Diary Room: Adam Poch Delivers Big Brother 16 Jury Rankings

We are just over a day away from Big Brother 16 coming to an end and what a crazy season it was. I have said it over and over all year – it’s been the season of the Safe Moves – but along the way we met some interesting people, and have made memories that will last, well, at least 9 months until Big Brother 17.

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

During the week that wasn’t I gave out Bacon to the first 5 evicted Houseguests. This week as we head into the finale – I will give out Bacon to the first 8 jury members. Catch my year in review later this week after we crown a winner, but now lets look at the people that will decide who really brings home the bacon.

Jocasta – 1 strip of Bacon – it’s always tough to be an older person in the house, especially when there are so many young physical players. Sure, you do not have to win all the competitions to get far, but you need to win a few along the way to keep you safe. Sadly – Jocasta only had 1 competition win for the season, and she had very little to do with winning.

Week 3 Donny won the Veto and pulled her off the block. That was so they could backdoor Devin. Week 4 Jocasta won the BotB – but that was because Amber kicked ass. She did pretty well in the BB Boxing comp and almost earned her way back into the house, but really, would she have done anything different?

Hayden – 2 strips of Bacon – I wasn’t sure what kind of player we would get when I saw Hayden’s preseason interview. Was he gonna be BB15 David part 2? Would he be like BB12 Hayden? Well, he was a little bit of both. He had his laid back surfer attitude & he also had a brief showmance with Nicole – but I give him 2 strips of bacon because, like me, he is a metalhead & does some amazing metal screams. He had the right idea to team up with Nicole, Cody & Derrick – but the Hitmen decided to not rock the boat, and Hayden was toast.

Zach – 4 strips of Bacon – Zach surely was the most entertaining player this season. Only Devin was close to matching his unpredictability. It was that trait that eventually got him eliminated from the game, but not before leaving his mark on his fellow houseguests and fans alike. We will all now use the term Fruit Loop Dingus in everyday conversation.

He may or may not have been coached preseason by Dr. Will – and tried to implement the Doc’s game (“I hate all of you.”) – but he was an easy scapegoat for anything that went wrong in the house. His showmance with Frankie was awkward at times, but what he lacked in game, he made up with charisma. If he does not win America’s Favorite, then hopefully Team America will give him some of their $ as they used him to get their challenges done.

Donny – 5 strips of Bacon – Donny will definitely be in the top 3 of Americas Favorite – because he was just such a lovable person. But he was also a competition beast, winning 3 Veto’s, 2 BotB’s, and 1 HoH. His only downfall was he had a hard time fitting in with the rest of his HG’s. The fact that the rest of the house feared him so much is why I am giving him 5 strips of Bacon. He most likely ruined any chance I had to return for All-Stars, and I am fine with that. I loved watching his carefree attitude.

Nicole – 2 strips of Bacon – early on in the season Nicole was just a cute bubbly girl, appreciating like no other the fact that she was on her favorite show. Too bad in those early weeks she was not more aware of what was going on around her, and she put too much trust in Christine.

Her first HoH she pretty much wasted getting Jocasta out – as she was still trying to please the people that were plotting against her. Her 2nd HoH led to her eviction. When she won her way back into the house, she was unable to do much and was sent packing after losing all 4 of the competitions she played in. At least she had time in the jury house to chill out with Hayden.

Christine – 1 strip of Bacon – after watching Christine play, now I know why people were so frustrated at the way I played. Christine was part of the big alliance from the start, and had plenty of opportunities to rock the boat. Yet she stayed in the background never stepping up and making “the big moves” that fans crave to see. As her time was winding down, she still did not realize where she was on the totem pole and was sent packing.

Did she really like Cody more than just a friend? I doubt it – but when you fawn over someone as much as she did it surely ruffled feathers inside & outside the house. She had the most memorable eviction & crowd reaction as she walked out of the house in the 2nd Double Eviction of the summer. I still do not understand the hate she got from a lot of fans who always say they want to see normal people & superfans not models in the house.

Frankie – 3 strips of Bacon – yes, it is partially my fault that Frankie got casted. I was one of the people at his BB Finale / Survivor Premier party last September that said – “you should try out for Big Brother.” The first half of the game he was playing perfectly. The guys liked him, the girls liked him, he was a lot of fun creating zany characters, but once his own alliance started to realize how strong of a player he was and they targeted him, that flipped a switch. Happy go lucky Frankie turned into hostile entitled Frankie. He made his reveal after winning the BotB all by himself – and it seemed to work to his advantage for a little while.

To all the people out there that were convinced that production was keeping him safe for ratings – where were you the week that never was? The Rewind killed his game, and gave the remaining 5 people the opportunity to finally get rid of him. His 5 HoH’s, 3 Veto’s & 1 BotB victories make him the winningest HG of the summer. It also kept the target on him – and since he failed to make a big move when he had the chance (he got Zach & Amber out with his 2 successful HoH’s) – his alliance took a shot at him and succeeded.

Caleb – 4 strips of Bacon – early in the season the creepy “stalkerish” Caleb was one of the early story lines. After Amber left Caleb put all of his attention into getting the (defunct) Bomb Squad further in the game. His loyalty and competition prowess made him a great asset to the Hitmen. His goofy nature & bastardization of the English language made him fun to watch. But losing that last Veto prevented him from going to the Final 3.

It was the smartest move for Cody to get rid of him as he would have been tough to beat & he had a resume that the jury would not have been able to overlook. No one could deny he put himself out there and was willing to go up on the block when no one else would man up. He may not have been the smartest player of the season, but with the exception of Derrick, no one played harder than he did.

Ok – there ya have it – all that’s left now is to see who will win part 3 of the final HoH and who will they take to the Final 2 with them. All signs point to Derrick & Cody taking each other – as Victoria spent this week being very annoying to Derrick. The rumor is the rest of the guys are voting against whoever takes Victoria to the F2 – even though it should be a slam dunk if either of those 2 are up against her. I can still see Derrick possibly taking her though – as he has proven all year long, his only true alliance is with Jana & Tenley.

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