The Best And Worst Moments Of Big Brother 18 Week 3

It was definitely the most dramatic week in the Big Brother 18 house yet, so that means we’ve got plenty of Ewws and Ahhs this week.


From Bridgette winning HOH all the way up to the vote flip, let’s take a look back at the best and worst moment of the week.

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 18 Week 3

Eww. Bridgette Wins HOH. Sorry, Bridgette fan, but this was one of the worst moments of the week because as we all knew, Frank made all the calls and Bridgette did zero thinking for herself.


Ahh. Paul Has Grown On Me And Others. Remember when we all just wanted Paul to shut up? After Jozea, we just all wanted Paul gone. Well, some how, some way, Paul has grown on a lot of people. We’ll get back to you later as soon as we find out what made this strange thing occur.

Eww. Frank Wins The Roadkill Again. Can someone not on Category 4 or just not Frank in general win this competition please? Once again a Big Brother twist is being wasted because the game has evolved into something that just doesn’t lend itself to twists like this. All twists like this do are make the game predictable and pointless. But for some reason the show runners think every episode needs the HGs dressed in stupid costumes playing an equally-stupid game.

Ahh. Bronte reveals she’s the “Secret Nerd.” I’m sorry, but I can’t get enough of this. Does she really think she was cast to be this smart mastermind nerd? I mean so she’s allegedly good at math. We’ve never seen the proof. Maybe the Battle Back will be math related and she’ll finally get to use her top secret math skills.  At any rate, this was some funny stuff.

Eww. Nicole. Yes, just Nicole. She went from being one of the most popular HGs to being one of the most detested in just one week. She’s still doing pretty well on our poll, but another website registers the HGs daily popularity and it was pretty remarkable to watch her drop from first to second then to about 7th place. And Twitter was lit about Nicole flipping and flopping on one of her biggest allies, Da’Vonne. People weren’t happy when Nicole told Frank she’d like to get Da’Vonne out soon.


Ahh. James and Natalie. I’m not a fan of showmances. And I know a lot of people think Natalie is stringing James along. I’m not sure what the deal is, but I do know that this is one of the most interesting pairings ever. It’s not creepy like Shelli and Clay or gross like McCrae and Amanda and it’s not even sweet like Jeff and Jordan. It’s just different. and it’s kind of fund to watch. I’m rooting for them.

Eww. Bridgette Wins Veto. It didn’t really effect the game any that she won the veto, but it was kind of annoying for people to act like she’s some kind of beast for winning a luck comp and then a luck/memory comp.

Ahh. Bridgette Does Not Use the Veto. COME ON! Bronte is your best friend and you don’t save her! Of course she knows Natalie would’ve gone up instead, but this whole move was just hilarious to watch.


Ahh. The Vote Flips! Just when you thought it was going to be another predicable week, the house flips on Frank and Bronte and send the Secret Nerd out the door. That was a fun eviction, including Tiffany’s speech calling Frank a dictator.

Eww. The Plan Backfires. The whole reason to vote out Bronte was to keep Tiffany and target Frank this week. But of course Paulie won HOH, which means ole boy is safe this week.

Ahh. Frank is Safe This Week. You kind of have to admit it’s fun when a plan goes off and then backfires. We like drama, right? That’s why we like Big Brother, right? Well here you go!


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  1. I disagree on the Nicole remark. Still my favorite houseguest and her gameplay has been spot on this season.

    • I like Nicole, but she has screwed up royally more than once. I don’t know if she is serious about the F4 with Frank, Gigglette, and Corey, but if she is, that is another big mistake, imo.

      • I agree with this, Nicole is someone I really like but if she works with Frank then I hope she leaves soon

    • I agree. I think Nicole is trying to keep everything ok with Frank and Day but doesn’t trust either of them so she figures they can take each other out. And she’s right about not trusting them. Day is the one that was throwing Corey/Nicole and Z/Paulie’s name around. She was so set on breaking up the couples. But Nicole needs to be careful and quit talking to Frank. He throws her under the bus left and right. After he told Michelle that Nicole wanted Day out and it got back to Day why would Nicole ever talk to him about game again.

  2. WHEN DOES THIS STOOOPID TEAM IMMUNITY THING END???!!! Sorry to shout but it’s ruining the game. Can someone confirm when it ends? Does it end after the 5th HG eviction? Thanks.

    • Love the teams and love Roadkill. It prevents the houseguests from doing things exactly as they’d like, as witnessed by last night when Paulie won, keeping Frank safe for the week and preventing him from being backdoored. I’d like to see Frank go, but the teams and RK are good ways to create drama and keep people on their toes! (Give an Ahhh to producers!)

      • I don’t mind RK but the team immunity thing just distorts the game and stymies individual game play which is what the whole game is supposed to be about.

      • I don’t mind the road kill. I like it being anonymous. I don’t like the teams.

      • It’s not fun when the same team keeps winning HOH and has safety. Frank has been safe for 3 weeks. How is that fair? Just like Nicole said must be nice to lay back and get a free ride of safety every week.

      • You’re so selfish! I bet you’re one of those people who thinks the show is rigged, too! Well, why don’t you just stop watching?! Jeez! I’m so sick of people like you! How dare you have an opinion? LOL! Hey, K! How’s the garden? Are you DVRing so that you can bake me goodies and not miss the show? Because that’s what’s important here…me getting baked goods. Lol…

      • What a nice way to greet me after being away a couple of days!!! ;)
        No baking today, but a few of these HGs could use some humble pie. I did make another huge bowl of salsa. I put four jalapenos and two habaneros in it. It’s a little warm for me; makes me sweat. My granddaughter and husband eat it like it’s nothing, though.

      • LOL! Sorry. Couldn’t help it. Saw someone being chastised for having an opinion, so I thought I’d pay it forward. Lol…
        Jalapenos AND habaneros? Ei-yi-yi! Slip in a little ghost pepper next time. Wear gloves and don’t inhale. Don’t give it to your granddaughter. Just your hubby when he Services the car. He’ll bang his head mighty hard under the hood that night! Oh gosh, I’m not making sense. Must have a virus.

      • Actually, she has tried a ghost pepper. OOH-LA-LA
        You are misbehaving and I like it!

      • WHAT?! Oh, DUH. You service the car. I’m so stupid.
        There’s a new pussy cat video going virile on YouTube.

      • Oh, well…your computer or even you needn’t make a sound. You service the car, correct? And the pussy cat video going VIRILE can be enjoyed by others, yes?!

      • And good AM to you, too. Yes, I finally got the oil changed. Pressure was building up in there and I had to release it before I could open it fully. The oil was a little gunky from build-up, but everything came out alright in the end.

      • Thank you. Thank you for that. No, really, thank you.

        YOU, my dear, are the comic genius in this relationship! You should have been getting those ‘comic genius’; ‘one of the great comedic minds of the 20th century’; ‘the most gifted comedian,’ reviews—not me! Seriously, you’re a slap my knee, hold my stomach, pee my pants funny. I love you for that. :D

      • If people only knew the real you and how naturally, wonderfully talented you are, and how FOS you are at the same time.:D

      • K! Firstly, thank you. Secondly, Thank yo–hey wait a MINUTE!! Lol… I’m serious, K. You are THE funniest woman I know—which is probably why we get along so well, and why SO many people here enjoy your posts! I’m not the only one who gets pleasure from reading your comments, my dear.
        You do make me pee my pants. So there. :D

    • This is how grodner gets her kicks. She saw how mich people hated BoB, so she made something people would hate more.

      • Haha. I miss those early pre-Grodner seasons.
        In fact, I would like to see a season of Big Brother Classic where they only have the PoV and in between the HGs compete for prizes. The one twist I would welcome – which Grodner has never done – is allow surprise noms and evictions by the audience. I know it sounds frightfully low tech, but I betcha it would be HUGELY popular and way MORE FUN than all this other crap.

      • Uh-oh…don’t share too many opinions…you’ll be chastised! Lol…
        I love that concept– BB pre AG. Have you seen her latest ‘thing?’ “Virtual Love?” Crap–just gave her some publicity. Don’t watch.
        Back to old school BB. *sigh* Low tech for ONE season—c’mon, that would be do-able, right?

    • Im guessing it ends after the Battle Back, so the game resets with the returning houseguest

  3. Right on the spot this week. Like Frank and Paulie’s game so far. James is James and the girls are imploding. Paul is growing on me but not there yet. I would have to say Da will seal her fate after the road kill this week she is a power player that really has not a lot of support.

  4. This week was great! I think it’s good that Frank is safe this week though. I don’t like him, and once he’s evicted, I wish him just gone. I’ve never been a fan of his. With the Battle Back, he would’ve probably just come right back in the house. So it’s better if he gets evicted later. I don’t see him lasting until final 3. I’m rooting for Paulie, Natalie, James, and Paul! (Ok glad I got that out my system, I lurk, never comment ?)

    • They are starting to catch on to Paul lies, especially James. James is going to be pissed if Nat goes up. I think he will start to do his own thing bcz he already told them he is not throwing anymore HOH’s!

  5. – Okay I admit, James and Natalie is kinda cute to watch. Atleast they’re not too lovey dovey like Clelli but rather more unique in their own way.
    – I still never was a fan of Frank, but it’s interesting to see the Disc One Final boss at his work
    – I like Paulie, but I kinda wish he and Frank weren’t on the same team so he can put up Frank
    – Nicole is a nice girl, but the her game isn’t nice. Plus Corey is pretty much Hayden 2.0.

    • True about Corey! He hasn’t won anything yet and always look at Nicole when he talks or make a suggestion to someone else. He is just a tag a long.

    • I am glad Frank and Paulie are on the same team. Now if those two can just get some sort of deal going, they can be a bigger threat for sure. Paul on the other hand, no love lost if he goes home.

    • There is something about Corey that doesn’t sit well with me but I can’t pinpoint it. Would be fine if he was voted out.

  6. I gotta admit Paul is actually starting to grow on me also! At the start of the season I greatly wanted him gone but now I kinda want to seem him stay and win an HOH just to see what he’s about.

  7. I think at this point, I don’t even have favorites (although I am rooting for James and Natalie) every time I pick favorites, like I did with Frank, then Day, then Nicole, they always seem to screw up! Maybe I’ll enjoy BB more if I stop picking favorites LOL. Of course I’m LOVING this season still, it’s leagues ahead of BB15, BB16, and BB17

    • Gawd, I haven’t had a favorite for years. Last person I really liked and rooted for was Ian.

    • lol Believe me, you will enjoy BB more if you stop picking favorites at this stage of the game. For now, I like to see big, bold crazy move in the game, that makes it for good TV ….I usually start picking them on F5…same here, I like this season.

      • Ditto! Favorite-who? I was all in for saving Tiff despite not liking the game she’s playing, but man did that cause pandemonium in the house!

    • I am so annoyed with how the season goes and disappointed with so many HGs but I think that’s the point … to make me keep coming back for more haha.
      Same with you, I don’t really have any faves now, I was rooting for Paulie, but well …

  8. Bronte: “I’m a secret nerd/mathematician”

    Loses only math-related competition of the season.


  9. Everyone whining about the teams and immunity aspect of the game is just upset that Frank won’t be going home. If it worked out the other way, ya’ll wouldn’t have minded the team twist

  10. I still don’t get “Bronte the mathematician, aka secret nerd,” either. The 2nd week’s RK comp was a math competition that, I believe, she said she threw…but she was on the block, and she could’ve remained anonymous and put a bigger target up alongside her, and still not be perceived as said threat (heh). So, what other possible reason am I missing for her to throw the comp? Didn’t she also use the word “aspiring”? Yes, I aspire to be many things too, like 21 again, but I’m still waiting on that time machine being built (I’ve got my Google Alert set)…

    As for James/Natalie, I definitely think you should add an “ehh” category especially for them…and Bridgette winning HOH.

  11. “Well, some how, some way, Paul has grown on a lot of people. We’ll get
    back to you later as soon as we find out what made this strange thing


  12. Something that drives me nuts about Paul is his loud voice…trying to watch the feeds and during a strategy..i.e.whisper session…you can’t hear a thing because his big voice is booming in the background! Plus, right now..he is trying to insert himself into every single convo in the house..that is a little irritating for me.

  13. I think James and Natalie deserve a eww! He follows her around like a lost puppy and all she does is giggle, squeal and kick her leg up. What are they both 12.

  14. At first I was annoyed that Paulie won HOH which subsequently made Frank safe this week. HOWEVER: This means there’s no way for him to be apart of the Battle Back comp, so if he goes home before jury, he’s gone for good! Sorry BB14 Frank, BB18 Frank is really grossing me out.

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