Exclusive: Steve Moses Offers Big Brother 18 Houseguests Advice On Their Adventure Ahead

I’m very excited to introduce our readers to the reigning Big Brother champion, Steve Moses, as he has agreed to share with us his insight and advice for the upcoming BB18 cast of Houseguests.

The new season’s HGs are likely in the final days of preparing to head out to LA and start their adventure (if they’re not already on location). Both the new cast and future Hopefuls can gain a lot of solid advice here on how to build your own approach by knowing your skills. – Matthew Boyer

Liz Nolan with Julie Chen and Steve Moses at BB17 finale
Liz Nolan with Julie Chen and Steve Moses at BB17 finale – Source: CBS / Monty Brinton

Dear Big Brother 18 Houseguests,

Congratulations on joining the ranks of the Big Brother houseguests! You’re one of the very lucky few who has been selected out of thousands of applicants to go on this crazy and wild ride. You are about to have an experience that is unique, exciting, exhilarating, and intimidating. It is unlike anything you have ever encountered before. It’s essential that you take every last drop out of the experience, and enjoy each individual part as much as you can.

Notice how I call this an experience. It is almost never a stepping-stone. It’s an experience. You need to be ready to come back to the same life you’re leaving. Stay on good terms with your employer or university; you’ll need them again in a few months. I went back to school the very next semester. The only changes in my life have been more Twitter followers, people saying “Hi, Steve!” in public places, and, fortunately, more financial comfort. That’s it. It’s all very fleeting, so it is essential that you get each last drop of enjoyment you can out of the experience. It will be over before you know it.

Get a copy of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. Bring it with you when you’re kidnapped with your key. It has some great tips on how to talk to people and get what you want out of them.

There is one strategic point we need to get through first: never make a game decision based on your personal feelings. It doesn’t matter who you like more. It doesn’t matter who annoys you. It doesn’t matter how you feel about stabbing your friends in the back. Every single game decision you make should be based solely on which option you think gives you the best odds of going furthest.

With that out of the way, here are some words of wisdom from BB16’s Derrick Levasseur:

“You have to develop an approach to how you will play the game. Notice I didn’t use the word ‘strategy’? That’s because there is really no way to have a solid strategy before you enter the house. With the constant changes in format and the unpredictable twists, it is better to have an approach to how you will conduct yourself. This entails developing your backstory, improving your interpersonal skills, and, last but not least, fine-tuning your appearance (I think we can all agree that recent seasons have proven appearance can have a big impact on how you are perceived by other houseguests). These facets of your game are something you will always have control over, regardless of what is thrown at you.”

The ultimate goal of deciding on an approach is to answer the following question: If the alliance opposite yours is in power, why are you not the target? Are you persuasive enough to get their alliance to implode on itself? Are you socially savvy enough to make both sides think you’re working with them without getting caught? Are you personable enough to make everyone see you as a close friend? Can you sell that you’re so useless or alone that you’d be a waste of a HoH reign? You should be confident with your decision before you move in, and you should begin implementing your approach immediately.


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  1. You should get Vanessa on here with advice for new houseguests. That way we know to do the exact opposite of whatever she says.

  2. I think this is pretty solid advice. So many people go on expecting something big to happen from their fifteen minutes of fame, and it never works out. And it makes the show annoying.

  3. I couldn’t stand the guy when he was on the show and I wasn’t too thrilled when he won, but based on what I’ve just read (and the passage of time) all is heartily forgiven.

    To tell the aspirants that you WILL go back to your regular life once summer is over (so don’t burn any bridges) reminds people that the supposed fame and fortune are an illusion.

    The fortune, for most, will never happen.

    And the fame will be will be even more fleeting. Quick quiz: Can you name the houseguests from Season 9? Neither can I.

    There is real wisdom in Steve’s words, wisdom that we each can take in to our own lives.

    And I especially love the bit at the end about how it’s all happening on a parking lot in L.A.

    That takes the ‘glory’ out of it in a very kind way.

    You sound like you’d make a good rabbi Steve!

    • Somehow the idea that the president of CBS gets his wife to head down to an L.A. parking lot and fill an hour of programming each week makes me smile.

    • I can name all the BB9 HG’s – that was a great season. But then again, I am an obsessed superfan – so…

    • I’m with you. I really did not like Steve, but reading this is good insight. Good on him for sticking with his approach. It worked out for him, and kept us from having Vanessa win!

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