Victoria Regales Houseguests With Totally True Stories Of Fiction On Big Brother 16

Last night on the Big Brother Feeds we met a new Houseguest: Victoria. Yeah I know, I hadn’t heard of her before either, but turns out she’s been in there the whole time! But settle in because Victoria made her debut in grand fashion with story time that’s worth a watch.

Victoria Rafaeli snatched as a baby
Victoria Rafaeli snatched by a “Crow” – Source: CBS

Flashback to 1:00AM BBT 7/15 on Cameras 1/2 as Victoria tells Zach, Nicole, Jocasta, Christine, and Frankie about this totally true thing that never possibly happened to her.

Back when Victoria was two and at a beach with her mother in Israel there was an incident with a “black bird.” She’s not sure what kind of bird is black, but after a few suggestions from the crowd they first settle on a crow.

So this “crow” swooped down at the beach, hooked its talons in to her shoulders, and carried her away. Thankfully her mother was there to stop this monstrous beast from succeeding in its goal or we might not even know her today.

Everyone in the room is roaring with laughter as Victoria defends herself saying this is a true story and explains why she is now terrified of birds as a result.

When they explain a crow is about the size of a dove Victoria says, “I don’t know what a dove is.” Oh my. Victoria swears her mom told her it was a crow, but is willing to adjust her story to it possibly being a hawk. No, she’s pretty sure it was a crow, a huge crow, a “scarecrow.” Zach tries to explain what a scarecrow is, but I don’t think it’ll take.

Soon Jocasta is moving around the room carrying a shoe and hovering over Christine telling her “you gotta get your baby! You gotta get your baby!” Jocasta asks Victoria if she was “the world’s smallest two year old ever known?” Considering two year old children typically weigh over 25 lb and a crow weighs about 1 lb it’s obvious that Victoria is way off, but she’s not going to believe that.

“No, I’m telling you, really,” protests Victoria. She’s adamant that this magical tale of crow-child-thievery took place. You’ll have to watch it all for yourself to really enjoy this on the Live Feeds.

Oh the fun didn’t end there with Victoria’s stories either. Another time she fell down rollerblading and sued her city because the pavement should have been smoother. She pocketed a cool $6,000 of taxpayer cash for that one and went on vacation with it. You’re welcome, America!

Zach asks if she has any more “amazing stories like that?” Sadly she’s all out. Victoria, everyone.


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    • Well its either the models, actors & athletes, or its the average everyday people who have mortgages and children’s education fees to pay for… Either way it ain’t perfect.

      • thing is she isn’t even either. She has lots of money, basically acts like a princess, doesn’t play the game and isn’t that attractive

      • sadly she IS rich, attractive and princess enough to be on the show… again, not really an everyday person who has the same concerns as you & I.

  1. To be fair, the city also was negligent in allowing the trees to cast shadows…

  2. Average weight of an adult crow is 0.6 this dingbat out of there!

  3. It wouldn’t be that odd for a little girl to be attacked by a crow, maybe after her hair, but not ‘carried off’. If mom is just a little superstitious I could see how that story might evolve. That said, Victoria is a dingbat.

      • I tend to look for behavioural patterns and it would make sense if the story was exaggerated by mom which got picked up and therefore exaggerated once by our favourite flying baby Victoria. She probably does believe it to be ”truth” because it’s been verified and told by her mom and her so many times over the years.
        My fave part of the story? That a crows talons hooked into her shoulders (perfectly just hooked in there like a movie) and carried her but thankfully mom was there to rescue the baby who could now fly. ;) All this with no permanent scarring. I wish the house went along with it and let her believe that maybe it was a scarecrow that took her away – yeah that’s it, you know those scarecrows truly are much bigger than regular crows!

  4. I went back and watched after Branden posted that this morning. Does this girl even have a clue? I think she will have no problem finding a husband. One who plans on being unfaithful. She will believe anything. Maybe even a bigamist. Poor girl.

    • oh hey hey now… lets hope for a better outcome for this girl. Was Pau Pau (or Brittney) any less clueless about life?

  5. Victoria is the smartest n prettiest HG this season. She’s got the game in the bag. Everyone else is vying for runner-up.

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