Big Brother 12: Week 4 Tuesday Live Feed Highlights

More game talk on Tuesday in the Big Brother 12 house.  One of the nominees is really campaigning hard for the chance to stay.  Get ready for the show tonight to see what actually happened in the pov competition.

Don’t miss our shout-out from Britney, Rachel, and Ragan last night for being “more obsessed” about Big Brother than other sites. Did I ever say bad things about you, Rachel? I take it all back! Thanks to Princess for letting us know!

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 3, 2010:

8:57 AM BBT – Rach is in the kitchen making everyone omelettes while the brigade’s outside making fun of her getting drunk last night.

10:37 AM BBT – Ragan’s pretty much got the brigade alliance figured out while talking with Kristen and wants to talk to Rachel in HoH.

10:47 AM BBT – Ragan, Kristen and Rach in the HoH and Ragan says this season of bb is different because the alliances are smaller like groups of 2 and 3.  He says this is the most important vote and they have to vote with logic and not emotion.  He says you have to look at things like a board game.  When someone leaves the game the board changes and shifts.

12:47 PM BBT – Rach and Bren plan on what to tell Hayden when he comes to talk to them.  They want to make Kristen look bad for campaigning against him.  Rach wants to say You are so dumb, you got manipulated by a girl. Ha Ha Ha.  She really gets on my last nerve with her voice and her stupid laugh.

2:26 PM BBT – Kristen is talking to Brendon in the HoH without Rach.  She asks him if he wants four guys coming after him or one girl.  Saying he needs to think about who is with Hayden and how she has no one.  She’s not saying anything bad about Hayden but she is most definitely trying to get him out of the house.  She might have some game after all.

3:29 PM BBT – Ragan is trying to let Kristen know that she will not have the votes to stay like she thinks, that the house will vote as a whole again.  Kristen says that will be poor game play on everyone’s part.

4:18 PM BBT –  Brendon and Enzo talk game by the pool.  Talking about Kristen saying she has three votes and full out campaigning against Hayden.  Enzo tells Bren that he would put up Hayden and Kathy trying to get him off the trail of the brigade.  Bren totally buys into everything he says.

4:55 PM BBT – Bren tells Rach Kristen came to talk to him while she was sleeping.  Rach doesn’t like it at all and gets pissed.  (a little jealousy from Rach lol).  She says she would attack Kristen for trying to get to her man.  (she has her own man geez!)

6:28 PM BBT – Ragan tells Rach that production has been trying to convince him there is an alliance of guys which is what made him bring up the conversation in the hoh earlier.  (can production do that?  doesn’t seem very fair to me)

9:19:PM BBT – Rachel, Ragan, and Britney give a shout out to! Rachel explains that BBN is “obsessed, like more obsessed than RealityBBQ and Jokers.” Damn right we are and we do it all for you, readers!

10:06 PM BBT – Kristen is now pleading her case to Brit.  (this girl is not giving up but it’s too little too late)

11:38 PM BBT – Bren, Rach and Hayden in HoH talking game.  Hayden strkes a deal with them to not put them up next week and they promise the same to him.  They will talk again next week and see where they stand with each other.  Brenchel thinks Lane and Brit have an alliance but Hayden says no it’s a friendship.

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It’s looking like Kristen’s time in the house is coming to an end.  I’ll be interviewing her Friday so let me know if you have any questions you’re just dying to ask her or possibly Hayden if she can somehow scrape together the votes to stay.

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  1. I have never followed these discussions until this season – I did not know production interferes in the game – makes me not want to watch the show – it now appears contrived

  2. Why would production try to manipulate the game? If they tried, I’m sure there would be some pretty big legal problems.

  3. The idea of production being involved in any way in the gameplay is really disgusting and undermines the entire premise of the Big Brother show. Their interaction with Ragan would only be appropriate in a situation in which he was cast as the saboteur. In any other case it is clearly inappropriate.

  4. So production is unfairly trying to oust the brigade by telling Ragan about a male alliance yet still they are intact. Brendon has no game whatsoever. Rachel is annoying and a skank but she has more game than him. When it comes to the BB game Brendan is all brawn no brains

  5. They have have just been asking Ragan about alliances, if he knew any… If there were any all guy ones or something… Could have asked him more questions, but Ragan’s a smart cookie. I am sure he would put 2 and 3 together.

    Now, I am not saying I think that’s completely true… but hoping in my head that production IS NOT messing with the game. That would be crap.

  6. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard production trying to instigate. They’ve done it past seasons. I’m sure others will agree.

  7. That whole post I just made was supposed to start with “Maybe”.. lol it’s all just me being skeptical.

  8. It is apparent that Kristen is out the door, but props to her for the effort she has put in the game this week…
    I think it is so funny to see how most of these houseguests can lie to others face. I don’t blame them, it is a game, but just sad to see the others buy into the lies…
    I think Rachel and Brendon really want to be accepted and not targeted anymore, therefore believing anything they hear…
    Wish they knew just how much that house hates them…

  9. Maybe Ragan is the new Sabatour then BUT… i was on this site the other day and somebody was saying how BB is not legally classified as a game show and that production can legally do whatever they want to interfere with the show.

  10. @Bobby/I hate Rachel, I thought this is what BB is all about, the HGs spend to much time trying to figure out BB, instead of playing the game. Just like Kathy, she loves everyone in the house, BB is not reality show about being friends with everybody, it can’t be.

  11. Has anybody actually heard production trying to influence a player?

    Until it’s confirmed first-hand, I don’t believe it.

    Maybe Matt can ask Allison.

  12. “Ragan tells Rach that production has been trying to convince him there is an alliance of guys which is what made him bring up the conversation in the hoh earlier.”

    Ragan is the new saboteur?? What do you think?

  13. @10, it makes no difference what it’s classified as, if the integrity of the show is compromised, nobody’s going to watch. Why would production take that risk?

    @11, it’s rare that a player advances far being nice.

  14. @KEmBrad: Yes, I’ve heard the same thing. I know we all want to believe the game plays out on its own, but yeah, production tries their best to influence the outcome. Whether they’re coaching HGs in the DR or creating out-of-the-blue Coup D’Etats it’s just something that comes with the game.

    They can’t cast votes, but they sure as heck will do their best to lobby for them.

  15. I think Ragan is the new Sab. I voted for him. I don’t see Production doing what he is saying. That would make the whole show worthless and many people angry.

  16. The idea of production influencing the show is not uncommon, nor unrealistic.

    @Tommy (16) – I was under the same idea that the voting was still open.

  17. Where is this season Big Brother going to? Why is Brendon and Rachel so lucky for? Please do not tell me that Big Brother will want Brendon and Rachel to win this season Big Brother.

  18. Lets be real they always do whats best for the show not the house guest I mean look at last year Jordan would not have won if not for the stupid Coup D’Etats But they wher the popular ones last year so just get use to it this is still one of the best shows ever

  19. I wouldn’t put it past top executives to want to do meddle, but usually there are directors and producers who act as a buffer and wouldn’t let it happen. It jeopardizes everything…

  20. @prettyinpink – I agree…I hope that they are not influencing the game to keep Rachel and Brendon, they give them too much air time. The first couple weeks they hardly showed any of the other houseguests.

  21. I think Ragan is making that whole production crap up because he suspects it and that’s the only way he can try to make the brigade come clean. Although he totally gets on my nerves ( i totally have nothing against gay guys but it irriates me when gay guys constently talk about being gay and that’s exactly what Ragan does) Now he trying to get Kristen to flip on Hayden to further himself in the game which isn’t a dumb move but he’s probably just mad because he isn’t included in any alliance. I also think Lane and Brigdet are in their OWN secret alliance. Their always whispering (smart move) Hayden screwed the whole thing up with that Kristen (biatch) thing.

  22. I feel like the Brendon and Rachel showmance is just like the Soap’s, they get too much airtime. I think the showmance will be coming to an end soon.

  23. @ Rob4me I sure hope your right I would rather Rachel go home then brendan Because if Brendan goes first We will have to listen to her cry for a week and I dont care to see that

  24. I think the next HOH will have a decision to open a pandora’s box. If they do, that will unleash a new sabo.
    As far as Ragen and production, they are never allowed to discuss their DR’s, so production would tell them to stop talking about it if it were true. So I don’t believe anyone told him, he is just saying what he has observed. He probably lied about production telling him that hoping Rachel would listen. I don’t blame him. Rachel and Brendon are screwing up the game and the brigade is going to hit them hard and everyone else.

  25. Maybe this is just Rags trying to tell, without really telling, Rachel about the alliance. This would nearly guarantee she’d keep her mouth shut if she thought Ragan was getting inside info. Just a thought..

  26. I guess u can’t blame the production to a certain extent, its all about the ratings for them. If the don’t find a way to keep the game interesting they lose viewer ship and then be cancelled. I remember a couple seasons ago when production convinced BB10 Adam when he was HOH (towards the end of the season) not to put up James as a nominee.

  27. Kudos to Kristin for how she kept playing the game this week in spite of everything going against her. Her prospects after BB are better than anyone else in this season’s cast (with the possible exception of Enzo if his “autographed televisions” idea takes off). People like Rachel & Brit will quickly be relegated to the ash heap of reality television forgotten ones.

  28. I was just watching some BB11 shows and I remember how glued I was to the TV. And how excited I was to hear the BB theme song coming on. This season is so boring. I don’t have any favorites and I just don’t get that thrill like last year. The hamsters are boring me.

  29. @ Default. Good Point as much as we want to believe there in nothing influenced it is TV and production has to have ratings, so I am sure they do what they can within reason to sway or elude to certain goings on the either make the guest paranoid or invoke thoughts. While I agree Rach/Bren are getting a little to much air time Id like to see a little more gaming going on across the board we shall see Im still glued here and to my tv when need be.
    Of course there is ALWAYS the you can please some of the people ALL the time and ALL of the people some of the time but NOT ALL the people ALL the time. I hate think they would want to influence Rach to win BUT… it bears repeating.. EVIL DICK, was he not the male version of Rach and the WHOLE house hated him but gave him the money so I cant say its not possible

  30. I to believe that Ragan is making it up. I hope Brit is the sab. I do hope Kristen stays only cause she is the only one with the cohones to put skankel and brenda in their place.

  31. LMAO @30..SOOOOO U THINK RACHEL WILL TEAR HER SHIRT (TOP) OFF…if she gets am sure that all of America is waiting on

  32. production, bb has influenced the game all along every season. the only thing that they are “not” aloud to to is rig the compitions and give answeres or hints (other than when they set up something for them to practice or tell the entire hg’s) that’s when the legal shiz can be brought in. I am however disappointed that production has went as far as to give reagon that information, and unless bb encluded production being aloud to give them hints like that in the contracts. if not that could mean legal trouble for them. also be a big bb fan, if continued to that extreme, this maybe my last season of watching bb. I guess it’s time to get out my fcc rules and regulation book (bigger than any phone book i’ve ever seen) and read everything again dealing with reality/game shows. then check to see if there has been any amendments. either way tho, i don’t agree with them going that far as to feed that much info to one player.

  33. @26, and @29 I totally agree with your posts. Ragan doesn’t want to look like he has this figured out and hasn’t told anyone, or have the Brogade come after him , he may be using the “production” card as a way of taking the heat off of himself, or seeming to intelligent.He doesn’t want the others, especially Rach, to think they are stunned for not catching on.

  34. I voted for Regan to be the new saboteur. I wouldn’t put it past CBS to give him inside info on the “Bragg aide”. The Brigade is so secret even they don’t know what they are doing. Example Matt not putting up Brenchal when he had the chance. Let them play BB!!!

  35. Of course, production wants to have a good season and thus far we have told them over and over how much we dislike the B/R show 24/7. Maybe they are listening…give more time to the other HG’s and let them believe that Ragan is telling the truth to stir things up and finally out the Brogade….things are working out for production and they probably haven’t tried to influence anyone at all. Just a thought.

  36. i realy to hope some of your posts are correct and reagon figured this out on his own and just blaiming production, if they did, that’s just going to far. and you guys will never hear me take up for bb again. and dreading reading that darn regulations book :(

  37. The production of the show has always tried to influence the outcome of the game. Remember James? #32 is right about the whole Adam not putting him up because he was led to that conclusion by production, and then when he was voted out, he was brought right back in. How about Jesse, the last two years? How stacked was the first HoH competition that let him back in, first week of last season? Endurance, with split teams, and one of the teams being athletes? As for the show not being a game show.. I know that CBS was brought to court over Survivor, in 2002, because of alleged rigging, and CBS took the standpoint of “It’s not a game show.” I can’t remember if Big Brother was involved or not. I’m not finding anything quickly using my Google-fu, but it seems like I remember something about that.

  38. jason that’s what im trying to do also. i hate this book and then to find the amendmants is going to take forever.

  39. It would be a crying shame if Kristen left, because she seems to be the only one at this point who really wants to go after Rachel’s jugular. And I’m not surprised Rachel got angry when Kristen went to talk to Brendon. The most insecure women are the ones extremely territorial over their men and wearing next to nothing or flashing most of the time around guys and gals for attention. She has accused Annie, Monet, and now Kristen for going after her man, and it’s not like we’ve even seen ACTUAL attempts of these ladies actively trying to steal his affections. Or at least I haven’t seen any. With time, Britney is going to be on Rachel’s list of vultures trying to steal her man as well. And that laugh, have mercy. But I digress, it’s a pity Kristin doesn’t have the votes. If enough ppl were to find out about the brigade, perhaps they’d be smart enough to split that alliance early by getting Hayden out, but I doubt that’ll happen. Pity, pity. I hope the next person who wins HOH puts up both Rachel and Brendon. One of them gone is enough.

  40. This is the thing – had the Brigade gone forward as the kings of the house teh game would have turned boring real fast – it would have been like shooting fish in a fish tank – I believe production wants to hurt the brigade to make the show more interesting and to add drama

    so long as this is in the contracts they an do this – it is about making money –

    but now that I know – I am not sure I want to watch anymore

  41. im sure most of tehse has been listed bby now, but yeah BB has had influence before. The original Cou de tat in bb7 was given to the person taht could solve a logic puzzle, pretty much guaranteing that janelle, Howie, Jorge and a few others would ahve no chance at it while giving a huge advatage to Will to get it so chill town can keep going, funny enough they didnt need it. Then last seasons coup de tat was purely so americas favorite pair could stay longer. Then there was americas player in bb8 which seemed to only have one purpose wich was to keep dick in the house, lets face it as much as i like dick he had his ass saved like 3 times by americas player. BB9 they brought james back right away to make sure their raitngs didnt falter.

  42. @ Connie I sure hope not I was talking about her making toast to brendan as if he where dead like chima and the others did for jesse when he was evicted I DO NOT WANT TO SEE HER FAKE BOOBS

  43. It’s a fact not a personal attack re:enzo,I like the guy,he can be funny,but can’t watch enzo on live feed…every other word is f.. or s…, can’t production clean up Enzo’s act for live feed?if not,can’t wait till he’s gone…want to listen to brigade game play but enzo talks so foul.. Love Bren/Rach, without them it would be sooo… boring. Bren is so level headed while rach is so emotional.They make a good team. @#13 Did u forget B/R were targeted for 2.5 weeks by entire house,before they bullied anyone,I agree rach shouldn’t have bullied,she got too emotional, but even brendon told her that(see live feeds) remember how catty monet and brit were…a lot of women r just jealous of other beautiful and smart women…really sad. @#9 I agree… anyhoo.. Ragan is really smart, Hayden is a good guy except when he’s around the brigade. Matt is smart and interesting,but also sneaky,his plan is going to backfire…the house has figured him out. Ps BB-should’nt the recaps be unbiased, w/o personal attacks? pls let the recaps not attack anyone personally.If u don’t have something nice to say…or at least say something pos then add the critical, it makes it less judgemental,& easier to hear

  44. also the fashion show was prompted by bb last season. it took them 2 days to do it and they chatted about bb asking/telling them to put on a show with their new clothes, they must have harped on them pretty good due to the fact they didn’t want to do it and spoke about it on the feeds and bbad for several days. finally they gave in. also the saboteur this yr. annie hadnt done anything in days and they must have been told to speak of it. enzo’s comments were so staged and so were britts then viola the saboteur pops up on the tv screen. imagine how bored production are being they sit there all day

  45. I think when BB starts to get stale and one sided in the house and with the viewers, that production stirs things up to get the game exciting and full of twist again. After all if there is no excitement then viewers stop watching. Perfect example was last year. The saying is “You never new what BB is up to”

  46. LOL @ Tommy I am sure a few ppl do though I am not one of them. I think it would be some what funny to see Brenden leave to see if Rach would go crazy like Lydia and them did over jesse leaving ( haha at the bawl fest like he passed away or something) Im sorry I know it must be hard to lose the person your closet to in the house but that should be a driving power to play harder and more diligently with your mind and not emotions.

  47. ya know i guess the bb boat has already sailed for the yr and it sunk. no dr will’s no boogie’s no janelle’s no cappy’s no russ, chima, jesse, natalie this yr. just boring smart people who seem so dumb. i wonder if rachel came here and chatted last yr. any idea matt?

  48. yea lydia blew me away last yr. she was an independent woman who played a good game until she let jesse get under her skin. and when they memorialized jesse i gagged. he didnt die but they acted like a bb bus ran him down and smashed his bb butt flat. and rachel saying she would take the brendan over the 500k. dumb dumb dumb. take the cash and then worry about the man. and she has a degree in chemistry? book smarts and no common sense? why do these women come on the show for love or money? money then honey.

  49. i’m so sick of them saying this is the best cast ever and all of them. and i can’t remember who said it but one of them said they could make an all star show just out of this cast and a few choice others. annie, monet and andrew are lucky they got out when they did. lol

  50. I’m thinking that the reason the cast is so boring this year might be because of the craziness with Chima and company last year? I think CBS is just covering their butts by casting more subdued people. They don’t want another revolt on their hands!

    Either way, I don’t think that this season will turn out to be a bust… I think when it gets down to the brigade members, it will be a lot more interesting to see them battle it out!

  51. LOL @ Kristi I know and Long time havent been here much so missed ya post. I was just sitting thinking the same thing, It would be hard to have another All STARS, sadly I do think Jesse would some how make an appearance, Will, Boogie, Janelle I dont think could come back. Jeff I think would be fun to see again however I am also watching him trek across america for free ( sorry he was HOT to me) Russell well, Id love to see his steroid rage (bad pun again)
    I could take seeing Jen, or Danielle BB5 or even James from BB9 (which in my oppinion was the worst season ever)But for the guest this year to say that this early on is just a tad premature do SOMETHING ground breaking, THEN lets talk about bringing you back for an ALL STARS till then SHUT IT ! LOL ( ok my rant is over)

  52. kristy281 yea it’s been busy as heck for me too. i hate to admit this tho, but i loved the matt/james season. don’t hate me. lol buy yea, they realy shouldn’t count their chicken til they are hatched and i havent even seen a crack yet. they better do something and something fast. this site is more entertaining than the show.

  53. My biggest fear is that this week Rach and Bren will get put up together and miraculously BB will come up with a twist to save them…the show will be so much more interesting with one of them gone…it will change the whole dynamic of the game…Im ready for a day without PDA and that horrendous laugh…”Like” “Like” “Like:…ahhhh!!!

  54. production has always had a said in things from what I have watched in other seasons so no surprise about that.I agree with Mary if Ragan was talking about production influenceing him they would have told him to stop talking about dr.When was the voting over forthe new sab.Regan may be it, and has started.

  55. afternoon Kristi I was just catching up on the other posts, as far as all stars go the only one I feel that would have a chance from this season would be Brit. especially if she can make it into the final four with no real alliances.

  56. just another thought.somehow Matt and Rachel go up this week and doube eviction on the spot,that would do it for me.tired od Rach and Matt creeps me out(hand in his pants)

  57. well said Kristi,and I loved James season fights ,alcohol,sex oh sounds like this season,but with much better characters that season!!!

  58. couldn’t agree more63. i liked jeff and jordon but she really stepped up her game after he was evicted. we tried the drinking game with using like and litteraly but was drunk by 10mins. so tired oh hearing those two words. i think brendon would be fine in the house if rachel left, but if he leasves we are going to hear all the time how everyone was jelous and came between her and her man. lol she will crack big time

  59. wouldn’t it be funny if Hayden got evicted tommorrow and then next week send Rachel to the jury house and keep Brenden for a couple extra weeks with the other females still in the house.

  60. Brendon MUST win HOH tomorrow night so Rachel and Brendon stay another week. i have a feeling if they win the next HOH their target is either kathy or THE BRIGADE (THEY PRETTY MUCH HAVE IT FIGURRED OUT WITH THE HELP OF RAGAN) so lets leep our fingers crossed!

  61. hey torch!! brit is doing a great job acting like she’s rachel’s bff. that girl could be an actress

  62. Kristi and James ME TOO that was entertaining, even Chima’s melt down left us gasping LOL. Im still watching and reading like a fiend when I can and do so hope that SOME ONE ANY ONE would throw a kink in this and really leave the HG’s going OMG what just happened LOL. Lane has even some what grown on me maybe cause I am a Texan an for whatever reason have a fondness of good ole boys (not really) but he is sorta funny. I guess Im sorta a floater fan I havent devoted myself to one HG this year, like I have in the past ( maybe Im bitter not having been chosen LMAO) seriously though, If I had to play a drinking game using the words “like” “you know” or whenever B/R kiss Id be passed out 5 mins into the show. I may have to suggest that to my fellow followers here at home one night haha

  63. what I was leaning to was of how rachel keeps going on about “her man” was if she was gone all the other women on the show could be having fun with Brenden without her interferance. She would be boiling that she couldn’t do anything about it.

  64. kristy281 did you read my post to torch the other day when i was talking in my sleep and my husband recorded me? it realy was funny. we let a friend hear it yesterday and he siad bb is messing with my head. lol

  65. OMG! No I didnt see that but Id have to say I would bet my weight in slop your not the only one its happened to just the one who openly admits it hahaha..@ TORCH OMG that would be hilarious, imagine her in JH (jury house) and every week the new video showing Bren being all cuddles with one of the other girls LMAO Id wet my pants laughing..

  66. all right guys, i have alot of reading to do. then searching. lol. talk to you all later. happy posting!!

  67. why are the houseguess (or “cast” as Rachel refers to them, getting so much alcohol this year? They also put tequila in Rachel’s HOH basket. I can’t remember this much alcohol in past seasons. I guess BB is giving Rachel more of opportunity to instigate more problems they she usually does sober.

  68. how is there gonna be an all stars 2?? With no janelle boogie howie dr will no kaysar???? These ppl aren’t interesting like them

  69. All Kristen has to do is tell Rachel that if she gets voted out that Brendan will be next and she is going to #$@! his brains out in the sequester house. Rachel would be campaigining FOR her to stay in the house.

  70. LOL @ Torch right. I recall a few season where each HG had a bottle of wine to themselves. LOL not 4 to just share ORRRRRRRRR The margaritas parties. I think BB knows if that let it pour freely Rachel would be requesting a stripper pole and we’d see way more of her.. well nevermind not much more left to see ( OUCH SORRY I tried not to but it happened)

  71. so right Kristy281′ by the way they did it again last night I believe about 12:30a.m. their time,

  72. OMG @ Craig.. I am in tears now.. That would be PRICELESS.. Id love to see her walk right over to Bren plant one on him and tell him see you next week as she goes out the door. I wish some one could have leaked that idea to her while she was trying to stay in the house. I know it sounds like I have already written her off I havent, never do till they are sitting next to Jules but still THAT WAS THE BEST I HAVE HEARD SO FAR !!!

  73. @ Manic I know I was saying the same thing before but since they ( Janelle, Boogie, Will) have already been on All Stars they will have to pool some others, as I said I could stand Jen, James/Matt, even Russell maybe even Scott ( ok im being a female pig here wanting male eyecandy HAHA) Seriously there are a few good players out there to bring back, we shall see.

  74. how about Kesha,Renny,libra from season 10 and any of the ladys from season 9 give them a chance without being coupled with a guy,and laura from last season. And Evil Dick will have to be in it for sure.

  75. Kristen is doing a good job at campaigning for herself, but I guess she should have started playing the game earlier. I wonder if production really is tell Ragan about The Brigade. It’s not far, if so, but I can’t say I’m surprised.

  76. I heard they set up competitons according to what you stated on ur application ,to help those who give them good ratings

  77. @ Torch, so right as much as she kind of got on my nerves Id take Renny in a All Stars I dont think Dick would be back due to his ummm lil issues with the taxes lol. But again there are some good options to choose from.

  78. @Kristy281: ya there are a lot of options, I would like to see some of the HG’s from seasons 9 and 11 in a house that let’s them play as individuals instead of like couples or clicks.

  79. Exactly Torch, Im sure BB will figure it out, maybe let us vote on them some how (shrugging) I was telling Trish on the other thread about Craigs post gawd my face hurts still from that one.

  80. If I’m counting and thinking right Kristy281 the next allstars should be season 14. If they do it the same way as the first allstars, Britney is cuting up with Ragan again and it’s pretty funny.

  81. Torch.. your math skills are intact my friend, I beleive they would do it that way to give more seasons to draw HG’s from ( which means I have a shot again next season) LMAO Im going to get tired of hearing myself say that. HAHA I am ONLY speculating but I am going to say that if Brit some how pulls off winning this season she would be one they would bring back in 14. Not sure thats going to happen and Im not a Brit bandwagoneer either, just speculating.

  82. The whole sabotuer angle is lame and pointless. CBS needs to bring its A game soon. The show is becoming very predicatble and the players are trying to emulate past HGs so much that no one is unique anymore. And, who says CBS really reveals America’s Vote and not who THEY would like us to believe viewers voted for?

  83. Puhleeze! I HOPE production does something to stir stuff up. This is the most boring season of BB ever. As annoying as Rachel is, she’s the only one enthusiastically PLAYING this damn “game”.

    Brenda (I mean Brendan) makes me want to puke. Looks only go so far….he’s a like a limp fish. LOL

  84. @#16 – Voting ends at Midnight PST tonight! (Aug 4th).
    I saw the commercial again. I’m assuming online it will shut down the same time as well.
    That would be 3AM EST for those on the East Coast!

    @#17 – So true Matt thanks for clarifying, the one thing that can turn the whole game and the BB House on its’ ear (esp. in cases like these where the season seems to be at floating stand-still same ppls winning, lots of floaters coasting by not willing to make any ‘bold strong moves’ is that Coup D’Etat, b/c one that’s given to someone the power is crazy awesome!
    That person can change nominations in a SNAP right B4 the HG’s vote for eviction – I’m pretty sure they’re goin’ to bring it outta nowhere if it turns out the pandora’s box scheme does not work!

    @26 – Good pt Brandi, I wonder if the lifelong relationship is Britt & Lane, I mean who would guess that given their bios claim they’re from opposite coasts, but as you know that doesn’t mean much, it can BE a small world sometimes! Sure seems she wants to keep him safe, after all one drop of his name from Rach had her backing out of that plan with Hay.

  85. NUKRAS that was pure jokes. those brigade fools have no clue what THEY are even doing! Hee* :P

    So when did Ragan glean this new info about a possible alliance? Was this show only on the live feeds or BBAD?

    KRISTI281 – I’m wondering da same about Krazy Tardy Kristen, it’s almost like she doesnt’ want to fight against her guy, but hello? it’s BB, you’re there to win $ not make friends or boyfriends for that matter -right? If that happens great, but ultimately you need to fight for your right to stay, not sit & cry. Monet & Kath’s cryfest drove me nuts, I’m like why are these women not strong & fighting! This is where the brains and strategy should kick in ppls’, all this whining and such is highly annoying, it’s like theyr’e so soft. I understand the plight but gag me, you knew this going in that you might be nominated, and swearing vengeance on Brenchel and the world is your only attack? Hmm….might want to re-think them tings…
    Cue that song ‘I’m a Survivor’…….or not.

  86. #82 -> Teri – I’ve noticed that myself, lots of spirits roaming round the BB House, normally they dont’ even show it dat much on TV, final 4 gets champagne, and some of the HOH winners may get some, but it seems to be strategically placed near Rachel alot, they know if she’s tipsy she’ll do more things that will bring more ratings to them and more haters towards her. I despair when that pitney sees this show after going home! Yikes!

    #85 -> Craig that would be freakin’ hliarious! Now DAT would be an OMG moment, and then the cam’s would all go str8 to Hay & Rach’s face! Hee*! But if its’ true that Kris does have a BF outside the house she may think twice about such a move! I’m sure by now she knows she’s going home, so like Andrew pondering something scandalous and salacious grenade like juicy tidbit for Brenchel! Ooooh I so look fwd to these exit speeches! Andrew set da bar REAL high!

  87. NUKRAS – that was pure jokes. those brigade fools have no clue what THEY are even doing! Hee* :P

    So when did Ragan glean this new info about a possible alliance? Was this shown only online or BBAD?

    KRISTI281 – I’m wondering da same about Krazy Tardy Kristen, it’s almost like she doesnt’ want to fight against her guy, but hello? it’s BB, you’re there to win $ not make friends or boyfriends for that matter -right? If that happens great, but ultimately you need to fight for your right to stay, not sit & cry. Monet & Kath’s cryfest drove me nuts, I’m like why are these women not strong & fighting! This is where the brains and strategy should kick in ppls’, all this whining and such is highly annoying, it’s like theyr’e so soft. I understand the plight but gag me, you knew this going in that you might be nominated, and swearing vengeance on Brenchel and the world is your only attack? Hmm….might want to re-think them tings…
    Cue that song ‘I’m a Survivor’…….or not.

    TERI – I’ve noticed that myself, lots of spirits roaming round the BB House, normally they dont’ even show it dat much on TV, final 4 gets champagne, and some of the HOH winners may get some, but it seems to be strategically placed near Rachel alot, they know if she’s tipsy she’ll do more things that will bring more ratings to them and more haters towards her. I despair when that pitney sees this show after going home! Yikes!

  88. How the hell does “Wussgade” have any supporters??? they have NO GAME and are the biggest floaters in the house(aside form Kathy) all they do is sit around ,pound their chest and come up with ways to say Brigade. the only one doing anything is Matt and he is out for himself and will turn on the rest of em without a thought if he needed too !!! I personally love to see Hayden go and finally get thing going

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