Zach Rance – Big Brother 16 Eviction Interview

Zach Rance on Big Brother 16
Zach Rance on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

A fan favorite walked out the door last night on Big Brother 16 for the second week in a row, but this one seems to have left a bigger crater in the Big Brother fan community. After losing his chance to get back in the game Zach Rance is now off to the Jury House where he won’t have to worry about being blamed for any more Team America mission craziness.

Find out what Zach had to say about his wild game moves, the Zankie trust issues, and what he might do if Victoria made it to Final Two. Read on for our interview with Zach Rance:

Matthew Boyer – Big Brother Network (BBN): What would you do differently to keep Zankie together and dominating until you were both in the Final 2?

Zach Rance: Keep my Froot Loop dingus mouth shut!

BBN: Zankie seemed sincere at the start, but then there was the falling out. Did you ever fully reconcile in the house before he renom’d you or were you only pretending to be back with Frankie?

Zach: No, once our trust was broken it couldn’t be fixed.

BBN: Your style seemed to strongly reflect Dr. Will Kirby’s at times. Did you plan to try a similar approach?

Zach: Yes, without a doubt. I want to be him.

BBN: Was your strategy always to get people upset with you or did you shift to that approach once you saw how things were going?

Zach: Ok, I wanted people to hate me so much so they didn’t give me the satisfaction of hating me so they would actually like me to not vote me out.

BBN: Your decision to tell Devin to put you on the block seemed dangerous. Was that actually part of a plan to get him to nominate you or was it out of frustration?

Zach: I wanted him to put me on the block since I wasn’t going to go home next to Pao Pao…she’s the worst and if Devin did something crazy like that, he would go home next.

BBN: Who do you think the Saboteur was and how badly do you think that event of missing items hurt your game, if at all?

Zach: I have no idea who the saboteur was and it’s killing me inside that I don’t know who it is!!!! And yes, it hurt my game because people thought it was me and that I was getting extra money for bring havoc into the house!!

BBN: What would you think of Victoria making it to F2? How did her shredding the pink hat change your feelings toward her?

Zach: Um, before she shredded the pink hat, I would projectile vomit everywhere and after she shredded the pink hat, I would lose faith in mankind altogether.

BBN: Who do you HOPE will win it all versus who do you THINK will win it all?

Zach: I want Derrick or Donny to win but I think Nicole is going to win now.

BBN: What will be your favorite memory from your time on Big Brother?

Zach: There’s so many! My favorite memory was yelling at Devin at the second veto ceremony when he tried to backdoor me.

BBN: What’s next for Zach Rance? What are you going to do after the season is over?

Zach: You’ll just have to wait and see…I’m just waiting for the next heroes vs. villains season.

BBN: Thank you for a wonderful season, Zach. You did an incredible job of keeping us entertained and there’s nothing more that we could ask for. Kudos, Zach!

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  1. Absolutely LOVE Zach! Most entertaining player of all time & especially for the live feeders…. His sense of humor along with a heart of gold will make him a memorable player……… LOVE HIM!!!!!!

      • That’s the beauty of an opinion, most have them, some choose to express them & all have the ability to agree to disagree cordially….. With that said, my ‘opinion’ of ‘BB’ contestant, Zach, as stated above it just that – ‘my opinion’. :)

      • Very true. I just found the phrase “heart of gold” a little strange. Typically one would think of someone like Pope Francis, Mother Theresa, a nun working at an orphanage even JFK as people with a “heart of gold”, people who freely give of themselves to those in need, people who have absolutely nothing in common with the Zach I saw on BB and the live feeds. Granted I am 40 something so I’m assuming that he modern contemporary meaning for “heart of gold” has changed dramatically. In any event I defer to the young.

      • You don’t need to defer to the young. The contemporary meaning hasn’t changed at all; Heidijo just uses superlatives and phrases reserved for special human beings….very indiscriminately. Zach is a likable fool on this best day.

  2. Didn’t like him at first, but he grew on me. I especially like his contempt for Victoria.

    • I went through a love, tolerate, hate, tolerate, like thing with Zach. He added some spice and zest that’s for sure. .. something that will be missing.

      • I was the same. I told my husband he reminded me of wil Kirby. I also liked Britt, but what Zach told her in his goodbye message was horrible. I couldn’t stand him at that time. Now I wonder if that was part of his plan or what. Also at times he would say DR wanted him to be meaner. Definitely you could tell when he was on his Meds. At the end, I really almost started to cry for him

      • Since we’re both female,I had more mood swings while he was in the house than I did,well, back in the day, if you know what I mean. LOL

  3. “BBN: What would you think of Victoria making it to F2? How did her shredding the pink hat change your feelings toward her?
    Zach: Um, before she shredded the pink hat, I would projectile vomit everywhere and after she shredded the pink hat, I would lose faith in mankind altogether.”

    This is the quote of the century.

    • He should have saved the term”froot loop dingus” for Victoria. That would have been retribution that lasted a lifetime. He would have gotten the last laugh for sure.

  4. Never liked him. The immaturity gets old as well as the just plain meanness. His comment about making people hate him makes no sense at all. I felt bad for him getting blamed for something he didn’t do but I am glad hes gone.

  5. Glad to see he was intentionally being super jerky in the house. Gotta
    say, though, he’s a character and definitely made it entertaining to
    watch this season—loved that he threw Fruit Loops on his way out (hilarious!!!). Definitely agree with him on his Victoria comment, but his exit interview with JC about Frankie left me speechless. Something about Frankie being kind and a good person—absolutely dumbfounding. Talk about a poor judge of character (am I missing something?!)

  6. I knew Will Kirby. Zach, you’re no Will Kirby. Not even close. Will was able to manipulate people…you just aggravated them.

  7. Zach is the show!!by far the most fun and interesting house guest,the rest pale in comparison…the show now resembles a flat tire rambling down a road….Zach my boy,thanks for a great ride,hope we see you again on t.v.!!

    • I agree and disagree. On most seasons, I would have found him mildly entertaining but mostly annoying. On this season, I enjoyed him a ton but only because I can’t stand anyone else in the house besides Donny…and Nicole, when she isn’t droning on monotonically. He’s entertainment by default.

      • This is my first season watching,tuned in out of boredom one night and there was Zach,he is very entertaining and think most fans of this show can detect beneath that sometime loud bravado beats the heart of a real decent guy.

  8. Love Zach! When I heard him say in his intro video how much he hated people, I knew I was going to like him lol I thought during the first episode thought that he was going to be one of the first ones evicted because of his loud personality. I am happy he made it further, very entertaining dude. I really enjoyed watching him.

  9. Do I see BB all stars in Zach’s future? Hope so. Wouldn’t it be nice if Donnie,Nichole F2 then Zach AFP. IN our dreams.

  10. Loved Zach and Frankie together, they complemented each other well and were highly entertaining. If only they had trusted each other and worked together to the end. Having Frankie there who Zach treated so caringly and compassionately balanced out Zach’s volatile, spiteful side. Frankie will find out what he threw away by succumbing to paranoia instead of trusting his good friend Zach. Zach also made a mistake by putting Christine up, breaking that trust in his alliance.

    Zankie are a team, and if they come back for All-Stars, I hope they come back as a team. Also hope to see them on Amazing Race, and doing YouTube videos together. They better be friends for life.

    • Oh God no! Zach can definitely stand on his own – he doesn’t need that prima donna, attention grabbing, money hungry Frankie around. In fact, if Frankie ever shows up on another episode of BB or another CBS show, I will refuse to watch.

  11. I thought Zach was cocky and arrogant in the first episode, and I was sure he’d be voted out first. But he definitely grew on me, and I really think he is one of the most entertaining characters BB has ever had on the show. Not the best game player, but definitely fun to watch.

    • Totally agree!..compared to the robotic Derrick and a comatose Victoria he was a revelation,a great house guest.

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