James Huling – Big Brother 18 Eviction Interview

James Huling was voted out last night from the Big Brother 18 house falling just short of the Jury deliberations when his efforts to seal a F2 deal from the sidelines didn’t work out. He didn’t get a chance to win Big Brother this year but he did get to help make that big decision.

James Huling evicted from Big Brother 18

Now with the season over James was free to discuss his game and experience on BB18. I spoke with him today about choosing the winner, what went wrong for him in the final week, that time he shot Natalie’s game in the foot, and more. Read on for what James had to say about the season.

Big Brother Network (BBN): How did you make your final vote decision there in the Jury for Paul versus Nicole?

James Huling: I know Paul probably doesn’t want to hear this, even though he voted me out and it wasn’t Friendship, I was sticking to my F2 deal to the end.

BBN: You admitted to throwing a lot of comps this season. Did you throw either of the last two comps of the Final HoH?

James: No, those I definitely wanted to win. The first one I was really banking on winning when Paul decided beat me in that comp I was like, I know this second one is probably not going to be too good cause I’m going up against one of the strongest mental competitors that’s been in the house this season.

BBN: After the first two rounds of the Final HoH was over we didn’t see a whole lot of campaigning from you. What was your strategy there to get to the F2?

James: It was pretty simple. Me and Paul solidified when we were going to vote Corey out he was like we’re going to ride this out to the end and I was like I know Nicole said I was going to screw you over and vote her out to work with Corey, I just want this (voting out Corey) to show you that I’m down. This is it.

When I lost both lost comps I was genuinely feeling bad. Paul threw me a lifeline, I voted Corey out, and now I’ve put him in this bad spot where he has to win either both comps and secure both of us, but then the game mode started kicking in.

I went to Nicole a few times and said just check the Jury votes and make sure taking Paul would be good for your game. I guess she used that in a malicious way to get Paul to be like “screw James, I’m taking you to the end.”

BBN: When you announced to the house in front of Corey and within earshot of Nicole that Natalie wanted Corey out instead of Victor, did you realize at the time what you had done to your and Natalie’s game?

James: No, that was one of those times that I slipped up. I was trying to get some information and I think Natalie got caught in the crossfire. I realize it did put a target on Natalie when I said she wanted to keep Victor. After I said that I really shot her in the foot on that.

BBN: What made this time around harder for you than your first season (BB17)?

James: The showmance. I was definitely invested in it more than I thought I was. Going in I was like “no showmance,” I was coming in for business. Then I met Natalie and we connected with a lot in common. The feelings got real and that took over. It went from looking out for my own game to we were trying to look out for each other’s game while being in a showmance. It definitely put a stress on the game itself.

BBN: What was your very best move of the season?

James: I think taking ol’ Frank The Tank out.

BBN: Did you have a hard time going against a Vet like that?

James: After holding your left arm up for 5.5 hours to win a HoH comp, no one came and talked to me because we got in so early in the morning. The whole house, I know, they want Frank up with Bridgette. Nobody came and talked to me. It was two hours the nominations were there. I was like, it’s now or never.

I’m actually glad I did it because Nicole told me that Frank wanted to nominate me for Roadkill plenty of times, but I was safe at the time. He was just threatened by me and he definitely wanted to put me up on the Block but he just didn’t get the chance to.

BBN: What will be your favorite memory from the season?

James: My favorite memory would definitely have to be when I saw Ziggy Marley in the carnival and me and Natalie had a little date night. That was definitely a highlight of the season for me.

BBN: Thank you James and congratulations on making it to the F3.

James joked with me that third time might be the charm for him after he managed to make it even farther in the game this season than his last time around, but 3rd is just one step shy of the prize money with his finale night eviction.

As for his strategy, it got him to that last night of the season, but when he needed to pull of the win the most he just couldn’t do it and that cost him at least $50K. Then his efforts for AFP also came up dry when Victor pulled that one off for himself adding insult to injury for James’s season.

What did you think of James’s game this season? Would you want to see James back for a third round or was twice enough for your tastes?


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    • I agree! If he came back a third time, he would flirt with a girl and ruin blindsides by telling HG. I can’t with this guy

  1. In my opinion, we saw the same James in 18 that we saw in 17: in a showmance where he is obviously far more committed to it than she is, James barely pays attention to the actual game while trying to prank everyone in the house. His girl is evicted, and he is evicted shortly thereafter. The showmance doesn’t translate into a romance outside the house. (Presumably, it won’t work with Natalie.)

    Why on Earth would we want to see that for a third time?

    • James is not entertaining, chased a girl clearly not interested in him, begged for AFP on the live feeds and played Grade Three pranks. This should be his ‘”last rodeo” on the show.

      • I also want to add that for James and Natalie to be called a ‘showmance’ was crazy. She went through every ávailable guy in the house was turned down by all of them, James was the only one left. Natalie would tell James she doesn’t like to show affection on the show, well she never had a problem trying to show affection to the ‘hunks.

    • It’s like he reverts back to junior high or high school pranking girls, thinks he has a girlfriend, and just annoying

    • Because he doesn’t do anything – he doesn’t care how it works. He’s just along for the ride and getting paid

      • He could have been bitter after Paul kicked him to the curb but instead of that, he voted for Paul. That shows you how true to his nature he really is. Hate him or love it doesn’t matter, the little Asian Cowboy will be no more.

      • Disagree. I felt James played an excellent game up till Natalie ‘ s HOH. He got into solid alliances (8 Pack, Executives, Corey/Paulie). He kept his cool unlike Day and Frank. And he wasn’t on anyone’s radar. I think James’ mistake was when he switched his alliance from Corey/Paulie to Natalie/Michelle.

    • I do like that, when things get personal – and I will say this on his behalf – that James usually is one of the ones reminding folks it is a game and to keep it game, not get personal.

  2. James’ season sucked. I don’t want to sound mean but I did a happy dance (in my head) when he didn’t win AFP. And no to a third time for James. He’s shown he can’t play the game and if a woman even shows a scintilla of interest in him he’s beside himself and in love. It’s kinda creepy. I want to feel sorry for him but I can’t. Let’s give some people who really want to play an opportunity.

    • Disagree. He completely wasted this opportunity. The further the season went along, the less removed he became from the game. The baseball veto was the last straw with me. The fact that he’s a returning player and just couldn’t be bothered to study up on the days like everyone else did… it was painful to watch. And he was in MAJOR jeopardy of going home that week had anyone but Paul won the veto.

      There are plenty of people worthy of another chance at the game. James simply isn’t one of them. He’s a nice guy for sure, but he is NOT cut out for Big Brother.

    • If they do, then I hope he gets evicted the first week. Unless production wants him to stay, then there is nothing the HGs could do about it.

    • Let him live the rest of his life in Texas without being seen on TV again. Not ever, ever. Please.

  3. James lying to Frank/Brig to win the comp, and then evicting Frank against his promise is James’ WORST moment. That he LIKES that the most is why he is no longer America’s Favorite Player, and Victor is. James seems screwed up about everything this season, so no surprise.

  4. I do NOT want to see James back for a third time – not a regular season or an All Stars season. I would like to see the AFP prize pulled indefinitely.

    If James had come back to play seriously – not for AFP and no showmance – and then come up short, fine. But to take a showmance seriously and play for the AFP – it was too much for me. I can see having fun in the house to keep from going nutzo for possibly 3 months – but at least don’t pander overtly for AFP to the cameras. I don’t like it. Obviously it worked for a lot of people whose votes got him in F3 so I am in the minority here, I guess.

    But if James had won this season or even come in 2nd, he would have definitely had that money and maybe the girl, too. Scope her out in the house but wait til after the season to pursue anyone seriously. It works out but rarely.(in the house). I’m sure he is good ol’ boy and that’s cool. But I don’t care to see a 3rd time for him in the house, “charm” or not.

  5. James’s interview proves once again that he is stubborn as a mule by sticking with Paul to the end; not even realizing he was being used. Don’t know how James will feel when he sees the live feeds of Paul making gagging motions with his fingers down his throat every time James left the room.
    Oops! Another big mistake was blowing up Natalie’s game to Nicorey without even realizing it. I’m sure Nat will be stewing over that one for a long time. .
    Without Natalie I don’t think James would’ve made the F3.

  6. Twice was two times too many for me, and his lack of game play this season demonstrates that bringing him back would be a waste of a spot.

  7. Yes, PLEASE bring back James. And Paulie. Paulie and James. James and Paulie. And Mr. Glitter Ejaculater. All three of them. But definitely bring back James. And Paulie. But ESPECIALLY James. 3peat. Yup. Yup.


    • Hey Sha, I have been thinking of you this summer and missing your BB posts. Hope that you are doing better every day and that you will get the results you wanted from your surgery. Rehab after surgery is tough but just hang in there. You have me rooting for you. 😊😏😎

      • Hey my sweet , smiling, daisy~~thank you for your note! I appreciate your encouragement. Things are getting better—slowly, but surely. Actually, the pain I had the surgery FOR, is gone…I knew I may have some complications, but I was willing to take the risk…and that’s what I’m dealing with now. Thank you again for thinking of me. Enjoy your summer and BB. :)

  8. The majority of net has had enough of James. He really jeopardized Nat’s game when he threw her under the bus when he said that she wanted to keep Vic.

    There are some people who don’t belong on these kind of shows. The type who go on them to find love and refuse to accept no as an answer. He really made Nat uncomfortable many times because while she wanted friendship, he wanted marriage.

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