‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Schedule & Weekly Events

Big Brother Over The Top, the new online series version of our regular Big Brother summer addiction, will premiere next Wednesday, Sept. 28th and now CBS is revealing exactly when everything will be going down each week including nominations, Veto, evictions, and more.

Big Brother Over The Top

With no packaged episodes on TV and no blackouts to hide events like nomination ceremonies and Veto competitions we’re going to need to know the Big Brother Over The Top schedule to guide us on when to jump on our Feeds and watch everything as it happens. Yes, everything will be shown on the Feeds with BBOTT.

During the regular Big Brother seasons there’s no fixed schedule for some of the major events which makes it tricky for knowing when and what to expect. We knew nominations usually happened around 5PM PT on Fridays but then Veto might start at 2PM, 11PM, or whenever leaving you hanging all Saturday waiting around. That won’t be an issue for Over The Top fans.

CBS has released a set schedule for each week including all the events we can expect to see playout live on the Feeds. Remember, no blackouts for BBOTT like we get with the regular BB on CBS. You will get to watch these events live as they happen.

Big Brother Over The Top Schedule:

  • Wednesday 10PM ET (7PM PT) – Weekly Full Episode
  • Wednesday 11PM ET (8PM PT) – Live Eviction
  • Wednesday 12AM ET (9PM PT) – HoH Competition
  • Thursday TBD – Julie Chen Live Q&A with HGs
  • Thursday TBD – Julie Chen Interviews Evicted HG
  • Friday 10:30PM ET (7:30PM PT) – Live Diary Rooms
  • Saturday 4PM ET (1PM PT) – Have Not Reveal
  • Saturday 10PM ET (7PM PT) – Safety Ceremony
  • Sunday 10PM ET (7PM PT) – Nominations Ceremony
  • Monday 4PM ET (1PM PT) – Veto Competition
  • Tuesday 4PM ET (1PM PT) – Veto Ceremony
  • Tuesday 10:30PM ET (7:30PM PT) – Live Diary Rooms

Along with the above schedule there will be “Weekday Replay” episodes Monday through Friday at 10PM ET (7PM PT) to highlight the day’s events. And of course, the Live Feeds will be running around the clock in addition to all these events. I’m assuming the Feeds will simply feature these events on the regular 4 camera views rather than us having to visit a different video source, but we’ll see.

You can print out this handy chart to keep track of what’s happening when on BBOTT.

click image to see full-size view

It’s an interesting schedule and wonderful to know in advance exactly when things will happen, but those times? They sure aren’t east coast friendly. Midnight ET for the HoH competition? I’ll be up to cover it, but I can’t imagine most east coast fans will so what’s the point of putting these things live on the Feeds to then have them at an unreasonable time? There is a solution.

Everything will be captured on the Feeds archive in Flashback so you can rewind later and watch anything you missed. So if midnight comps aren’t enticing then you can rewind the next morning to see what happened. Think of it like your DVR for any missed events.

The Live Eviction episodes on Wednesday nights were originally going to be at 10PM ET (7PM PT) but now they’ve turned it in to a THREE hour event with a recap show at 10PM, eviction at 11PM, and competition at 12AM. Eessshhh.

Either way, I’m still hoping for good things from the new Big Brother Over The Top season and the party gets started this Monday with the cast reveal at 10AM ET featuring the first twelve Houseguests who will be entirely new to us. Then on Wednesday we’ll find out whether Jason Roy or Jozea Flores will be joining the other 12 HGs. You can vote now to decide between Jason or Jozea.

Since this entire season will be on All Access’s Live Feeds then you’ll need to be signed up with your own account and subscribed to watch along. If you’re new to All Access then you can get the Free Trial for a week long test run of the video service. After that it’s $5.99/mo (20 cents a day) to watch along and you can cancel it at anytime online in your account settings.

What do you think of the BBOTT schedule? Is it a relief to eliminate the guessing game of the regular summer editions? Excited to see live Diary Room sessions? And what about this new “Safety Ceremony” that builds to a reveal of the nominations the next day? Lots of things to discover on this new Big Brother series and we’ll be here covering the entire season for you.

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  1. Damn so freaking late. My roku doesn’t let me rewind the feeds and the hoh comps don’t start until midnight et. Ugh. Why couldn’t they make it more inline with normal big brother shows. 8 et for the weekly show, 9et for the live eviction and 10et for the hoh start? I can’t be up at 1am watching an hoh comp. annoying.

  2. I think they might lose viewers from the East coast. I’m in Indiana and those hours are not good at all. Why couldn’t they have comps during the day on weekends if nothing else? Oh well..guess we will see how this works out.

    • I’m lucky because I’m retired and used to watch the feeds late at night because of the time difference so guess this will be the same. Stay up half the night and sleep half the morning. Lol. Only bad thing is when I have things going on I get no sleep. I’m wondering if you can watch them after they’ve already happened like you could episodes of the show.

  3. Is it safe to assume there will be links on the app to watch any of these events at any time? I have no desire to watch the weekly episode from 10-1 am, but I don’t mind watching the next day at my leisure. Is this a crazy assumption?

  4. Matt: “They sure aren’t east coast friendly. Midnight ET for the HoH competition?”

    That’s the understatement of the year. There goes your sleep pattern for the fall, my good friend.

  5. I knew CBS would f*ck with the viewers/feedsters ONCE again!! Why do they have to do things so late? What, are they waiting for the 2nd shift cameramen to get off their real job of MacGyver to come man the cameras, or the set builders from one of their other real shows to come help build the different comp sets. I’m really annoyed and it hasn’t even started. This time I will call CBS and complain LOUDLY! I really want to believe this is going to be a good season, being only online but I’m as skeptical as one can get.

  6. I wonder if the safety ceremony has to do with the audience participation they’ve been hyping up in the ads. Maybe the audience gets to vote on one HG to keep safe every week?

  7. I guess I’m the first Pacific coaster to chime in here, but I’m relieved with the times. I thought we’d get screwed with some 5 PM start time, but I also wondered if they were going to do this live, they’d have to find a way to fit it all in coast-to-coast. I don’t even get home until 6:30 on most work days. That said, east-coasters, I feel your pain (having lived out there for a few years), prime time sporting events always killed my sleep schedule out there.

    • Heh, yeah when MNF finally ends I’m usually jealous of the west coast fans!

      I’m surprised they didn’t try to do a mix of some early & some late events to balance things out between the coasts. Though I guess the 4PM ET Veto events sort of does that.

    • Yeah, I live on the west coast too (L.A.) so I have to say I’m happy about the times too. :) Sorry to you guys on the East Coast tho. Hey, at least there’s the flashback option, plus some competitions do start rather early here like some of the veto comps… :)

  8. I have watched every season of BB but I am not interested in paying extra to watch an online only version. The whole process is less convenient than being able to watch or DVR the normal CBS TV broadcast version. It is all about profits for CBS and their decision and I don’t plan to encourage them to continue this option. I could afford to subscribe but I choose not to.

      • Obviously, CBS is deciding to go the online only route to minimize cost. However, it is at an increase in cost to the viewers. It also seems to be for a lower quality product and experience for the veiwer. No thanks CBS.

      • They’re adding this online season to promote their All Access service as they try to build up the subscriber base with more All Access exclusives like BBOTT and the upcoming Star Trek series.

        I don’t see why it’d seemed to be lower quality. And for fans who already subscribe to Feeds, this is a huge increase in value for the same cost. We’ll see much more than ever before with no increase in what we’re already paying.

        Feedsters know they’re getting an awesome deal, but this is also an opportunity for those who aren’t normally online viewers to discover a whole new dimension to Big Brother.

      • Ha!..It’s true. I mean, I would cancel them if they suck. I’ve never thought of other reasons, because I’ve given charities to both organizations, Profit and non-profit..I support both. lol…what do you mean smart ass?

      • Oh. Huh. I don’t watch all of them. I did want to see Paul and Victor’s. Usually they’re up by now. Whatev. Survivor looks good, huh?

      • I wanted Paul to win, so I guess that’s why I didn’t watch it. ..Oh, btw I do give donations to sites that provides East Coast BB/Survivor live stream for us here in LA. They get shut down sometimes. They ask for donations. Torrents..I support the good hackers/rebels. …you see I’m conscientious..lol

      • You are a good guy, Cyril! I don’t care what anyone says. I’m KIDDING! I donated to a BB site a few years ago…don’t remember who. It wasn’t much. Then I discovered BBN, and was hooked—partially because of you and K.

      • Sha, It’s good to know you have donated money on those sites….We are Philanthropist !..Proud of you!

      • I like my current satellite and DVR combo. I feel I have adequate choices to the amount of programming and I prefer the convenience of the DVR. I actually have multiple smart TV’s but it still more of a hassle at the present time than simply watching regular broadcast TV with a DVR. If you feel the need to pay extra for separate programming be my guest but I will pass. I’m sure CBS will survive without the extra money from me.

      • First of all, Matt, thank you-thank you-thank you for the hard work you put into bringing us the BBN! We all appreciate it so much! :)

        As for this extra season… I can’t wait for BBOTT! So glad they gagave us a schedule. I was terrified I was going to have to be sifting through hours of feeds searching for events and comps! *Whew* Total relief at the format. I wish they would do food comps tho… Matt, why do you have any idea why the PTB at BB do not do food comps anymore?

      • It seems as if this is the way the industry is going to move in. With the convenience of online streaming, you will be able to drop your $200 cable bill every month and subscribe to the channels you actually want to see.

        For example, i do not speak spanish but am forced to pay for spanish channels on my cable bill which raises the rates. If you are able to pay-per channel, you should save more in the long run.

        Extra content is a bonus.

      • I don’t pay a $200 cable bill. I do have over 250 satellite channels with a modern DVR. I’m still not interested in paying CBS an extra fee to watch a second rate version of something they could broadcast on their network.

      • That’s not all that is available on all access. There are so many things to watch. Like I said for 1.50 a week I think that’s cheap.

      • Just a watered down version of the genuine article. Even the two former houseguests they chose as an option to return. Yuck, I certainly wouldn’t pay to see either of them again.

      • And that is fine for you, but why come here just to be so negative? You are absolutely are entitled to your opinion, however, please allow those of us that ARE excited about this extra season to enjoy posting about it as well without the continuous negativity. Thank you.

      • You are partially correct, I am entitled to my opinion. I like BB, just not this “online only” format. I am merely responding after each of my comments gets “attacked”. If you don’t like it don’t read it. Apparently some sheep will actually jump off a cliff, following the rest of the flock. Happy landing. If it’s any consolation, I have grown weary of this whole debate and I’m done.

      • No one attacked you, in fact it is your responses that have gotten progressively antagonistic. For example, my reply to you was in no way disrespectful, and yet, you decided to respond by calling me “a sheep who will actually follow the rest of the flock off a cliff” rather than what…? Have a mind of my own? Wow! That was rude. Trust and believe I have a mind of my own! I am choosing to watch BBOTT b/c I want to. If you don’t, great for you, however, leave the rest of us in peace to enjoy the show and the board. And now, I am also done with this conversation. Good day.

      • It hasn’t even started yet so you have nothing to say about the quality if you’re being even remotely sincere. Why don’t we see what they’re going to present to us and then we can decide whether or not it’s worth it?

      • Matt-As a viewer of BB who will not be purchasing the online version I thank you in advance for keeping us in the loop of what will be happening on this edition.

    • It averages out to only 1.50 a week. People pay way more then that for a Starbucks coffee. And it is a bonus season not there regular one. I think it’s worth every penny.

      • They won’t even need any advertisers money. I’m sure that your subscription fees will make it a financial success. Don’t worry, I won’t be wasting my money on a second rate generic version, enjoy.

      • “There’s a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance–that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” -William Paley, 1794

      • You seem to be missing the point that if it’s worth doing, it ought to be worth doing right. This whole venture appears rushed and with a lack of planning. They want to experiment with execution and make the rules as they go. They want something for nothing and get you to pay for it. However, I’m sure it would be a bargain for you at twice the price.

  9. Looks interesting, I’m in. Maybe production won’t be able to manipulate it as much if everything’s live. We’ll see. :)

  10. So when can I watch the first episode of BB OTT??
    I went to CBS all access and can’t find it??
    Why does every friggin thing have to be complicated

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