Meg Maley outlasted many of her fellow Big Brother 17 Houseguests without ever winning an HoH or Veto competition, but when the end of the season neared the other side made their move and took her out during Thursday’s Double Eviction.

Meg Maley talks with Julie Chen after eviction

Meg Maley talks with Julie Chen after eviction – Source: CBS

Now out of the game and on her way to the Jury House we posed a few question to Meg to find out about her Big Brother experience including her decision to keep Vanessa and why they weren’t more worried about the Austwins threesome.

What happened to Operation Trojan Horse? At what point this week did you decide to give up on campaigning?

Meg Maley: When I heard Austin tell me “this isn’t the time to split up the twins…I’m really worried about what’s going to happen to Liz and I in the outside world,” that’s when I knew that this was more than gameplay and it had become personal.

Do you still feel it was the right move to evict Shelli over Vanessa?

Meg: I feel I would be in the same situation if Shelli would have stayed in the house. All you have to go off of in this game is gut and I feel I made the right decision.

You received warnings about Vanessa, Austin, and the twins through the season, like Steve’s “Strong Fortress” comment, but seemed to discount them each time. Why were you not more worried about those HGs possibly working together?

Meg: It was never a question about them working together. It was the idea that they were people we could beat in the game. I saw Austin and the twins as non-threats because they weren’t big competitors and their social game was only amongst themselves. Vanessa, on the other hand, I did always see as a threat…the timing was just never right to take her out.

When Austin warned you that Vanessa would likely nom you and James, why did you decide to not share that with James?

Meg: Looks like I’m having a bimbo moment right now! James and I both knew one of us would be nominated as a pawn but I don’t recall any conversation about the two of us going up together.


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