Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 17 – Week 6

Well, the power shift we have been waiting for the last 4 weeks finally came true – and we saw how you can go from the penthouse to the outhouse in a week.

Adam Poch on Big Brother 13
Adam Poch on Big Brother 13 – Source: CBS

Shelli & Clay think they are the cutest couple in the BB house since JeJo – oh boy – they are soooo wrong about that. More about that later… much more in fact! But first – lets see how everyone did this week. Put your bibs on kids – it’s time for another edition of Bacon/Tofu!

James Huling – 6 strips of Bacon (one extra for having Brass Balls) – yes normally I only give up to 5 strips of bacon – but that’s how good of a week James had. Almost every year in the endurance comps we see people make deals to ensure their safety. James had no intention of honoring the deal he made with Shelli – and promptly put her and her boy toy on the block. Then how did he finish his week – by winning Veto and keeping all the power in his hands.

James sat there in the wee hours Sunday into Monday and listened to Clelli’s last minute plea to use the Veto on one of them and backdoor someone else. Remember in Season 14 when Dan did the same thing to Frank? Well, James listened – but decided to not “pull a Frank” and left his nominations the same. The kid is here to play his game and for that – bacon bacon bacon!!!!

Jackie Ibarra – 4 strips of Bacon – once the punch line to many “who is she” jokes the first few weeks, Jackie has come alive and is showing she is a no nonsense type of girl. She has a BS meter like no other in the house this year. Not only can she sense when people are lying, but calls them out on it when it’s beneficial to her, and keeps her mouth shut when it can hurt her. Fingers crossed she can win HoH this week and keep the power on her side of the house.

Austin Matelson – 3 strips of Bacon (one for each one of his personalities) – Lost in all the Clay/Shelli drama this week is how Austin went from potential backdoor option last week to sitting pretty this week. When Julia came into the house, it all of a sudden made Austin even more powerful. He is now seen as part of a 3 headed monster – who can control 3 jury votes. He has layed low despite the house finding out about his hinky vote for Audrey. Yes – he’s still a target of sorts – but with his minions looking out for him, he’s in a much better spot than he was 10 days ago.

Meg Maley – 2 strips of Bacon – sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Meg definitely lucked out this week by James winning HoH as she had an easy week. She had no stress that she would be nominated, backdoored, and did not have to say goodbye to a friend, which has been rare for her this game. She did keep her ears open and starting to come alive as a player – 43 days into the game – but remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Becky Burgess – 1 strip of Bacon – if you look “playing both sides of the house” in the Big Brother dictionary there is a picture of Becky. She still has the trust of Vanessa, the Austwins, as well as getting in tighter with Jackie, James, and Meg. No one knows her secret agent talents, but this is a tricky spot to be in. You have to watch everything you say and do, and I do not think she will be able to keep it up long enough to win.

Now on to the tofu players this week.


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  1. John was pretty freaking drunk when that happened. They were handing out alcohol during the Veto ceremony.

  2. Excellent rankings AGAIN this week, Adam!! Love that you acknowledged Jackie. Hopefully we’ll see more of her game. And TWO ToFurkeys? Yeah, Man! Also, I’m glad someone finally has seen John for the goof that he is. I don’t know why he ranks so highly in the polls. I mean, what is up with that noise?! Anyway, congrats again for being SPOT ON in your rankings. Always a joy reading what you write (even when I may not agree with everything…LOL).

    • Thanks Sharona! I still love Johnny Mac – and he’s my fav this season – but I call it like I see it.

      • Well, I must be in the minority, then. Maybe I don’t enjoy JMac as much as everyone else, because I don’t have the feeds and I don’t watch BBAD any longer. You guys must see something that I don’t. His screeching voice grates on my nerves.

    • Sharona, John ranks high because he is fun and says some of the funniest things compared to ALL the others. The rest are really quite boring, when you think of it. It’s kind of a dull bunch, so when John says something funny, he’s all we’ve got!! He isn’t full of himself either. (Like Franki was.) I’d be happy to have a guy like him dating my daughter.

      • OK…I get what you’re saying. He does seem to be genuinely nice. I don’t necessarily DIS-like him…I just think he’s a goof.

  3. You hit the nail in the head with these rankings! I really hope Jackie pulls it off at the next HOH comp.

    • Agreed! Jackie has to win HOH this week to ensure that she and her alliance are safe for another week and to make hopefully the biggest move all season-getting rid of Vanessa!

  4. I agree with everything you said Adam I love your rankings and look forward to them ! I think I have agreed with you all season so far I love that you call it like you see it .

  5. 6 bacons and a double tofurkey all in the same week (and I thought it was just the feeds that were exciting this week!!) Woo Hoo! LOL

  6. i feel like steve needs to win something, other wise he will become a target for both sides, and will potentially get evicted soon, within the few coming weeks. and spot-on rankings adam!

  7. Got it exactly right on! Agree that Jackie needs to pull off a HOH.It would be fun to watch the other side scramble again.

  8. Loved reading this, I agree with most! I Love johnny Mac i’m hoping he does something soon to make a big move, I absolutely love what James did this week!!

  9. It would be great to see Austin and liz on the block. Or clay and van on the block next week.

  10. James should get only 3 strips of bacon because after putting Shelli and Clay in the hot seat, he wasted his HOH and POV by not removing Clay and putting Vanessa on the block. Vanessa has lied multiple times in James face and he has no clue? Putting Vanessa in the hot seat would have guaranteed the removal of the two largest threats in the Big Brother House. Now, James faces a Clay eviction and Shelli and Vanessa both coming after him next week! A very good opportunity just wasted!

  11. Adam, that’s the right call on James. What a week for him. Won HoH. Spoke to every player in the HoH room and made a deal with them all. Nom’d the power couple, and sealed it with a Veto win. Didn’t worry about pissing them off, because he knew they were against him no matter what.
    Bad news for him is that his only hope is Jackie, because as much as I love Meg, she can’t win a comp.

  12. I agree with almost everything except I want the earth to tilt slightly and Meg win HOH then put up Van and Liz as the pawn

  13. Best rankings I’ve seen! Enjoy them every week! I’m still at a loss with Steve and JMac… How they are so clueless is beyond me.

  14. You didn’t RIP Clay and Shelli or “Clelli” nearly enough. They make my stomach turn – and for what – 6 weeks?

    • I could have written a whole article on how much they frustrate most of us – but…

  15. Agreed on everything except Meg receiving bacon. Meg is always the tofurkey of the week, even when Clay and Shelli are throwing hissy fits and being generally unbearable. Her presence annoys me to no end. Such a waste of a slot.

    • sorry – Meg is playing a good social game – which goes unappreciated. Social game is so important.

      • She’s playing no social game. She’s a likable girl by nature. That’s not a social game. She’s just being herself and doing nothing else.

    • Totally agree about Meg! Every time I see her I get annoyed. She does absolutely nothing. She doesn’t really talk to the other side of the house especially after Jason left so she can’t be that social. And to make it worse it’s gross seeing her obsess over Clay. If you can’t see it pay more attention because it’s blatantly obvious. Meg better be gone after James.

  16. I really hope JMac wins HOH this week.

    But then again, he probably still doesn’t want to win it so that he can “stay under the radar.”

    I’m really ready for him to stop being the silly, lovable, bumbling idiot of the house and play… If it really is all an act as has been implied.

  17. Thanks for finally giving Jackie some credit; not many do. I always thought she was a smart player but people don’t recognize this. Also, I agree with JMac’s assessment. I used to like him, but now I just find hi, annoying.

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