Tonight On Big Brother 18: Live Eviction Vote Week 6

It’s Eviction Day for Big Brother 18, or you could turn that around for Day’s Eviction. Yes, tonight looks to be the end of the road for the Veteran Houseguest as the game prepares to say goodbye to its second returning player. But with the Round Trip ticket out there it might not be the last we’ve seen of her just yet.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother

Last week it was Frank sent out the door and his twist ticket was a one-way trip, but Da’Vonne has card #8 and one theory suggests the “Ocho” travel poster could be suggesting that’s our magic ticket right there. Ready to find out if it’s true?

Tonight on Big Brother we’ll get the build up segments showing how the house continued to lie to Da’Vonne as she became suspicious and began to investigate only to have smoke thrown up in her way to disguise the workings around her. Now it’s too late and the house looks set in their vote to send her off and possibly out to Jury. We don’t actually know for certain that the Jury will begin this week so that’ll be something to listen out and discover, but that is my expectation.

Once the eviction vote is over we’ll need a new Head of Household and I’m hoping for a quick HoH Q&A comp to set us up for the weekend’s round of spoilers and competition. Will someone finally be ready to take a shot at Paulie as he dominates the game or will the guys’ alliance shield him from danger? It all happens tonight at 9/8c on CBS.

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We’ll be back here live for the 9PM ET broadcast and will be sharing all the spoilers and results live as it happens so join us for that fun because this should be a good one.

Join us back here at 9/8c as we live recap the eviction show to discover who was voted out, and who is the new Head of Household. What do you want to see happen in each of those outcomes?


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  1. Michelle could possibly be the only one who may go after Paulie. Everyone else is smeared in blindness. I don’t even know why Michelle tells Zakhya anything. She will choose Paulie over anybody else. At this moment he seems to be the only reason she’s breathing.

      • I think Natalie listens to James and hopefully she would separate herself from him. I think James will definitely stop her from nominating Paulie because he’ll tell her that the house will go after her. Paulie needs to be backdoor’d so he won’t get a chance to play veto.

      • For James, this season is a bit of a role reversal. Last season, Meg clouded James. This season, James clouds Natalie. She is much more aware of what is going on than James is.

      • Uh I think he’s exactly the same as last season. Hung up on a girl who doesn’t care about him like he does her

      • So true, I think Nat isn’t getting as much credit as she deserves. Yeah, she needs to lose the cheerleader routine, but maybe it is all a ruse. Highly doubt it, but you never know.

      • Or just throw him on the block with Paul or Corey and use the other as a replacement nom. Getting out any of those guys would be beneficial.

      • I don’t know, she was actually trying to talk some sense into him when he won HOH and it kind of worked, maybe she can work her magic again. Stranger things have happened!

    • I’ve been giving Michelle a lot of my daily votes for that reason, hoping that she would choose to take votes away from the guys. I hope I don’t regret all of my pre HOH votes.

    • Michelle is not going after paulie bc bridgette will still be in the house. Her spiteful jealousy will cloud her judgement

  2. Even if Da’Vonne has the round trip ticket. unless she or Michelle wins HoH, she will be nominated again and go right back out. The other sheeple will do exactly what Paulie says.

    • Agreed, except you never know what might happen with the care package twist in play. I was thinking the same way and hoping she wouldn’t have the RT ticket for that exact reason UNTIL I remembered the care packages could be a game changer.

      • That’s why I keep voting for D. If she comes back and hopefully gets at least the veto she will be fine and the care package could even be better for her. Otherwise she will be gone again, but this time she’ll have stuff to say before she goes. Her mistake is trusting Paulie and focusing too much on Nicole.

      • She’s a bad player of BB. She lacks self awareness. She started too early on Frank and Tiffany, who weren’t even after her. I hope she’s out for good

    • If Day returns and it looks as if Bridget is winning the next package, ugh not liking this, this would be an opportunity for the women to unite and bump off two guys and one swell swoop. If they are smart…..

  3. So apparently no matter who gets the round trip ticket it is a conspiracy by BB to have who they want to stay in the house….First if Frank had it the show was rigged and now people are saying if Da has it the show rigged it again….SMH!

  4. I wonder how much, if any, of the Paris room conversation (if you call it that) between Z&P will be shown tonight. Last night’s little presentation from CBS gave Z the bad edit. Her behavior is increasingly pathetic, but Paulie could simply tell her to get off of him when she is gyrating on top of him, and tell her to stop kissing, rubbing, and sucking on him, but he doesn’t. Why? And don’t tell me it’s just gameplay. That’s a lie. His ego is enjoying the fact that his girl is making a fool of herself over him. It is amusing him. Then he berates her in a repulsive abusive manner and he reels her back in, let’s her lay all over him, plays with her hair, so he can get his sadistic jollies and laugh at her and put her down all the more behind her back. He’s a sorry excuse of a male, not a man. And in no way do I condone Z’s behavior. She’s thirsty enough to really care for this creep dbag. It’s all sickening.

    • Indeed it’s a very sordid spectacle. And for him to throw her under the bus with Paul like that and still let her glom onto him is just revolting behavior on his part.
      If Nat and Michelle continue to wake up and manage to win some Comps, I truly hope the tide turns on Paulie.

    • He can stop it if he wants to, but he’s not honest about his intentions, instead he’s stringing her on. He’s an opportunist, and very good at convincing her he likes her, when he wants to. She’s emotionally involved and it’s hard for her to be clear headed and consistent.

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