With just nine days until the premiere of Big Brother 10 the cast spoilers have started to roll in. Reality BBQ has landed the first extensive possible spoiler for the new cast and while this should be taken lightly it’s still fun to speculate.

Earlier I told you about the rumor of a young model, Laura Leigh, who was supposed to be part of this season’s cast. From the details below it sounds like she wasn’t included. Instead it appears that we could have quite the diversity in ages and backgrounds even with a gay cowboy. Yee-haw!

The casting is going to have a slightly conservative vs. liberal angle.

A recently divorced Koren-American tomboy.

A 35 year old gay rodeo cowboy who’s a bit prejudiced himself.

A 25 year old who doesn’t consider himself a bartender.

A 53 year old New Orleans socialite.

A 31 year old who’s from a predominantly white neighborhood, she’s a black mother of 3 and an Obama supporter in Bush country. She has a pair of rare twins.

The son of a Pentecostal preacher.

A 24 year old teacher in an all boys Catholic school. He would move out of the country if Hillary were President.

…and a few more. Thirteen in all. Don’t want to give you all the secrets!

If you’re interested in seeing the whole list of names to go along with these details then head over to RealityBBQ for that info. I’d love for this information to be true, but since it’s still early and we always seem to get a bogus list I’ll reserve judgment until CBS gives us the official word.

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Update: Quirkydude pulled a Sherlock and discovered on his TVGuide that next Tuesday AM (July 8th) on the Early Show, Julie Chen will introduce the Big Brother 10 cast. My intuition tells me that we’ll get a “leak” of their photos and bios the evening before. Sign up for Big Brother 10 alerts to get all the info.

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