Tonight On Big Brother 19: Veto Competition & Ceremony

Big Brother is back tonight with the latest Power of Veto competition and Ceremony as the Houseguests waited anxiously to find out if their blindside plans would survive the PoV events.

Big Brother 19 HGs celebrate surviving another week

Jessica is the HoH and she’s got Cody by her side and a Halting Hex in her back pocket. How much better can this week get for her on Big Brother 19? Just a few more steps to go before she can achieve her big goal of evicting Josh from the fray. Or will she?

The house is secretly working against her but the Veto offers up a second chance at her sloppy nominations. Will Josh escape or could she replace the pawn spot with a more secure choice? We’ll see how it all goes down tonight.

From what we saw and heard on the Feeds it sounds like we’ve got the return of the memory challenge complete with exploding paint and smoke. Those are always fun to watch so you won’t want to miss the fun tonight.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

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  1. My prediction is Ramses Soto goes home 7-3

    Then the HOH will be Cody

    He will nominate Matt and Josh

    Veto will be used on matt and Paul will be renominated

    Josh Martinez will be evicted week 5

    What’s your prediction for the upcoming week

    • I would 6-4 has the final vote with Ramses going home. Depending on the HOH comp (if you believe that production is rigging it for one person or the other), could be anyone getting it. Physical comp, maybe between Paul or Cody. Mental, it could be Alex, Christmas and maybe Kevin. Josh is looking good to go home next week (again depending on who gets HOH) and if a Nom come down after the Veto is up in the air.

    • If Josh is evicted, I’m wondering what that post-eviction interview with Julie Chen will be like. Probably she will try to remain neutral and just ask what he thinks went wrong, and Josh will talk about how unfair everything was for him despite him loving everyone and being a mature gentleman throughout his time in the house. Julie might ask if he regrets anything, and I expect Josh would claim that he conducted himself with dignity at all times and was just mistreated by everyone.

  2. I still can’t believe either Cody or Jessica hasn’t fully caught on to the whole blindside yet.

      • I think they are suspicious but they haven’t fully caught on. Then again, there is still today, tonight and up to the live show tomorrow night to figure it out.

      • I don’t get the feeds, so I haven’t seen for myself what’s been going on in the house, but I also can’t understand why Jessica and Cody would not realize that keeping Josh around just to annoy them is a big strategy move for Paul and his sheeple. JODY seem to be assuming that everyone is annoyed by Josh and naturally would want him out.

  3. Cody wins HOH and puts up Josh and Paul…..even if the veto is won by one of them, put up Raven or Christmas, that way no matter what, someone annoying as hell goes home!!!!

  4. I think Kevin will vote with the hse and evict JOSH. I’m praying it’s at least a tie and let Jess kick Josh’s a– out.

      • Let me also add that Christmas was talking about throwing a sympathy vote towards Josh, which we believe she was going to vote out Ramses anyways. She asked Jessica for permission to do so and even went to Ramses and told him what her plan was there. So at least Ramses expect’s at least one vote. Kevin is kind of the wild card here, he likes Ramses and may throw him a vote to evict Josh. Here is the problem though, should both Christmas and Kevin throw a evict Josh vote, the vote is tied and Josh goes home.

      • Christmas did that to reassure Jess (and Ramses) that everyone else was going to vote out Josh. She isn’t really giving Ramses her vote.

      • Did I miss something? I thought Christmas told Jess that she wanted to vote to keep Josh…

      • She told her she would vote to keep Josh just so he had a sympathy this week She never had no intention of ever keeping Ramses in the game.

      • I want to agree with you so bad but I still have a feeling he might try to throw at least one more.

      • If it serves him, but he doesn’t care if Ramses goes, and he has no loyalty to Jody

  5. Still hoping someone lets it slip before the show. Feeds would be great. You know we won’t see it all if it happens at eviction. Lets get the show started.

  6. I’m sorry but Jessica really needs to do something with those extensions. Her hair is awful.

  7. Drinking game: take a shot every time Josh cries. I mean, goodness, does he ever NOT cry?

  8. Josh’s voice annoys me so much. I’ve never disliked anyone like this, not even Nicole.

  9. Sorry I’m late, everyone, but I’ve got my DVR cued up and as soon as my loud mouthed, inconsiderate aunt leaves the room, I’ll be ready to start the episode. Most looking forward to the Veto Comp tonight (since everything else will be either boring or idiotic).

  10. This is the first time I am seeing Cody expressive…….and then he admits to being fake..

  11. Not that it matters, but Josh is totally GAY.

    I cant imagine his antics he if had accepted it already, he would be soooo over the top

    • You know, I have wondered if he was gay. But, that’s not to say gay men are crybabies like him. Just a hunch. But, you’re right–it doesn’t matter.

    • Well he got an erection when Elena bent over in front of him last night when her ass was hanging out of her bathing suit.

  12. OMG, my kitten just paused the DVR on Cody and Jess in the HOH room after noms, lmao! I guess she doesn’t like them too much. She kept doing to same thing to Raven during her gastroparesis segment.

  13. Have y’all ever seen Tracy Morgan’s “Brian Fellows” SNL skits? The way he speaks in them reminds me so much of Josh.

      • Neither would I, necessarily, but I can see why someone would be attracted to him. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that.

    • Matt could singlehandedly keep Kellog’s in business.

      Same for whatever company makes those orange tank tops.

  14. I’m done watching this episode. I’m more into the drama happening right now than this show. Stupid Kevin. I’m so upset he ruined the blindside.

  15. Again, Josh, you are not BB16’s Zach. Stop trying to make that a catchphrase! Fruitloop Dingus was creative and original. Meatball is just stupid.

  16. Talk about a transformation btw, compare Raven before she entered the house to Raven now…

  17. Raven lying directly to Jess is stupid for her and Matt. Maven is too stupid to realize they are being used by Paul to do Paul’s work of getting out ramses instead of his puppet

    • Everyone on Paul’s side is being used by him and they don’t realize it. Do they think that he really gives a damn about them? If Jessica and Cody were no longer in the house, do they not realize that once Paul got them fighting among themselves, and nominating each other for eviction, that he would sit back and watch them all fall down like bowling pins while he sails to victory?

  18. Wow Jess is right there with her intuition. Like there is a good player in there. She just sat on the wrong penis and he is holding her back. Poor girl.

  19. Jess knew what to do and blew it. In BB, you need to force what you want when you have power. She had the chance to be a player – sucks to be her

  20. Jessica may be a skank, but she is no airhead. Women don’t understand that the sixth sense is always right. Cody should go up first and she shouldn’t save him.

  21. Josh is really good at faking his emotions…although I really shouldn’t say faking, maybe using his emotions to his advantage is a better phrase

    • Sounds like Kevin let the cat out of the bag. Maybe a flip of the flip. She only needs 2 to turn to vote with Cody & Marlena. Kevin, by talking, could be 1.

      • And that would be all. Paul, Christmas, Jason, Alex, Matt, Raven won’t flip. They all want Ramses gone.

      • True on the votes. But none of them really want ramses gone – I don’t think. Other than Paul. And the others just don’t want to lose minion status

      • Christmas, Raven, Matt and Alex don’t trust him and Jason will do what Alex tells him.

      • Matt was questioning it the other night, don’t forget. He felt that keeping Josh would damage his own personal game more than keeping Ramses, but then Paul and Raven got in his ear and weaved their spell over him. If Ramses can get in his ear at the last minute instead of Jody, then he could flip. It’s highly unlikely, but there is still a small chance of it.

      • Now it’s the time for Cody/Jess to work. They have more than 12 hrs to make something happen. Historically, deals happen just hours before eviction..let’s see.

    • Yeah!. Paul summed it up…the worst moves in BB history, maybe one of the worst move….can she redeem herself?..not when he listens to a robot. He really needs to go.

  22. So Baby Josh can act! haha ..I guess the only reason I want him there is to torture Cody.

  23. You wanna know what’s happening in the house, Jess, then how about you freakin’ stay downstairs and not up in the HOH room?!

    • You think cody goes and picks a fight with josh and tries to draw someone else in. Josh is dumb enough to blow up on others too. Could shake it up – can’t hurt, right? Cody’s only way to get a flip is for others to see that josh really needs to go

      • Well Jess did mention her name, but Alex doesn’t need Cody. His huge ego makes him think she would care about his game

    • See how bad of a player he is? He hasn’t learned. That’s not how you open a dialogue…He sounds/looks desperate.

    • Cody respects Alex for how hard of a competitor she is. What’s bad, though, that he doesn’t see that his respect for her is never reciprocated, and behind the scenes (with other players or by herself in the diary room) she never shows the slightest regard for him.

    • Why was Cody talking to Alex? Is he trying to convince her to vote to evict Josh? In the first picture (on the left), he looks like he’s praying to her. (I know, it’s just a snapshot.)

  24. I love Kevin. I need him to stay just so he can host all the veto comps. He is such a good sport in those costumes. He cracks me up!

  25. I am so disappointed that Cody talked Jessica out of using the Vito. Jessica always go with your gut. You’re thinking with your heart and not your brain. Instincts play a big part of this game. Well I can only hope some people change their minds about listening to Paul. These players have no clue what a coniving player Paul is. They must have missed last season. Josh is so annoying and talks big and a lot of crap until it goes bad and then he cries!

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