Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 8 Eviction & Returning Jury HG

Julie Chen returns tonight on CBS for an all-new Big Brother 16 live eviction show starting at 9PM ET/PT as the HGs have no idea a Jury member is about to return.

Update: Join us for our live recap of tonight’s eviction show with results here. This is a BIG one!

Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises
Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises – Source: CBS

This week’s nominees Cody Calafiore and Zach Rance will face the House votes and while we already know who is set to go that HG might be coming right back in to the game.

We’re still awaiting details on the deciding factor for who returns, but if it’s anything like last year then we could be getting our first in-season endurance competition and it’s about time!

I broke down the various scenarios for how each returning Juror might get back in to the house, who they would work with, and who they would target for eviction. Now we just have to wait and see what happens next!

Have you voted in this week’s popularity poll? Tonight’s two nominees are leading the vote right now so that’ll be a loss to the fans either way. Which do you think is heading to Jury tonight?

Join us tonight at 9PM ET to chat with other fans as we enjoy the latest Big Brother eviction.

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Big Brother 16 – Episode 26 Preview:



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  1. How are tonight’s two nominees leading the poll I just went there and voted for my favorite houseguest and Donny is leading with 42% of the vote Donny is not a nominee

  2. If Zach comes back, I hope we see a ‘Zach Attack’ that will make the BB history books…an attack of biblical proportions—and smite Christine and Frankie with boils! Or at the very least, make them flee the house in terror. I’m kidding. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to anyone–even those two. But it would renew my faith in humanity if they were the next two kicked out. So sick of how rotten and downright MEAN they are. I wish they’d remember: Karma is a B****, and you reap what you sow. This is off topic, but can production please, please, puh-leese give Cody a decongestant and kleenex? That thing where he sucks his snot is causing erosion of my esophagus from all the vomiting I do every time he does it. Gross!!!

  3. I would love to see the jury member Zach win his way back into the house as hoh and get to immediatly send a replacement jury member Frankie packing to jury. Then run the reign as hoh for the week. Take that two faced fake as heck Frankie Grande canyon mouth.

  4. GRRRRRRRRR! I just learned that in my area an NFL exhibition game is being shown on both CBS and FOX. While I don’t mind it being shown on FOX, I’m furious at the local CBS network. BB doesn’t come on until 1:30 AM local time, which is during BBAD on TVGN.

    So, I have 3 choices…. 1. Come here while BB is showing elsewhere and read what is happening. 2. Try to stay awake to watch BB @ 1:30 and miss BBAD. 3. Watch BBAD and try to figure out what happened on BB. (For 1 & 3 I’ll watch BB tomorrow.)

    Thanks for letting me rant!

    • IDK what area you are in or if you get canadian channels if you do check out global they air big brother as well. Obviously I live in canada so I get the channels and I realize you prob don’t but I thought I would suggest it just in case

      • Yea I kind of figured that. In canada we get the major us networks cbs abc and nbc as part of basic cable plans but you guys don’t get our major networks in a basic cable plan if you can even get them. Our major networks being CBC ctv global and the newest of the group city tv

      • It’s so bad that the only way I can watch BB Canada is on the pirate sites. I’m blocked from the Canadian TV sites.

      • Terrible what state do you live in. Do the states closer to the border have the option of getting Canadian channels I wonder

      • I have no idea. I just know that the area I’m in is blocked. I don’t even know if it is the whole state. I’d rather not say where I live.

      • Cool sorry not trying to get personal that’s why I just asked state but I understand. It sucks anyway

    • CBS is usually pretty fast putting the episodes up on their website to watch for free. It might be up before 1:30 am your time.

  5. I have grown to like Zach. When he is chilled and away from Frankie, he is much more like able

    • They make Zach seem a lot more annoying on the show… probably to absolve Frankie of guilt for constantly screwing him over (Gotta keep the Social Media Mogul looking likable! *eyeroll*).

      I think Zach’s actually a pretty solid guy. He knows his strengths and weaknesses, and he’s the only one who didn’t laugh at Donny when he tried to make an ally.

      I want Frankie to go instead of Zach, but then again Zach will probably be right back. Then hopefully Frankie will leave and not return. Doesn’t he have his “army” to get back to?

      • That is absolute nonsense. They neglected to show us the huge event where Zach stole the cue ball from the pool table during the 24 hour neighborhood watch. The houseguests quickly caught him in the act and it was what ultimately made the houseguests believe Zach was the Big Brother saboteur. By omitting this, Frankie and Derrick just look like bullies and pinned everything on Zach while Zach looks like a victim.

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