Tonight On ‘Celebrity Big Brother’: HOH & Nominations

Celebrity Big Brother on CBS

Big Brother is back tonight on CBS with a one-hour episode at 8/7c featuring the latest on these nine remaining celeb Houseguests. Monday left off with Keshia’s departure but no one set in place to take control. That’s since been remedied and tonight we’ll see how it all played out.

Keshia wanted out of the house to get back to her family and Metta has tried to bail on the game repeatedly but at this point, I think we’ve got a pretty solid group of ready to rumble HGs set on winning that $250K. Considering they’ve got less than two weeks to go they sure better be playing it all out!

Can’t wait for tonight’s episode? Jump ahead with our spoilers revealing who won HoH and who was nominated this round of Celebrity Big Brother. Remember the Feeds tend to stay well ahead of what’s happening in the broadcast episodes so check back for more updates and spoilers all week.

This will be a one-hour episode starting at 8/7c. We’ll be back here at 8PM ET so be sure to join us then for a live chat on this post with other Big Brother fans.

So far the season is off to a quick start with strategy and gaming out of the gate. These celeb Houseguests came to play and I like it! What’s your reaction to this special season?

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  1. CBS may let Oma go after today’s The Talk with Pierce Morgan. At least I’m hoping. I think Metta is enjoying himself too much and doesn’t really want to leave.

  2. Julie said there would be many surprises this season. So what do you think of this BB scenario: The winner of the PoV gets to renominate TWO players on the block. Dun! Dun! Dun!

    It would give Shannon and James (both of whom I like) a chance to still stay in the game and to shake up the house!

  3. As much as I liked Rudy Huxtable, Keisha volunteering to go home…. no. Did they not explain to her how the game is played? Do you not pump on the same schedule as if you were breastfeeding?

  4. Ross has been playing the game hard from the start, but as the time goes on, you can see his paranoia is increasing.

  5. ” I am opposed to all domestic violence ”
    Happy Valentines Day Melania
    Wherever you are
    Happy late Valentines day HouseGuest’s
    Question is a black eye like a nine iron to the jaw
    Only a tiger knows

    • I would have laughed so hard if that happened, lol! Expect the unexpected and all that. Kind of a shame it didn’t happen because that would have been great drama.

      • Spolier??? Like, I dont know who won dude, why would you post this and the show is still going on?

      • Because those of us who follow the site / watch the feeds already knows how this is going to end? We do that all the time.

      • It’s a spoiler site. Most Big Brother fan sites are. This isn’t the first time we’ve discussed results mid-show and it won’t be the last. Expect it to happen again.

      • I haven’t been keeping up, just watching as a tv watcher. Still surprised to see Ari beat Shannon’s score.

      • You don’t read the articles? Matt always announces the winners before the show airs. Also behind the scenes drama from the feeds.

  6. I thought Shannon and Marissa were friends outside the house. When/why did she decide to flip on her?

  7. They keep putting Ari’s DR because she had already won. I wonder how many takes it takes for her to say those long sentences.

  8. Meanwhile, the celebrities are just as messy as the ordinary citizen HGs. Seriously, clean up the bedrooms! I’m getting OCD just looking at it!

    • I think they’ll keep him. It looks like they found him a ‘character…and they’re giving him the edit he deserves. lol

  9. Final four, Meta, Shannon, Ross, Omarosa, they bring the BB drama. Ari, fifth… others doesn’t matter what order they leave.

  10. Metta being actually upset and wanting revenge because he didn’t go home may be one of the funniest things in Big Brother history

  11. Regular people=have to spend an entire summer in the house before they go crazy

    So-called celebrities=can’t be in the house for more than a week before getting cabin fever

  12. Does Ross not think Shannon will see that he and Marissa tried to get everyone to backdoor her and then lied to her face about it? If evicted within an hour Shannon will find that out and see how badly she was betrayed.

    Do you really think she would vote for either of those two win then?

  13. Here’s my issue with the whole “we gotta get Shannon out now” thing. Everything they’re saying, they’re not wrong. But that was Round 1. She hasn’t won anything since then. She hasn’t controlled anything since (remember, Keshia’s eviction is not Shannon’s victory – she asked to be sent home). Even if Shannon leaves this week, what does that accomplish? As of now, nothing that I can see.

    • I don’t really get the whole “get Shannon out now” thing either. She hasn’t been running the house as they seem to think. No one has really. The only reason I can see is one more person out the door is one more step closer to the money.

    • I think it’s all about Marissa and petty insecurities. While this is not unusual in BB, she and Ross are just so frigging self-righteous, they won’t own their own games at all.

      • Shannon is gorgeous so I can see why the other women might be jealous of her and want her gone. Marissa and Ross want more TV time so Shannon’s gotta go. They seem to have completely dehumanized Shannon by calling her crazy and it’s bordering on bullying.

      • I know the line between game play and bullying is not always clear, but this sure looks like bullying to me. They’re so smug about it too. I hope Shannon writes them off after the game, because THEY made it personal.

      • Marissa was so upset about Omarosa including Ross as one of the girls but she’s completely ok with shunning and bullying Shannon as well as calling her crazy. She needs to do a little self reflection after this season is over. If Shannon somehow prevails this could be a great season yet.

        It’s Ross and Marissa making final 4’s with everybody in the house – not Shannon.

      • It’s more stereotypic to think of Brandi as being Uber competitive with other women, but Marissa is coming off really catty, and not in a funny way. I’ll take Brandi wearing Oma’s pumps any day.
        After Keisha quit, I thought that Oma would have been smart to go immediately to Shannon and inform her of the backdoor scheme. They could then have formed an F5 alliance with Mark, Metta and James. If they make it through this veto, that would be a more fun game to watch.

      • At the Jokers poll Marissa is next to last with Omarosa taking the last spot so we’re not alone when it comes to disliking Marissa.

        AFter Keisha quit I’m surprised the DR didn’t suggest to Omarosa what you just said about aligning with Shannon. That’s the only way I can see Shannon getting to the end is working with the villainous Omarosa. Of course no one would actually vote for Omar on finale night if she were up against Shannon, but I wouldn’t rule out Marissa doing just that.

        I did read earlier today that Omarosa and Shannon have made up and apologized to each other and Omar wants to work with Shannon so there’s hope yet. With Mark, James and Metta I think this could turn out to be a good season. It would be great to see Ross, Marissa and Brandi going down.

  14. What is with all the game play blocking this year? Just let them play the freakin’ game!

  15. Without makeup Brandi looks like she is wearing a mask. With makeup, she looks almost normal.

  16. I just realize, watching them eat, just like we thought before the season started. No Have-Not, no slop.

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