It was one weird and all over the place week in the Big Brother 17 house. From Vanessa going to staying to the, according to popular opinion, horrible double eviction, this edition of Ewws and Ahhs you’ll either love or hate.


So lets get to my take on the best and worst moments of Big Brother 17 Week 7.

(Note: some of these things you might only have seen if you’re a Live Feeds subscriber and also, these are very biased as this is an opinion piece)

Ahh. Becky wins HOH and hatches the plan to backdoor Vanessa. Finally someone is going to do what any person playing the game should he ready to do.

Eww. Vanessa. She continues to think she’s the only person allowed to play the game and that everyone owes her something in the game.

Ahh. Becky nominates Shelli and Steve. Becky stuck to the plan and did a pretty solid job keeping Vanessa happy through phase one.


Eww. Steve wins Veto. My thinking was always that for Vanessa to go home, Shelli needed to come off the block and Austin or a twin would have to go up. But since Steve won the veto, things could easily go south.


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