Big Brother 11: Week 7 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

The live feeds are back on Big Brother 11 and Jeff’s nominations are in. To find out if Jeff went back on his Final 4 alliance click “continue reading” for more…

Big Brother 11 Week 7 nominations:

  • Kevin
  • Natalie

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So it looks like Jeff won’t be turning on Russell or Michele just yet, but later in the week we might see some backdoor plans evolve. Seems like Jeff and Jordan can’t make up their minds on what they want to do as it comes down to the wire.

What do you think of Jeff’s nominations? Would you have rather seen someone else get nominated? Voice your opinion below and get into the Big Brother discussion here.

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  1. Kevin needs to be out. He doesn’t have a lot of dirt on his hands and could sweep jury votes if he were to make final 2.

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  3. Jeff has to get Russell out and then Natalie or he won’t win. He gets my vote..he has played the game and played it well, but if he keeps Russell this week I think he is out.

  4. Holy cow. Odds are Jordan will NOT win the next HOH. They need to make the right move. One of them will go home soon.

  5. Hope Russell wons POV and leaves nominations the same, forcing the Final 4, so Jeff stays clean and then hopefully the LML will come out and J/J will see how N/K have been playing them!

  6. I kinda like Kevin. I would rather see Michelle go at this point. At least Kev is entertaining to watch. I Hope Natalie gets kicked out and next week Michele.

  7. i hope nat goes then kev or michelle win next HOH and then we can watch jeff and russ’s true selfs come out and see which one is smart enough to figure a way to stay in the game

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  9. Unless he is planning to backdoor russel this isnt a good move. Russel will take out jeff the next time he has the chance, russel needs out if jeff wants to win. Natalie hasnt won anything yet, she should stay

  10. @Ladyyhawk

    “True selves?” Jeff is the only player who has both been involved in the game, and been an honourable person. He is a gentleman and deserves to win the $500k.

  11. Jordan makes fun of Russell by saying that he is acting paranoid. Get at clue Jordan, you guys are planning to backdoor him so he has a reason to act paranoid. Just like you will next week if Natalie wins HOH because she is going after Jeff.

  12. Mike I agree. He has to get Russell NOW, Russell and Jeff are the strongest competitors and Jeff can’t try for HOH. He has to get Russell now and then go for Natalie.

  13. I like Jeff’s Nominations, because either way, someone who needs to go will, whether it’s Ratalie,or Kevin, or Getting Russell, or Michelle using the backdoor method.

  14. At this point, NO ONE is safe any week. Honestly, if you are 100% certain that ANY player will take out ANY one player, than you are mistaken. They change their minds more in one minute than my 3 year old does!

  15. I think if Jeff is smart enough he will go ahead and back door russell so he has a chance to stay in this to the end.

  16. O.k. I am really pissed @ j/j! WTF are they thinking? Seriously! They are so dumb to believe Nat or Kev! I cant understand wtf they’re doing. Do they not remember how Nat was acting when Jessie was there? Cmon! Get real! J and J are gonna lose this game if they backdoor Russ… Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. THey do change their minds WAY TOO MUCH, but if Jeff is playing with his head and wants to win he needs to get Russell his strongest competitor out quick. That would leave he and JOrdan as a team, Kevin and Natalie as a team, and Michele all by herself with her secret alliance Russell gone. Once Russell is out I think Michele would be more loyal to J and J. Kevin would then see he needs to side with J and J because his numbers are down. That would leave J and J, Michele, and Kevin the final 4. THen they could battle it out. I am just pulling for JEFF because I think he has truly played this game well. Putting Jessie and Natalie up was brilliant. I didn’t like Jessie first time he was on and I almost refused to watch when they brought him back. I just think Jeff deserves to win. I can’t remember him telling lies like Michelle and Natalie have been. SO I would like to get down to those 4 then Kevin and Michele to battle it out for final three. At that point Jordan is on her own and will have to fight to go further. I think if Jeff is in the final 2 he will win against anyone if the Jessie, Natalie team puts aside the fact that he split them up and votes for best player and not from holding a grudge against him.

  18. iam so glad jeff put nat up i dont like her at all.she would put jeff up in a heart beat get nat out and keep kevin put russel up next week


  20. if jeff was smart he would’ve thrown this HOH competition and let kevin win.
    because kevin is gunning for russell.
    then jeff would’ve had the chance to play for the endurance next week.

    of course i’m glad jeff won, cos i’m not a JEFF fan; and russell will probably win next week and take him out.
    thanks jeff! (:

    kevin and michelle for final two, baby!

  21. Jeff is doing what I would do in his situation. I hope we stay on the same path! oh swoon :)


  23. If Russ gets backdoored, Michelle could play the true swing, and make a deal with nat/kevin to put up JJ next week, because odds are Jordan wont win HOH. Next week will be the perfect week to split up JJ if anyone wants to, even if nat/kev goes home this week. R/M and the other one who stays could play 3 on 1 vs JJ. Might just be the perfect time.

    And I thought all caps was going to get blocked/removed? :)

  24. ok, I commented a while ago about chima and being disappointed about her attitude, now…I’m SICK of how long this lie that Natalie & Kevin had made up about Russ & Michele is lingering on, come on big brother, enough is enough!!!!!! I have been for J/J all this time but am getting disappointed of them changing their minds continuously about getting Nat & Kevin out and how they’re acting higher than everyone else due to getting HOH for 2 weeks. let’s make the game get more entertaining big brother and finally have either Jeff or Jordan finally catch Nat or Kevin in their lie!!!!!!!! sorry everyone, again I have been a big fan of J/J but am getting tired of this soap opera game!!!!

  25. If they don’t hurry up and put out Russell!!! Not shocked @ the Noms. They wants Gnat or Russell out. Kevin is a pawn.

  26. hopefully neither of them win POV. Im doing that happy dance that they got nominated. Also on Lydia, you could tell she was lying. She just wants to be the first alone w/ jessie. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  27. Good to know jeff puts up natalie and kevin…hopefully they wont get p.o.v. and natalie leaves…then the final 4 is fine with me and everyone can fight it out. in my opinion jeff or jordan need to win big brother….

  28. I hope Russ wins the pov and then the next hoh so jj can regret ever going through with this stupid plan of theirs. And it’s funny when it has to do with jj that they can do no wrong but watch when russ wins hoh next week and has to do what he thinks is best for him and all of you will start the name calling again.

  29. @ blackgirl – I agree with you. J/J need to think about the JH and where the votes are going to go. So far the evicted HG’s are going to vote against J or J to win the 500k. If Nat makes it to the end, she’s getting my America’s vote.

  30. @ domini: After the next hg goes on Thursday there will be 5 left unless I missed something which is entirely possible as confusing as this BB season has gone.

  31. I agree blackgirl, but I don’t think Russ can trust anyone. He is going to have to do this on his own.

  32. blackgirl, u got that right. trying to keep up with j/j’s logic is exhausting! russ has GOT to win pov!

  33. I really think Jeff should try to backdoor Russell, however Kevin will win if he’s final 2 with either J/J. I’m rooting for J/J final two, with Jeff the winner. J Or J doesn’t stand a chance at the 500k if either Natalie or Kevin are up there with them

  34. I am very pleased with Jeff’s noms. Yes he needs to remember how gnat the rat has acted the first part of the season. Her and her clan acted so high and mighty until they weren’t on top. I’m pulling for J/J for the final two! Either one winning would be fine with me.

  35. Russell or Michelle will win POV and not use it. It sure is a lot of Russell bashing. Let the send Russell to the jury house and who will vote for Jeff or Jordan. Go Natalie if you can lie about your age, surely you can lie to Jeff and Jordan. Jordan says they got her back, wait until they see the show.

  36. If Jeff is gonna have any chance in staying in next week he needs to backdoor Russell this week.

  37. I am happy with the way jeff has been playing the game! I think both kev and nat need to go home but I think he better send russ packing soon.

  38. Yah but next week is too late o send russell packing. Jeff will be gone if he doesn’t get rid of russ now. Got to take that chance or j/j will be on block next week, butIhope they are anyways :)

  39. If Jordon and Jeff was smart they would take Russell and Michelle to the finals Because in the end the Jury will not give Russell or Michelle the vote. So who ever is up with Jordon and Jeff will lose because NO ONE in the Jury house likes Russell or Michell and if Kevin goes to the final 2 he will win because he is on the side of Jes Nat and Lyida.

  40. J/J needs to take down Kevin or Nat this week. Hope that Michelle or whatever house guest that stays this week to get HOH and get Russ out next week.

  41. I got off the Jeff/Jordan bandwagon last week and haven’t looked back. If its THAT easy for them to believe a lie from people who had been against them all game, they deserve to go home. What has Kevin/Natalie done for J/J to now trust them so much? So I’m actually now hoping that Natalie or Kevin win HoH next week and put both Jeff and Jordan on the block and expose all the final 4 deals that they have with everyone in the house.

  42. I think that Jeff is hoping that one of the noms win Veto then he has to put up someone, maybe Russell. Then he can see how the two noms react to being put up, they should get one vote each with Jordan being the deciding vote. That way just before the eviction vote Jeff could talk with Jordan and decide who Jordan should vote for. Who ever is evicted would have to admit it was a good move and add a positive to the Jeff/Jordan team. If the two other voters decide to vote together for the other nom J/J should still be able to put a positive spin on it for their team. If the Veto is not used and Russell/Michel decide to vote together they decide who leaves, which could lead to them grabbing the other nom to work together to try to win HOH and control the next noms. VETO control and/or use will be VERY BIG.

  43. Its all about your best possible chance to win the POV at this point. Jeff needs to backdoor russell so he doesnt have to compete against him if there both nominated next week. Eveybody talks about how scary it is to keep russell in the game this close to the finals. Well theres a reason for that. Hes crazy, he will stop at nothing to win this game, and backstap anyone on his way, we no this and in my opinion, jeff does to, thankfully. Russell will go home this week if he doesnt win POV I hope! hes seems to find a way to squirm his way out of trouble every week.

    Im a big J/J fan i want them to be in final 2. its funny, i dont usally root for the popular people in big brother but jeff and jordan are so nice and kind and so down to earth.

    atthe beggining of this season, before the houseguests went in the house. Me and my brother picked who we thought would win. We each picked two, are #1 and #2 just in case are #1 got knocked out early. My bro picked jeff as #1and ronnie as #2. mine michele #1 natalie #2,been just as fun as last year when i picked dan as #1. :) just a little gloating but its true.

    I like predicting
    1. jeff

  44. Unless Jordan wins HoH next week, Jeff is probably going home. Hopefully. Natalie and Kevin will most likely put Jeff up. Russell would put Jeff up…Jeff has told Natalie/Kevin too much stuff about Russell that only Jeff would know….so when Natalie/Kevin informs Russell of what they know and who told them, Jeff is going home. Other than Jordan, Michele is the only other one who may keep Jeff…but she may decide its in her interest to get Jeff out too.

  45. The last two rounds of HOH noms have proven exactly how stupid Jeff & Jordan really are.

    They’ve had chances to take out strong physical competitors, yet prefer to take out the people “they don’t like.” If you’re Jeff and you get down to the final four, wouldn’t you rather go up against Lydia or Kevin in a physical challenge than Russell?

    It also needs to be said that there’s something really foul about the way that the white, middle American alliance has been portrayed on the show as they good guys, while the more ethnically diverse alliance has been portrayed as villians. Team Jessie always had room for Black, Hispanic, and Gay team members, while Russell has been the only person with an ethnicity other than “Bright White” on the Jeff/Jordan team from the start.

    Between the way that the producers portray the houseguests and the comments on this and other boards, there’s a faint hint of bigotry hanging over this whole thing.

  46. Jay you say “…[Russell is] crazy, he will stop at nothing to win this game, and backstap anyone on his way…” Well, last I checked Jeff and Jordan are the ones who have a final 4 deal with everyone in the house, are backstabbing both Michele and Russell, and are maintaining the ridiculous lie that they (J/J) dont have a final two deal. And on top of that…they get upset when Russell or Michele attempt to play the game with their own final 2 deal.

  47. @samantha#15 you are right “trueself’s ” was a bad choice of words. but i do believe they are both the top competitors and one must make a move soon or they may both be minus 500 K….

  48. I want either Jeff or Michele to win. I keep reading comments about Michele lying, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t recall anytime Michele has lied. The only time I can think of is when she had the MISUNDERSTANDING with Russell. Jeff and Michele have played the game the best so far, Jordan just barely started fighting (I still like her though), Russell is a loud-mouth and has insulted all my favorites, Natalie is just unbearable, Kevin has been a huge floater and is annoying me with his lie about Michele and Russell. Russell mentioned an alliance, but Michele never agreed to anything. The only chance Russell and Michele have at winning is if they take eachother to the end so it would be smart of them to start an alliance because Jeff and Jordan will turn their backs soon. Natalie and Kevin NEED to go! I want Natalie to go this week, then Jeff, then Kevin, then Jordan, and Michele to win against Russell. OR Natalie goes this week, then Kevin, then Russell, then Jordan and Jeff wins against Michele. But I atleast want Michele to get runner-up.

  49. I agree with whoever said Kevin is entertaining, it was so funny when all the girls were crying over Jessie, his facial expressions were priceless!

  50. kim im not denying what you say, my point of view is as a J/J fan. i have no problem with the backstabbing i respect russells game and he scares me and he should scare jeff thats all.

  51. Okay so why would people want Natalie the manipulating liar to win the money. Jeff is clearly playing the game well plus he’s not stirring drama in the house. He is in it for the game. Not to make enemies. However on a small note Kevin should be honest and reveal Nat’s devious lies. This will get him further in the game. Natalie needs to go bottom line. Jeff will no doubt get everyones vote b/c in the end they always look at who played the game the best. And it’s obvious it’s him….. Jeff needs to play very wisely and it’s ashame that they are throwing Russell under the bus at this time. He is thankful for Jeff saving him and i truly believe is going to be faithful for all of Jeff’s actions in the game. I mean come on face reality had it not been for Jeff Russell’s butt would be long gone. But on the same note Lydia was taken off the block and she flipped out on Jeff. That just didn’t make any sense at all. But hey what can i say we have some psychotic people out there. Maybe she was just flipping out b/c she wanted to be with Jesse (which in my opinion is not all that he appears to be) He may have the body but he doesn’t have the personality. Arrogancy doesn’t make you all that. I’m very pleased with the way things are rolling in the BB house with the exception of Kevin getting involved in the LML. His only way of saving himself is honesty towards J/J. That would be his smartest move. I know Russell has flipped out in the past but let’s face it Michelle did lie in his face and believed her own lie. That would cause anyone to flip out.Let the game begin and may the best player win. And we all know who the best player is.

  52. Another view, so you think that the overwhelming number of people that like J/J are biggots, and it has nothing to do with how respectful they are to the other houseguests. Ya because big brother is not smart enough to find 2 good looking down to earth people. Everyone in the house likes jeff and jordan people naturally gravitate to people like jeff and jordan. O ya most people dont hate the the dark side lol they just like J/J a lot better.

  53. i was suprised and i give kudos to jeff for nominating nat and kevin. i though he was getting a little stupid listening to nat all of a sudden. way to go jeff don’t make any changes just yet. get nat out now

  54. I hadn’t considered the race card issue but now I understand how stupid rascism is. Reverse racism is the same as racism. You insult Jeff and Jordan because they are white! I know that you are proud of Chima!

  55. Jeff messed up already. He and Jordan wasted time going after Natalie and Lydia when they don’t win any competitions. Jordan should have taken out Michele or Russell last week and Jeff the other this week.

    Now, even if they back door Russell, then Michele hooks up with Natalie and Kevin and they get Jeff out next week.

    The best play for Jeff now is to back door Michele because Natlie and Kevin will never align with Russell.

  56. Another View,Big Brother shows all houseguest alliances Jessie alliance was villians in the game. I think you have a problem because white America people are on the other alliances. Natlie,is a lier and she uses people to do her work”Puppet Mater” I hope sees the truth.

  57. the race card is always pulled in EVERY reality show…ALL THE TIME!! I just choose to ignore them, which I haven’t done for this time. HAHA…whoops.

  58. Budman good commet. Natlie,Kevin plays both sides and at the end you will go on any side to win you are anybodys friend when it comes to 500,000

  59. I think that it would have been smart for Jeff to put Michelle & Russell and let the house vote on who is the biggest swinger. I personally hope that Russell gets back doored this week. Actually Jordon should have on her last veto meeting asked Russell live on TV why she should not use the veto and put him on the block to place him on the spot live!

  60. If Jeff is smart, he gets Russel out this week. Say Nat goes home, does J/J really want the next HoH comp to be Russell, Kevin, Michele, and Jordan? The only way J/J will win the 500k is if they BOTH are there. If either Nat or Kevin make it to the final two J/J will not win as Jessie, Lydia, Kevin/Nat will not be voting for them. At the same time, I wouldn’t want to go to the final three with Russell(if I was Jeff) depending on Jordan to win. Get Russell out now, cut a deal to get Michele out next week, go from there.

  61. J/J missed their opportunity last week to get Russell out quietly….it could have all been done and he is out in 5 min w/o him being able to terrorize the HG all week. Instead they sent out Lydia who was nothing (other than annoying) in competitions. Poor move on their part.

  62. I hate jj but good news for u fans because they will rig the compition for Jordan to win because CBS is really giving the game to Jeff for ratings I’m almost done watching this season

  63. I think J&J have their ears and eyes open to see who is the bigger threat – Nat or rus. at this time the game could go either way and Im glad now that Jeff used the coup de tea to even the game out. I would still like to see J&J in the final 2 but would respect russ and michelle – let the best team win and at least the whining ones are almost gone….

  64. This week Natalie should go, then Michelle, then Russel, next would be Kevin then Jordan and Jeff should win. Thats just my opinion.

  65. I think Jeff’s noms are good, & they should stay. Hopefully Jeff is smart enough to keep Russell in. Jeff & Russell have both kept their word,since the first deal when Russell got hoh. Gnataliar or Kevin need to go.

  66. Well Jeff. u did again. U made a bad decison.

    Now, ur letting Russell and Michelle bascially backdoor u. because, if either Kevin, or Natalie stays, they will be on ur arsh.

    So again Natalie is up, hopefully she can survive (i dont see how that is possible) and break the record for the lasting out the most nominations. I think Sharon maybe from season had the record i could be wrong.

    Darn! Their is no way Natalie or even Kev can talk there way out, you gotta win veto.

    Kevin is cool, but hopefully Nat can stay.

    Boy, its really tough to stay in a game when the game has been changed so u dont stay in the game.

    If Kevin or Natalie are leading per say to win veto or hoh, BB will simply say there leading, stacking the odds against them even more. but thats another story.

    Jeff if their was any person to get out, Michelle would be the chick.

    Notice how she doesnt talk to Jeff NEARLY the amount now that she is “safe” playing the victim card. Russell, Jeff, Jordan have all fallen for it.

    Dont be suprised if she wins this game.

    If u can lie like 20 times a week, be horrible at lying, and survive for like 4 weeks, chances are u will make it to the end.

  67. And Jacob has a good point.

    The last hoh wasnt really “rigged” but If Kevin is in the lead and BB says “Houseguests, Kevin is leading”

    But you dont say that when anyone else is leading, thats horse s–t!

    If u GIVE Jeff the most power in the house over a 2 week period, when he didnt earn it knowing who he would go after thats horse s–t!

    If these next comps are like that, aka favoring Jeff and Jordan, then EVEN if ur a Jeff and Jordan fan u have to look at it like “well thats not fair, and that kinda ridicolous”

    Because it is.

  68. j/j should get kev out this week. kev is smart and well liked by jury house. Nat is not a threat, has not come close to winning any physical or mental comps.
    Next HOH will be russ or michelle. kev will be gone, nat can’t win anything, jordan has odds against her to win. with russ/michelle hoh, j/j plays the final 4 agreement and they survive and get out nat.

  69. yes……… Jordan just told Jeff she might want to take Natalie to the Final 3 instead of Michelle….. Jeff said we can take whoever we want….. I want anyone to win but sherat aka Michelle!!!

  70. @ Marcus, Hey did you see bbad tonite? Did you like seeing your girl Gnat in a bikini? No sweat pants & hoodie sweat shirt. Whad ya think?

  71. U cant take anything Jeff and jordan say right now for anything.

    THey make break deals, lie a little bit. rele u can only take what they say on the day of eviction. or POV or w/e

    Kevin is a threat, he has come up out of nowhere coming so close to winning.

    Natale has come close in 3 comps. oh by the way

    But she is one of the weakest in the house I GUESS.

    I would get out Russ. or Michelle becaus eeveryone would be on board with that with no backlash

    Think about it

    If Kevin stays/Natalie, there gonna align with Russ/Michelle to get out Jeff.

    So thats like 2 votes, assuming Kevin or Natalie/R/M/ win hoh and 1 vote for him to stay.

  72. Best move next week for whoever is still in the game, is to put up jeff and jordan and send one of them packing. Doesn’t really matter who goes this week, it can easily be 3 vs 1 for that plan and you could take out one of the two (and possibly only if russ goes home) physical competitors left. While you could say nat is tough, she hasn’t won anything

  73. Okay i understand Jeff and Jordan like each other, I get that, and understand how ppl flirt, but DANG!!

    Jeff u are like 31.

    Like wat are u guys 5? meeting each other for the first time in kindy?

  74. Jordan is going to be the downfall of Jeff. Jeff needs to let her go, if he doesn’t he’s done. It will be Gnat & Jordan w/ Gnat WINNING.

  75. natalie should win the game, final two should be nat and jordann. plus i love jordan(:

  76. How come when the Jesse/Chima/Nat/Kevin/Lydia alliance was winning competition after competition and lying and scheming and backstabbing, everyone loved them – but when the tables are turned and Jeff/Jordan finally get a chance to actually play with the tables being turned, everybody says its unfair? Its was about time that the tables turned in that house – if Jeff got the power and was picked by America, he must have deserved it! And he used it wisely to put himself ahead in the game. He has been consistently loyal to Jordan and has been up front about most things more than anyone else in that house. Whoever isnt all for Jeff winning this year apparently doesnt watch BB after dark or the live feeds…….

  77. Give some of us some credit- I don’t like JJ because of looks! I didn’t like Jesse,Chima,nat because they were smug and laughing as they lied,backdoored people and couldn’t understand why they were mad. Then, they got backdoored and all of. Sudden it wasn’t so funny. They act like they didn’t lie and don’t understand why people would go after them. Poor sportsmanship. It is a game people.

  78. All the talk about Jeff back dooring Russel sounds to sexual…let’s use a different word or something!

  79. I can’t believe how addicted I am to this show! I wish I had known about this site before hand, I would have gotten the live feeds… Next season, for sure! :)

    I like Kevin…not so much into Nat. Kinda wished she would have left last week, but hey, what can you do? I am all for Team Jeff~woot~! Michelle and Russle, no comment atm! :| lol

  80. @ladyhawk

    Right on!

    The house is split in so many permutations, it truly is anyone’s game. Given the fact we, the viewers, get a vote, this may make all the difference in the end.

  81. I think, BB production Loves Jeff and Jordan and they are trying to please America to keep America watching the show. Jeff got the wizard power because BB production Knew that he was super popular. they did the research and found out that America love him therefore this voting thing was a set up. second last Thursday is was clear that they took the HOH away from Kevin by blocking him. so bottom line BB production just handle the money to Jeff and end the show. Thank you

  82. Why didn’t Jeff put Russell on the block ? If nothing changes, Natalie will be leaving the house.

  83. i think jeff is playing the game right but i would backdoor russ he needs to leave i would make some kind of deal with nat and kevin to get michelle aout next week andthe the final four focus jeff get russ out this week and then hope jordan gets hoh next week

  84. I’m on the Jeff/Russell bandwagon. ALthough I do love Jordan, Russell deserves to be there in the in he put on a show and gave all viewers something to come back for, told the truth to people face, there is not one person that he did not get into it with. But ultimately Jeff is more mature, handsome and deserves the title. As for Jordan’s age? No problem this in not 1972!

  85. Russell and Michelle are very strong players, if Jeff and Jordan want to be the final two they are going to have to get rid of one of them..Jeff is a good player but Jordan is weak Jeff has been carring the two of them..they are getting down to the wire and it is time to make that decision..

  86. I think Jeff was right on the money with these nominations,Natalie needs to go& Kevin has been skating by,I say keep Russell in the game,he wont win against them because most of the previous houseguests hates him.

  87. Looks like Kevin and Russell will be the last ones standing that started out on that side. Michel maybe floated for a while. But they will make it to the final five, say what you want, they have game.

  88. Upset move would be that Russell won POV and took Kevin off the block. Michele was put up and let the game really begin! Jeff/Jordan would be pushed to think fast on their feet….. Jeff N/P, Jordan not so fast.

  89. Best move = Michele evicted. Russell/Kevin/Natalie UNITE and J/J really need to move out of that comfort zone.
    J/J think they have it in the bag.


  91. I’m sort of on the fence with this one — Kevin seems like sort of a straw dog to nominate, and while I’d LOVE to see them get rid of Natalie, it’s getting to the time to think about what to do about Russell. I’d think that keeping ineffectual Kevin around might be a good idea, for a while, but who knows – he’s doing a pretty good job of flying under the radar.

  92. I am truly confident that Jeff/Jordan know exactly what they’re doing. This has been there plan; after Lydia (gag), the next week go after Russell. To trust Gnat or Kev at this point would be dumb! But, using the back door if he’s able to, Jeff/Jordan CAN/WILL win! It’s a perfect scenario that’s been the “plan” for weeks. And Jordan is not nearly as “dumb” as she appears! Ciao!

  93. Everyone needs to consider WHO Jeff has to take to the Final Two to win BB. It either has to be Michelle OR Russell. Natalie, big-time floater and Kevin with the 80’s hair style need to go then maybe Russell then Jordan. Michelle would have to take Russell to Final Two to win. All of the losers in Jury House hate Michelle and Russell so they would have to be the ones Jeff or Jordan would have to take to the end. It’s not personal folks…it’s the game! Backdooring Russell is not the move to make. Get rid of the Jesse lovers then go down to Jeff, Jordan, Michelle & Russell.

  94. Ok final two discussion. Jeff gave away two HoH’s one to Russel and the other to Jordan. Definitely a strong competitor! He is in contention for every contest and has protected Jordan the entire game. Jordan’s first win was the live veto this Thursday. So I do believe that if Jeff and Jordan are in the final two, Jeff would get more votes if the jury voted on game play rather than “coat tail riding.” But, an emotional bunch that they (jury) are, you can be sure they will want to punish Jeff for having and using the Coup D’Etat.

  95. Perhaps we should consider CBS and what the BB crew want to see how this plays out. They need an entertaining show, so based on previous convo’s. they had with J/J coaching them into who they should be voting out.

    I think that they will want to see 2 strong competitors in the final 3 so they can have a interesting endurance competition, otherwise it will be boring, so I am thinking perhaps they will convince Jeff to keep Russell, so they can duke it out in the final 3 and then Jordan or Michelle will be the third person.

    Also, don’t under estimate Nat. she might be playing all of them and surprise everyone by starting to win some of these comps. It wouldn’t surprise me because I think she is conniving and sneaky!

    This is of course just a scenario that I think should be considered.

  96. Backdooring Russell would be stupid at this point because it would reveal to Michelle that J/J can’t be trusted and be the impetus to make Nat,Kev and Michelle put aside their differences to get rid of J/J remember Jeff can’t compete for HOH and the odds of Jordan winning it again are slim so they would be outnumbered and definitely put on the block by whoever becomes the new HOH. So backdooring Russ would more than likely lead to Jeff being booted (unless he or Jordan could win POV) because he would be the biggest target in the house.

  97. Back dooring Russell is just wrong! Wrong in the fact that you swore on your family! I wouldn’t have been soooooo annoyed w/ J/J if they hadn’t sworn on their family! I honestly believe Russell would take Jeff to the Final 4 then duke it out there! I wanted either J/J to win before but after them being wishy washy and believing the other side they don’t need to win anything! Stupidity gets you nowhere!

  98. I agree with Joeblow, I’m all for J/J/M/R. I am getting bored with this nat/kevin lie! there’s been plenty of opportunities of them getting caught plotting the lie. I wished it would happen very soon. if Jeff wants to win, he and jordan needs to stick with the original plan of the J/J/M/R foursome. the Jesse alliance doesn’t like Russell or Michelle and would probably vote for jeff or Jordan to win. I feel as if this is turning out to be a soap opera with the lie that keeps going on. I would like to see Nat go home this week, followed by Kevin then Michelle then Russell or Jordan. as for the 24/7 live feeds, Megan, I have been watching Big Brother (and luv the show!!) and decided to subscribe and I am disappointed with it, they are always going to some type of screen savers when I thought it was supposed to be live. I feel we’re not getting what we paid for.

  99. Understanding all the theories, these guys have no choice BUT to contemplate all of the above.
    As much as I think Jeff wants to win this game, I honestly believe he is SO noble that given the chance, if it came to he or Jordan winning the half mil? He’d give it to Jordan and be more than happy! He’s all but guaranteed to get America’s choice prize; that combined with the perfect scenario of he and Jordan in the final 2, he’d be thrilled to take second! – just MY opinion.

  100. LOL, Diana, after posting my comment, I received a comment back stating my comment was a duplicate to what I just commented. I think they are confusing us. I’m gonna try and change my name a little. :)

  101. -forgot to add; after hearing Jordan’s letter; having to share a bedroom with her mother only to finally be getting her own room, her dream; to buy a home for her family! Jeff’s reaction was incredible and only made him respect and like Jordan even more. Forget any other past “showmances”; this is ONE that has a chance.

  102. I guess this was the best case scenario for jeff/jordon for this week. if they tell kevin/natalie that one of them will be saved from the evto as long as michele or russel dont win it, and they take kevin off (hopefully) then the two of them will be loyal to them, and may go to the final 4 with them. you never know in this game. (this week only 3 people will vote, so if its russel/natalie on the black post-veto, kevin and jordan would vote out russel, and michele, the hopeless cause, will vote out natalie)

  103. @Joeylee – If Jordan and her family is so broke then how and why did she spend $5,000 on a boob job? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  104. @Ashley: Bloody good point. The $5,000 for breast seems rather extravagant if you going to cry about sharing a room. Its all a crock if you ask me. Jeff needs to fight for himself as I think Jordan will have no problem stabbing him in the back to get the money. She will probably use some for liposuction. Please Jeff, just play for yourself. She doesn’t want to date you, she doesn’t want you, move on and win the game for yourself. Classic “showmance” to win the money.


  106. yeap Jordan is playing Jeff and Jeff is going to lose because of Jordan watch. Jordan is like the version of Natalie, but she pretends to be Innocent.

  107. OMG Jordan won the POV because she was listening to how Mitchell’s steps. watch the episode and you will notice how Mitchell makes her decision first, and when she step, you can hear the noise. then Jordan will follow her. again another set up from BB to make sure that Jordan and Jeff stay in the house and look good to America.

  108. Jeff really needs to be smart about things this week. Russell in the final two is probably a guaranteed win for either Jeff or Jordan if they go with him. Michelle and Russell are kind of interchangeable in that way- I don’t see either one having the votes to win BB unless they are up against each other. It is probably inevitable that either Jeff or Jordan will go home before the end of the game, so they need to play like a chess player and look a few moves down the road. ONE (only one) of them needs to play nice with Kevin and Natalie this week, let them think they are considering backdooring Russell without making promises, but ultimately KEEP HIM IN THE GAME! Get rid of Natalie, or Kevin- getting rid of Russ does nothing for them. Yes, he is a good competitor and could win HOH, in which case he will get rid of one of them but longterm it’s still their best chance at winning. My pick to win though is Michelle. I think she will stick with Russ, she knows he won’t get votes, and she will split up Jeff and Jordan cause she would have zero chance against either of them in the final.

  109. 1. Jeff or Jordon can not beat Kevin in the finals. If I were jeff I would convince russell and michele that kevin beats them both in finals for the 500g’s.
    2.If I were going to the finals I would take Michele I think anyone of the j/j/r could beat her. The jury room would be full of Michele haters.
    3.I see it going evil and mean r/m going against sweet and innocent j/j in the final 4!
    Then every man or woman for themselve.

  110. Think about it, Russell has been brilliant this year. His picking fights with other houseguests is all part of his plan. He will pick a fight with Nat or Kevin this week publicly- and then apologize to them privately before one of them gets the boot. It has been very effective for him so far. That way he reminds the powers that be that he is a GREAT person to take to the final two because he has made so many enemies. Then he takes his chances with the jury- either way he takes home some money.

  111. O.K David, Jeff Keeps M/R, Russell and Jeff are about the same when it comes to playing right.then Mitchell easily beats Jordan and that put Jeff in jeopardy. now you take K/N. Jeff can easily beat Kevin and Jordan has a batterer chance to win over Natalie. I know you guys love Russell because he looks at the mirror 24/7 and is always without his shirt, but this is about game not a runway compatition.

  112. Kevin, then the nat, then russell or jordon or jeff. I still think everyone there knows the only chance they have for the big money is to take hated michelle with them to final. You guys agree

  113. 1is1me, if i could choose, it would be Jordon or Jeff then Russell, then kevin, then michelle then nat.

  114. @1is1me – my like for Russ have nothing to do with how he looks. If I was going on looks, I would be a Jeff fan like everyone else on this site. I think Russ has played a good game and if wins pov and hoh then all the better. If Jeff does back door him then I will be for Nat or Kev because their big lie turned the game around.

  115. No 1is1me , I think Russ is obnoxious and for that reason I can’t wait to see him lose in the end, but he has played to his strengths in the game. Because of his looks/strength he would always have been the biggest target had he not picked fights and made enemies. He’s stayed for two reasons: if Russ is making enemies, let’s keep him around so that I am not in the line of fire; and if Russ is making enemies he won’t have jury votes and I can beat him in the final two.

  116. I want Jeff or Michelle to win. Jordan 3rd. I think Jeff is just a great guy who’s made great moves in the game. In the beginning he was sooo smart not to buy into the clique thing and maintain relationships with both sides. Then he won some, made a firm ally with Jordan, and keeps the target off his back by keeping volatile players in the game. I like Michelle because she plays with her head, she’s very smart, and she knows how to go with the flow- she is applying game theory to her choices and she may just beat them all in the end.

  117. i really thing the game changed several weeks ago when russell and jeff made their secret alliance. When that happened I told my wife, jeff and russell would probably end up in final 4.

  118. I’m finally relieved jeff nominated kevin and Natalie instead of Russell. Kevin is more bubious than Russeel and Ronnie combined. I want to see him gone this week.

  119. Kevin is my favorite

    I hate jj Bach production stacks challenges in their favor and coup d’état is so cheap


  121. Ok if they get russell out i dont think it will look good for j/j because michelle will come after them just like nat & kevin. I think they need to backdoor michelle before russell because what will look better in the end, michelle, jeff, & jordan or russell, jeff, & jordan

  122. I think they are great. Because you know knat will nominate Jeff for sure. Jeff can deal with michelle and russell later.

  123. Does anybody else here get sick of Michelle giggling at every word that is spoken by others and every word she herself speaks even if its nothing funny thats even said by anybody, she giggles, not to mention when she talks, she mumbles, and her shifty eyes drive me absolutely nuts, can’t wait until she is GONE!!!!

  124. I think Jeff and Jordan should go after Russell he is the main threat in the house for them. If they do that Michele will be alone and can be easy to get rid of in the long run.

  125. If Jeff gets rid of Michele and Russel he will have no chance of winning the whole thing. If he is up against Natalie, Kevin, or Jordan he will definitely lose with the jury votes. He needs to think ahead. He needs Michele and Russel there because he will most likely get the jury votes over those two. Unfortunately, he needs to realize that taking Jordan to the final 2 would be a guarantee lose for him.

  126. Kevin is a huge threat. They way the jury house is shaping up, he is liked by everyone in it. He could win easily if in the final 2.

  127. I am glad with jeffs picks but he has to be careful and really think about backdooring russell or michelle. i really think michelle is a bigger threat than russell.

  128. Natalie needs to leave to back door russel right now would be a bad move nat then kevin need to leave I want to see jeff and jordon make it to the final 2 and I wanna see jordon win the money she seems like she needs the money more then anyone

  129. I don’t think it is a good idea to back door Russell, I think Jeff is beginning to realize that they still might need him in order for him to stay in the game. Because he can’t play next week, and Jordon is the only one that he knows he can trust, not to put him on the block. But Russell will be a little more loyal to Jeff if he doesn’t backdoor him this week. Natalie needs to go home. Kevin will then have no choice but to eather help Jeff and Jordan, or he will show his true colors

  130. Jody that was good and Russ better get that POV thing Because if Nat or Keven gets it then its good buy Russ well maybe not they might pick the oter one beside him if he is put up in place of the other winning the Pov.

  131. All 6 hg’s are playing their games if you step back and look at it. Agree with earlier comment about(poor Jordans) boob job and the $ they spent when they can’t even afford keeping their house. She is an anchor to Jeff who has a grade school crush on her and who can’t look to her for help with her limited ability and brain power. Look at how she rationalizes her effort to select the players going to the f4 and backdooring Russ. Russ is playing his game from the extreme fighter experience to intimidate the opponents. That is his play, Michele is, I think, playing the cards all close to her by being forgetful, not remembering or just lying and we have not really seen her exposed. You don’t get a PhD by being forgetful. Nat may even be lying about her Ti Quan Do as she lied about her age. Her not winning anything with her in so much danger shows she is not that smart or athletic. Kevin is a floater but can win contests and is smarter than he has played as he also has not needed to do much until the last two weeks. For these reasons and while I do like Jeff, I hope for a R/M final 2 so the JH has a tought decision to make giving the $$$$ to those they hate the most but I think are as deserving as anyone there.

  132. June, Thank you. I agree with you Russell defiently needs to win to keep himeself safe. If Jeff wants to break up the allience between Michelle and Russell, he should defiently send home Michelle (expecially if Natalie or Kevin take themeselves off the block). Russell is the more trustworthy one of the two. I hope he just keeps them the same though

  133. I think that they should nominate Michelle. She has the most ability to eventually take them down. I also think they would be very smart to take out Kevin that would leave Russell and Natalie helpless.

  134. Jody Russ reminnds me of me he blowes up and then fiils bad and humbles him self like me but yes i think he is trust worthy too sweetie. GO RUSS I LOVE YA SWEETIE!!!LOL!

  135. YES Jody IF ONE TAKES THEM SELF OFF THEY SHOULD PUT Michelle up cause she is on both sides and Kevin would take her more then Russ or Jeffs team.

  136. June, Even though I like Jordon, I like Jeff better. And I think it would be interesting to find out who wins between the two of them.

  137. Jody you know it will be Jeff girl he is the stronger and smarter one with out him she is a goner and yes i love her too.

  138. Russ and Jeff are the strongest players left in there. and michelle and Kevin are the smartest and Nat and Jorden are hanging on to the others to stay in the game.

  139. hey i think the whole game is twisted. I hope jeff knows he made a horrible descision voting out jesse considering russell is a snake and was trying to get jesse to go with him and backdoor jeff. Also come on jeff and jordan both of them can not win so why build a relationship. I would like to see someone other than jeff and jordan win just because if it wasnt for the coup d’etat being GIVEN to him they would not have made it this far they have not really played the game but have just sit back and let everyone else ride them to the top

  140. Like I said I hope to see Jeff and Russell fight it. There was a reason Jeff sat towards the background a little, because he got backstabbed by Ronnie, and who was on team Ronnie you guessed it. Natalie, Jessie, and later Chima. So I understand why he did it. I think he was trying to figure out who he could trust in this game. Besides it is not like Jessie tried to even talk to Jeff about strategy, he didn’t even ask him to join them for any of the meetings they had. Then Jessie wondered why Jeff didn’t trust him. DUH

  141. Tabitha, the coupe da ta was not given to Jeff he earned it, I would love to see Russell find out and put Pressure on Kevin and watch him crack right before he gets voted out. Kev/Nat should definitely not be in the running. Michelle is a little spacey but I’m still a Jeff fan.

  142. I agree with the nomination of Natalie and Kevin, Natalie should have gone a long time ago. I can’t believe that Jeff and Jordan are so naive that they believe N & K’s lies about Russell.

  143. I honestly can’t say who the members of the jury house will vote for until the final episode because everyone is influenced by eachother and what has been going on in the house. I just now that for a FACT, America’s favorites are Jeff, Jordan, and Michele. (in that order)

  144. I hope that Jeff keeps the nominations the same, and not back door Russell. It would be a mistake if he back doors Russell.

  145. This is the order that I think people should get evicted.

    Natalie: Is playing two sides, and everybody thinks she is a strong player. (I think that she has people believing she isn’t)

    Kevin: He also is playing two sides, and is a strong mental player.

    Michelle: She is playing two sides, and is a strong mental and physical player.

    The final three should be Jeff, Jordon, and Russell. Hopefully Jeff and Russell in the final two.

    What I think will probably happen. If Jordan and Jeff are still on top.

    Russell: This week
    With the final three being Jeff, Jordon and Natalie.

    If they don’t stay on top and Russell goes home it will be.


    Then the final three will be Natalie, Kevin, Jordon.

  146. jody that would be funny.thats the way i want it to be.the big shots wont be big shots anymore

  147. I think that Jeff & Russell should talk about what is going on, (without Jordan). This way they can get things straight with their game. The Gnat needs to leave. Jeff & Russell to the final two.

  148. If I were Jeff, I would take out Michelle. She is the only HG who is sort of “in” with both sides. She will be more likely to make a deal with Nat or Kev than Russell. She also plays a better mind game than Russell. She is really thinking this game through and I believe already has it planned out in her own head what she wants to happen at each crucial point in the game to come. I doubt Jordan, Nat, Kev, or Russ has done this. But then if Russell stays, he just might put Jeff and Jordan both on the block, and hope that Jeff stays on and goes home. Jeff is more of a threat to him than anyone because Jeff wins competitions and thinks ahead. Because Jeff is allied with Jordan, Russ can never get Jeff to take him to the final two, whereas Michelle would take him. No matter who stays, Nat and Kev must go or they will get the jury votes. But Jeff needs to know for sure who wants him out the worst, because Jordan is the only one who won’t put him up.

  149. Jeff made the right decision. I hope he does not back door Russell just yet. He still needs the alliance down to the wire, since Russell is a physical factor in the contest. If you are going to back door Russell this week, you better know he is going out. He could win a physical competition and Jeff might go BYE BYE.

  150. Lying is a part of the game. Does anyone remember Will, the Big Brother 2 winner? He was the biggest liar, and yet he won. I’m getting tired of all this Natalie hate. Go Natalie and Kevin!!!

  151. Natalie needs to go!!! She and Kevin are so sneaky. Gotta admit it works for them but I don’t want to see them win. I hope Jeff comes to his senses.

  152. I don’t care if people lie and backstab
    the reason I don’t like Natalie
    is that she is SOO whiny
    SOOO immature
    and hasn’t even been playing
    she was carried by Jessie and Chima
    Natalie sucks

  153. I feel like Jeff made the best move he is taking out everyone who he feels is a greater threat but also keeping his word to russel and jordan and i do think it is time that kevin felt the pain of being on the block and i wish natlie would go home and because Jeff, Jordan, Michelle and Russel are all voting together that just gets the votes for one person to be evicted because no one can change the votes now because they have more people and i am so glad that ronnie is gone he was such a big pile of SCUM he lied and he betrayed and everyone who was insane belived him.

  154. Jeff needs to keep Russel Trac. If Natalie and Kevin are not removed to Jury, the house will give either one their votes because its their alliance. I’d be happy with Jeff, Jordan, Michelle, or even Russel in the final 2. I like Kevin but he waited to long to start playing the game. I don’t think Russel or Michelle will get jury votes so the smart move is to take them.

  155. Jeff and Jordan are too funny. On showtime they have been playing “Go fish” in the HOH. They fight and giggle I can’t help but laugh. They can’t stay mad for a second. But Jeff says to Jordan I’m tired of all this negativity and no perks! I demand we make out Jordannnnnnnn! It was too funny. It’s nice to have someone you can stand to be around for more then 10 minuets. I have that, so I know they could make this work outside the house. He is gonna miss her bad because he likes her. You can love anyone but to fall in like is magic.

  156. If Jeff doesn’t get rid of Gnat and Kevin while he can, he will lose the fight. Think about it folks. If either Kevin or Gnat get to the end the jury is made up of their cohorts. Who do you think they will give the money to? It sure wouldn’t be Jeff. If he goes up against Russell or Michele the jury would give it to Jeff because they don’t like Russ or Michele.

  157. I think Natalie is the strongest player in BB history. She is the smartest one ever. I hope she wins it hands down.

  158. Natalie walks like a duck. And now she makes fun of Jessy because he loved her. It’s Disloyal…but I hate Jessy so I don’t care. He had his shot and shouldn’t of come back as a guest. Natalie lied coming into the house and continues to lie to her friends. She is 24. She took the young houseguest role and that wasn’t fair. She drinks in there and says she plays poker in Vegas. How stupid is everyone. I would of trapped her in her lies long ago. She slips up all the time. She thinks if she talks fast and loud she wins. Andddddddddddddddddd SHE WALKS LIKE A DUCK. If I was her Boyfriend I would be so insulted that she was wearing all Jessy’s clothes and crying over him. Thats not love…and SHE WALKS LIKE A DUCK!!!

  159. I want Jeff to use the POV and put up Russell.
    My thoughts are if not, then he will back door him next week when he wins it….or HOH.
    Jeff and Jordon are good and I want to see Natalie with them in the final 3. Michele is a sneaky using person and only pretending to be with Russell and Jeff and Jordon. After Russell goes, Michele should go then Kevin.

  160. i am glad jeff won HOH…..finally kevin is up…he needed to be up it was like he was going straight for the money…thanks jeff…hopefully jeff and jordan are the final 2..they are so cute together..

  161. I think Jeff and Jordan need to be really careful at this point. Jeff’s nominees need to stay as is. Natalie needs to go. Should Russell or Michele win POV they shouldn’t use it. Then Natalie will be gone with Michele, Russell and Jordans vote.The next to follow should be Kevin then Russell and lastly Michele. I would love to see Jeff or Jordan win BB 11. I think Jeff would win over Russell anyday. Since Chima’s departure, the game is finally being played. Good Luck to all.

  162. If Jeff is smart, he’ll get rid of Natalie first while luring Russell & Michelle into a false sense of security, then back-door Russell. Kevin will flip-flop at the drop of a hat, so I’d save him as long as possible.

  163. And to the CHIMA-IRA (see your greek mythology LOL)and Hannibal Lydia, I say GOOD FRIGGIN RIDDANCE!!! I don’t have to see your annoying faces ever again! I only hope & pray Knat-alie is next!

  164. I think Natalie should go home. If there is any backdooring this week it should be russel. Nothing against him, but he is a strong player as we all know. If Jeff and Jordan are smart they will do whats best for them.

  165. I think Jeff and Jordan should make a deal with Kevin and Natalie to be the final 4, they will be way less competition than Michelle and Russell. Michelle and Russell should be on the block together!

  166. I think jeff should win the money. He’s been a smart player but I feel that the next few weeks will be very trickery. This has been one of the weirdest big brothers I’ve watched. All the players have been so whiney. Not all of them I just feel that alot of them have fogotten that they are playing a game. Hopefully jordan wins HOH next week and I hope the next to players that leave are between Natalie, Russel & Michelle

  167. Hey all. I just have to add my 2 cents. Jeff should just realize WHO IS IN THE JURY ROOM. Hello?? Kevin and Nat have to go. Russel will not backdoor Jeff because of the letter he received from his father when he was HOH. First to go = Kevin, then Nat, then Michelle, then Russel, then Jordan, Period. Jeff WINS!!

  168. hey ella how do you see he earned the coup d’etat he didnt do anything as a matter of fact he just now started playing the game he did not earn the coup d’etat it was gave to him probally cause america felt bad for him because he and jordan hadnt won a HOH nor a POV.

  169. I think if Jeff use the veto and puts Russell up, he is making a huge mistake. Natalie and Kevin are just scrambling to stay in the house. They have had nothing to do with J/J and I can’t believe Jeff is listening to them. If he thinks about it, the 2 people already in the jury house would be K/N supporters, not J/J. After all, Jeff is responsible for “poor” Jessie being evicted. I think if he uses the veto and nominates Russell, he will be out next week if M/K/N win HOH. He should just stick with the F4 being J/J/R/M.

  170. I think that the best bet is to get rid of Kevin, he’s proved over and over again he is a fierce competitor in the challenges and that he’s got a lot of votes when it comes to the jury house. Natalie is not worth the effort to evict since she’s incapable of winning anything and everything. Jeff should watch his back with Russel but I doubt that he’d put his neck on the line until they’re the final four: J, J, R and M. …

  171. I think that jejj should have put up russel and natalie. Jeff can really do no wrong in my eyes so im good with those choices as long as natalie is leaving. Not so big now huh natalie. Jeffs so HHHOOOTTTT!

  172. I used to be a j/j fan also, but exactly what has jordon done that she should still be in the game. They need to be split up to make this game interesting. Jeff is not thinking with the right head

  173. duhh cherbear, jeff isn’t thinking with his head where jordan is concerned. he’s all googly eyed with her and she is not worthless bc she has won a couple of competitions the past week (even tho jeff gave her hoh, she was the last two standing…)

  174. i love it id like to see jeff back door someone then id like to see nat or kevin send iethier jeff or jordan home.BREAKthem up then well really see whos the strong player

  175. Agree with cheri that Jeff is playing a stupid game as he cant seperate from Jordan. Has the wrong head in the game. If Kevin is right and he did backdoor Rus, then Kevin will put him up as he will win an HOH. Michele may do it as she knows that she is just the 3rd wheel in play for the final three so for all their needs, Jeff and Jordan will go up and Jeff will go home unless he wins POV, but will he use it for himself or Jordan?

  176. It looks like Russell is leaving this week, which pretty much screws Michele. But I’m still rooting for Michele. If she makes it to the end with Natalie or Kevin, she still has a chance at winning. Michele would get Jordan’s vote, Jeff’s vote, and Russell’s vote while Natalie/Kevin will get a vote from Jessie, Lydia, and Natalie/Kevin…and the last vote would be up to America, which Michele would DEFINATELY get over Natalie or Kevin since she is the third favorite after Jordan and Jeff.

  177. Wow…Jeff is such an idiot. There is no way Russell can survive now. I hope Natalie or Kevin win the next HoH and evict Jeff. Then I hope Michele wins the last two HoH competitions, which is HIGLY likely, and takes either Kevin or Natalie to the final two. If Natalie or Kevin is responsible for Jeff’s eviction, Jeff will vote for Michele, hopefully Jordan will vote for Michele, Russell will vote for Michele and then its up to America to crown her the winner.

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