Latest Mission Causes Rift In Team America On Big Brother – Update

Big Brother’s Team America has its latest mission and just hours after voting closed it’s already causing waves, but this time the problems are arising from within Team America as one member wants to reject the task.

Big Brother 16 - Team America Mission Vote
Big Brother 16 – Team America Mission Vote – Source: CBS

Viewers had a choice between making Donny & Derrick vote against the majority (that’d be to vote to keep Amber) or get Team America to convince the house to throw the HoH to them and secure both seats of power. So which mission did viewers select?

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 1:27AM BBT 7/31 Cams 1/2 to find Derrick and Frankie discussing their new assignment: vote against the house & blame others. Obviously Frankie can’t vote so that part will be just Donny & Derrick, but all three are said to be required to participate in the accusations from the time the vote ends until the start of the HoH competition.

Frankie’s immediate reaction? Sit down because you’ll be shocked. Blame Zach! Good grief. This is exactly why I suggested we vote for Mission B. Frankie’s standard approach on these is “blame Zach & write me a check for another $5K.” It’s ridiculous.

Derrick goes to wake up Donny and give him the details. Flashback to 1:33 AM BBT to watch this play out. Donny gives a funny “What The?!” reaction as he was sound asleep. Once Derrick gives the details Donny’s immediate response is that they should decline it. Donny thinks it’s bad for their game and he came to play his own, not America’s.

Donny heads in to the DR to get the official details while Derrick and Frankie discuss the situation. Frankie isn’t going to take “no” for answer and says this is an easy mission. Derrick agrees and says they can accuse Zach and Caleb. Frankie suggests Donny doesn’t even have to participate in the yelling.

Jump to 2:10 AM BBT as Donny joins Derrick and Frankie in the HoH room. Donny says their meeting at 2AM is going to be obvious and he didn’t come across the country to have his game messed up. He still wants to decline it. Donny says the HGs are too smart for them not to notice and it’s too out of character for Donny to start accusing HGs like the mission requires.

Donny says it’s too risky to put their games in jeopardy over greed and $5K. He concedes though saying if both Frankie and Derrick want to do it then he will.

One more conversation between Derrick and Frankie at 3:57AM BBT. Frankie wants to get rid of Donny over his desire to reject the mission. Uh oh. He says to decline the mission for now, get rid of Donny, and then do the rest of the missions on their own. Huh what? That seems rash, but I’m guessing it’s more likely Frankie is just using this as an opportunity to once again target an ally.

Here’s the wobbly point for me. In the first week Derrick and Donny did all the work to get the mission to pass. Frankie abstained and said it was so they could rotate through the participants without raising attention to it always being the same three HGs causing trouble. Now it seems they must all participate in the accusations. If it was okay to do partial participation in the first mission then why can’t they do that now?

Just let Donny do the voting and then Frankie cover his part of the yelling. It’s not like Frankie can vote and production knew that when they set up the vote so what’s the issue with two of them each doing one half? Sheesh.

What do you think of this whole mess? Should they just go ahead with it and hope it all blows over quickly or is Donny right to decline the mission? We’ll learn more about their decision when Team America is back up and talking today, but with so many group lockdowns it won’t be easy for them to openly communicate so we may not hear much.

Update: Before the Feeds went off earlier today (as they do every eviction day for rehearsals, etc.), Donny and Derrick spoke about the decision they needed to make. Flashback to 10:55AM BBT Cams 3/4. Donny is still pressing to skip the mission and Derrick agrees. Donny think it’s putting too big a target on them while Derrick says if there were a Double Eviction then it could put them in the hot seat at a crazy time.

Derrick agrees that they won’t do the mission. Of course this could be method of Derrick’s where we’ve seen him agree in the past and then wait to reapply the pressure later when the HG’s guard is down after having felt they had already won the debate. We’ll have to keep watching and see when the Feeds return later.



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  1. I don’t blame Donny at all. He’s constantly been the one on the outside looking in on the Team America alliance. He’s playing for more than 5K.
    That said, I hope they do it to shake things up some, but I don’t fault Donny at all for not wanting to do it.
    I definitely think that he should be able to cast the vote and let Frankie do the accusations on his behalf. It would be totally out of character for Donny and if it would start raising questions in the house and I’m Donny… I’d let the Team America secret out and pull Frankie and Derrick under the bus with me.

    • The only way the HGs would know who really voted to keep Amber (which she shouldn’t be leaving anyway) would be if Derrick,Donny,or Frankie says something

  2. I like it. I hope they do it. This will cause more drama and possibly shake the house up. Bad news for the scapegoats though, but this will be entertaining. lol

    • 500,000 may be more than 5,000 but 5,000 is far more than 0. Only one of them can get the 500,000 but all three can get 5,000. So long as they know the vote will go there way it shouldn’t be hard to do accusations. Donny doesn’t need to be loud about it so long as he questions other peoples votes, such as “Zach you are still trying to draw up trouble with voting against the house”. Simple statement, to the point, and Zach would probably confirm, ending any debate.

      • He already has 10,000 and it’s getting farther in the game now. Whatever he does it’s his decision and I respect him for it. Frankie should not be targeting him because he wants to play his own game. Frankie didn’t even participate in the past missions. Why should Donny have to participate in this one? just sayin’~ They need to keep it consistent.

      • Whether Donny participate in this mission or not, he’s always gonna be a target in this house. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. He doesn’t like to do things that’s out of his character. I like Donny and I hope he goes far. but he needs to be a little more flexible to survive in this game.

      • You’ve got that right. I really want to see him step up and start to play the game.

      • so you think it’s totally fair that Frankie doesn’t have a vote this week and cannot be blamed AT ALL no question?

      • THIS. Both TA missions this week require Derrick and Donny to stick their necks out while Frankie gets to sit back.

      • No, it isn’t. That on top of the fact that Frankie didn’t help at all with the other TA mission. Frankie seems all in agreement when it takes the heat off of him and someone else does the dirty work. To me that is a lot worse than Donny not wanting to do the mission because it is out of character. I agree that Donny will need to get a move on his game and soon, but this mission has a tendancy to harm his game more than it would the other two basically because of Donny’s nature and he knows this.

      • Exactly. And once again Frankie doesn’t even vote so he only has to accuse someone of the vote. Doesn’t have to be involved in the whole task.

      • I think bb like Frankie cause of his sister so they are making tasks where he gets paid to do nothing.

    • That is true but, what is Donny’s chance at that $500,000? Which would you rather have 0% of $500,000 or 100% of $5,000? Donny’s chance at that $500,000 is very slim to none because he does not even have an alliance to back him up. Think about that!

      • Right. Unless I see him solidifying an alliance that are able to protect him, then he has a chance, but then again, this is BB, anything can happen. Right now he’s still a one man army.

      • Remember BB14 Ian did not have an alliance either. BB15 did not either. It is all your social game

      • Ian had alliances otherwise, he would have been evicted earlier. It was that alliance that took him deep in the game.

  3. i wouldnt do it if i was donny, as it is so out of character for him and the HGs would know something was up. I have trouble with the fact they house is all voting the same anyway. frankie is entertaining, but i dont like his game play at all. people refer to him as another Andy, but i think that andy was never as bad as frankie is. i cant believe derrick is not understanding how donny feels.

  4. Ummm so Frankie can’t vote… well, how the hell does he deserve $5K if they complete this mission?? just sayin… also, this TA thing is just ridiculous.. please stop!

  5. What does “blame others” have to look like? Can it just be “hey man (Zach), why did you vote to keep Amber?” Because if Frankie does that, you know he and Zach will make up ten minutes later and squash it like it never happened…

    These missions are way too vague. I like the concept behind this mission, but they should have had to blame a specific house guest on the rogue vote.

  6. This happens every year on BB the “puppet masters” (Frankie) just float on by as well by lying. Yes I know that’s how the game works, but no one realizes they need to put them up as well because they wont win against them in the end anyway. Just hope Donny can hold on.

  7. Barring a huge HOH power shift (which is becoming less likely every week), Donny’s fate is sealed. Derrick and Frankie are in total control of the house, and if they want Donny gone, he will go.

    This would never happen, but I hope that there is some rule stating that if TA members nominate or vote against each other and have a direct hand in the eviction of one of their members, the TA twist immediately ends and they get no more money. I do NOT want to see Frankie send out Donny thinking he’s punishing him for not doing the will of America and then go back to the DR to do his stupid “God Bless America” salute.

    • well like in past season how the producers “step-in” and save someone, they might with Donny. This has been one of the most boringest cast in years. Maybe producers can keep Donny, because we know hes is popular and we tune in to watch him not that piss ant Frankie, who has money already and has no business in the game.

      • I’m thinking they will do something to help Donny last longer in this game. Bring back the coup de tat or the way the brought judd back last season.

      • Just because we have no N words no F words? God we miss Amanda and those other bigots

      • I do not condone the foul racist language, but it does not seem like these people know how to play the game no matter what they say.

      • Go farther back. Look at seasons 6 or 11. Those seasons were all out WARS.

      • In fairness, he may have money, but he did say that anything he wins is being used to build schools in Africa. If he is telling the truth, then the fact that he already has money is irrelevant to the fact that making more can be beneficial to far more people than just him.

      • If frankie actually said that he should be evicted immediately by the house… no one in their right mind would tell other houseguests that they don’t need the money…. i really really doubt he said this.

      • One season’s winner had promised to donate $100K of the prize to an autism charity. Instead, he used his winnings to fund a drug ring. He also failed to file an income tax return for the year in which he’d won the $500K. The last time I checked, the guy was still serving a four-year sentence in federal prison.

  8. Llike it was mentioned early the tasks are becomng to controlled by producers and how they want game to go . Donny is being put between a rock and a hard place . Frankie is an ass if he nomanates donny at any time team america was voted to be an alliance for us veiwers . Let america come up with some sugguestions and then the producers can pick the most popular challenge not america chòoseing what the producers want

  9. I would do this every week, without having to be paid $5,000. Stir stir stir.

    • Two votes against the house and blame it on others. It’s for tonight’s eviction.

  10. Donny saying this will blow his game up? Are you kidding me? By saying that this task will blow his game, he just made the target on his back larger! Does he think Derrick or Frankie not notice him when he has been on the block how many times? Team America is the only thing saving his ass. He needs to zip it as he talks too much for his own good. Just nod your head and agree. That way, you do not create waves. He should be creating alliances instead of talking to the alliance members for what? To blab his mouth and get himself in trouble? He should be working on the down low and not telling anyone his plans at all except to people he can trust and has an alliance with! The fact that Donny has no alliance this late in the game will make it hard for him to go further! It won’t be long before he is targeted for eviction!

    • So who is he supposed to make an alliance with? Victoria? And Donny has had a target on his back since day one. TA is not keeping him safe. Frankie has said several times he wants to get rid of Donny. I say good for Donny for playing his game. I hope he wins HOH because he will nominate who he wants and not who the house wants.

      • Nicole probably would have formed an alliance with him and that includes Hayden and maybe, Christine. Granted that Christine is shady but, Hayden just took in Victoria quietly so, he had his chances. Donny’s problem is he talks too much. Nicole tells him the plan to put Caleb and Amber on the block and he blabs it out in public to Jocasta and Victoria in the living room where everyone can hear and see what he is saying! That is why Nicole put him on the block because he broke the trust right at the very start. You do not know who to trust which is why you have to just nod your head and agree to whatever the other house guests say. You can use that info later on to sow discord or what have you. Dr. Will and Mike Boogie used lies and disinformation to get people out. Donny should learn from that. Hayden is playing a much better game because he keeps his mouth shut most times.

  11. This is totally off subject, but I couldn’t find an appropriate place to start a conversation about this. Cody is straight, I am presuming. Zach is straight, I am assuming. A presumption is usually more authoritative than an assumption and is why I worded it that way. I don’t know whether Frankie is bi or gay. I know the BB house is not the “real world”, but I am very surprised that these guys allow certain things to be seen on national TV. I am referring to the cuddling, cheek kissing, nipple and butt rubbing, constant hugging and I love yous, etc. I haven’t seen anyone that really seems to be annoyed by it. I know that even straight guys do weird things to each other all the time, like twist tiddies,etc. But the straight guys I know, and they are not homophobic, can’t relate to this and would be telling Frankie to keep his hands to himself and definitely wouldn’t be cuddling with him. I can’t figure out if it is all part of gameplay or if this is actions that would generally be accepted if they were outside the BB house. Zach and Frankies relationship is very entertaining.

    • This is interesting in that I have been thinking the exact same thing this season. The Zankie relationship has been somewhat weird, being that normally you don’t see the guys (who are straight) cuddling and petting each other… I’m not being judgy, but it is definitely strange!

    • I was thinking the same. All these people are all over each other. Cody is always rubbing and touching all the girls even Christine who is married. Christine is all over Cody. Frankie is all over everyone. Very strange.

      • I don’t have a problem with the single people acting how they do even if I wouldn’t. I would have an issue if I was Christine’s husband with her behavior unless they have some kind of open relationship.

      • I do not see the women complaining. Everyone else wants to have a showmance and touchy, feely stuff. Cody is stroking whoever he wants because the women are gaga over him and he knows it! He is just using them. That is why the women are playing pretty badly—-they want the showmance more than that $500,000!

      • No the girls love it. I’m just saying you might see a showmance but you usually don’t see all this touching everyone and all the guys touching and hugging all the time. Very strange.

    • All I know is when my husband watches he finds it a bit strange and so do I. When Frankie said last night something about will Zach make a move I wondered the same thing. lol Regardless though it is pretty interesting to watch and wonder. And I have wondered that a lot myself about them being on tv and not seeming to care how they appear. If you are a straight guy and act like that on tv wouldn’t you face a lot of questions when you go home? I hated the racism of last year, and I don’t hate this. My husband doesn’t like it so much. I think it makes him uncomfortable, but to me its kinda funny.

  12. I hate the whole TA thing. I wanted the other option this week so they would have to really work for it. I think Donny should stick to his gut and do what he wants. The other guys trying to manipulate and control him is getting old. Also what is with these people always waking up other hg’s to talk? It is just rude. Can’t they talk when everyone is awake and not in the middle of the night?

    • We have a season of night owls.
      Production look like they are throwing stuff at the wall and hope it stick.

  13. I think this is BB’s way of trying to save Amber. Hoping that she will end up with a couple more votes, and end up staying for the sake of the Caleb Amber obsession. But I like the mission, I am sick of seeing the same old stuff week in and week out.

    • which is what’s wrong with “team america”–the BB producers should not be trying to save or sabotage anyone.

      • I’m not saying she would, I’m just saying it’s their best attempt at keeping her safe.

  14. Donny is right in wanting to reject the mission. I hate this TA twist, it needs to end. Like Donny said, he didn’t come halfway across the country and have us decide his game..good or bad. Frankie wanting to get rid of Donny tells me alot about Frankie. Frankie has had a very easy road to the TA money. If Donny starts making waves now, HG’s are going to get very suspicious. I don’t like it.

    • donny could always spill the beans on ‘team america’…and that would be the end of that. :)

      • There are several options/strategy for “cut throat” players, but Donny is not. That’s the problem

      • It’s fair to presume that CBS imposed a contractual obligation, on all (thus far, four) TA members to keep quiet.

      • No, they were given the choice of revealing it or not. Obviously it wouldN’t work as weel if everybody knew.

    • Frankie has had a target on Donny since day 1, same as Brittany. Why, IMO I think he knows they see right thru their game. Donny’s already said he doesn’t trust Frankie so his guard is up. Frankie is waiting for the chance to throw Derrick and Donny under the bus. I hope when he does he slips up and says TA and loses his money.

      • Frankie wouldn’t lose his money for saying TA. When they were first notified of TA, they were told it was up to them whether they wanted to tell or keep it a secret.

      • Donny has no clue on who is in the alliance. He only thinks there is a huge alliance with possibly Derrick in it but, he does not even have a clue on who is on that alliance! Devin told him and the other house guests who are the members of the Bomb Squad so, how can he not even know who the possible alliance members are at a minimum? Even now, Donny has no clue but, he talks too much with the other alliance members which is why he is considered a threat.
        Team America is the only thing saving Donny because Derrick and Frankie want to keep getting those $5,000 checks!

    • They would not know who voted anyway. How will they know who voted to evict whom? They cannot and will not know. All it will do is
      create paranoia which is needed in the Big Brother House considering the alliance is just voting out the floaters one by one! It is already pretty boring as it is. Are we just to allow the alliance to win this way, from beginning to the very end?

  15. Donny should just vote out Amber and then out the TA twist. Especially letting Zach know Frankie has been using him to win 5k. That would surely shake up the house.

  16. I said this TA was a big bust from day one. Production needs to end it and get on with something else. Quit giving Frankie 5,000 every week.

    • It was the get 2 HGs to argue at either the nomination or veto meetings. They got Zach to attack, first Christine and Nicole at the nomination meeting, and then Amber at the veto meeting. None of the girls argued back, so the TA mission was a fail.

  17. Interesting. The first Team America mission that actually requires Donny to help the team succeed he wants out.

    • Donny helped them succeed. It’s Frankie that gets away with hardly doing anything.

      • Ummmmm, what? The 2nd Team America task required them to nominate a threat for eviction. Frankie was THE HoH and HE was the sole person able to complete the task. I’m not at all sure what in the world you are talking about? I have to ask, if Frankie wasn’t involved in this Team America task, who was? I’d really love a reply to this.

        Not to mention, did you just ignore the big montage of Frankie telling people Zach was Amanda’s cousin?

        And ummm, did you not watch this week? Frankie and Derrick literally sat Donny down in the HoH room to tell him what THEY had already convinced Zach to do. He wasn’t even there for a second of it. They literally had to inform him that they had already done it. And who do you think convinced Zach to blow up at nominations/veto? FRANKIE. What show are you watching?

        Again, I am not a Frankie fan, but the amount of sticking your head in the sand you Frankie haters are doing is shocking and it needs to stop. I really hope you respond to this because I’m extremely interested in your reasoning of the above statement you made.

      • Wow calm down. It’s my opinion of a friggin game. Frankie did nothing except nominate Amber. And Zack is the one that got Caleb all ticked off at Amber. And Derrick is the one that worked on Zack. Frankie just let’s everything fall into his hands. He even says that in the DR. And as far as saying Zack was related to Amanda he did nothing. Donny told Nicole and Derrick told people. Frankie didn’t tell anyone. So what are you watching? Oh and if I want to hate Frankie that’s my choice so don’t tell me it has to stop. He’s a rat and needs to go. And if things go as planned he will be gone this week.

      • haha WHAT? What do you mean “Frankie did nothing except nominate Amber”? Exactly! That was literally the task for the week. He nominated Amber! Donny did absolutely nothing for that task. Nothing. Please explain to me how Donny had more of a hand in that Team America task than Frankie? Actually answer it this time.

        And as to your other “points” I have to ask: Do you just watch the broadcast show? If so it’s okay. That’s perfectly fine; you can be a Big Brother fan and not watch the live feeds but you CANNOT, however claim you have all of the information. I know you’ve obviously found this page having to do with live feeds, but do you even read them? None of the things you said are true. If you had read the pages you comment on you would know that Frankie did indeed convince Zach to blow up at nominations/veto meetings. He literally rehearsed with him. I don’t see how you could miss that.

        I asked you specifically to explain why you said Donny has done more for Team America than Frankie. (Despite the fact that Donny forfeited the task this week despite the efforts of Frankie and Derrick to try it.) You put that out there and you are not willing to defend it. It’s because it’s nonsense. If you challenge something that someone says you should have the intellect to defend it. I don’t blame you for not wanting to defend what you said, since it’s wrong, but I simply would not have written it in the first place. You can say I’m mean or need to calm down but you were the one who challenged my post, not the other way around. I eagerly await your response as to how Donny has done more for Team America than Frankie.

      • First of all you don’t need to reply with a book. Second I’ve watched since season one and I DO watch the feeds. I’m sorry that you’re upset that everyone thinks Your brother is a snake. But like I said BEFORE it’s JMO! Which I’m entitled to. Maybe you head to watch and learn to read because after the first task all everyone talked about on here was how Frankie shouldn’t get paid because he did NOTHING.

      • So, like I predicted, you aren’t able to explain why you said Frankie is doing less for Team America than Donny? Thank you for proving my point. And stop talking about your right to have an opinion. I am debating your opinion, not your right to have one. If you were afraid to have your opinion questioned (which you should be, because it was utter nonsense) then you shouldn’t have challenged my post in the first place.

        I asked you very clearly to explain your position and you seem to be unable to do so. You can’t even defend your own claim because even you know it was nonsense.

      • You don’t need to reply with a book. First of all I’ve been watching this show since season one. Second I DO watch the feeds and third maybe you shouldn’t be commenting since you obviously are related. I’m sorry everyone thinks your brother is a rat and a snake. Like I said before it’s JMO which by the way I’m ENTITLED to. And if you knew how to read you would of seen all the comments on this site after the first task with people saying Frankie shouldn’t get paid. Don’t bother replying to me again because I’m done reading your comments and I’m done responding to them.

      • First you don’t need to respond with a book. Second don’t tell me how I found this page when you know NOTHING! I’ve been Posting/chatting on this site for a few years. Third I’ve been watching since season one and I DO watch the live feeds. People that are related should not be on here commenting. Sorry if everyone thinks your brother is a snake and a rat. And like I said BEFORE it’s JMO which I am ENTITLED to. This site is for everyone’s opinion whether you agree or disagree. Maybe you should learn to read because after the first task everyone was commenting about how Frankie should not get paid. Please don’t reply again because I’m done reading and replying to your comments. Have a nice life. Oh and say hi to Frankie for me.

  18. This site seems to be very anti-Frankie. He’s not my favorite either, but can you really blame him for using Zach in these mission that require manipulating a vulnerable houseguest? What is he supposed to do? Give Zach a break and try to manipulate Christine into blowing up her game? And besides, Frankie isn’t the only one frustrated with Zach. Cody and Christine are extremely angry with him, and Derrick doesn’t like someone he can’t control.

    • Sorry, Frankie reminds me of Andy last season and nobody liked Andy either! So, that is the reason. When I see his game play, he is so a replica of Andy so, I do not like him too!

      • False. Frankie has won THREE HoH’s this season, which means he has had to nominate SIX people for eviction. No one else in the whole house has even won two HoH’s, much less three. Someone like Andy would NEVER go for HoH this early in the game, much less three times. If you’re going to compare Frankie to Andy at least admit it’s only because he’s gay, not because of his game play. Christine is playing the Andy game this season, not Frankie. Again, I’m not a Frankie fan either, but this “Frankie is playing Andy’s game” bandwagon is WRONG. Study the game before you post.

  19. Team America exist for the purpose of creating conflict and drama inside the house. What started out as easy tasks turn to become potentially game-changing ones, for better or for worse.

    Seeing how the three TA members disagreeing on how to execute the task effectively or whether they even go ahead with this proves that the twist has accomplishing its purpose.

    The average task on basic Big Brother is traditionally the source of conflict inside the house. A task is what separates a housemate and his next set of meals for the week. In the case of BBUS, monetary gain is at risk inevtiable non-essential in the long-term aspect of the game.

    Whether the Team America blows up or not, it managed to meet expectations in whatever way possible.

  20. I hate this Team American thing. It would be one thing if they did goofy stuff. But messing with peoples games is BS.

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