Big Brother 18: Nomination Anticipation In Week 3

What a difference an HoH makes on Big Brother. Past few days had the Vets sweating a plan to target Frank for a Backdoor eviction but look at that. He’s safe this week thanks to Bridgette beating out Paul in the final round. And we know how this would have gone if Paul won.

Nicole Franzel stressing nominations

Bridgette is HoH but she isn’t shy about letting Frank hold the wheel, or at least making it appear that way. She sat down with Frank for a private talk soon after the Big Brother 18 HoH competition was over and we’ve got their plans for this week’s nominees.

No surprise. Tiffany is Frank’s top target. He wants her gone, gone, GONE. And unless she gets the Veto on Saturday then I think we’ll see that happen. But, Tiffany can’t go up there by herself, so who will join her? Another easy pick.

Paul is about to make his third straight appearance on the Block as the pawn, but if Tiffany does pull off the Veto then he could end up in the hot seat. Right now though he’s just filling a space.

Paulie joined the noms talk and suggested Bronte as an option, possibly even a renom, but Bridgette shut that down quickly. Remember they’re the “Spy Girls” alliance. (Inside the house they call them the Power Puff alliance, but that’s trademarked so CBS won’t use it in their broadcasts.) Bridgette told the guys they’d need to evict Bronte on one of their turns so we shouldn’t expect her to go back on that promise.

The Big Brother Vets along with Paulie, Zakiyah, and Corey were seriously stressing these noms, but keep in mind that while they’re desperately trying to get Frank out he still has no idea what they’re up to. He thinks they’re all good and happy right now. Should that change, then so could the noms or renoms and big target, but even then he’ll want Tiffany out. Even last week when Frank really wanted Tiffany out and she was vulnerable he stuck to the Victor plan. He’s focused and unlikely to falter on this one.

Nicole and Corey got a heads up from Frank that they’d be safe along with details on Tiffany and Paul as the noms, but Nicole lied to Tiffany and said she didn’t know if Tiff was a probable nom. Nicole wants to keep that a surprise so Tiffany doesn’t have a chance to talk herself out of a nomination since that’d open a spot for Nicole to possibly fill. She’s seriously stressing this.

It was a fun night on the Feeds and we should have some good times ahead this weekend with the Roadkill and Veto. Once we know who wins the RK then we can start up our speculation there too, but for now we can expect Tiffany and Paul as Bridgette’s nominations for Week 3.

We’ll keep watching to see when the nominations are made official and if Bridgette reveals any changes or final decisions on the plan before the Ceremony. Remember the noms will happen early to make space in the day for Roadkill later on Friday. Who do you want to see up on the Block this week?

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  1. Wow Day might just be safe again this week if she doesn’t over play her hand.

  2. Frank’s Overplay Express continues on down the line… Vanessa Deux should flip her headband

  3. I wish she would of put of the showmance of Nicole and Corey like she was thinking before Frank took over.

      • Right, bcz Nicole should know how to play the game now but she back to doing the same thing and only care about her showmance. I will be so happy when someone send her packing!

    • If you listen to Nicole on the feeds they are only friends. She told Day she doesn’t want to go with Corey to the end. If you remember when she was with Hayden on her season her and Cody would flirt too. But as friends. I don’t know why a girl and guy can’t be friends without everyone thinking its a showmance. Nicole is one of my favorite players and I hope she makes it to the end. But everyone has their favorites they want to win. Mine never usually make it to the end. Lol

      • Yeah Nicole talk that talk but her actions say another. She should forget about all these showmance flop romances and get her mind in the game, even Da’ had a talk about her only being concerned about a showmance. She is a vet and the only thing I see or will remember about her is always coming into the house to score a showmance w/that nasally voice! I hope Nicole goes home sooner than later!

      • Well we will just have to agree to disagree. I think she’s playing a great game. Love her and hope she wins it all. Now talking about voices Brontes is like nails on a chalkboard. Lol

      • I will be so glad when Bronte leaves. I guess this season I really don’t have a favorite.

      • I agree. I think Nic’s head is in the game. She may like him but I don’t see him clouding her judgment. Not right now. I think he is solid for her for awhile though and is an asset. But on down the road, I could see her cutting him loose maybe and him cutting her loose if he’s still around.

  4. I’m proud that Bridgette shut down the Frank idea of putting up her allies Bronte & Natalie. I have to say I was thrilled a Spy Girl won this week! If she was smart, she’d put up Paulie/Z/Corey/Nicole combo and have Paul on the backburner.

    • I give her props for shutting down the Bronte nom even though she & B are my 2 least favorites in the house. But props. Let’s see if she sticks to her water pistols. :)

      • I was so hoping Natalie would have won instead of Bridgette, so she could put Frank and Paulie up there. Oh well, maybe next week! LOL

      • Paulie as a pawn since he and Frank were always working on getting Bronte and Paul evicted if evicting Vic hadn’t worked. I’d have been okay if she’d put up Michelle and Corey! But once again we see Paul and Tiff on the block once more.

      • I like your choices. Michelle doesn’t seem to be doing much and Corey’s weird eyes are getting to me and not in a good way.

      • One of the reasons I hate teams..because the ones you want out when one of the team members wins HoH are still safe.

      • Like Frank. Seems like Michelle is turning out to be a floater. Unless I’ve missed her making some moves.

    • Bronte could be roadkilled and Day, James, Mich, Zaulie and Nicorey could choose to evict her instead of Tiff since Tiff could help them evict Frank next week.

    • Bridgette seems to be protecting her Spy Girl alliance but she seems to have given the rest of her HOH noms to Frank.

  5. Hmmmm…Paul might not be safe at all against Tiffany if they both stay on the block on Thursday though…he could easily go because nobody seems to want him or need there….I know people are weary of Tiffany still, but the Fatal 5 along with a few others could easily want to keep her…but I doubt Bridgette would care if he went…

    • Yep. The girls might keep her safe. Maybe 1 hinky vote so the guys don’t know which one stayed true to the alliance.

      • I thought they all knew, but he denied it…like really???…Bronte knows it is you…that probably won’t help him this week…not that was in a good position anyways…

      • She forgets then that she was the one that threw both Victor and Paul under the bus when she was on the block as well and someone told him that.

      • I thought I read that they deduced it was Paul who voted to keep Victor??? They were saying it had to be Paul, giving Vic a vote.

      • Bronte doesn’t know that. Last night Paul convinced and I mean convinced Bronte it wasn’t him. She believed him! LOL

    • Actually they start to like Paul, especially the boys and he’s not a big target and can be seen as a vote to their Operation Evict Frank plan.
      My gut feeling is Paulie or Corey wins the Roadkill and nominates Bronte. All except Frank and Natalie will vote to evict Bronte.

    • Since Paul is so entertaining to watch and Tiff isn’t I hope Paul will “miraculously” be able to survive another week.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Paul and Tiff go up.
    Makes her Daddy Frank happy and the girl squad.
    RK will be interesting.
    I don’t care for Bri but I kinda like the shake up with (I’m gonna be nice) Bri winning HOH. Should be very interesting plus I really didn’t want the alliance to implode just yet or even cull a member, especially a vet. Not just yet.
    A week of cooler heads should be time to reset – but you know, you just know, eventually the plans made in the dark this week will come to light before it’s over.

    • I think it would be back to business as usual once they are able to manage to roadkill Bronte and evict her instead of Tiff. Tiff is a vote on their side next week.

      • I personally would love that and I love that you are using “roadkill” as a verb – ha ha ha ha!!!!

      • Well basically nowadays everything can be verbs and adjectives, for example:
        Don’t go Day at me or I will Frank you.

    • Even if plans to evict Frank are brought to light, at this point I don’t think it would have a strong impact on any of the other alliances.

      • I don’t know about that …. Tiffany does have a great memory (like her sister) and if she recites word for word conversations about plans to evict Frank, I bet he will believe it and take action. Could be a lot of fun.

      • Her winning was the same as if Frank one because aside from Spy Girls he picked who went up.

      • I eventually got that! Darnit! Wished it was Natalie that won HoH once I found that out.

    • I’m with you bb, I don’t want to see the vets break up just yet either and I hope the vets will realize how dangerous this is very soon.

  7. This doesn’t really pertain to this week, but God I hope that Glenn is the one who battles his way back (although that is probably the least likely thing to happen). He has no real alliances or grudges in the house yet, and the other houseguests had nothing to do with his eviction (aside from beating him in the competitions), so he could fill in a crack that there may be between current alliances. Anyone else will likely be right back on the block, but may be able to work their way back into the house.
    I just think that a Glenn return would be the most interesting!
    In terms of this week, definitely looks like Tiffany is screwed if she can’t get the veto.
    First time posting here!

    • Welcome! I totally agree with bringing Glenn back into the house.
      I think he could be an interesting addition, since we never got to know him…and there’s NO WAY in hell I EVER want to see Jozea in that house again. Ever. Never. Ever. Never. Lol…did I make my point clearly enough? Lol
      Seriously, glad to have you here, Drew Beaupre.
      BTW, he barely lost to Corey, so he may be a comp beast…I’d like to see how he does.

    • Welcome!!! I would like to see Glenn back too. But, my gut tells me Victor is coming back.

      • I think she’s got a crush on Paul and wants to see him evicted and then come back! LOLOL

      • Nope, not yet! We checked the food stations this morning and an animal ate the food that wasn’t our Maggie…possibly a raccoon! I feel someone has her, which I’m sorely hoping for instead of out in the heat and humidity and left to survive in the forest.

      • Oh Sweetie, I’m so sorry. When I found out last night, I started praying. I’ll still be praying all day, and call the prayer chain at church. I’m so, so sorry.

      • Thanks..she’s so vulnerable right now with her slight disabilities and age as factors to her survival too.

      • Oh Joni…is it OK to call my Church’s prayer chain? I really believe in the power of prayer.

      • Hi Joni! As an avid dog lover and mommy to 2 very spoil furbabies, I hope you find your Maggie. Maybe she’s at a shelter.

      • They’d have called me if she were…she’s microchipped and has tags on her with her name and phone number. I did report her to all the shelters of her missing.

      • Wish my lab/rhotti was a sniffer, but asking her to help look for my Maggie was like asking her to get bit by a snake. No go on that one! :-)

    • Glenn coming back would be such a waste. He won’t win anything or shake things up in a significant way. He’ll just be another Jenn City and Michelle is already doing a nice job of filling that role.

    • Hey Drew, I’m secretly hoping that someone is sneaking in steroids for Glenn so that by the time he returns to the game he’ll be a comp beast of the first order, buff, fit and tan. If he wasn’t already married he could even become the house stud. GO GLENN!!

      • It’s just that animal lovers are usually nice people and Glenn didn’t even get a chance to play. :D
        We certainly don’t want a return of Jozea do we ?
        These comps are going to be so much fun to watch – can’t wait to see them.

      • I wouldn’t rule Glenn out. He lost by a very slim margin. At least that’s what it looked like.

    • When Glenn left, he was against the vets. I don’t think the vets will find a lot of value in him other than a number so I would not expect him to last long if he did return. Because he is a fan, I’d love to see him get to play, do comps, host a comp, etc. But even if someone physically strong like Victor returns, he’ll be targeted right away (if the alliance still exists but at least by the ladies, if they are still on board).

  8. Why on Earth was this AWFUL pic of our lovely, sweet Nicole chosen for this article, Matthew? Lol…

  9. Honestly, im thinking as soon as Tiffany gets nominated, she’s going to reveal everything to Frank in order to save herself. Which is gonna make for some great live feeds lol

      • Agreed. And the other girls in the Fab 5 alliance have already said they will deny, deny and deny if Tiffany tries to out their alliance. They really have backed poor Tiffany into a corner.

      • Oh yeah…Frank did put up Bridgette, but I don’t think anyone will believe Tiffany at this point. She has no credibility with anyone, except maybe with Paulie.

    • I feel that Tiff will at least TRY to get Day in the hot seat. I don’t know if Nicole would be able to lie to Frank about Day’s involvement since she’s not a good liar.
      I want to see the house tremble at the wrath of Frank.

      • They are all involved at conspiring to get rid of Frank. It’s not like Frank is innocent. He’s been working James to get out Paulie and Corey. So, they ALL can be called out on backstabbing.

      • I agree, and I think the reason why Frank is the one who’s getting punished for for all the talking strategy and backstabbing is because he’s somewhat vocal/demanding about it. His ego of how he thinks he is running the game has been pretty clear and I think that’s why everyone wants him out. Plus he’s made some of the girls uncomfortable. You’d think since he’s a returner he’d know a little better.

    • I completely agree. She is a Vanessa copycat. Unless she chooses to cry in her room for the whole week.

  10. Everybody anticipated there would be a huge swing. A little disappointed we might see a lack of excitement in this coming week, and if you’re not a Frank fan, he’s safe for the week….well, a Tiff meltdown could be the next attraction this week.

      • I may join in with crying for Tiffany. Feeling so bad for her lately. It’s like all the odds are stacked against her. I don’t like when they gang up on one person.

      • I agree, TXsunshine. It’s not like Tiffany is anything like Vanessa, either.

      • No. Vanessa is a gamer and smart, but her social game is terrible. Tiff is boring. She all got Van’s mannerisms, but that’s all. So far Tiff hasn’t proven anything to me in the game. Maybe if she wins the Veto, I’ll change my mind.

    • With Tiff on the block I’m expecting plenty of drama. I’m curious to see to what devious levels Tiff would descend to stay in the game since I’m petty sure she’s a fighter like Van.

  11. I think Frank will make it to Jury at least. As I see Day overplaying her hand again way before Frank leaves.

  12. I do like how the HG’s are handling Tiffany and her tears.
    By refusing to tell her what’s going on because they’re afraid of her reactions I think this will discourage Tiff from further over emotional reactions in an attempt to control the HG’s.
    So now she knows if she keeps on bursting into tears over the latest bad news there will be consequences and she will be kept out of the loop in fear of further meltdowns.

    • Totally agree. But Frank is planning to use her emotions against her by riling her up before POV. Yikes!

      • Gosh, Frank is going for the jugular when it comes to Tiff. Can’t say I find this type of behavior admirable at all – no need to bully Tiff.
        Should be interesting to see if Tiff can bend Frank to her will a la van.

      • I’m waiting to see Frank’s feathers ruffled when he discovers(hopefully soon, when he is nom’d for a BD) that his plans don’t always work.

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