Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Morning Drama: Omarosa Vs. Everyone

It was quite the dramatic day in the Celebrity Big Brother house. We had Shannon and Omarosa making up and Omarosa pledging to get the girl power back in the house. And then we get how that’s going to apparently happen by Omarosa calling out James, working to get the target on him. At least I think that’s why this all happened, but you can never be sure with Big Brother, especially when Omarosa is in the house.

I’ll let you decide. Check out what when down today. We’ve got the moments recapped for you here, but it’s worth a watch also, if you missed it. Timestamps are there to help you with that.

Flashback to 9:59 AM BBT – Shannon and Omarosa hug. “The one thing I want you to know is I was fighting for Keshia to go the whole time,” Shannon tells Omarosa. Shannon says she was worried about Metta because he said he was after Shannon and James, meaning she was never really worried about Omarosa.

Shannon says Keshia was who they thought was the threat. Omarosa asks Shannon if they can start fresh and get things back the way they were because she doesn’t want a man to win. She tells Shannon she wants her to win the veto and stay. Omarosa tells her that James has the boys, Marissa and Ross (because Ross apparently isn’t a boy). “Can we just squash everything?” Omarosa asks. Shannon agrees.

Shannon then says if she doesn’t win today there aren’t enough votes for her to stay. Omarosa says there will be if she talks to Brandi and Ari because they’re pissed at Ross and Marissa right now. Omarosa again says that as mad as she’s been at Shannon, she’s still fighting for a girl to win. “It would be so stupid … we cannot go out like that as women. It would be so embarrassing,” Omarosa says. They apologize and hug again and agree to start fresh. Shannon says she made a lot of mistakes in the game.

Jump to 10:16 AM BBT – Shannon goes to talk to Brandi. They compare notes on Ross and Marissa working with James. But Brandi says she’s still not sure what they can trust coming from Omarosa. Brandi is worried about listening to Omarosa too much. Shannon tells Brandi that Omarosa still seems like she’s still into the girl power idea. Shannon tells Brandi that if she stays she will nominate who they want if she wins HOH.

10:22 AM BBT – Marissa tells Ari that she doesn’t think James is as big a threat, but if that’s who they want to go she’s fine with it. She says these are the people that have to go: Shannon, James, Mark and Omarosa. Marissa says if Omarosa goes soon that’s fine because she’s making everything so wacky. Omarosa comes in and fills Ari and Marissa in on her conversation with Shannon. Omarosa tells them that Shannon asked if Marissa and Ross have a deal with James. Marissa gets irritated by that. Brandi comes in the room and Omarosa asks that if Shannon stays and wins HOH is she going after the boys or coming for them? No one knows, they agree.

10:28 AM BBT – Marissa goes to get Ross and James and asks them to come to the Tiffany’s room. She says it’s already blown up (apparently things were going down while cams were on Shannon putting on her mic and sitting staring at the fish).

Shannon goes to eavesdrop and can hear them talking to James. The camera finally gives us a view inside the Tiffany’s room where James is explaining himself to Omarosa and the others. Omarosa says he’s telling others things she didn’t actually say. James says he hasn’t lied this whole time and they can all go back and watch this later and see. James says that Omarosa told him the everyone switched and are voting him out, even Ross and Marissa. Omarosa says she didn’t say that. James says he’s  not going to perpetrate drama. Everyone starts talking over each other while Omarosa tries to dig herself out of it. She also is trying to make it all heated, but James said he doesn’t want to argue. Omarosa keeps cutting James off and he says if she was worried about the truth she wouldn’t be cutting him off.

James leaves the room and Omarosa continues to explain herself. She asks Ross and Marissa what they told him. They say they told him he was safe, because that’s what they told them to say. Marissa says she has zero deals with James. Ross says none of this matters and they’re going at it for nothing. Brandi says Omarosa ran to James to cover her ass. Omarosa says she’s not on the block, so she doesn’t have to cover her ass. Ross tells Brandi and Marissa “don’t let it happen.” Omarosa asks what that means. What I think he means don’t fall for Omarosa’s psychological games. Omarosa says, “OK if you guys are all teaming up against me, should I go work with the guys?” She says she wants girl power, but they obviously don’t.

Omarosa goes out to the kitchen and tells James that attacking her while he’s on the block is dumb because she’s a vote. He says he’s not even attacking her and asks if she’s putting on a show for the cameras. James tells her that the game she’s playing is working because she’s not on the block right now. Everyone kind of breaks up and the drama scatters to brief moments here and there later.

So it seems Omarosa might really be wanting James out this week, even though a little later she’s ready to send Shannon out again. Who knows what will actually happen eviction night, especially since they’ve still got the Power of Veto to play. This should be interesting, regardless.







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  1. Ari and Brandi are currently p*ssed at Ross and Marissa? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t know how this miracle occurred but it’s good news to me!

    Does anyone have any background info as to what Ross and Marissa did to tick Brandi and Ari off?

  2. Just watched the ‘flashback. Omarosa/Mrs.Vader just got exposed.. It was good! lol..just what I like, chaos in the house.

  3. I haven’t watched feeds and never heard much from James on the aired shows or Jokers so I don’t have a read on him. Is he boring, just not into any drama, a loner, guarded, what? I do like that he let Morosea make an a$$ of herself. I watch BB to laugh and the lunatics are mostly the funniest. Morosea is a cuckoo bird, yes. She has a role to play, but she doesn’t make me laugh. Her type of drama is not the least bit entertaining to me. We need AlcoHo to show up and flip a table on Morosea or something housewife worthy.

    • He’s very arrogant and shallow, but fairly bright. Doesn’t have much insight into how others see him though. He made a ride or die deal with Mark pretty recently, but now has what he thinks is a F5 deal with R/M/B/A. They’ll use him to get out Shannon and Omarosa and then cut him. I hoping for a massive blindside when his time comes.

      • Hmm. I didn’t expect that description. Is he cocky? A lot of times cocky and arrogant go hand in hand. Jokers hasn’t been a wealth of information. I kind of doubt he’ll be leaving this week, that is unless production thinks he is a waste of space. Maybe he’ll win HOH. That’s a good way to get to know a HG.

      • These are jmo. He’s pretty bright, and certainly not the worst HG, just super arrogant. Production will probably keep him around for a few more rounds though because of the younger demographic.

    • Challenge Vendettas? Is that a new show.? and Victor and Natalie is there? hmm interesting. Besides BB and Survivor, I only watch ‘documentary shows, like 90 Day Fiance, followed bt ‘My 600ld Life.

      • LMAO….I have no idea if you are joking or not, but you are one funny person. the Challenge is on MTV and is in it’s 293rd season. This is the first time they’ve ever has anyone on from BB, that I know of anyway, and I’ve watched 294 seasons.

      • Oh darn! If I would have known the hot Victor was there I would have watched it. I stopped watching that show years ago, but put it once to see who was there and I did notice one time that K.C was there. He is one of the oldies.

      • It’s probably on On Demand. Not sure. I’m not familiar with K.C. I’ll probably slap myself when you remind me who that is because I have watched almost every season.

      • I’m not sure if is K.C or C.T.
        He is from Boston and has a thick accent. He went out with a girl who was diagnosed with Cancer. I believe she passed away.

      • That’s CT. He isn’t on this season but he was on the one that just finished before this one started. That was Diem Brown that died of cancer.

      • Yes. She was so sweet I couldn’t believe she went out with him. The last full episodes I watched was when they came back as a couple. I also heard the host committed suicide.

      • He has toned it down some. He has a son and I think it has affected him in a good way. Terrell Owens was on a charity season of the show, the one just before the current one. T.O. was acting very childish and CT got to him and T.O. quit. It was funny.

  4. Lol. At the beginning the boys were wondering if Ross will be with them or the girls. Everyone sees him as questionable.
    Oma is good at learning her lines. She was given a script and is supposed to make flip flop drama so we won’t know for sure who will be leaving.

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