Tonight On Big Brother 18: Live Eviction Show Week 8

Big Brother 18 is back tonight with the second of three straight nights of our favorite show and this time we’ve got a live eviction coming our way when either Paulie or Paulie will be voted out, unless the Houseguests decide to evict Paulie instead.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother

Yes, it’s the end of the road for Paulie Calafiore, the “bred for this” competitor, or is it? There’s one more chance at the Big Brother Airlines round trip ticket and if Paulie has the coveted magic card then he’s heading right back inside for more Big Brother drama (and apple pie).

The show kicks off at 9/8c tonight and we’ll be here at 9PM ET to live recap all the results where we’ll find out who gets voted out and what happens with that BB Airlines ticket for one final chance at the twist. It’s going to be a tense moment leading up to that reveal as we wait to find out who has the Round Trip ticket!

Do you think the house could flip today and decide to keep Paulie? He’s decided to campaign and has been giving it a try, but he’s got a long hill to climb for that to happen and so far no one is biting at his offers. Then what about the magic ticket? Paulie is feeling good with his #10 card since he was the tenth HG to go in and get their card. Someone has to have it so why not him? Now that’d be dramatic, huh?

Don’t forget the next America’s Care Package since that Co-HoH prize is going to rock the next HoH. Corey and Nicole are in a very bad spot and they don’t even know it yet. Even if one of them wins HoH this ACP could end up sending the other one on the Block and maybe even out the door!

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Join us back here at 9/8c as we live recap the eviction show to discover who was voted out and who is the new Head of Household. What do you want to see happen in each of those outcomes?



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  1. Really hoping he doesn’t have the RT ticket. Even if he did have it, came back, and won HOH one of Nic/Cor would be going in his place this week due to the Co-HOH care package this week assuming it goes to Victor, Paul, or Michelle like most of us expect. I just don’t want to deal with his antics for another week so really hoping he’s gone and we can finally move forward. I’d like to see Natalie or James win HOH this week and target Nic/Cor instead of Paul winning. The reason being if Paul won HOH and Victor won Co-HOH and they determined both could not compete as outgoing HOH they could find themselves in a precarious position the following week. My ideal final 4 at this time is Paul, Victor, Natalie, and James.

    • I hope they zoom in on Nicole’s face if Paul or Victor gets CP and even closer when she finds out what it is! She will be crying all day about it when she should already be crying about how badly she has played this game.

    • I really hope he doesn’t have it, but god forbid he does he’ll leave leave this week unless he wins HOH. I hope Natalie wins HOH and Victor wins co-HOH. Natalie will definitely put up Corey and Vic will put up Paulie (if he’s there) or Nicole.

    • I agree with those four…they said last night, they would be good with either one (of the 4) winning the whole thing…so they know its a game and don’t take anything personal

  2. Matthew you said if Paulie has the coveted magic ticket then he will be right back in for more drama and apple pie … apparently not apple pie because whatever Paulie doesn’t want to do, Paulie doesn’t have to do. “Me no want make apple pie!”

    • Haven’t seen any pies and last pie he wasn’t in costume, so who’s running the house apparently not bb.

    • So, what’s up with that? This is a GAME. This game has RULES. Paulie agreed to the rules, but when they don’t suit him or make him look more foolish than he usually is (hard to do), he just doesn’t do it. There are a number of ways to deal with this. My favorite would be to just tell Paulie that he better start baking pies and wearing the costume NOW, or relinquish his Get out of Jail Free card, BEFORE the eviction vote. That way, if he wants to pout and be a baby about it, then BB can make sure that he can’t get back in the house. Seems fair to me. Or, they could tell him to bake some damn pies or get out now. Rules are rules.

  3. I’ve been hearing so many conspiracies about Paulie having the RT ticket over the past few days. But what if he doesn’t? We’re not going to have enough HGs to last through the season.

    • If Julie takes out a Round Trip Ticket from the envelope everyone in the BB fandom is going to fly to California and drag Paulie out of the house to make sure he leaves for good.

      So yeah… not worried about tonight

      • Watch how she takes it out of envelop. It’s possible that it’s printed on both sides b/c she seems to know what it says when she pulls it out facing the HG,

      • I’m having weird stuff happening, too – every time I click on a link on this site some weird ad pops up, even though I have pop-ups turned off.

      • Yeah; it’s not that either…although I’ve had that too…also been sent to a Gwen Stefani page. I think that’s just Disqus.

    • It’s natural and a part of growing up, pretty soon someone will need to have the birds and the bees chat with you.

      • If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’m never serious about anything. Just having some fun and trying to keep things light, don’t take things personally.

        What I actually hope for, is a nice hilarious chirp back.

      • Don’t have a problem with that at all! I guess it was the other day when you told me you ‘…didn’t give a shyte what I had to say.’ So, you can (maybe) understand why this comment (from someone I don’t know) that came from out of left field, left me questioning your intent. Have a good day.

  4. So, why do we have an extra episode for Friday? Anybody know or have a clue? What is Big Brother having for Friday? It seems like it will only mess up the schedule without enhancing game play.

    • Previously we’d thought it was going to be a jury buyback should Paulie not hold the RT ticket. Now that theory seems debunked though…

      • Maybe he does have the ticket, and they will just show the Concert, carnival and the jury house…the first 3 going in. I really don’t want him to have the ticket though

    • Seems like the Friday episode might show the Ziggy Marley concert and Jessie’s return to host some carnival competitions.

    • It’s a whole hour dedicated to Paulie, extolling his virtues, while simultaneously showing us how he got a raw deal.

    • They are bringing the vomit inducing Mr Pectactular back. Weeeeee, can hardly wait. Also Ziggy Marley is playing a concert for them, I’m sure they will show part of that.

  5. I figured it out.

    Friday’s show will be concert (taped) and the live HOH contest. The care package voting ends tomorrow at 1 pm eastern 10 am pacific enough time before the show starts. They will show the concert and blah blah blah and then reveal the CO-HOH winner and the rest would compete live on the show. Then they would also have enough time for the veto comp this weekend and ceremony on Monday.

  6. I posted this on the other blog, but am going to re-post over here too. I want people to know what a tool paulie really is…….
    I for one don’t want to watch this dour faced a**hole for the rest of the season and he doesn’t even deserve to go to jury. He has been one of the most epic a**holes on BB to date.
    These are just some of the things this dick has said so far this year….slut shamed women, body shamed women, been verbally abusive to Z, gaslighted Z and made her cry, has threatened physical violence towards bridge, nat & meech. Acted physically aggressive towards females HG’s. Compared feminism to racism. What a gem…JMO

      • Me, too, that’s why I made that comment. One can be a man without acting like a douchebag. Unfortunately, nobody told Paulie.

      • Right… It make’s me kinda sad to watch this dude implode because I realize there is something “deep down” that’s wrong with this dude..

      • At first, I thought he just wanted to try to outdo his bro, which he probably does, but it’s more than that. He’s got anger issues, has a misogynistic streak which he has demonstrated over and over again, dishes crap out, but can’t take it, cries like a little baby when things don’t go his way, and he French-kisses his dad, just like Cody did, which might be a clue. I come from a “touchy-feely-huggy” Italian family, too, but I don’t French kiss ANYONE in my nuclear family, least of all my DAD! Jeez!

        IMHO – Paulie’s “implosion” is an attempt to gain symapthy and weasel his way back into the good graces of anyone stupid enought to let him. God help US if he has the RT, nevermind the houseguests he would target if he got contol again. Even then, I can’t see him getting ANY votes from the jury.

      • No man hating here. It is the absolute astonishment the way paulie acted, behaved and treated the other HG’s.

  7. The next discussion thread, ‘Eviction Prediction’ isn’t giving me discus. Instead it has a sort of email type vibe to it. Anyone else have this when they go into that discussion thread?

    • I noticed that on one of the blogs the other day, but haven’t been having that problem today. Couldn’t figure out what it was….but haven’t encountered it again.

      • I have in the past periodically, but refreshing the page always brought it up. Not this time. At least not 5 or 10 times I’ve tried, lol.

      • Same here. Usually I have to wait until someone else posts something before I can get to it.

  8. Did anyone notice the cockiness and arrogance come back when Paulie had a beer last night…he is positive/secure he has the ticket

    • I am preparing myself for that to happen. I just hope the HGs are ready for it. They(Paul, James, Nat, and M) need to win this HOH comp. I won’t be that concerned about Paulie coming back unless he, Corey, or Nic win HOH and get the CP, too. That is the worst case scenario. Trying to stay positive, but realistically so.

  9. The way I see it next week, If either Paul,Meech,James or Natalie win HoH. Nicole and Corey go on the block,so what be interesting is if Nicole wins Hoh..

  10. I just had a horrible thought. Paulie’s been asking for a sympathy vote. Natalie, Paul and Michelle all said the might give him the sympathy vote. With only 5 votes he could actually end up staying! Corey would get evicted. The remaining HG open their envelopes and Paulie actually has the RT ticket! Look out Vic and Paul.

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