‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 6: Wednesday Highlights

It was a quiet day in the Big Brother 18 house and a pretty mild night, too, despite it being eviction eve. That might have something to do with no one telling Da’Vonne straight up that she’s going home tonight. But she knows. She always knows. I think she just knows she can’t make a fuss about it or things could get worse.


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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 3, 2016:

9:10 AM BBT – Lights are on, but no HGs are stirring.

10:15 AM BBT – Few HGs up and moving around but things are quiet.

10:45 AM BBT – Corey has moved upstairs and hanging out in Paul’s HoH bed. They talk about a possible Double Eviction coming up along with wondering just how the Round Trip ticket could work.

10:50 AM BBT – Corey goes back downstairs and heads to his bumper car bed. Very quiet morning.

11:30 AM BBT – Michelle is the only HG vertical as she gets ready for the day.

12:25 PM BBT – James has joined the living. He’s getting ready for breakfast and camtalks apologizing for planning to vote out Da’Vonne. James also apologizes to Frank’s fans for last week’s eviction too. James explains that he’s trying to play lowkey this season.

2:00 PM BBT – We’ve now got Bridgette, Da’Vonne, and Corey awake in the house. Lazy bones all around.

2:30 PM BBT – Da’Vonne working on Nicole and promising that she hasn’t been targeting her or Corey. Nicole says there’s been a lot she’s heard about Da’Vonne that she’s having a hard time letting go. Nicole and Day agree that Frank did a number on their thinking about each other.

2:40 PM BBT – Nicole and Day have continued to talk as Day works on getting her support. Da’Vonne asks if they’re good for the vote on Thursday and Nicole promises her she is.

3:15 PM BBT – HGs lounging around and goofing off. Light talk all around.

3:30 PM BBT – Zakiyah tells Michelle she and Paulie worked things out last night but she’s got her eyes open to him now. Michelle says more HGs need to have the same happen.

3:40 PM BBT – Michelle is worried about Nicole, Corey, or Paulie winning HoH on Thursday.

4:25 PM BBT – Paulie talks to Zakiyah about James’s game moves and suggests James is following Derrick’s game advice perfectly. How unfortunate for James that Derrick supposedly detailed to Paulie what advice he gave James.

5:12 PM BBT – Nicole and Corey talking about HGs in past seasons saying offensive things. Corey says he’s caught himself saying things that could be offensive but he doesn’t mean them. OK, Corey.

5:25 PM BBT – Nicole whispers to Corey about how Michelle has been getting paranoid and hasn’t been talking to them lately.

5:30 PM BBT – Nicole says she would have a hard time winning this season because she keeps losing votes from people she was once close to. (Well that and you’re going to help the guys evict all the girls).

5:36 PM BBT – James is revealing to Nicole and Corey everything Da’Vonne said to him early in the game about splitting up Nicole and Corey and Paulie and Z.

5:45 PM BBT – Michelle is having a bit of a meltdown to Paulie. She says she’s upset Paulie was talking about her being paranoid and she said James and Paul really get on her nerves. She asks Paulie not to tell them. Michelle says she just wants to go home. But then she worries she won’t be able to get a job after this because everyone will think she’s a bully.

6:14 PM BBT – James telling Natalie that Da’Vonne is mad at him because he slipped up last night and talked about a situation later on that involves Bridgette, indicating that Bridgette won’t be going home this week.

6:16 PM BBT – Michelle, Z and Day discuss Paulie and James. They agree they’re both trying to play Derrick’s game. Michelle says Derrick isn’t here and suggests they play their own game.

6:22 PM BBT – Feeds cut to fish. Then Jeff highlights come on.

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  1. I think Da is around 90% sure she is being evicted. It’s the 10% unsure that is keeping her from losing it, because if she is wrong, and she starts mouthing, she knows that 10% will turn into a zero chance of her staying in the house. I do think she will have prepared exactly what to say and to whom to get the deepest digs in possible before she goes through the door.

    • I think she doesn’t want to burn all her bridges because she hopes she’ll have the round trip ticket. If she comes back it’s hard to rebuild relationships if you only have ashes to work with.

    • I think the part keeping her calm is the fact that she could be back with the round trip.

    • she be evicted (I am not so sure she will be), she has a 1 in 11 chance of returning to the game. Why do more damage at this point if your not 100% sure. She she be evicted and have the winning round trip ticket, left without doing any more damage, her best bet is to win HOH. It would be totally funny to see the reaction on both Paul and Paulie’s face should that happen. I bet team P will be pissing and shaking in their pant’s at that point.

      • I’m just not seeing how, at that point, it would negatively affect her game if she goes off on a few people, even if she does have the round trip ticket.
        Now, the PP pee is a very entertaining thought. lol

      • She has so far kept herself in check ie: not going off on a tirade. If evicted and she leaves without more damage being done ie: blowing up other’s game. If and I mean IF she had the return ticket and a comp is something that best suits her (lets face it, everyone has a comp they will be good at), that is when she should figure out who was behind her being sent packing (can we say Paul and Zak), then her sight’s would be set on a straight and narrow yet blindly path.

      • We’ll see, but I don’t see Da going quietly into the night, or in this case out the front door.

  2. Ugh, I hope Natalie or even Michelle wins HOH this week. Natalie would be the only one smart enough to put up a guy. And unless Michelle is still psycho over Bridgette it could be interesting.

    I’m done with the Paulie puppet show. I hope if Natalie does get to the end with Paulie, she beats his ass. I think he’s underestimating her. She’s not Victoria.

    • I called Nat, Gnat, for a while because it irritated me that she wasn’t playing and she was serious when she stated that she only wanted to make it to jury. Presently, I do see a change in her attitude and I’m going to stop calling her Gnat until further notice. I’m watching her to see if she is serious about playing now.

      • She’s just the only one right now that does not completely repulse me. She’s not the smartest and really not a threat physcially, but gosh these houseguests are hard to root for.

      • She is, but she is feeds gold and her meltdowns are purely epic. I’m hoping for a Meech HOH and all the drama it could potentially bring!

      • I know. She’s off the wall crazy too. I just can’t take any of these houseguests right now.

    • Nat will put up a guy. Michelle no chance bc bridgette will be in the house still and she will be blinded by jealously revenge.

      • I am still not sure about that. They are starting to see Paulie for what he is and she may very well go after Paulie or Paul at the very least.

    • She will never survive any of the remaining “mental” comps. Did you hear her last night about the mental strain of “Ready Set Whoa”?

      • Yeah, she’s definitely not the sharpest. I am just having a hard time finding anyone I remotely want to root for here.

  3. So basically Natalie is reading the house correctly and James is effectively trying to mess up her reading of it because of his stupid ideas ?

    • Natalie is a lot smarter than she behaves and I hope she won’t allow a man to choose what she needs to do. If is is up to James he would give Paulie the money right now. Why would anyone throw games is beyond me. She doesn’t like Victor because he was mean to her and she wants him out. I think Z should be more like Natalie and less like her pathetic self.

      • James is thinking that in final 2, he would win over Paulie. But what James doesn’t know is that he won’t make it to final 2. Or 3. Or 4.
        You have to take it week by week.

      • He thought the same thing when he was playing Austin’s game. His bff was evicted and I don’t remember exactly when he was evicted last season, but this season will probably be sooner. If Natalie smartens up she could make it farther than James.

      • Do you really think he expects to make it to final 2? I think he just wants time with Natalie and to win America’s Favorite Player again, which he in NO way should do.

    • It seems that way. It’s a shame America didn’t wait to give her a better care package. But she probably would have listened to James, and it would not be worth it.

    • James has full control over natalie at this point. This whole week has been “Ill vote how james votes” “Ill do what james does”

  4. It’s hard to find someone to root for. Paulie is doing a good job, but he’s doing it with such arrogance that, sometimes, I feel like I’m cheering for a movie villain.

    I am going to cheer for Victor and his pom pom hairdo. He seems like the most chill in the house.

    • As much as I dislike Victor, I think I have to agree with you. Still hate the laugh, but I can over look it! :)

  5. You skipped the part where Z is dry humping Paulie in the Tokyo room for all, Feedsters and HG’s, to see!!!! All while dressed very skimpy. I have pretty much lost all respect for Zakiyah on how she is playing the game. It is sad because I think she is better and smarter than she is making herself look like to us. I just don’t understand why she keeps going back to him (Paulie)!!! It is soo nerve wracking to watch!!!!

    • I didn’t realize Zakiyah was even playing the game. Her main objective is to have Paulie’s babies. The only reason she wants to survive weekly evictions is so she can spend more time with Paulie. To my knowledge, she hasn’t contributed much at all.

    • Paulie is a grade A tool. I don’t remember Cody being such a jerk and much more respectful of the girls in the house. Maybe it is a mob mentality with Paulie and “his boy”. IDK

      • Don’t forget his constant use of the words “clip” and “tag” Drives me nuts. How is this guy Cody’s brother? He’s a jerk…I loved Cody.

  6. Wow! Natalie is really wising up. I’m hoping she’s not all talk and that she’s been throwing the comps. If that’s the case then she’s actually playing a brilliant game.

    On another note, Paulie is great at playing this game. However, he’s suck a jerk that I’m pretty sure anyone aside from Michelle & Z will beat him in the final 2.

  7. These females need to put their petty differences aside and smarten up and stick to an idea (that the boys are plotting against them). Good to see Natalie is actually paying attention… the grand prize is much better than jury house payment. I hope she doesn’t listen to James, wondering why he is there in the first place, summer break?

    Zakiyah is so sad; I am hoping this just game plan, doesn’t look like it (but one can hope). A person will treat you how you allow them and she is allowing Paulie to treat her like crap… continually apologizing. UGH! Nicole, not liking her at all this season, wondering if she is here for a boyfriend or for the $500,000. If they put their heads together, Michelle, Natalie, and Day, could actually do some damage… I hope Day gets back in and change the way she has been playing and work to evict the males; Paulie, Paul, Corey, (Nicole), James…. in that order.

  8. How is Natalie the most observant HG but doesn’t care about winning? James never really believes Natalie either so nothing ever changes but she somehow has a pretty accurate reading of the house.

    • This is a BIG IF, but maybe she is playing a very lowkey game and is going to show her true colors at some point later in the game. She is the only one I really like at this point and of course Da. teehee

      • That is a huge IF though. She already said she only wants to make it to jury to get the money. And I don’t mind day as a person but she is a horrible bb player

    • Being able to read the house and being able to do something about it are different skills. Ask Ragan. Heck, Day is good at reading the house.

      Natalie has shown no ability to win comps, and no ability or willingness to extend her alliances out to other players. It DOES NOT MATTER what she knows, because she cannot sway votes.

      She will get far the Victoria way.

      • Comparing her to Victoria is a little unfair. Natalie has at least some sense of the game and is pretty good at reading the house. Day might be able to read people but it’s no good if your just going to play a personal game.

      • Again, knowing is not enough, you have to DO something about it.

        And I don’t consider her as bad as Victoria does, but at least before the last HoH comp Paulie was planning to use her like that. He considers her the weakest girl, and once James is gone wants to use her as Victoria was used.

  9. a lot of people don’t like day because of her “messiness” or “Attitude” but i wish everyone would just admit that she CAN be a smart player.
    she’s intentionally not blowing up and going out how others would expect,
    i 100% believes she’s knows she’s gonna be evicted and she knows whats going on, but she has to keep a poker face, because of that round trip ticket.

    cause, lets face it. the round trip ticket is going to go to a big personality, whose entrance back into the house will make waves n be a big deal, whether its her, victor for a 3rd time or paulie.

    also notice that most of these blog entries are Paulie, Paulie, Paulie…
    the best chance of pauline getting evicted is Davonne having that RT ticket, because she’s the ONLY one whose going to do something about. which is what i think production is betting on. Their showdown.

    • I don’t understand why people don’t like her, she is playing the game without letting it become personal. Everyone is entitled to play and it looks like some of the viewers and players only want their “favorites” to play. Lying, putting others against each other, winning competitions, trying to get folks as allies, working to get the Veto to be used on you if you are on the Block is all part of the game.

      Paul and some of the others temper tantrums when people are playing is so ridiculous.

      I hope Davonne returns and shake things…

      • Getting Tiff and Frank out was personal to Momma Day.
        Remember her goodbye messages to both of them. She happily chanted she beat Tiff and said she didn’t want to know Frank outside of the house.
        She does have an attitude, a stank face every time things don’t go her way. How many times I saw her walking into the HoH room with a face like that.
        Anyway she does play the game and kudos to her for keeping herself calm and not blowing up as expected.
        But no return ticket please.

      • She is not attacking anyone personally in the game by belittling them, i.e. Paulie. Paul has an attitude, Paulie has an attitude, his face may not be as “stank” as hers but he does show his “stank” face. Nicole has an attitude, she leaves the room when someone she doesn’t care for is in the room; her “stank face” is her whining.

        DaVonne chanted after they left but when Frank was trying to get Michelle to use the Veto on him, Paul had a big attitude.

      • Her mouth gets away from her, talks too much (and always to the wrong people at the wrong time …. yep, she sucks at this game).

    • CAN be a great player?

      She had a solid 8 person alliance with a 5 person sub alliance. And in response to nothing, she just decided to get out 2 people in her alliance by pitting them against each other.

      She made other allies along the way, only to complain TO THEIR FACES that they were showmances, and cry about it.

      She talked about getting rid of showmances to a person in a showmance while on the block. And then insulted him by suggesting his showmance does not count.

      She has continually been dealt great cards in this game. And she has tried her best to ruin it.

      But she should get credit for playing it cool when she knows she is in trouble?

  10. If you throw a HOH competition at this point in the game you deserve to go home that week. Natalie would do better if she’d just stop listening to James!

  11. I’m so sick and tired of watching and reading about make out sessions or seeing the women throw/lay/grind on these guys. I’m not a prude, but if I wanted to watch porn/light porn…I would. This is not a dating game! Have a little respect and dignity for yourself…because Z you do look like a hooker, and Natalie…you are disgusting as well..monkey see monkey do! Good for Day for saying something to Z…again have a little pride/dignity in yourself and think of your families….Big Brother should put a stop to it….rant over!! Sorry :)

    • Zakiyah has started to become very pathetic to watch. It really is sad the way she is obsessing over Paulie, who, in my opinion is a first class jerk! Has anyone else noticed the way Z seems to waddle over to Paulie all the time…it’s like she’s thinking..I’m coming to you, I’m not sure if you want me to come to you, but, I am coming anyway!

    • She’s obsessed with him, I can see her stalking Paulie after the show is done. She’s pathetic.

    • You should write a book! That was a great update!
      Kinda hot too!

      ……..But seriously…..
      Z it’s a reality show & you’re in a bubble!

      Peek-a-boo we see you…….?

      • Thanks, but, I copied/pasted the 2nd paragraph on from the Jokers Site…so credit goes to someone else. I only wrote my the first paragraph…lol. I just want to see them play the game!!!

  12. Wed 11:59 PM BBT(“Paul: I think Day spreads too much paranoia, and is only it in for her own best interests”). In Day’s defense, isn’t what the games about…you want to win, you play for yourself, not someone else in the game. Crazy!

  13. At the end of the episode last night….he said who will be evicted tomorro Bridget or Davone. find out tomorrow.
    He did not sayd if either will have the ticket back like he did last week…. i just found that interesting

  14. I don’t understand why people (not HGs) want Da’ gone so badly. People say she lies but so did Frank and apparently everyone was on board with letting him go. I like Da’ because I feel like she is the only who is true to herself and thinks for herself without relying on anyone else. I may be wrong because I don’t have the feeds, but I think Bridgette shoukd go home. She offers nothing and her DRs are the worst!

    • I’m not seeing a lot of personality in Bridgette but people who have feeds might see it differently. I’ve never been a fan of hers and I don’t see that changing in the near future.

      • Exactly!! I think Da’ would be the only one to target Paulie. I wish she would put up Nicole and Corey with Paulie as a backdoor.

      • That sounds good to me and we would be in for a much more exciting week. Of course, Paulie could not play in the veto comp. We all know that he was bred for this. ;)

      • Lol… If I were a house guest, keeping Da’ would make sense because she will always be a target. Get out Bridgette because people might eventually want to keep her until the end or she might float there…

      • Yeah, well, the girls don’t “make sense”. The cocks are ruling the roost and they think Bridgette is a good egg, cackle, cackle.

      • Yup. That’s why I don’t understand why Pauline is getting her out. He is obviously the most likely to win and could shield himself from going on the block (unless he volunteers again) with Da’ still in the house.. I know he knows Da’ is onto him,, but everyone was okay with getting Bridgette out this week. It would have been easy with no blood on anyone’s hands.. I don’t really like Paulie. I thought I did, but seeing how he treated/talked about Z this week was really annoying. I know she is not doing herself any favors by being clingy,, but he was straight up rude.

      • Yes he was & if he was my kid I’d be saying something when The game was over…. Weather he wins or not.

      • I still don’t understand his fixation on getting Tiffany out either (especially after their sibling alliance). Okay, so she is Vanessa’s sister, he IS Cody’s brother and both siblings went far. He should have kept Tiffany a little longer.

      • I would after if Tiffany wasn’t annoying and after my fave Da’ lol. He just likes to show that he is dominant.

    • She has played terribly, been dealt a great hand and completely wasted it.

      Some people would just like to see that game play get the reward it deserves … eviction.

      • What is your case for Frank? And what was her great hand besides returning which is what Nicole and James have and neither one of them are making the most of it unless you count showmances?

      • Am I comparing her to Frank? Frank is a terrible player too.

        As for what great hand she was dealt, she was the lowest priority target among the returners, and had two safe alliances from the get go. And when she blew those up, she still had people wanting to work with her, only to complain about those new potential alliances.

        Say what you will about Nicole and James (and they aren’t great either), but they are still around, and still have some protection in the game, and they were bigger targets coming in.

        And all 3 of them would have been in a better spot if Day had been more patient.

      • Lol my bad. You’re right. I totally forgot about the team twist. She did mess up,, but I would like to see her return with the ticket and win HoH. That would be awesome!!

  15. Zakiyah is pathetic, from what I see Paulie is there to play the game and just like Cody he seems playful with a girl. Unfortunately for him he’s playing and cuddling around with the wrong girl who’s taking it so seriously. He is a goodlooking guy so a girl could easily get attached to him. Z is a waste of a houseguest, no game play or nothing and her throwing Paul’s name to Paulie didn’t help her at all, she doesn’t bring anything to the table, Paulie of course will team up with Paul who can win something and help his game compared to zakiyah who only wants to cuddle and all. And if it’s all guys in the end,i don’t mind watching them playing against each other to win. I’d rather see someone playing the game in final 2 than someone floating all along.

    • Ok, that’s a very good point. If it’s just the guys it could be real good tv then!

    • Besides Paulie is pretty much a clone of his brother personality wise, so Z should know that Paulie isn’t trustworthy

  16. Love how Day tells James how the 8 pack alliance could of been great. She was the one that destroyed it. Plus the Fatal Five. Plus she was offered a spot in the couples alliance that would of gotten her in the top 3 but went on to complain to Jame about it and now look where she is. Worst player ever.

  17. Wait, wasn’t Michelle in on the plan to evict Da’Vonne earlier in the week, before she and Z started working to try and keep her off the block? Why is she suddenly acting like she believes 100% that Da’ is staying?

  18. I have faith on Natalie but she needs to stop listening to James and letting him play her game.

  19. “But then she worries she won’t be able to get a job after this because everyone will think she’s a bully.”

    Yeah you should’ve thought of that before you became mean to Bridgette

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