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  1. Julie chooses Omarosa to win. I hope there is no plan from the show to keep her around to the end. I want her gone first.

    • CBS will keep her around as long as possible, she’s the draw, for them. I hate they brought in such a divisive POS.

      • I agree! Her and Brandi Glanville will likely stick around for as long as possible (if the producers have their way which seems pretty clear they do!) because they will without a doubt provide tons of entertainment! Especially if they keep feeding Brandi alcohol! 🍷
        I do not like either of those women however, they should bring the drama!
        I love Shannon Elizabeth, but besides her and the two above & Mark, I don’t know much about anyone else.
        I know who they all are, aside from James I think his name is!? & Shannon Elizabeth’s friend/the Broadway girl. I can’t remember her name in there. And I know out of the basketball player but that’s about it. Heard his name before!

      • Skanksville drank so much last night on the feeds. They were all saying she hasn’t been this drunk before and couldn’t believe it. I laughed, it’s classic Blandi, drunk, rude, dumb, profane and embarrassing.

      • They said she hasn’t been that drunk before? Have they never seen or heard of her before? LMAO that’s all she’s known for!
        I thought I read that at least some of them thought she was “acting, over dramatizing” how drunk she was!?

      • She was bombed. I’ve watched her on the RHOBH and she was regularly drunk on the show but nowhere close to how drunk she was on BB. It was embarrassing and kind of entertaining at the same time.

      • Too funny! I have seen her on TMZ and what not, totally wasted but only just clips so that should be fun to watch! She’s a mess & an embarrassment. Her poor boys when they get a little older!!
        . I definitely love to hate her! LOL
        I haven’t seen any of the celebrity big brother UK’s, but I know she was on at least two. Not sure how far she went!? Or what she was like! Or if she got white girl wasted 😉

      • I’m waiting to see which Omarosa we get. I don;t care for the wait and buy my book Omarosa or the Omarosa that lied on Apprentice. When she is “real” or should I say vulnerable and opens up about her real life, she is a smart women with a great life story (growing up in the welfare housing, her dad murdered, getting out of that life and going to grad school , only to have her brother back home murdered. Going back to grad school and becoming a pastor) but she always reverts to the fame seeking over the real person, whose story could maybe help people?

      • Dumbarosa won’t spill anything. She’s using this as an opportunity to get her face out there and free advertising for her book, which will also be lies and won’t tell anyone anything we didn’t already know. She thinks much too highly of herself. You seem to admire her, which is fine and your right, someone needs to like her. LOL I have nothing but disdain and disgust for her. :)

      • I would not say I admire her. My father made me get a teaching certificate after I got my BA and I was sent to an inner city very rough high school to teach. I saw so many kids that had potential fall through the cracks due to poverty, family issues, violence etc. I just wish Omaorsa would (kind of like Judge Mathis) use her fame to help other kids trapped in the projects.

      • Fair enough, but that won’t happen. Dumbarosa is all about furthering her, she doesn’t care about anything else.

    • Yeah, I don’t know how they could have rigged that but of all people to get safety, it be Omarosa!! 🤔😑🤫
      That said, as much as I do not like her or Brandi Glanville, they both should provide lots of entertainment! Especially if they are feeding Brandy alcohol 🍷
      Love to hate them!

  2. OK, I’m a irritated 😤 😠
    For the last few years I have not been able to subscribe/watch “All Access” (Big brother 24/7) -Even though they accepted my credit card (the ‘5 different times’ I tried it & ALSO was never refunded, not once!) 🤨🤔🤫🤥I cannot have any access to it because I am Canadian! 🇨🇦 😡
    Now, I can no longer watch Big Brother After Dark because Pop TV is not on Shaw cable! 😠 😡
    This is really pissing me off! GRRR💩💩

    A TV show that caters to a Canadian audience should make everything accessible! SMH

    • I think someone was saying you can buy all access via amazon and there is a paypal gift option. I don’t know if one of those would work for you?

      • Oh really!? I will check it out for sure. And, I also have a gift card for $50 to Amazon so that’s perfect! Hopefully it works 🤞
        Thank you so so much!!
        and hello :-) 🤪😗🤗👋

  3. Can someone tell me or point me in the right direction to find out this season/the ‘whole’ 2 weeks of CBB format?
    I just don’t know what happens?! on what day!? I know they have the HOH comp, POV comp etc……..
    BUT is everything the exact same as it would be for a regular season of BB? Slop? Have not? OR what don’t they have? And they are actually playing for themselves? Not a charity?? That’s bizarre! Granted it is lots of money but……… I still think it’s unusual!!!
    TIA 🤗 😚


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