Diary Room: Adam Poch Previews Week 12 Of Big Brother 16

Before I start this week’s preview – please everyone take a moment to remember the victims of the 9/11 attacks. Never take for granted the freedoms that we have and know there are people in this world that hate us for it. When you put things in perspective, for 3 months in the summer, we root for & against people playing a game – so if you have any hate in your body – direct it at the people who want to take that freedom away from us.

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

OK, now on to this new, err, old week of Big Brother 16. Julie surprised the house (kind of) when she announced that the week would be played all over again & no one was going home last night. Victoria was convinced she was walking the plank for her date with Julie. But that has been put on hold for a week, and she has the ability to do things a little differently with 2 more chances to save herself in the game.

The fake hate between Victoria & Derrick now has to last 5 more days. Victoria has been good at making the other 3 guys think she is really hurt & betrayed by Derrick, but all it will take is Cody, Caleb, or Frankie to catch them having one of their conversations and that could blow up both of their games. For someone who has been so careful with every move he has made all summer, this could spell danger for Derrick.

The Big Brother Houseguests (minus Derrick – outgoing HoH again) – went outside at the end of the live show to replay the Seed Saw competition. Last week Frankie & Caleb were neck & neck for most of the challenge. This week Caleb eeked out a win & that is his 4th HoH of the summer.

Everyone thinks Frankie is a competition beast – but Caleb is right behind him. If you look at it like this – Frankie has been HoH 5 times but only got out 2 people. Caleb as HoH will get rid of his 4th HG this week. He has the most blood on his hands, and if he can bring that argument up to the jury – he may be able to secure some votes and possibly win this game. There is still a lot (well, a little) game left to play. Now more than ever – Caleb has to be very careful how he plays this week out since he will not be able to play for HoH next week & has a 66% chance of being on the block come next Wednesday.

Caleb is faced with 3 options on who to put up this week. Obviously as the loyal member of the Bomb Squad, his initial target this week is Victoria. But who does he put up next to her? Does he keep things the same and put Cody back up? Does he do what no one else has done this season and put up Derrick? Or does he take the first shot at Frankie?

After Cody was on the block all week – I do not think Caleb will put him back up. So that brings us down to 2 options. Well, in the season of safe moves, I think he will put Derrick up & give Frankie a false sense of security. His logic will be, if Frankie is nominated, that will fire him up and make him fight for the Veto that much harder. Since Frankie already won the Veto last week – he’s the odds on favorite to win again. No need for Caleb to have Frankie upset at him again this late in the game, so if he does does not have to, he wont. BUT…. if anyone else wins Veto – I think Frankie will be the renom & will be sent packing on Tuesday (the actual live eviction will probably be taped on Monday night, so they can play the next HoH & Veto before the live Wednesday night episode).

Now, if Derrick is finally on the block he should be completely safe, but Cody & Derrick look at this as a sign of betrayal by Caleb. I do not think it is, but they have been locked up for 80+ days and even the sharpest tool in the toolbox Derrick is showing signs of wear & tear. They have been pushing Caleb since he won to put up Frankie. Since the next 2 Vetos are actually more important than HoH – because you have safety & a vote – they should worry more about trying to win the Veto than who the initial nominees are. Plus Caleb does have a vote if it is a tie, so no need to get upset at him when they may need hisvote in case anything strange happens.

All of those scenarios aside, this week will probably play out like last week was supposed to – Frankie will win the Veto again, and Victoria will go to jury. Derrick, I think, has overplayed his hand finally with the whole Victoria betrayal. As we saw last night the Jury has figured out that Derrick is the head of the snake, but they are impressed on how he’s played all of them. If they catch wind that him & Vic came up with a plan to dupe the rest of the house, I am not sure they will see that as a good move – and could turn their votes another way.

The longest summer ever, I mean, the most twisted summer ever is coming to an end soon – and we will be left for 9 months waiting & complaining how much we miss Big Brother. Remember, Bad Big Brother is still better than No Big Brother. While I do not think this season has been bad – it has been predictable. But thanks to the men & women of the US Military, we are able to enjoy this and many other freedoms.

I will be in Arkansas for the Bacon Bowl with Spencer from BB15 – come join us 9/13 in Bentonville – www.baconbowl.net

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