‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Premiere Recap: Houseguests Move In & Compete

Celebrity Big Brother HGs move in

CBS kicks off the Celebrity Big Brother season tonight at 8/7c on CBS & CBS All Access with a one-hour premiere as our eleven celeb Houseguests move into the house and get this special season underway!

Julie Chen is there to greet the Houseguests before sending them on inside with another two-part arrival of the groups. First up we’ve got Metta World Peace, Ariadna Guiterrez, Ross Mathews, Brandi Glanville, and Mark McGrath. They’ll head inside first, find their beds, and await the next batch. That second group offers up Omarosa, Marissa Jaret Winokur, James Maslow, Keshia Knight Pulliam, and Shannon Elizabeth. On in they go and the season is off to a start.

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Once everyone is in the door it’s time for the introductions and champagne toasts. I wonder if anyone feels annoyed to have to introduce themselves? I know I wouldn’t have known all of them!

Gallery: Houseguests Meet & Greet

We can’t go very far without the first Head of Household of the season and what’s a game of Big Brother if it doesn’t start with HGs hanging on to something to see who wants HoH the most. Yep, here we go!

But first! There’s a twist. One HG gets to win safety. They have to pick a number then Julie will open the envelope. The safety-award goes to… Omarosa. She’s safe this week but also can’t play in this comp.

HGs are hanging on strong when suddenly Paul, yes Paul Abrahamian, shows up and starts singing a song. Don’t worry, it’s just a cameo. Then he brings out Rachel Reilly who starts singing to Jodi and then we also see “Jody.” Okay, that’s kinda funny.

Gallery: Houseguests Compete For Head of Household

Marissa was the first to fall and soon they’re dropping like flies. We’re eventually down to James and Shannon… Shannon wins HoH! But wait, there’s more.

Julie sends all the HGs back inside to pick up “celebrity gift bags.” Julie reveals there’s a twist inside set to change up that HoH role… It’s the “recast” twist that lets the holder replace the HoH with someone else.

We don’t get to find out just yet who gets what, but you can check our spoilers page to see what we have heard ended up happening with that and who is the new “recast” HoH.

Big Brother Live Feeds are set to launch tonight around 9PM PT (12AM ET). Grab your Free Trial now and be ready to watch! Then the second episode will follow on Thursday (8/7c) and we’ll get our first live eviction on Friday (8/7c). The episodes will come fast so be sure to review the Celebrity Big Brother schedule so you don’t miss any of the shows.

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  1. Can someone remind me of the livestream??? Thank u!! And hello B.B. Fans… interested to see how all theses big personalities fit in one house!

  2. Allright let’s get this show on the road. Should be good fun to watch. If not, what the heck, it’s only 3 weeks.

  3. I want anyone to win except Dumbarosa or Skanksville.

  4. Hello BB family…I’ve missed these addictive blogs and big personalities. HAPPY CBB DAY 🎉

  5. Idk this chubby lady and this Maslow fellow. Like I’ve never heard of them and I am into celebrity stuff.

  6. Glad to see Assorama . I hope she brings it. lol..then gets crucified in the end. I honestly want her there. ha!

  7. OMG Shannon just messed up. Never give Assorama any info that you knew each other. That will come back to haunt her once the guys are gone.

  8. Brandi has hit the ground running, guess all the hype is not just hype! Don’t see me sorry to see her go .

  9. And… hating Brandi, lol! Seriously, at least be polite with someone you just met! (Unless he did something off camera that we don’t know about?)


    He doesnt sound bad though


  11. Rachel, fine. But Paul – UGH!!! Even when he’s not in the season, he can’t stay away from the house!!!

  12. This comp isn’t fair to the two sports guys, unfortunately. They’re too heavy set – all those muscles.

  13. Omarosa’s smart. She’s literally trying to convince him how NOT to play the game, lol!

    And how did they NOT throw up?!

  14. with the me too theme a woman will win for sure I am sorry but to my perception this all thing feels staged I really hope I am wrong but dear God Omarosa???? Really?

    • Kind of why I want a guy to win the season. Not for nothing, the dirtbags of the world deserve what’s coming to them, but it’s turning into a witch hunt. The longer it goes on, the more likely innocents will be hurt by it.

      • Just look at how many have been implicated since the Weinstein incident. Everyone’s guilty until proven innocent now, the exact opposite of our justice system. It’s going to come to a head eventually, someone’s going to be accused who’s not guilty, and it’ll be Salem 1690s all over again. Kind of why our justice system works.

        I have a cousin who was actually raped and, like I said, anyone who would do that deserves to be outed and end up in jail. And just the other day, she told me that she’s taken to avoiding certain FB pages that she used to follow because the accusations won’t stop. She A, doesn’t want the constant reminder, and B, while she’s happy that the issue is finally being represented, she’s starting to not trust what she’s reading about the accusations.

        People are starting to question the legitimacy of the claims. It’s human nature, sadly, to do so after an elongated period of time. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it happens because of all the accusations coming right on top of each other. Had they been more spread out, maybe things would be different.

      • The culling of the alpha male has begun, what happened to due process and trial by jury, don’t worry, not all woman want to be men, and not all men are bullies ! So there is still hope .

      • Completely agree AG!!

      • Don’t worry, I honestly have no stakes in this game this season. I don’t really know these people at all (except James because of my students). I’m just in it to watch these celebs struggle to survive the game.

      • Music teacher, did you see the twelve year old play Fantasie Impromptu ??? He played fast and hit all the right notes, thank goodness he did it wrong, it would have been delightful to hear, but it would have damaged my confidence severely, I played that song for months before I figured out what Chopin was trying to say, I listened to other recordings and they are wrong as well, it is so fun to know something that apparently noone else does, it tends to ease me some 😸

  15. Okay, I get why James is the first target. He was the best of the guys.

    That slippery stuff will get you every time.

  16. What did everyone think as a whole?

      • I’m still annoyed they brought on Dumbarosa and clearly are protecting her.

      • The Lone Gunmen agree, OhImSoGrossa is in your face, Brandi said outright she is a working girl, but I don’t think she is a nice one, with a heart of gold, no no no no no .
        The HOH twist takes away the competition advantage, doesn’t seem quite fair, like the rest of the HouseGuest’s well enough, later Scarlett, Manana ?????
        All in all, so far so good, I am pleased, what can I say I like what I like 😸

      • Yep, Skanksville is a hooker, she knows it. Can’t stand her either. Of all the people in the world and they bring those 2 onto the show? I almost didn’t watch because of them, but I was talked out of it! LOL

        I’ll talk to you later AG! :)

      • My mom laughed at that. She knows her from Beverly Hills Housewives. Apparently, being a beyotch is nothing new to her.

      • Wow, that didn’t take long. Day 1 conspiracy theories has to be a record of some kind.

        Then again, it IS a shorter season than usual…

    • Just ok. It’s BB at least. Probably staged with Omarosa getting number 5. Favrorites are Shannon and Ross.

      • No favorites so far but I have non favorites, dumbarosa and skanksville! LOL

      • Same here on the dislikes. I personally do not agree with Omarosa’s politics (though do not want to argue that here), and Brandi is just a mean person IMO.

        Not really liking James or the wrestler either.

      • James seems like a jerk, but that’s a first reaction, he might have some depth, maybe, lol! Don’t know much about the MMA fighter either so I’ll give him a shot as well. :)

      • They are both first reactions with me also. They could change, though it looks like James won’t be in the house long.

      • Chuck from the small feed leaks and tonight was better then I excepted but I hear he has spent time with Paul getting coached?

  17. Omarosa was saved from eviction during the very first “random” prize? Am I the only one who finds that odd?

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