Is CBS Preparing Us For Big Brother All-Stars 2?

After last year’s Big Brother debacle I thought we’d be guaranteed to have another All-Stars or some form of returning players. CBS needed a safe season with known quantities to wash away the ugliness that surprised everyone. Then casting events rolled out, more than in recent seasons, and I thought we were back on track for an all-new cast. Maybe not.

Big Brother All-Stars
Big Brother All-Stars – Source: CBS

The prevailing preseason Big Brother 16 twist rumor was a Blood Vs Water approach with possibly Vets mixed with related (or friends of) Newbies. It certainly seemed plausible as CBS has been running with that approach on Survivor with strong results. But what if it’s more than that?

CBS offered up the chance for fans on Twitter to vote between three seasons for them to replay online. Guess which one was served up as a result? All-Stars. You can watch every episode of Big Brother Season 7 on right now. Seems like a good opportunity to remind fans just how good an All-Stars season could be (with the right mix of HGs).

Then CBS started running through interviews and coverage of past HGs with their “Winners Tell All” interview series and photo albums online. Odds of this being an indicator? Not likely. CBS has been doing this recently so I don’t think this leans the cast in either direction.

So what about the past HGs themselves? Kinda odd stuff going on there. We’ve seen HGs saying they’re traveling overseas (Matt Hoffman off to Uganda…), like what happened with Janelle the other season and Elissa last year. You’ve got Ian Terry saying he’s packing up and moving to Houston while sharing pics of the travel that don’t include him. Or worse yet, he used a fake image of a ballpark that was quickly identified and the posting was removed. Then there’s Frank Eudy saying he’s in sequester with his dad. Of course if anyone said they were in sequester, they weren’t really. You can’t have phones or computers with you, so those are jokes.

While I’d discount most of that Twitter action as HGs having fun with the fans and knowing what gets the rumor mill going, we did see something different from the Big Brother casting director yesterday. Robyn Kass began sharing cast group pictures from all of the past seasons. The last one she posted? All-Stars.

It’s hard to know what to make of this. As I said, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if CBS decided to go the safer route with retreads and while I hope it’s an all-new cast, there is real potential in another All-Stars season. In just a few more days we’ll know the real story and the speculation can finally be put to rest, but in the meantime vote in our poll and tell us what you hope to see for the BB16 cast.



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  1. Me personally, I would LOVE to see another All-Star season! Love watching the best of the best in that house! I know a lot of people feel differently, and thats fine, just wanted to share my opinion. To be more honest, if it’s All-Stars, All-New or Mix of the two, its all fine by me! My eyes will be glued to the TV and glued to the live feeds like every other season! :-)

  2. No, no, no, no! New face’s please. Tired of BB and Survivor having retreads. Give us 2 or 3 seasons of fresh then All-stars. Yes I like seeing some of the old players but need a few new faces for all-stars.

  3. Just give us another season or two of complete newbies then perhaps the choice of vets would be ripe enough for another All-Stars season. I feel like there weren’t enough compelling first-time players in their original seasons from BB11, 12-14 because of the more dominant vets.

  4. Wouldn’t this make sense with the 2 night premiere? The first night introducing contestants from the past that were considered the best, then we get an entire night to vote for who we want in, like the first All Stars. Especially if they’ve wanted to reveal it as a big to-do this time rather than have them campaign before hand?

  5. i so agree corey….Hate it when they keep bring back old groups!!!!

  6. Well the poll is running more than 60-40 for new people, which is what I want, but would not be bitterly opposed to an All Star season. I don’t care about speculating too much. If they don’t tell us something, I wait and see, and don’t worry about it.

  7. I would love a 2nd All Star cast and agree this year should be a safe year after the train wreck from last season but Id want it to be half and half. Id love fresh new faces but also would love to see some people return.

    • I would love to see Brenchel back in the house. They are a strong power couple, and their commitment to each other and the game is admirable and fun to watch. Also, they are automatically the “villians” so it makes for great TV.

  8. I wouldn’t mind having previous hamsters in there as long as it’s people we haven’t seen in awhile. Trotting out the same faces over and over is wearing thin. Since Rachel went in for media day I think it’s a good bet we won’t see her this year except maybe to host one of the events outside.

  9. So i think i figured it out. The house guest this year are all realated to previous winners.

  10. I know a lot of people won’t see Rachel back.. but a Brenchel vs Mcranda could be ‘fun’ (read ‘lot of drama’)

  11. OP, people would take ya more seriously if ya weren’t so damn biased.

    You really want to risk another season full of Aaryns, Jeremys, Amandas, Andys, and Gina Maries, then that’s your problem.

    • The odds of that is pretty low though. If we manage to get a season of Keeshas, Dans, Memphises and Jerryses and a season of Wills, Monicas, Buckies and Hardys then it’s all worth it.

  12. I personally would love to see another season of a brand new cast just without all the bullying and the hate going on.

  13. I like returning players. I like to see how their strategy changes from their previous game.
    I would also like all new players too.
    Whatever cast or twists this season, I’ll watch and enjoy.

  14. Its funny how everyone wants new people but when cbs did a season with all new kids the season sucked. seriously bb15 was terrible

  15. I just wish they’d have 100% new people, and every maybe 4-6 years have an All Star Winter season.

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