Diary Room: Adam Poch Previews Final Week Of Big Brother 16

Only 1 week to go… for Big Brother fans that means the long cold winter is next, and anticipation for Big Brother 17 will grow for the next 9 months. Sure we have shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, Top Chef, Big Brother Canada, as well as a plethora of scripted TV shows to get us through, but no show will ever top Big Brother for fan excitement & interaction. Before all that though, we have to see who gets the big check, who gets the little check, and who goes home with nothing (like me!!!).

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

For the record – if you read my Final 4 Preview on Tuesday, I correctly predicted that Derrick would win the HoH, and Caleb would be sent packing. While Caleb may not have been the brains of the bunch (even he joked about that with Julie) – he brought us plenty of funny moments during the season (Judy Chops??) and was a Beast in competitions. His blind loyalty is what made him a desirable ally for the Hitmen, and they had their chance several times to get him out – but used him accordingly to do their dirty work, and like everyone else before them, was sent packing.

Speaking of the Hitmen – I think it was a baaaaaaad move for Cody to out the Hitmen on national TV. The last 2 people that went home, Frankie & Caleb, now head to the Jury house to tell their tales of woe to the rest of them. We got to see a little bit of the Frankie mini meltdown when he told Caleb, Derrick, and Cody that he would go to the jury house and be the one to “decide who wins the game.” He actually did have a point, but at the time he was upset at them and came off a little cocky. When he gets there – along with Caleb and they all start comparing notes, I feel like they will applaud the Hitmen’s actions – but not Cody’s tact.

Jury management is so key to winning the game. We have not seen anyone do what Derrick has done since Dan in Season 10. Even before Frankie went home, Derrick says, “I cant look you in the face and lie to you.” That’s how you save a jury vote. Blowing up a secret alliance right before evicting Caleb is not how you secure jury votes. With that said – there are only 3 possible scenarios for next Wed night:

Derrick & Cody in Final 2 – This only happens if Cody wins the final HoH. He has been Derrick’s biggest fan inside the house – and even said if Derrick wins 500K, that he will feel like a winner. Sure this is great to support your boy and all – but 97 days before that, you did not know him, and you went into the house to win 500K for yourself.

Derrick & Victoria in Final 2 – I think this would happen if either Derrick or Victoria win the final HoH. Derrick will for sure pull a Jon/Neda (BB Canada 2 reference for those of you that dont know). Cutting your biggest ally at the final 2 to take someone you feel 100% you can beat is a bold move. But even Cody would get over it in the 10 minutes between eviction & voting. Derrick has been grooming Victoria the last few weeks to be his $50K insurance policy. Victoria 99% would take Derrick to the F2. Just like Cody she has been caught in Derrick’s web and actually thinks helping him get to the end is her best bet.

Victoria & Cody in Final 2 – Remember when I said 99% Victoria will take Derrick – the 1% remainder would be if she finally realizes she has no chance of beating Derrick. A move like that is one the jury would actually love to see – and honestly – I think the fans would love it too. That would take chutzpah – not sure if she has it. There is an even less of a chance that Cody will realize he has no chance of beating Derrick and cuts him at F3. BUT… we never know – which is why we watch.

Last night before the episode I was talking to a couple of other fans about how this season has been boring because of the safe gameplay and someone mentioned how Derrick would never have gotten this far against “smarter players.” My rebuttal was Derrick has done such a great job brainwashing these players from the get go – that he never allowed them to think completely on their own.

It has really been a pleasure to watch him play this game (IMO) the way it was meant to be played. He won when he had to, he had enough people covering him when he didn’t. He came off as a follower when he was really a leader. His background as an undercover cop has never been exposed because he has been so careful with his words and actions all season.

While he has not been the most glamorous player to watch – no one in the history of the game has ever controlled the entire house the entire game. I will never say who the best player ever was/is – because there are too many variables on each season, and what works for someone one season, may not work for them on another season. But I will say this season, Derrick has played a near perfect game. He just has 2 more things to do, and I will say he played a perfect game. So keep that in mind when looking back on the season – it may have hurt some of the entertainment value of BB16 but as a player – he played to win the game, not make exciting TV.

My question of the week for you this time is – do you think Derrick will throw the 2nd part of the HoH to Victoria – because he thinks he is a shoe in to go to F2 with both of them?

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