Howard Overby Big Brother 15 Eviction Interview

Howard Overby - Big Brother 15 HG

Howard Overby entered Big Brother 15 and immediately became part of the briefly strong “Moving Company” alliance. Things quickly fell apart for the 29-year old youth counselor from Hattiesburg, Mississippi though as his alliance scattered and he became HG Amanda’s number one target week after week. Following a tumultuous week in the house he was evicted in a 7-1 vote with only the support of his ally Spencer.

Today I spoke with Howard about his game, where the house stands now, and even the very hotly debated whispered words between him and Amanda. While I had many more questions for Howard including those about Aaryn’s and GinaMarie’s actions, ten minutes can go by quickly. Here’s what Howard had to say to me today when we talked.

Big Brother Network: Your selective game lies were a big part of what sunk you early on with a slow burn to your eviction. Why didn’t you want to confirm the Moving Company to Helen?

Howard Overby: I thought if I told her everything it’d just disappoint her to the point where there was no return. From a personal standpoint, I should have just come clean. That whole flipping and dismantling of the Moving Company helped me be more me and more straight up in the game, which is what I said I wanted to do so I was happy about it. But telling her everything, that was the big battle inside myself that was killing me. If I tell her everything it’ll probably be the same as if I lie now and everything comes out later.

I should have just come all out with it, but unfortunately I didn’t. I don’t regret it, but if I had to do it over again I’d just say everything and go from there, but I think I’d be in the same position.

Big Brother Network: This week you were telling HGs you would rather be evicted than play their kind of game. Was that part of your strategy or were you in a way conceding defeat?

Howard: It was very truthful. This season, all the strong players, the players that see the BS & manipulation seem to be leaving every week. We have a young cast this year. There weren’t enough chiefs and there were a whole lot of Indians that were willing to believe they were being protected, instead of standing up and making a stand with people who want to make a stand.

From a game standpoint, yes it was definitely a strategy. I thought I’d be honest about everything and that would inject some type of motivation in somebody to stand up and join with a few people, who regardless of personal differences want to do something different about the house because if you don’t, here in a little while, they’re going to control everything. Which they are.

To me it was going to be a boring season. You were going to have your final four set in stone. No one wanted to make a move because they keep waiting and waiting. I think everybody was made to think they’re being protected by these people.

If I was really going to scumbag I could have just let Candice self-destruct and separated myself from her totally. But the man that I am, the man I was raised to be, the man I was created to be, I couldn’t have looked in the mirror if she had left and let that happen.

Big Brother Network: Let’s talk about the Amanda kitchen whisper situation. She’s claimed over and over that you made a very aggressively vulgar comment to her. What did you say in that kitchen during that whispered exchanged?

Howard: It wasn’t vulgar. It might have been a little outside the box as content, but it wasn’t vulgar and it was said as a compliment. As everyone knows and I’ll tell you and I’ll tell anyone else, consider the source we’re talking about here. This came after the whole thing outside when Candice was going off on Spencer. I came out the kitchen and saw her there and I said you know what, I’m going to extend an olive branch and I’m going to say I love her and I’m gonna kid around with her.

Anyone that has watched this show knows that Amanda isn’t shy about anything sexual that she says or does. She’ll be open and vulgar to people, me, other girls in the house on any subject. So basically what happened was I walked up to her and I’m not going to be hateful or mean and I said “I love you” and she said “what? no you don’t.” I said, “no I really do. I love you” and I hugged her. As a little fun joke I said, “hey, if we were outside this house you’re awesome, you’re sexy” and this is from me knowing her personally when we did share personal time and we were very open. I said “man, we could get in to some things.” That was the extent of things. She laughed when we she walked away.

I don’t have to sexually harrass anyone. Ever. For her to say that is kinda crazy, but I’m not surprised by it. But we’re talking about it in a situation where it could hurt my character. I’ll apologize openly to her, but I’m not sorry because I actually meant it as a compliment, as a joke because she’s someone in the house I thought you could joke with like that because she is like that.

Big Brother Network: Which HG is best positioned right now to make it to the end?

Howard: It’s a toss up between McCrae & Andy.

McCrae is a historian of the game and his henchman, Amanda, is willing to do any devious or sinful act to get the job done. He’s right there with her but he keeps his hands clean the whole time. Everybody likes him and wants to work with him.

The other person is my wildcard, Andy. Andy has no threats in the house and the way the guys are going out it’s going to be a house full of women before it’s over and he’s in good with them and he’s in good with the guys. I don’t think anyone has the heart to put him up or put him out. He’s more athletic than you give him credit for. I’ve seen him workout. I think he can be the x-factor. So both of those guys are in great positions right now.

Big Brother Network: What will be your favorite memory from Big Brother?

Howard: Honestly, my favorite memory is the way the Moving Company was constructed. The way we met night two or three and it was perfect. It wasn’t just five guys. It was five guys and three girls. I always wanted it to be two girls on me and Spencer’s side of the house we were playing but we had three girls on Jeremy’s side that were going to ride his coattails. So really it was eight of us and I like the way we came together and I like the concept. We had the numbers. We could of been one of the best of all times.

Big Brother Network: What’s next for you now in your post Big Brother life?

Howard: I hope the sky’s the limit. I came in to this game with three months of dealing with unemployment. I know God’s going to make a way some how and this show has been a catapult for that. I hope that it is. I would love to be in entertainment. I would love to get some auditions. I love the light. Ever since football nothing has captured my attention like being in the light. So I’m all for that. I love movies, I love acting, I love the art of it. Maybe there can be some opportunities out there. If not, I’ll definitely get on the job hunt.

Whatever it is, I know God’s going to make it great. Because of this show, personally and spiritually I’ve grown so much including everything I do and in everything I do. I think great things are about to happen.

Big Brother Network: Thank you, Howard.

Howard Overby – Big Brother 15 preseason interview:


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  1. So he’s going to say those things to Amanda (joking or not), and then claim Christ? What part of “avoid ALL sexual immorality” does this dude not understand?

    1 John 2:6 – “Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did.”

    I don’t see that w/ Howard.

    • Save that for Catholic priests and married men of which Howard is neither. He is a young man who gave a woman a compliment. It’s a shame that Amanda took it and turned into something else. But that is what this chick does in order to get her way.

      • Saying stuff like — “man, we could get in to some things” isn’t Christ-like. Dude is a poser. That’s all.

      • And why does making a comment to Amanda have to be sexual. She and most of the girls in the house walk around with the intent of being titillating and to elicit comments. Wonder if Amanda would have made the same comments if it was Spencer or Judd?

      • Yep, she would’ve claimed he raped her, if she could have gotten away with it. But, since she couldn’t, she came as close as she could. I thought they would accuse him of stealing from them; I should have known it would be a sexual accusation. That fits.

      • In order for me to judge what Howard said, I need to know what Amanda said. If there is a transcript available, I would love to read that. Since no one appears to have a transcript, I think his comment was totally innocent.

      • He tells a different story in every interview. And listen to the audio version on Rob Has a Podcast. It’s creepy, and that’s with him trying to tone it down.

    • “But now apart from the law the righteousness of God has been made known, to which the Law and the Prophets testify. This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe … All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Jesus Christ.”
      Romans 3:21-24

      Chill bro. Howard “claiming Christ” means that he is redeemed even though he’s a sinner just like the rest of us. It’s the miracle of the Gospel. Maybe you should think on John 8:7 a bit before you hate on others for not “understanding” Christianity.

      • Being redeemed/forgiven doesn’t give you the right to sin.

        Have those in Christ been cleansed? Absolutely. But that doesn’t give us the right to freely live in our sin. Christ died so we don’t have to be slaves to sin. Howard on the other hand, is embracing it.

        If you’re gonna claim Christ, claim all of Him. Not just the parts you want. The Bible isn’t a buffet. You can’t pick and choose which commands to follow.

      • Aiya, I never like getting involved (or reading) in these kinda things…But yes, just like Anna pointed out, the message of the Gospel isn’t that we have been saved so that we can preach and judge the measure of sinless-ness… It’s that we REMAIN sinners (by volition AND omission) and therefore need a loving and forgiving God who’s righteousness begs us to be free from sin… People often confuse ”design” and ”command” when talking about this issue.

      • I guess it just makes my heart hurt when a man who is pursuing The Lord stumbles and sins and then gets attacked by other believers as a hypocrite, when really he’s just human. I don’t know what’s in Howard’s heart or mind; I don’t know what sort of things he’s struggled with in the past or what sort of weaknesses the enemy is currently working to exploit. I do know that I have watched a man who has turned to prayer and the Word to find courage and strength to face prejudice with integrity, and to also provide comfort and truth to others in the house with him.

        No, salvation does not give someone the right to sin. But it doesn’t grant a person perfection either. I’m choosing to recognize that. Instead of condemning Howard as a hypocrite, I’m going to pray that he comes to seek redemption for his offensive words. I’m also thanking God for Howard’s presence in the house this summer. It’s been refreshing to see a speck of light in what has, particularly this season, been such a dark and hateful place– even if the vessel it’s shining through is flawed and imperfect.

      • I saw a man who DELIBERATELY chose to walk in sin. He wasn’t tempted to say those things. They were completely unnecessary especially for a man of faith. That’s all.

  2. I don’t think we’ve heard the truth about that whispered comment from either of them. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

  3. He said it, He’s a hypocrite through and through. Its despicable to wear God on your sleeve and do those things, anyone not just priests, you bring reproach on god.

      • I believe I can… (but please bare in mind that I believe EVERYONE is guilty of hypocrisy). He said he cares about Candice deeply and loves her like a sister. But then when it suited his interests, he allowed her to sexually get involved with him, while giving no signs of commitment or interest back to her. In addition to that, he remained more faithful to Spencer as an ally (and even said so) than to Candice. Is this how a person cares for another person ”like a sister?” …but again, don’t confuse this as a judgement. In fact, I completely understand and forgive Howard of this hypocrisy – I think most people would probably do the same if they were in the same situation…but none the less it is hypocrisy.

  4. I hate to say it but howard is a hypocrite. He was my favorite in the house by default only because everyone else was just grossly unlikable. Even though howard seems to be a good person, some of the things he does do not line up with what he preaches constantly. I am by no means an amanda fan but i do believe he said to her what she said he said. It seems to me like he sugar coated and beat around the bush with the answer.

    • Amanda has shown her willingness to lie and spin whatever ANYONE says to her. I don’t believe he said because he probably would have been out before last night’s vote for sexually harassing her which is a crime.

      • Look at the live feed archive: 8/1 5:01am Camera 2: Howard says to Candice about what he says to women, “We gonna find a chick, we gonna f*ck the sh*t out of her.”

        Flash back Monday week 1 at 3:50-53 am cam 3 and 4 Howard and Spencer talk about molesting the women houseguests. How they wanted to scare them, Howard said “oh don’t move just be quiet”.

      • And I’ve read on Twitter that he talked about owning a ball gag, etc. Don’t know where that is on the feeds.

    • For sure, only in the sense that continuing to dissect his character as a viewer is senseless. I wish I were perfect enough to see his imperfections.

      • Yes GP, Nobody knows what kind of person they really are outside of this game. Russell Hantz of ” Survivor ” was called all kinds of name, but as a viewer and a fan of the show, he sure entertained me.

  5. Howard simply was a very poor Big Brother player. He will likely soon be forgotten, only to emerge briefly on the finale, then back to obscurity. I feel a little bad for him only because he mentioned more than once in the house that he has “nothing to go back to” as far as once he left the house. That’s kind of sad – he seems like a decent person.

    • He’s in transition, not hopeless. It can feel like it’s hopeless. But, like he said, he’s keeping an eye out for the next opportunity. Howard will fare well, no worries. I’m excited for him.

  6. I don’t care what people say. Howard is and will still be the most likable HG this season of BB. He might have not been the best game player, but he was the only person to root for. I guess I’ll stop watching this season.

  7. “Thou shall not speak religion on this site. I Cyril am a jealous God”…….Nostradamus/Quatrain 1:5

  8. Saint Howard:
    People need to look at the live feed archive: 8/1 5:01am Camera 2: Howard says to Candice about what he says to women, “We gonna find a chick, we gonna f*ck the sh*t out of her.”

    Flash back Monday week 1 at 3:50-53 am cam 3 and 4 Howard and Spencer talk about molesting the women houseguests. How they wanted to scare them, Howard said “oh don’t move just be quiet”.

    Not a doubt in my mind that he would and did say what Amanda said. The ONLY reason nothing was done about it was because their mics were off at the time and all you can hear is Helen’s loud mouth. The camera feed only caught the brief weird interaction and Amanda went immediately to DR. I saw it live.

    • Just because the mic wasn’t transmitting to the feed at that moment doesn’t mean it wasn’t recorded. EVERYTHING is recorded. That audio is in the CBS studio, for sure.

      • You work there? LOL

        There is a compilation video on youtube of some of the disgusting things he said about women sexually. I posted the link here but for some reason that post is still awaiting moderation. Hmmm. Search Howard Overby jokes about molesting Helen on youtube.

  9. People get real…We all fall short of the Glory of Christ…yet it is by Grace that we are saved. Howard played in a game where total Christian values are challenged with great odds. If Amanda is held to the highest standards of her Jewish faith..she would fall short. All the BB players fall short…too Even we as viewers ……yet it is by CBS’ grace that we continue to watch….criticize…envy this show every season. Survival in the BB house is based on deception, lies, and skillful cunning. Summer entertainment. I liked Howard…Evil Dick did far worst. I am glad the women are smarter and more cunning…it is your nature. EVE gave you this GIFT.LOL

  10. Damda twists everything to her advantage. You ppl didn’t hear what was “ACTUALLY” said but he’s guilty? Why?
    Big buck scares the devil!
    God has nothing to do with it. I was an Amanda fan until I saw her TRUE nature. I don’t think this is all game play. This 28 year old has issues. She needs to be in charge/control. Ever wonder why she picked Mc? She knew he was weak.
    Howard and Spencer could NOT be controlled. Sex isn’t as important to these older men a it is to 23/24 yr old Mc. You notice how she always initiates the sex?
    She took what Howard said, twisted it, and yelled so loud that even she is believing it. Why do you think ever time she brings it up they cut to fish. They have no proof he said i; just her saying he said it. They can’t air this with no proof. Howard can sue them.
    She had CBS view the tape but nothing could be heard (she claims she was scared) for her life, REALLY?

    • Thank you, Nadine. As I’ve said, she would have screamed rape if she could have gotten away with it. Howard called it right: an attempt to cut his character. Not to mention, some viewers in the live feeds chat rooms said she came onto Howard in the beginning, and he turned her down. A little more revenge on her part, maybe?

    • Search youtube for the video compilation Howard Overby jokes about molesting Helen
      See for yourself…
      Why did CBS let those “jokes” go over the feeds? Because they don’t care! If Helen had overheard that, don’t you think she’d be terrified? I know I would be cuz that sick sh*t just ain’t funny!

  11. It is kinda creepy to joke about something like that…especially the way he said it. I think the only reason he said he was joking around was because of the response to what he said.

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