James Huling – Big Brother 17 Eviction Interview

Following his close ally Meg out the door James Huling became the second victim of Thursday’s Double Eviction episode as his game ended and was sent off to Jury.

James Huling talks with Julie Chen after his eviction
James Huling talks with Julie Chen after his eviction – Source: CBS

Now outside of the house we had a chance to talk with James about his game that was both well accomplished and entertaining, but we wanted to know more about some of those choices he made along the way. Did Meg ever distract him from the game in his decisions, why he went after Shelli instead of Vanessa, and who he wants to see at the end.

Which HG do you think you most underestimated and how?

James Huling: I have underestimated Liz. She won HOH’s when she needed too and she is the one who sealed my fate. I was so worried that Steve or Vanessa would have taken me out.

Why did you decide to try and flip Austin with Operation Trojan Horse instead of Steve this week?

James: Austin knew he had a big target going in to this weeks HOH and I was trying to come up with a plan that had minimal risk for him that we would have make some big moves in this game and gained more respect in the BB community by playing the game.

Were you distracted by Meg to the point of following her lead even in questionable game decisions that may have hurt your game?

James: I’m really not good at public speaking so I always let Meg do the talking – she was a lot better at it then I was and all I did was back her up when questions needed to be answered on both sides. The only thing that hurt me with Meg was that she couldn’t win competitions.

Did you decide to target Shelli over Vanessa during Becky’s HoH to fulfil your HoH’s goal from the week before?

James: Yes. Shelli was a very dangerous threat to my game because it was so fresh that I had just sent her man out the door to where she got mad that I wore a sweater that he left behind. She went in a room and took it back like a kid. That is when I knew, Shelli had to go next.

You received warnings about Vanessa, Austin, and the twins through the season, like Steve’s “Strong Fortress” comment and Audrey’s plea, but seemed to discount them each time. Why were you not more worried about those HGs possibly working together?

James: I knew they were working together I just didn’t know how strong of a bond Vanessa had with Austin. I definitely felt like Vanessa was going to make a big game move but instead she threw me and Meg up.

How did your strategy going in to the game stand up with how you ended up having to play?

James: Everything was dead on.

What is the biggest mystery you’re anxious to have answered once Big Brother 17 is over?

James: Why couldn’t me and Clay be a Texas duo come together and trust each other. We are both from Texas. Killing me.

Now that your alliance is out of the game, who do you hope to see in the F2?

James: Johnny Mac and Vanessa.

Check out our preseason interview with James to see how it all started:

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  1. So much for bitter jurors: yet another evictee giving props to Vanessa.
    Still not convinced the twins won’t be bitter though. If they go out “soon”,
    the Jurors will probably get to them. If they go out at the very end (F3) against Vanessa – then they might still be b*tthurt.
    But yeah, doesn’t sound like we’re going to have a bitter jury house after all.

    • Sounds like everyone is giving Van the 500k check already. Too bad she doesn’t make it that far–in my opinion, anyway.

      I sent a post out about six weeks ago saying that Steve was playing the house and was a threat to go very deep, and possibly win. I’m amending that–he’s our winner. He takes the first shot at Liz/Austin today, and then KO’s the big baddie–Van–at F4(most likely) or F3. Even though he floated through half the season, all the big moves at the end make a compelling case for 500k. He also has one more HOH win before the end. That’s where he sends Van packing.

      • You don’t think the rest of the house(besides Julia, who is clueless) realizes that she’s too dangerous to bring to F2? I just happen to think Steve does it. Could be anyone else depending on who wins comps at certain times going forward. She isn’t nearly as safe as you two like to think she is. This round she can sleep through, unless Julia wins the veto and saves Liz. Then Van wakes up and cons the twins into sending Austin out the door. But the sledding gets much rougher after that

      • I said 6 houseguests that the Austwins would win (some combo) due to “genius” Vanessa knowingly allowing twins into the house, paving the way for a 3sum alliance.

      • Julia has zero chance of winning. Some combo of Liztin is walking out the door in 6 days. Once that happens, the chances of them winning the 500k drop pretty hard

    • Yep…Vanessa can use the 500K to buy her second Lamborghini. Maybe those promises of 25K were accepted — If anyone can float 25K in undetectable cash, it is Vanessa with 4.5 mil in the bank, and CBS/BB would never know.

  2. I’m anxious to see who go’s up tonight,I think steve has said b 4 Austin and liz which I hope he dose and has back door option for Vanessa, but they got to split Austin n the twins, take out liz then Austin n Julia will be besides themselves because I know Julia can’t stand stinky boy,lol

    • Austin or Liz have to go this week. Put them up and don’t consider Vanessa unless Julia pulls a huge win with the Vito and saves Liz. Then put Vanessa up next to Austin and let those two fight for Julia’s vote.

  3. James: Why couldn’t me and Clay be a Texas duo come together and trust each other. We are both from Texas. Killing me.

    For starter, you broke the deal with Shelli and put her and her bae as noms.
    Then baited him to go all gun-ho at you.
    Yep it’s killing me as well.
    Still hope you win the AFP tho.

    • They were on opposite sides of the house well before that. And Shelli even admitted that if she won that HOH endurance comp, James was going up. It was a pre-emptive strike

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