have a good family and will be fine. If they both are evicted I’d like to see Michelle win. she is smart and has had to work on her own alot.

  60. Sorry Matt,

    I did not see it guess I was busy typing..
    Maybe I should just quit trying to join in..

    I am only a 62 yr old grandmother trying to stay young.

  61. It makes me feel better about Jeff’s chances to win knowing that whiny Jacob doesn’t like him.

  62. Thanks Matt,

    I have been a true fan since the 1st season, but never had a good enough computer till the past year and now can get around the sites without asking.

    I am really on the Jeff bandwagon, I know he is not the quickest or sharpest, but he does think things through and if he did’t have Jordan constantly changing and questioning everything single thing, I think he would figure things out.

    Go Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Comment #104 Yes it’s real, & if you believe that I have some ocean front proprty in Arizona for sale. Chimarosa is all about trying to make herself look good, & who she hurts,she don’t care.

  64. Natalie and Kevin should go up on the block.I hope Jeff doesn’t back door Russell, at least until the final four. Then of course he might not have a choice. But I hope Michelle goes first before Russell. It would be great to see a good competion, between Russell and Jeff. Someone said that they didn’t think Jeff could win agains Russell in a physical competition, I have to disagree. Look how long he stayed up on the swing contraption, and he didn’t look as tired as Russell.

  65. @Ohosazuzlas: I did fix the spam filter. Your comments are set to go to the moderation queue automatically. Once you stop attacking or putting down other commentators in your comments I’ll take you back off the watch list. Your call.

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