Tonight On Big Brother 17: Season Premiere On CBS – Update: Grodner Says 2 Guests Arrive Premiere Week

Tonight on Big Brother 17 the season premiere is here with a two-night event delivering back to back nights of debut episodes when the fourteen new Houseguests move in to their new summer home.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 premiere
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 premiere – Source: CBS

Big Brother airs tonight at 8/7c on CBS with an hour long episode where we’ll see the new faces step inside the front door and scramble to find a bed and an ally, but what about those twists?

With two nights of BB17 episodes in the premiere we don’t know for sure when or how the “Big Brother Takeover” twist will go to work on the Houseguests so that’ll be a surprise.

Last year by this time we had our backyard bikini photos and even a sneak peek at the first Head of Household competition, neither of which have appeared this summer. Looks like Big Brother is keeping the lid on what’s going on in there. Speaking of what’s going on in there, do you have your Live Feeds yet? Sign-up now and be ready to watch after Thursday’s show when the Feeds launch.

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Update: Grodner tells ET the number of Houseguests was intentionally low and we’ll get two “guests” during this week’s premiere episodes, per the new twist. Considering we already know who those two are likely to be it also seems likely they could be at least semi-permanent additions to the season.

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  1. Give me a big” B”
    give me a big “I”
    give me a big”G”
    give me a big “B”
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    What do you have?
    Big Brother
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    I can’t hear you.
    Say it again.
    One more time now.
    That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

      • Is that the only color you dream in? So peaceful. At least it isn’t wet. Alrighty then, later,

      • ROFLMAO! I keep thinking about “Blue Lagoon” whenever Cyril mentions the Blue Dream.

      • OMG, you two! All this talk of dreams…get a room!!! My sensibilities are offended. ; )

      • I laughed so hard, my soda-pop came out of my nose! That has never happened before! Karen, you KILL me. And I sure am glad you get my humor!

      • Sorry! I love your humor. Glad you get my corny wit.
        This is really me, Sharona, but I went to the new thread and was upvoting some people and someone posted using my moniker and avatar. I’m not posting anything on that thread because I don’t want any confusion. As a matter of fact, I’m not posting anything else until I figure out what to do. Have fun tonight.

      • What the heck is up with that? I hope you can get it straightened out SOON. Take care…hope to see you tomorrow!

      • I went off the site and clicked back on the thread and my avatar and moniker had been replaced by Captain555. Very, very odd. I was having a hard time just letting all the info from the show soak in. I’m going to watch certain parts again to try and get a better understanding. Night showgirl, Sharona!

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  2. Is today creeping by incredibly slowly for everyone else too, or is it just me???

    • I tried to get a cheer session going, but no one is in the mood. Guess I’ll go back to see if my black snake has left the back flower garden so I can finish weeding, That got my heart rate going earlier.

      • There are 4 types of black snakes in North America. Two are poisonous and 2 aren’t. You got a 50-50 shot!

      • The easiest way to find out is to let it bite you. If there’s no reaction, you’re good to go.

      • Pretty sure it was a black racer. Supposedly, only two venomous snakes can be found in East Tn, the copperhead and the timber rattlesnake. That’s 2 too many. I’ve encountered a huge rattler on a trail in the Smoky Mtns., and had a neighbor bitten by a copperhead while pushing a mower. I know those are around. I hope there are no “snakes” in the BB house.

    • Yes it is…in one way. I have to see the Vandy championship game tonight, too, so it will be busy once 7pm CT arrives! Excited!

      • Wasn’t it Texas they beat last year for the CWS championship? Not sure who they’re playing this year, but hope they win. Exciting night, bbad, enjoy!

      • Hey you – Actually, it was Virginia so tonight is a true rematch of last year’s championship. Final game – one way or another! Was hoping we could finish it last night and leave this night open. I don’t mind spoilers on BB because I’ll still watch & read but the game – meh..that I want to see live. Thanks!

      • Don’t know why I thought Texas.:(Sounds like a Lady Vol/Connecticut back-to-back championship series when P.Summit was coaching. I’ll have to peek in on ESPNU after BB.

      • Sorry, bbad, it was a great game though. I watched the last 3 innings. Those guys are better than many MLB teams I’ve seen this year. I’m still trying to process everything that happened on BB tonight. :(

      • DVR has been one of the greatest inventions in the history of man! Should be a busy but fun evening. I don’t have a rooting interest in the game, so I’ll be watching BB, but good luck!

      • Yes! I’d hate not to have one for sure (esp’ly for BBAD)! But hey, it’s only for one night, right? I’ll be alright – Thanks! Can’t wait! I like to see how the HGs personalities mesh and whose strategies change. :)

  3. Wish it was on for two hours tonight. I just hope it’s not 7 competing for HOH tonight and 7 tomorrow. That would mean 2 like last year and I didn’t like it. Oh how I wish the feeds started tonight.

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