Diary Room: Adam Poch Delivers Big Brother 16 Jury Rankings

We are just over a day away from Big Brother 16 coming to an end and what a crazy season it was. I have said it over and over all year – it’s been the season of the Safe Moves – but along the way we met some interesting people, and have made memories that will last, well, at least 9 months until Big Brother 17.

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

During the week that wasn’t I gave out Bacon to the first 5 evicted Houseguests. This week as we head into the finale – I will give out Bacon to the first 8 jury members. Catch my year in review later this week after we crown a winner, but now lets look at the people that will decide who really brings home the bacon.

Jocasta – 1 strip of Bacon – it’s always tough to be an older person in the house, especially when there are so many young physical players. Sure, you do not have to win all the competitions to get far, but you need to win a few along the way to keep you safe. Sadly – Jocasta only had 1 competition win for the season, and she had very little to do with winning.

Week 3 Donny won the Veto and pulled her off the block. That was so they could backdoor Devin. Week 4 Jocasta won the BotB – but that was because Amber kicked ass. She did pretty well in the BB Boxing comp and almost earned her way back into the house, but really, would she have done anything different?

Hayden – 2 strips of Bacon – I wasn’t sure what kind of player we would get when I saw Hayden’s preseason interview. Was he gonna be BB15 David part 2? Would he be like BB12 Hayden? Well, he was a little bit of both. He had his laid back surfer attitude & he also had a brief showmance with Nicole – but I give him 2 strips of bacon because, like me, he is a metalhead & does some amazing metal screams. He had the right idea to team up with Nicole, Cody & Derrick – but the Hitmen decided to not rock the boat, and Hayden was toast.

Zach – 4 strips of Bacon – Zach surely was the most entertaining player this season. Only Devin was close to matching his unpredictability. It was that trait that eventually got him eliminated from the game, but not before leaving his mark on his fellow houseguests and fans alike. We will all now use the term Fruit Loop Dingus in everyday conversation.

He may or may not have been coached preseason by Dr. Will – and tried to implement the Doc’s game (“I hate all of you.”) – but he was an easy scapegoat for anything that went wrong in the house. His showmance with Frankie was awkward at times, but what he lacked in game, he made up with charisma. If he does not win America’s Favorite, then hopefully Team America will give him some of their $ as they used him to get their challenges done.

Donny – 5 strips of Bacon – Donny will definitely be in the top 3 of Americas Favorite – because he was just such a lovable person. But he was also a competition beast, winning 3 Veto’s, 2 BotB’s, and 1 HoH. His only downfall was he had a hard time fitting in with the rest of his HG’s. The fact that the rest of the house feared him so much is why I am giving him 5 strips of Bacon. He most likely ruined any chance I had to return for All-Stars, and I am fine with that. I loved watching his carefree attitude.

Nicole – 2 strips of Bacon – early on in the season Nicole was just a cute bubbly girl, appreciating like no other the fact that she was on her favorite show. Too bad in those early weeks she was not more aware of what was going on around her, and she put too much trust in Christine.

Her first HoH she pretty much wasted getting Jocasta out – as she was still trying to please the people that were plotting against her. Her 2nd HoH led to her eviction. When she won her way back into the house, she was unable to do much and was sent packing after losing all 4 of the competitions she played in. At least she had time in the jury house to chill out with Hayden.

Christine – 1 strip of Bacon – after watching Christine play, now I know why people were so frustrated at the way I played. Christine was part of the big alliance from the start, and had plenty of opportunities to rock the boat. Yet she stayed in the background never stepping up and making “the big moves” that fans crave to see. As her time was winding down, she still did not realize where she was on the totem pole and was sent packing.

Did she really like Cody more than just a friend? I doubt it – but when you fawn over someone as much as she did it surely ruffled feathers inside & outside the house. She had the most memorable eviction & crowd reaction as she walked out of the house in the 2nd Double Eviction of the summer. I still do not understand the hate she got from a lot of fans who always say they want to see normal people & superfans not models in the house.

Frankie – 3 strips of Bacon – yes, it is partially my fault that Frankie got casted. I was one of the people at his BB Finale / Survivor Premier party last September that said – “you should try out for Big Brother.” The first half of the game he was playing perfectly. The guys liked him, the girls liked him, he was a lot of fun creating zany characters, but once his own alliance started to realize how strong of a player he was and they targeted him, that flipped a switch. Happy go lucky Frankie turned into hostile entitled Frankie. He made his reveal after winning the BotB all by himself – and it seemed to work to his advantage for a little while.

To all the people out there that were convinced that production was keeping him safe for ratings – where were you the week that never was? The Rewind killed his game, and gave the remaining 5 people the opportunity to finally get rid of him. His 5 HoH’s, 3 Veto’s & 1 BotB victories make him the winningest HG of the summer. It also kept the target on him – and since he failed to make a big move when he had the chance (he got Zach & Amber out with his 2 successful HoH’s) – his alliance took a shot at him and succeeded.

Caleb – 4 strips of Bacon – early in the season the creepy “stalkerish” Caleb was one of the early story lines. After Amber left Caleb put all of his attention into getting the (defunct) Bomb Squad further in the game. His loyalty and competition prowess made him a great asset to the Hitmen. His goofy nature & bastardization of the English language made him fun to watch. But losing that last Veto prevented him from going to the Final 3.

It was the smartest move for Cody to get rid of him as he would have been tough to beat & he had a resume that the jury would not have been able to overlook. No one could deny he put himself out there and was willing to go up on the block when no one else would man up. He may not have been the smartest player of the season, but with the exception of Derrick, no one played harder than he did.

Ok – there ya have it – all that’s left now is to see who will win part 3 of the final HoH and who will they take to the Final 2 with them. All signs point to Derrick & Cody taking each other – as Victoria spent this week being very annoying to Derrick. The rumor is the rest of the guys are voting against whoever takes Victoria to the F2 – even though it should be a slam dunk if either of those 2 are up against her. I can still see Derrick possibly taking her though – as he has proven all year long, his only true alliance is with Jana & Tenley.

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  1. There’s something that is really bothering me. When pointing out achievements of these HG, everyone wants to talk about Frankie winning the BOB by himself and how amazing that was. No one seams to remember Donny doing the same thing in the black box comp. To me this is a bigger victory than Frankie’s bc not only did he have to beat the 2 strongest guys in this comp, he had his partner, Christine, giving them bones and trying to help them. At least Caleb just sat down and wasn’t over there running the chains for Zach and Donny.

      • Yeah, but let’s face it. It’s always the first person who does something that goes down in history. The second guy gets a hearty “congrats” for it, but then quickly fades into obscurity. It’s just the way the world works.

    • I felt so bad for Donny when he found out Christine was throwing the comp. He was genuinely hurt. I gained mad respect for him that day..plus when he won that veto and everyone thought he was having a heart attack after he won. God Bless Donny..America’s Favorite Player……take that Frankie J. Grande!

  2. People didn’t like Christine because she was a nasty person. She trashed talked about everyone with Frankie, in some very disturbing ways. Viewers also didn’t like her relationship with Cody, she definitely pushed the boundaries of fidelity with all the touchy feely stuff. The “hate” she got from the fans had nothing to do with how she looked or that she was a “real” person, it was about how she conducted herself.

    • im not part of the “people” who didnt like Christine; The booing i didnt agree with, and i was even surprised that the jury shunned her – there have been much much worse hg’s who deserved that.

      I don’t speak of it too much, because i realize im in the minority, and I dont post this to change minds, or to have anyone agree with me; But I I see many posts assuming that everyone feels this way, and I just wanted to add, for the record, Not Everyone has that point of view.

      No replies needed; Just in case anyone is wondering, YES I did watch ALL of the live feeds, that is how i formed my opinion.

      I was more annoyed with Victoria, who is constantly lying to herself, which I find immensely annoying; For example, in her interview with the Big Brother After Show (‘AfterBuzz TV’ on youtube) she actually said that if she had won and made it to final two, she was going to take Cody. C’mon Rose, I don’t beleive that for a second, and i’m even more annoyed by her trying to sell that.

  3. Adam stop covering the true facts of productions involvement with Frankie and how he lasted in the game. He was heavily favored by production and there’s no deterring fans from that obvious fact. What’s even more sad is you try and cover it up with assuming that you were part of the selecting process for him coming on the show, it sounds like your starting to become entitled now just cause your part of the BB Alum. The fact that you have 2 paragraphs designated to Frankie for 1 BOtB victory and you assign only 1 paragraph for Donny without even mentioning how he had a more difficult BotB against 3 people in order to be safe from nominations clearly shows your either being paid by CBS to cover the truth or you truly favor Frankie like production. Next time you begin a sentence with, “To all the people out there that were convinced that production was keeping him safe for ratings”, try speaking the truth without covering it with nonsense. For you to deny the fact that production didn’t favor Frankie sounds more like a cover-up then CBS promoting “Scorpion” as marketing tool to help generate ratings, IMHO both are true so who’s lying Adam, all the people, you, or CBS?

      • Yeah but he covers it up with nonsense without just speaking the truth and admitting that he does favor him without trying to attract a backlash for it, like his line about Frankie winning BOtB all by himself which was 2 against 1 if you call it that whereas Donny won a BOtB twice by himself, 1 against 3 people and the other where Christine tried to throw it but failed and those 2 combined were more difficult then Frankie’s BOtB and if you need a history reminder BB14 Frank had the same competition but against more people and his was a little more difficult then Frankie’s. For that Adam the Tofurky of the week goes to you for not stating the real truth of the matter that you favor Frankie’s BOtB accomplishments over Donny’s.

      • Donny got 5 strips of bacon… Frankie only 3… so who do I favor?

        As far as the “selection process” – all I said was I told him to try out for BB. You can ask Matt that runs this site – in Frankie’s preseason interview he said he was at a party last year and people told him to try out. I was one of those people – along with a few Survivors (Eliza, Andrea, RC) & BB Alumni (BB8 Carol & Eric). Yes I am namedropping and you will probably rip me a new one for that too hahaha (the hahaha means sarcasm FYI) Thanks for reading!

      • In all fairness, Adam, you said: “…yes, it was partially my fault that Frankie got casted.” Am I nit-picking? I don’t think so…if I were nit-picking I’d point out that people get ‘cast’, not ‘casted’. I know that from the having worked on Broadway for over 30 years. I could drop some names too. But, I won’t.

      • Cover it up how you like Adam you still fail to answer the question why you wrote about Frankie in 2 paragraphs and Donny with 1, giving them a 2 bacon differential doesn’t suffice the effort and accomplishment you compare them with BOtB. Donny performed better against Frankie and with more difficult odds but you choose to acknowledge Frankie for his win and simply just giving Donny more bacon without explaining why he deserves more. So who do you favor? Hmm let me see, the one you write a solid 2 and a half paragraph or the one you write just 1 paragraph for? Hmm I guess Adam I’m not sure, without dropping any names I’d have to say the proof is in your writing (no sarcasm needed) haha just rather give it to you blunt! Thanks for trying to answer back ha.

    • It’s not just fans that have said production picks a favorite each season. I’ve heard other former HGs say it, too. This year it was Frankie and last year it was Elissa. The favorite gets golden edits and more airtime as well as other perks.

      • Yeah your absolutely right redroses, it isn’t just fans only, I just wish Adam would admit to saying that instead of trying to cover it up and accusing “All you people” as a defense for his baseless accusation.

      • well, you have me figured out – I was Production’s favorite on BB13 – why else would I be able to float through the game and get a visit from Tori Spelling… so I do not wanna bite the hand that fed me bacon!

      • One other way Frankie was catered to was the lack of endurance comps. I never heard what condition Frankie has that makes him unable to endure cold and turns his hands blue from lack of circulation, but they definitely took care of him by not making him compete in unfavorable conditions. PHOOEY on that!

  4. Donny won against 3-1 odds and Frankie won against 2-1,so Donny should be remembered for that. Every last one of em feared Donny becoz the KNEW that Donny could BEAT ALL of them IF he made it to F2. My hat’s off to Donny & Caleb.

    • Well, the funniest part of that challenge was that Christine actually gave the other Team a dud .. which caused them to waste a bit of time … Ha !!!!

  5. Matt Boyer, just wanted to say thanks for making this season’s Big Brother and entertaining one and thanks for all you do here on Big Brother Network. Keep up the good work and hope to see everybody here in 9 mos when BB17 returns.

  6. You still don’t understand the hate Christine brought thundering down on herself?!!? Are you sh!ttin me? Have you experienced a recent head trauma? Her behavior with Cody under the sheets, on top of the sheets, rocking in the hammock, sprawled out anywhere and everywhere was distasteful in the extreme but not the cause for the boos, distain? yes. Boos? no.
    She was the second coming of Andy Herren. She was small minded, petty, mean mouthed, vindictive, malicious, snooty and a lousy sport. Check that, she was a lousy person all the way around. Her alliance was gifted to her by means of a tiny, silver parachute that came dropping out of the sky and landed plop right into her lap. Because of that alliance she was in a unique position to turn the house over on it’s head. Did she? Of course not. The sum total of her gameplay was to spin lies so ridiculous and transparent even Donny with his compromised eyesight could see right through them on the road to a Derrick win. She had multiple opportunities to boldly cut a new vanguard, she chose to Ron Weasley’s Scabbers it instead by hanging around on the sidelines like a mangy rat and reporting everything right down to the color of the boxer, brief or thong a houseguest was wearing at any given time to her overlords. Her goodbye videos were rude and insulting. She could have chosen to be gracious, but no, she reverted to her inate self and chose instead to barf out one last, parting shot of venom. THAT’S what earned her the boos.

      • I actually liked Christine at the beginning of the season. I liked the shy girl who on entering the BB house asked to share a bed with another girl because she was married, I liked the girl who shared secrets like a 12 year old with her best friend while swinging in the hammock with Nicole, and I loved the joyful exuberance of the two of them jumping gleefully in the storeroom after they’d won their first BOB. I don’t know if I go so far as to feel sad but I sure do wish that it was the Christine of first impressions that hung around for the duration rather than the Christine who left the house seranaded by a crescendo of booing.

      • Heeey Cat, our e-mail’s still hit and miss with an emphasis on miss. Have been tempted to pour kerosene on the keyboard and spark the whole thing up to kingdom come. As I’m now up to about two million things to tell you I’ll write the minute the blasted little poltergeist deigns to let the normal flow of e-mails in and e-mails out through. Take care.
        xxx ooo xxx

      • Find a way to talk to me, okay. :-}} I am now seeing that all the wonderful posts I used to so freely enjoy from you have moved to a place a don’t often frequent. :-}} You take care yourself… :-}}

      • You always have the sweetest, most uplifting things to say. Thank you! I have been wafting around beaming in a most unseemly way all evening as a result of your kind words.

      • Just tellin’ the truth Mari! This morning I read some of your posts on your profile … you ARE indeed the proficient writer! I’m in awe that my measly posts caught your discerning eye!

      • Thank you. I don’t know if it’s because reality tv is riddled with them but I have gotten more mileage out of the mangy rat metaphor than any other. It just suits… so very, very perfectly.

      • Thank you. What a sweet thing to say! The beauty of Christine, and Frankie too for that matter, is that by the time of their evictions they’d both morphed into something so repugnant that they were practically writing their own material with very little effort required on my part other than starting a sentence with a capital letter and ending it with a period.

    • And I am still freaking out about the night Frankie made me question humanity. The dialogue exchanged and finished with Christine saying “That would be so funny” . I hope her husband can excuse her apathetic view on how men should treat women, or is it just women that she thinks are beneath her in intellectual level? The boos may have come from the fact that the men were referring to double teaming and taking all Vics virginities away and she made a comment about how funny that would be. Yes I have unfortunately watched the video over and over to see who said what. A black eye for those present including the two sitting to win 1st and 2nd place. I hope the women in these ppls lives can knock some sense into these guys. I am still livid that such remarks have been discarded as Frankie’s craziness, there were other people in the room, joining in the convo and adding to it. As I have said before Cody is the only one who showed disdain toward the convo but didn’t do anything to stop it and say how fing wrong it was. SO BOO BOO BOO to you Christine as being the only girl in the room and laughing about such obscenities.

      • Yea, that was one ugly scene all the way around. As a woman and as a mother I found it difficult to watch. We usually spend our summers in Portugal and I remember a couple years ago getting hooked on watching the American sitcom, “Yes Dear”. In one episode, brother-in-law Jimmy gets his dream of a lifetime by receiving his key to the BB house. Jimmy’s a social, friendly, outgoing kind of guy and is doing really well as the life of the party, best bud of everyone. Paul, who’s only watching network at home falls for some crafty editing and believes Jimmy is in danger of eviction by people pretending to be his friend. So he compromises security and sneaks into the backyard to warn Jimmy about what he believes to be really going on, he gets caught and Jimmy is summarily evicted for the breach in rules. It was a fun episode. I thought about that scene as I was watching because were Victoria my daughter I don’t think wild horses would have been able to hold me back from marching my formiddable Portuguese butt down there, banging on the door, and demanding the release of my daughter. And Frankie? Hoo boy, he’d have never seen it coming but his last memories of that evening and the time he spent in the BB house would have been of me flatlining his nose.

  7. I can’t see where Frankie would get 3 strips of bacon. Yeah, he won a lot of competitions, including the BotB when Caleb sat down. But, he did so many things blatantly wrong on the show, let alone all of the vile disgusting things on LF and BBAD. I chose to only discuss what he did on the show in this post…

    1. He back stabbed and evicted the only person, Zach, that I think would have continued to support him, thus getting rid of his primary ally. And that was after repeatedly setting him for the fall in TA missions and throwing him UTB more times than I can count.

    2. He trashed Donny for refusing a singly TA mission that would have been out of character for Donny to do. Yet, there were missions where he did not participate and at least one mission that he turned down.

    3. His treatment of Donny was horrendous at the same time he kept spouting off that he was all about TA.

    4. His play was a HUGE failure! (I hesitate to even call it a play.) He spouted off that he HATE America. Well, Frankie, America doesn’t think too highly of you, either!!!

    5. While his outing of Ariana seemed like it might work (for 2 seconds), he overplayed the hand and that helped to alienate him from his own alliance.

    So, 3 strips of bacon – 5 strips of Tofu = 2 stips of Tofu. I’ll add at least 3 strips of Tofu for his other horrible antics and he gets TOFURKEY of the season!

    • The mission that Donny didn’t want to do was also one that Frankie didn’t have to be involved in because he was HOH at the time. So he shouldn’t have had any say in whether the mission was accepted or not.

      • TY! I had forgotten about that part! I also should have added in about his throwing all the guys in his alliance UTB to Nicole and Christine when they were double HOH. It is what set Zach and the other guys off against Frankie.

      • Which was one of the dumbest moves of the season. Your alliance still held the numbers and one of the alliance members was an HOH. He panicked because he didn’t hold 100% of the power that week. It was a knee jerk reaction, emphasis on the “jerk”.

    • The mission that Donny didn’t want to do was also one that Frankie didn’t have to be involved in because he was HOH at the time. So he shouldn’t have had any say in whether the mission was accepted or not.

    • oh lets us not forget how he also rudely hogged up and took over the HOH ROOM every time he wanted..the good part was when caleb finally put him out of his..But yes he was this seasons overbearing HOH room robber too. Including being a touchy rubbing hog on everyone possible..and a i lov u to ur face while… i really hate u kinda jerk..

  8. How was Nicole trying to please everyone? She tried to backdoor Frankie but Christine did not use the veto and Caleb convinced the guys to keep Zach. She wasn’t trying to get rid of Jocasta, it was a waste because of Christine’s stupidity. And why do you point out Frankie winning the BOB by himself but never mention Donny winning one by himself, which was much harder? And you still don’t understand the Christine hate? She was an awful person who hated everything except for Cody and she was fake.

    • DONNY = 5 strips of Bacon = the top dog. I was in no way shape or form trying to say Frankie was better. I also base this on gameplay – not the “other stuff.” And it’s not that I will not acknowledge it – but this article is written to be fun – not another outlet of hate. I do not promote the hate. Sorry if you thought otherwise.

  9. Frankie should have more strips than Caleb IMO. Caleb only got as far as he did because Derrick wanted him there, and he thought he was king of the house.

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