INSIDE DISH Interviews Evicted BB11 HG: Lydia

Ross Mathews and “Inside Dish” are back! This week Ross has newly evicted Big Brother 11 HG Lydia in the hot seat. You know, this is the Lydia that I wish I had seen more of in the game instead of the Lydia she became in the game.

Check out Ross’ interview with Lydia below:

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  1. Well, it is obvious that the HOH competition did not involve using your brain, otherwise Jeff would not have won. I have stopped watching BB and get information from this website. This has been the worst BB ever, and, those of us who think that it should be won by the guests involvement only, (no America’s Choice Crap) can only hope for better in the future. I only hope that Jeff, Jordan nor Michelle are in the FINALS. Talk about, Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest. I don’t believe for a minute that Michelle is some kind of scientist. She is just too weird to be intelligent.

  2. @Redhead: What about that PoV where they had to correctly estimate the change and Jeff won? I’d say that was a thinking challenge.

  3. It’s High school all over again !!
    There are bullies, popular, some less fortunate ….and they are nice people.
    You just have to figure out which one is which in this house.
    Everyody is exactly what they were back in school …
    Jordan … was the popular blond
    Russ … was the bully
    Jeff … was the athlete – a little cocky
    Michelle … was defenetely a brain
    Nathalie … ?? don’t know yet
    and Kevin was the outcast.
    They were well casted by BB.
    I must say I enjoy watching.

  4. @redhead-just curious as to who you were/are rooting for in this show, and why they deserve to win.

  5. Well Lydia is the one that is the big ho. She called Jordan that she is the one that slept with Jeff on a Tv show while cameras were rolling.. Get a grip Lydia your a psycho wanna be. Just go on to 3rd street and look for a pimpo..

  6. I just watched Lydia interview on the dish. I can’t believe she would call Jordan a ho when she slept with Jessie after only knwoing for 6 days. What does that make Lydia. I don’t understand Lydia at all. I hope she watch the show back and realize she didn’t do a good job representing who the real Lydia is or is that the real Lydia.

  7. What I don’t understand is the fact that Lydia is probably juged everyday of her life for her appearance and yet, she is prompt to juge another human being.
    I think this is what she will be ashamed of. Being in a bubble for that long – I don’t think you grasp that your words will be heard by millions …
    And when the Houseguests remember it, the converstaion will be less violent.

  8. Im glad for jessie, he gets some again….Go jessie!

    agreed red, worst season, LOW budget and lets not forget that america’s vote got to override HOH and have the say on who goes, so dumb, so lame…such a croc.

  9. I must say I don’t understand the big deal with the Coup d’état … America did not overide the HOH but instead gave the power to someone else. What if she (Chima) had gotten it or what if Jeff had used it while Russ was HOH? He chose to use it the week after without knowing who would be HOH and he could have easily ”lost it” if one of his alliance had won HOH.

  10. OMG!!! You R HILARIOUS!! I enjoy your EXIT interviews. I hope you have this Gig forever. I wish you luck. Keep up the good work and just know that you bring lots of giggles out of me!

  11. I think the stupid one in all this is Lydia who threw a fit over a game and so easily gave up her chance to win $500,000.

  12. The coup d’etat is a valid play. BB is all about keeping sane in a crazy situation. They all go in knowing that America will likely vote on something that will affect the game. So being likable is good strategy. The players always want to limit the game and insist that some things don’t count. They’re wrong — everything counts!

  13. Jessie was a 4 in bed!!! LOL!! OMG!! That was absolutely the best moment of the interview!!!!

  14. She gets the award for best exit interviews! I have seen 3 and they are all great. Lydia, I was rooting for you at the beginning, but you went off too many times.

  15. There is nothing wrong with the coup d’etat. The first week Jessie got the first HOH for doing nothing. If that had gone to someone already in the house, things may have gone in totally new direction. It’s all part of the game…

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