With tonight’s absence of a Big Brother 10 airing as usual the nominated HGs, Angie and Jessie, have been given a stay of eviction for one more night. Personally, I’m digging this shift in schedule as I enjoy watching an extra day of pleading between the houseguests.

Actually, this week has been pretty slow. Jessie is convinced he’s safe. Angie is convinced she’s walking out the door. Keesha is convinced that cloud really did look like a kitty. The idea that this house is going to let Jessie skip through a perfect chance to eliminate him is hurting my head. Maybe I’m just biased towards Angie because she’s not a complete pain in the ass to deal with.

There briefly existed an attempt to sway the votes to eliminate Jessie over Angie, but Dan and Ollie refused to budge after giving their words to Stay-Puft to keep him safe. Grrr… It was short lived and didn’t get very far, leaving Thursday’s eviction in a pretty certain state.

At this point the real mystery is who will be America’s Player?? After checking out the votes from the poll here it’s a close running between Dan and Renny with Ms. New Orleans taking a close second to Mr. “I’m no threat”. I’d be okay with either of those two hitting the $20K jackpot with this one, but would actually prefer to see Renny get put to task.

Meanwhile, for some entertaining reading, check out BuddyTV’s revelation that Jessie is as gay as the day is long. Hmm, I thought it was odd when I saw that “Gay Socialites” was stamped under his picture on Google:

Big Brother 10 Jessie Gay Socialites

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