The Best And Worst Of Big Brother 8 Week 2

A new Big Brother 18 houseguest is headed off to the Battle Back and a new Head of Household is in power, but we’ve got some unfinished business from last week: The Best and Worst moments of the week.


There were lots of flipping and flopping last week and lots of bad moves, so that means plenty of Ewws but little Ahhs for this edition. Let’s get to it.

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 18 Week 2

Eww. A predictable week. When Paulie won the Head of Household competition and then went on to win the veto, his plan to backdoor Victor was executed perfectly. That was some good gameplay on Paulie’s part, but it made for a pretty predictable week.

Ahh. Victor wins the Roadkill competition. We can’t let the other side of the house win everything now. Of course Victor’s nominee won’t matter, but at least it made a couple of people from the safe side of the house sweat.

Big Brother 18's Da'Vonne Rogers plans her moves

Eww. Da’Vonne Overplaying. What is wrong with Da’Vonne. This week she decided she wanted Tiffany out. Then wanted Frank out. Then wanted Nicole out. And decided she no longer trusts Zakiyah. And she told a lot of people these things. Day is playing with fire and I like her, so this kind of game play is making me nervous. And after Thursday night’s HOH, Day isn’t safe and will have to scramble back into the alliances she has been working on destroying.

Ahh. Girls outnumber the guys. I often root for the dudes on Big Brother, but I’m happy that the girls are ruling this season of Big Brother. So far every person evicted has been a guy and that’s refreshing after the past four winners of Big Brother being guys. That means an all-girls alliance should be easy this season, right? RIGHT? Well …

Fatal Four alliance on Big Brother 18

Eww. The all-girls’ alliance continues to be elusive. We almost had one this season. Twice at least. The Fatal 5 consisted of Day, Nicole, Tiffany, Michelle and Zakiyah and seemed unstoppable. But then Day decided Tiffany should be booted. So the Fatal 5 became the Fatal 4. But then Paulie swoops in and convinces Zakiyah that they should team up with Nicole and Corey and Day for a five. So now the Fatal 4 or 5 is barely even a thing. Elsewhere, there are the Spy Girls and Tiffany who are all really gung-ho for a girls alliance, but that’s not going to take shape if Bridgette keeps letting Frank control her. Sigh. It may never happen, folks.

Ahh. HGs have tamed down their hate speech. At first, it looked like this season was going to be another Big Brother 15. Bronte was throwing out racial remarks and guys were wanting to punch girls. Someone either tipped them off or they all realized they’re on camera 24/7 and toned themselves down.

Eww. Too many James’ prank segments. We get it, James likes to pull pranks. We don’t need a segment in every single episode.




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  1. I gotta say atleast it wan’t volatile for week 2. I think Jozea leaving fed his allies some humble pie. Paul is starting to become less of a prick. Bronte isn’t making catty remarks. Victor, while he was clueless, atleast tried to get along with people (though he talked to much), and Paulie is starting to become an MVP this game.

      • HA HA!
        I know you are worried about Maggie. It’s nice to see your wit intact.

      • I went and got me a one yr old fixed and vaccinated male cat today. Giving him a trial run. If he doesn’t get along with my two other animals, I can give him back. So far he’s fitting in really well and instantly too. It’s keeping me distracted from missing my Maggie girl! He’s so lovable, just like all my other animals.

      • I hope they all mesh well together and we haven’t given up on Maggie’s return. :)

      • Never giving up on Maggie! New cat has settled in almost instantly…he’s loving it here. My current two other pets, Tula, the lab and Nate the cat have yet to have any issues with Chance, so looks like Chance could get to stay after all. Maggie would be the problem. She’s never fully accepted Nate being here and he was here before she came to our home…she constantly chased him and George all the time in the house.

    • i wouldn’t throw him the MVP just yet. People have been talking about Frank’s, Tiffany’s and/or Day’s gameplay myself included. But look at Paulie’s play since last night, he isn’t any better than the ones I just mentioned. They are there to try to win this money and each one of them has a plan they went in with.

      • True, but considering Frank, Day and Tiff’s personalities are huge, that can impact their thinking and gameplay. Paulie was atleast calm when he was on the block and HOH. He seems to be going from the target into public enemy number 4

      • Just sucks big time that each player has to talk game to everyone but to keep that talk low key could win him the money. Talking to most everyone about gameplay could effect his later. Look how much gameplay Corey is talking, way under the rest of them’s radar right now.

    • As long as nobody’s getting pissed off or hurt, I don’t have a problem with his pranks.

    • I’m okay with his pranks, just not all day every day. James is a big kid. Big sweet nice kid.

      • I hate them. He acts so silly or always laying in the bed with one of the girls. He may skate thru to the end but I want to see them play BB.

    • I find them funny myself, esp. the one where he jumped out of the garbage can. Otherwise he seems to act very serious.

  2. Da is repeating her last performance this year and if she does not watch out she will be rolling her eyes right out the house.

  3. “Eww. Too many James’ prank segments. We get it, James likes to pull pranks. We don’t need a segment in every single episode.”

    AGREE 1000000% He is wondering why no one includes him in their plans – it’s because he spends more time thinking on how he will scare someone than using that time & energy to come up with how he will win 500K

    • On to the Roadkill – Exciting!!!! Bet whoever wins this week keeps it quiet! – They may tell their closest bud or two but will TRY to keep it mum from the house and HoHs, I think.

      But…what..if….FRANK WINS RK????? Who dat going up on the block? a Pawn? Hey, he COULD put up Bronte – I don’t THINK he’ll put up a guy this week but he COULD!!!!! Depends on what he hears this week and he will be listening I’m sure!

  4. That creepy eye logo for the ‘Live Feeds’ freaked me out so much, I forgot what I was going to post. Jeez, that thing scares me. Reminds me of “A Clockwork Orange.” PLEASE take that thing down!

  5. What’s up with Da being so sensitive or am I missing something? Good grief. Frank’s just teasing and she goes crying. Have fun! Don’t be so easily offended! I am getting aggravated with these babies.

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