The Top 5 Best Things About ‘Big Brother Over The Top’

If you decided to pass on Big Brother Over the Top just because summer is over and you don’t like watching everything online, you are seriously missing out.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Over The Top

While BBOTT is still the show we know and love and love to hate, it’s so, so much more. I could list about 20 things that were instantly better than the show we’ve been watching the past 18 seasons, but I know how attention spans are, so I decided to narrow it down to five. And this is the top 5 things about Big Brother Over the Top so far.

1) No Feed Outages. When they said no black outs, they meant it. The first Head of Household competition was literally 24 hours long and we got to watch it all. I mean no one really sat staring at their screens for the whole 24 hours I’m sure, but you could have if you wanted to.


2) The Safety Ceremonies. Instead of a single nomination ceremony like Big Brother proper, BBOTT gives us two safety ceremonies. They’re a bit drawn out, but the process is pretty cool. The HGs all get “Block Pass” necklaces that light up if the HOH chooses them for safety. And the HOH picks who is safe alone in the HOH room. Elsewhere in the house, if a HG is safe, their necklace lights up. This is repeated a second time the following day. The two HGs who did not get chosen as safe by the HOH are the week’s initial nominees. And that leads me to #3

America's Vote open to name 3rd Nominee on BBOTT

3) We Get to Nominate! Fans actually get to name a third person to sit on the block. What I love about this is that it can really impact the game. If nothing else, it can really send a message to the house. And since we have a lot of say in this season, they might actually listen to us. I mean if they want to make win this game they have to make us happy. Which leads me to #4.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Over The Top

4) We Vote For the Winner. Normally I’d say we don’t deserve this right. We haven’t earned it because we’ve done stupid things in the past like vote Frankie on Team America and send Corey a Care Package. But I think this season’s demographic will be better at voting for things like nominees, who to evict, have-nots and even the winner. Don’t mess it up, America!


5) The Cast. Seriously, this cast is so different than the past several. It’s actually a breath of fresh air. Sure, there are already some suspect things being said and going down, but I’m pretty impressed with this group overall. They’re playing the game right out of the gate and they’re a lively and entertaining bunch. Justin and Shelby are casting gold and giving the All Access watchers their money’s worth.


What do you love about Big Brother Over the Top? If you haven’t tried it out yet, we highly recommend getting the Free Trial now. And with the Flashback features on the Live Feeds, you can easily catch up on every main event you missed!


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  1. Can someone help me. I can’t get last weeks episode. I have the feeds and the clips but nothing is under episode…. do I have to watch the episode “live” are they not posting? I want to delete my access if I can’t watch the episodes. Thanks!!!

    • There haven’t been any episodes yet. They will start this Wednesday. The first “episode” was simply us watching the houseguests move in on the live feeds all night.

  2. Justin and Shelby might be “casting gold” and good for the feeds, but should America honestly award them? They are both clueless in terms of how to play the game…I think strategically, the players who have wanted to be on Big Brother for so long, and actually have a strategy (Scott, Alex) deserve the support of America

    • They still have time to learn though. Shelby’s playing hard even if she’s a bit sloppy right now, but if Alex, Whitney, and/or Scott decide to trust her, she could learn a lot from them.

      And consider Paul; didn’t know the game very much at all, but he was intelligent enough to pick it up as he went along.

      • I hope so, I just feel like right now Justin would be a liability because he just blurts things out sometimes without necessarily thinking about it

      • Yeah Justin has a lot to learn about BB before he can be fully relied on in an alliance. But he’s a really great part of this cast and I hope he can stay in the game long enough to figure things out.

  3. I find it very difficult to watch online. First the inconsistencies between watching on a computer, iPad/mobile, and the CBS app on iPad/mobile. The flashback isn’t available on the CBS app, it barely works on a mobile device, works great on a computer. CBS to fix this. Second I tuned in last night for the safety ceremony and was confused because there was no explanation. Guest were just walking around lighting up with no comment. Then I found out there was a ceremony on camera 2. I thought the “episodes” would be on all camera’s so I was watching cam 1 in full screen. So far this seems unorganized with good potential. With better viewer instruction, I think I would enjoy this more.

    • You bring up very valid points. CBS needs to streamline their content delivery applications and bring them up to standards of their streaming competitors (ie Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc). There just isn’t enough focus on the end user’s experience.

      As for the rollout of BBOTT, you’re right it’s been very confusing and we’re all pretty much learning as we go. Hopefully production will get their act together here as well.

    • I agree. I had the quad on so I could watch all four cameras during the safety ceremony. Then I was able to see Monte make his picks and the reactions of the houseguests that got safety.

  4. Wanda on the picture looks like Wanda Sykes.

    Oh and I should add Number 6: Hearing BB’s soundbites when announcing this week’s nominees. It just feels so surreal and so alike original BB that my heart is melting in happiness.

  5. Agree with your 5 favs, but…. I wish the timing of some of the live events was more “work-day” friendly. Also, it would be nice if they could add a crawl notification on the feeds as to when things are happening or send a text/email notification.

  6. The thing is, we were given the right to nominate someone in the past, aka MVP. I think it is a good thing for this season to nominate someone, but it’s not the first time we got to nominate someone. Amanda, Elissa, and Ginamarie are causalities in this!!!

    • Yep, but that was a minor reconfiguration after it became apparent that the twist was not working the way production hoped it would when it was first introduced (as Elissa kept winning MVP).

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