The premiere episode of Big Brother 10 is over and it was a great start to the new season! Here are the first set of BB10 spoilers:

In the first luxury competition, Jesse sat out while Memphis went on to win the classic car. Memphis had his pick of either the 1967 Mustang convertible or the 1969 Camaro SS. He selected the Camaro. Very slick prize, CBS!

As rumored, the first Head of Household (HoH) was selected by first impression votes. Renny had the second most votes while Jerry won as the very first HoH.

Jerry and Brian teamed up as their both servicemen (Marines and Air Force, respectively). Jerry wants them to be the “X-Factor”. Brian plans to stick with this alliance until the ship starts sinking. Brian suggested to Jerry that he nominate Jesse and Renny.

The first Big Brother 10 nominations for eviction are: Renny and Jesse

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