Sure, the Big Brother 11 season might be over, but for those who came late to the action or even those who are just aren’t ready to let go there’s good news. The Live Feeds Flashback feature will be up and running all off-season for both season 11 and 10 so you can “flashback” to even of the big events of the summer and watch the fun all over as much as you want. Flip through the Live Feeds Highlights and take your pick of what you want to watch again.

On top of that, RealPlayer is going to be webcasting the Big Brother 11 Vegas Bash live on September 18th. If you can’t get out to Las Vegas that weekend then this will be the next best thing. I’ll definitely be checking that out.

Overall this was an awesome season for the live feeds. Between getting the feeds for practically free after the early-bird discount plus the $10 in free mp3’s each month, the new Flashback feature which meant you never had to miss another big drama moment, and some of the most explosive HGs evah the feeds were once again a key component to the Big Brother experience. Thanks RealPlayer!

Now that the BB11 season is over, what was your favorite live feeds moment?


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