Frankie Grande – Big Brother 16 Eviction Interview

Frankie Grande on Big Brother 16
Frankie Grande on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Frankie Grande was evicted from Big Brother last night after an impressive run of competition wins offset by an often over-the-top, seemingly constant “on” performance that left him as easily the most polarizing character on Big Brother 16. The Frankie I met in our preseason interview soon gave way to someone who seemed to be on a 90-day audition as he transitioned from one character to the next and eventually pushing his sister’s fame so much even CBS referred to him simply as “Ariana’s brother.”

Frankie’s role on Team America gave him the opportunity to raise funds for his charity as well as repeatedly put his one time close ally Zach in the danger zone. Certainly an interesting divide of behavior to watch this season which I’m sure managed to earn him plenty of fans as he leaves the game and returns to his life as a YouTube personality.

I had the chance to ask Frankie about some of his more notable moments in the season, but when it came to the topics of his choice words toward HGs like Jocasta, Victoria, and Nicole those questions did not make the cut. I imagine plenty of Big Brother fans will pose those questions to him soon enough.

Matthew Boyer – Big Brother Network (BBN): When we spoke preseason you were concerned someone would recognize you. Since that did not happen even with clues of your name and sister’s name, why did you decide to reveal your sister’s fame and did it help your game?

Frankie Grande: I had hit rock bottom and I knew that for me to continue on in this game, I had to do something drastic. The time I chose to reveal my true identity and who my family really is, was not only perfect but necessary. I ultimately went from going home, to one of the last men standing. So yes, I think it helped.

BBN: Your announcement that you were playing for charity is a great benefit for that organization and was certainly a surprise since you hadn’t mentioned that in our interview. Did you have to improvise that plan to help your position in the game? Will you be donating your entire Big Brother earnings to the charity?

Frankie: I have always been playing this game for charity. And yes, all of my earnings will go to “buildON” to help build schools across the world for children who do not have access to education. I was reluctant to reveal that because I thought it would make me a big target. Like I always say, “Go Grande or Go Home,” and I did both.

BBN: Zach seemed to be your closest ally, but you turned on him very early in the season pushing him as a target to others, using him as the fall guy for many of your Team America missions, and eventually even backdooring him. Why did you so quickly and repeatedly betray him and how do you think that helped your game?

Frankie: Unfortunately, Zach’s unpredictability made him a huge liability to my game. There were no guarantees when it came to Zach and that terrified me. I honestly don’t know if getting rid of him helped my game, but I know that keeping him would have hurt it.

BBN: After evicting your strongest supporter Zach, were you concerned to have to rely on Caleb knowing that he knew you had previously betrayed him as well?

Frankie: At first I was not concerned. However, as the season began to progress, it became more and more evident that would turn against me. Ultimately, I do regret having placed so much faith in him.

BBN: How did your participation in Team America impact your game play and strategy?

Frankie: Team America threw everything that I had in place prior to learning about it, into complete chaos and turmoil. I feel like I spent most of my game trying to protect Donny from my alliance when I should have been more concerned about protecting myself from my alliance. But at the same time, it was such a huge honor to be a part of it that I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

BBN: Knowing you were completely safe for the week when the Big Brother Rewind button arrived, why were you so eager to push it?

Frankie: Because it’s Big Brother, Rose! When a button appears in Big Brother, there’s absolutely no way it’s NOT going to get pushed so why not be the first one to do it!

BBN: You were a competition dominator this season, but were you concerned that winning too many competitions especially unnecessary ones like the Freakshow PoV would make you a bigger target?

Frankie: I don’t throw competitions. Although I was concerned, it did not affect the way I went into competitions. I play to win.

BBN: You adamantly presented yourself to HGs as a superfan, but then admitted conflicting details on that. Were you concerned the other HGs would treat you differently in the game if they didn’t consider you a superfan?

Frankie: I guess my definition of “super” is different from everyone else’s. I truly believed I am a super fan until this question. Thanks for that.

BBN: Who do you hope to see in the F2?

Frankie: Derrick and Victoria.

BBN: Thank you, Frankie. Congratulations on making it to F5. We will see you again on finale night.

Watch Frankie’s preseason cast interview we held with him way back in June. Seems to me like a much different person at times during our conversation. See what you think.

Frankie Grande cast interview with Big Brother Network:


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    • Of course he handled it “well.” A, he was on TV and B, CBS gave him a very fake, fluff exit. I wonder how “well” he would have handled it if is exit had been real and the truth, instead of lies.

      • Not to mention the 13 week COMMERCIAL coinciding with the release of the Arianna Grande album!

        As to him being human….wow. To call him a pig is an insult to swine. That persona he puts on never lasts for long…the he becomes himself. Which is a foul mouthed, petty, mean spirited, smug, sarcastic, pathetic little boy. There are more words for him…but I only used the ones I could confidently spell. Lol

        And…ksgb and roses…I sure have enjoyed your posts. Thank you

      • Thank you very much, Jackie. It has been fun and that was my goal. Commercials bring in lots of revenue and having a whole season of BB, yet still receiving their income from the ads during the show, I’m sure has been a windfall for them, albeit sickening to us. Yeah, great job CBS…alienate your viewers but make lots of money doing it.

      • I wished they hadn’t have staged this audience to give Frankie a sense of pride and accomplishment when his behavior was abhorrent. Although the HGs were quite nice in their goodbye speeches, what are the viewers going to do when he’s out in public and they tell him the audience was told to clap and praise him when he deserved more boos than Christine got?

      • The up-side to that fake, production-filled audience last night is that he’s now under the impression that America loves him. The truth should be rather amusing to watch as it unfolds on social media. I hope “The Mogul” is ready! God knows, I am. :)

      • Just wait until he faces the crowd on finale night. I sure hope he will receive a different reaction!

      • Look, i don’t like him all that much either, but just from what I saw i felt he handled it ok… that is all i was saying!

      • I just loved when Frankie patronized Matt during the interview calling Matt “Rose”. (sarcasm font)
        I wonder if Frankie has been clued in on how disliked he is by the BB audience in order to brace him for what’s coming next?

    • Remember that Frankie aspires to be an actor so his facial expressions which he has artfully mastered tend to hide what he is actually feeling/thinking…

      • I giggled at “artfully mastered.” Sorry, If #BB16 was an acting reel, he’ll NEVER be hired! He always had the same Botox expression: frozen forehead and stationary eyebrows. In fact, the only expression he seems capable of making was the ridiculous, wide open mouth look of shock which he used on every live show. He looked like a Ventriliquist’s dummy. Now I see why he’s had no luck procuring a Manager or Talent Agent.

        I feel sorry for him. It must be brutally painful to watch your baby sister have all the things you’ve always dreamed of but will never have yourself.

    • If you saw the episodes or live feeds, he 100% knew he was being evicted… There was a DR leak where he said, “Can’t you let me leave this house in peace?” & on the show he even admitted multiple times he knew if he was OTB he’d most definitely be going home…

      • OMG, you mean to tell us that he would actually lie about not knowing that he was being evicted … especially, after all that about him being integral, honourable, loyal and honest ?? Ha !!!

    • He knew…he just wanted the viewers to think he was shocked with his performance of seeming surprised.

      • But did you notice his mouth did not open at all when she told him he was evicted, he knew he told the cameras the night before when he was in the bath tub

      • I did…he didn’t act nearly as surprised as he did when he won that one Veto comp single-handedly that Caleb sat out on! LOL

  1. All that matters is Frankie is gone….He can spin and twist his time and words while in the BB house but it won’t have a favorable impact on the viewers. His speeches and excuses will not change their minds as to who and what he is really all about.
    Frankie Grande is not so Grande…He is a self absorbed jerk and worse…Just go away Frankie…far far away….

  2. I love how he says — ” I feel like I spent most of my game trying to protect Donny from my
    alliance when I should have been more concerned about protecting myself
    from my alliance.” — If that were the case, he wouldn’t have put on that dumb play. Donny extended the offer that Team America save him, and Frankie wanted to put on a play instead. He’s contradicting himself.

    That aside, though I’m not crazy about Frankie the person, he’ll be remembered. I’m glad Big Brother finally had a gay man who actually thrived in the competitions. Frankie was truly the comp beast of this season. If there’s an All-Stars in the future, you know he’s getting the first invite.

    One last thing, his “inability” to throw comps probably led to his demise. Strong comp players are ALWAYS targeted before strong social players, hence why Derrick has literally never been on the block. Had Frankie thrown some competitions and appeared a bit weaker, he might have made it to the end. I think more house guests need the motto “only win comps when absolutely necessary”, much like Derrick.

    • I wanted to throw something at the tv last night when he said to Julie that obviously we saw that he wanted to keep Donny. So fake. I wish she would have asked why he put on a play then.

      • I know!!! It really irritated me when he said it just isn’t him to turn on his allies.

        He starts off by befriending Victoria right away when they enter the house and immediately putting her on the block.
        He pushes for his closest ally, Zach’s eviction multiple times.
        He throws his allies under the bus immediately when the other side of the hose has power.
        And of course… when Donny’s BB life is on the line, Frankie insists to do a crappy play. Thanks for bending over backwards to try and save him.

        And the thing is, I get it. He’s playing BB. I’m fine with every one of these actions in the house. Just man up and admit it. Don’t try to play it up like you’re better than that when we all watched it!!!

      • Man up, are you kidding? Why does he have to lie now, he’s not going to win anything. I hope he doesn’t try to tell Donny how much he tried to save him, and if he does, I hope Donny puts him in his place. I hope he is treated worst than Christine when he walks into the Jury house, but I’m sure CBS won’t allow that for their little princess. That’s why he didn’t like Victoria, he wanted to be the princess that she thinks that she is.

    • ” I feel like I spent most of my game trying to protect Donny from my
      alliance when I should have been more concerned about protecting myself from my alliance.”

      Who does he think he’s fooling? Has he completely forgotten that he straight up looked directly at the camera and told America that Donny was “dead weight?”

      • I’m sure he’ll FF through all that when he watches it all back, and pretend he’s seeing a different HG! :-)

  3. Sorry more of your questions didn’t make the cut, Matt. You gotta go with what is allowed and you did an awesome job as usual. I have enjoyed your interviews. It surprised me that he said he wanted to see Vic instead of Cody in the F2.

      • He thinks that Cody talked Caleb and Derrick into voting him out…He thinks Cody has been behind all of the “evict Frankie” happenings..
        (minus the Nicole episode)
        In short he thinks Cody was the “Mastermind”

      • Well, Cody has been wanting Frankie out for weeks now so Frankie is not completely wrong about that.

      • That may be true, but in using the blame rationale, he would have to conclude that Derrick was more responsible than Victoria. So would he vote for Victoria as the winner?

    • Well, Cody did evict him in the end after he protected him … while, Victoria never really crossed him …
      Would love to see his face once he finds out that she faked him out with the fake fight / crying with Derrick .. Ha !!!!

      Nor, in his mind, had Derrick crossed him either …

  4. Thanks Matt for choosing questions that only further expose him as a “character” instead of a “person”.

  5. Wow. Good interview Matthew! I’m so glad the SUPER fans have you to be our voice. Hopefully Frankie will have learned something from your questions. Probably not knowing him. but I can hope. & I’m so glad you called him out about being a “SUPER” fan. That was amazing. I’ve been wanting to all season. He even told you preseason that he applied for Survivor. Then told the HG that he applied for BB just like everyone else. He NEVER applied for BB (or at least from what he said preseason) I don’t doubt that he watched the show, but Super fan. I don’t think so. And as far as him saying that he didn’t tell you he was playing for charity bc it would make him a target is ridiculous. WELL DONE! & TYVM!

    • First of all, he applied for both. Also, there are tweets that go pretty far back where he talks about watching Big Brother. He knew a lot of what happened in previous seasons, but hadn’t watched the first 7.

      • Ok. you’ve obviously stumbled across this site while you were googling the fame wh*re that you admire so much.

      • I am not a fan of Frankie I am disappointed with CBS for not giving the loyal fans what they wanted and that was to hear the Booooo’s from the audience. This season was so boring and the one exciting part they cut out. Big Brother every season dies a little because of not listening to the real super fans. Also, if Frankie is arrogant and is not famous but for his 15 minutes on Big Brother just imagine his sister.

      • Agreed. If I worked for CBS and had to sit in that audience, I’d be looking for a new job today bc I wouldn’t have been able to hold back.

      • My bucket would have been filled with rotten tomatoes and whitefish chum! Screw the job! I liked my imaginary version of his eviction best! *Giggle*

      • Me either…sort of like being at a wedding when the minister asks, “If there’s anyone here who doesn’t think these two shall marry, speak now or forever hold your peace!” Similar to what I replied to an ex of mine who invited me to his wedding to the girl he took off with while I was left stranded at his home during a visit of mine. I was like, “do you honestly think I’d be able to hold my tongue when that part is asked? I think I’ll pass for your wife’s family’s sake!” Instead I found a ride back and turned his butt into IRS for failure to file the tax forms I helped prepare for him! :-) Was I bitter? Nahhh…just executed the “paybacks are a biatch” to teach him a lesson for deceiving and treating others like dirt! Only gave him what I felt he deserved…just as I feel Frankie should have gotten, but didn’t. :-)

      • No–I follow many update sites on Twitter, and this was retweeted by someone. I’ve been a fan of the show for almost 4 years now, and have seen 15 of the 16 seasons. I will admit to being one of Frankie’s many fans–he has gained around 300,000 followers on twitter alone in the past 3 months.

      • Bitterrrr. He has a strong, FAITHFUL group of followers who are BB fans and have been for years. We’re way larger than people think, we just don’t come out of the woodwork and attack people (we have gotten Frankie trending without the help of Ariana OR her fans before, after all ;D). So many update sites have taken SO many of his comments wildly out of context to make him look as bad as possible (and I know, seeing as I go back & watch most conversations and realize how badly he’s misquoted or misinterpreted). He speaks in metaphors a LOT, and uses sarcasm often, which people don’t seem to understand. It’s a shame, really.

      • So you think its sarcasm is a good enough reason to joke about rape??? Myself being as a male and having 3 sisters would never stand for that and I’m a joker myself but rape is no joke or laughing matter on any level and you being a female I would of hoped you felt the same way but clearly you seem delusional.

      • As crude and inappropriate as the joke was, to suggest it was about rape is insulting to victims and anyone who had to deal with it in close proximity by friends or family members (myself as an example). It was a sex joke about a threesome, and CALEB was the one who brought up ‘blood’. Yes, he was talking about Victoria being inebriated, but he was also saying Caleb & Cody would be, and there was NO mention of her being taken against her will OR consent. To make this a rape joke completely disgusts because it changes what rape is, it makes it harder to for women to win cases because “what is rape, really?” It’s a matter of CONSENT. Period. And don’t give me that no woman with alcohol in her can have sex–he was NOT implying they’d freaking knock her out or whatever the hell people seem to twist it as. He was just joking that when she drinks, even a little, she can get a little wild. It infuriates me that people are making this a rape joke when it is definitely not. Again, gross & cringe-worthy? Yes. Rape? NO.

      • Genna you need help if you think you can come up with a viable excuse for his behavior on the subject of rape and from your rant you clearly think he’s justified by how “it infuriates you”. He enjoys rape scenes in movies Genna! How much more evidence do you need to help you see the truth to his actions. If that display of his was not a rape joke then you definitely need a fresh education on the definition of rape and how it affects an individual, ask yourself if you were in Victoria’s shoes and you heard Frankie making jokes about the boys taking both your virginities, would you take it with a “Ha Ha” or “Excuse Me”?

      • So when he said, “double teaming” her doesn’t imply raping her or “take all her virginities”? Sorry, but I guess I just have a different definition of that than you!

      • Now its gross and cringe worthy…quite a bit different than sarcasm and misunderstood humor…..just sayin

      • Another thing taken out of context: the whole lesbian thing. If you listen to the ENTIRE conversation, and the many, many conversations he’s had about sexuality before that, you would know that he was talking about LABELS, specifically, not the physical or sexual attraction that women have. And, if you look at a lot of studies–you’d find his words are accurate: a lot of lesbians come out later in life, some even having husbands and/or children. That’s ALL he was referring to. Some women realizing they were lesbian and ‘changing’ their orientation LABEL. I know this because he’s talked about it on the feeds *several* times. His exact words: “I believe all people are born with a pre-determined disposition to be attracted to a certain sex. It’s up to them whether they act on it.” Basically implying it’s up to them whether they choose to fully embrace ‘becoming gay’–the actual sexual orientation is always there, but truly accepting it is what makes you gay, straight, bisexual, etc…

      • Cyril I really don’t get this “Genna” person and her stand on defending Frankie regarding his rape joke which she doesn’t even consider it as a rape joke?

      • Oh God !..She’s something else. She has to be the President of his Fan Club the way she’s defending Frankie. Not just the rape joke, but everything about him..She’s whack !

      • Damn..wish someone warned me of this troll so I wouldn’t have made any comment at all! Ooops, my bad!

      • Reminded me of the boys gym teacher from 8th grade…*JeanJeannie giving herself a case of the pee willies*

      • But why couldn’t he have just said “some women” like that instead of directing that specific comment as a personal attack on Victoria, singling her out so to speak?

      • It’s a shame really that you have no common sense to distinguish the difference between a comment meant to hurt or insult someone to ones you claim as “wildly out of context”. Help us try and understand which comments you think are made to make him look bad so we can understand your base of argument.

      • Yeah your right, no use on trying on someone who’s deaf in both eyes and blind in both ears.

      • Reminds me of a supporter for a person who committed cold blooded murder and was convicted of that act saying “she didn’t mean to do it!” Hahahaha! Yep, waste of time trying to convince those kind of people at all!

      • He missed a stain on them with the Shout It Out, though, so I wouldn’t buy those! :-)

      • funny how the excuse is always that it was taken out of context. that is how the BB15 hg’s explained all their comments too.

      • It’s a sad statement on society when this guys graphic references to anal sex, and his demonstration of Zingbot raping Victoria are passed off as sarcasm or misunderstood humor. I saw and heard these things and wish I had not. None of these things were humorous to anyone with values or a sense of right and wrong! This man/child is as offensive as anything I have ever seen on realiry TV. Sorry..thats my view and it seems the view of many others!

      • “Zingbot raping Victoria” UMMM NO?!? He had JUST made a comment beforehand about Caleb & Cody double-teaming HIM. The whole Zingbot acting it out thing was in reference to Zingbot and HIMSELF, and I’ve watched the scene several times. Even people who don’t like Frankie can agree on that. -_- Also, what is wrong with anal sex? Absolutely nothing if done safely. He was making crude jokes, until Caleb brought up the whole ‘blood thing’. Two or three more comments were made until he changed the joke to Caleb & Cody double teaming HIM.

      • Sorry Genna, wrong again. Frankie did act out the part of the Zingbot, as if the Zingbot used it’s hands to penetrate both the vagina and anus of Victoria, then yelled out “Props” 4 times in the bedroom then continued playing Zingbot and yelling out “props” in the kitchen for another 15 minutes. Yeah, some joke.

      • If you are a fan of his then you are a terrible human being as well. Hope that you can recover from your cranial/rectal impaction.

      • Agree wholeheartedly. Although individuals have a right to their opinion, I have a right to feel that anyone who would support such a vile, repulsive, appalling swine is lacking in the same kind of values.

      • Maybe we should all send her links to all the recordings where he’s made those comments to give her an actual account of everything he said “plain as day” without any context to what was said that we heard! Ear tinitis sufferers miss out on a lot the first time around! :-)

      • When Frankie was desperate to get votes for his ridiculou play, he sent out the word that he would follow on Twitter anyone who sent him a screenshot of their positive vote. If that’s not unfair and underhanded,, then I’m a Victoria’s Secr model! I can’t help but wonder if he and his family will employ the same sort of cheater technique to the AFP contest. If so, it is my hope and expectation that CBS would not let this cheat stand and wipe out all of his votes (or better yet, remove anyone using unfair tricks from the ballot, alltogether)

      • He didn’t even know who Jeff and Jordan are! That definitely shows that he hadn’t watched way past season 7.

      • Who is Jeff and Jordan that you speak of ?? Ha !!!
        and, yet, when they came to the House, he was all giggling and dancing with joy and in awwww to meeting them … speaking of which, did anyone else see Jordan pulling away from him, when he hugged her .. and, Jeff, as well … Ha !!! :)

      • Yeah he didn’t know them, but he had to make a big deal of it, and he had to hold her dog. He will do anything to get on camera. He told Julie how much it meant to be a part of this. He has been a total slap in the face to all BB fans this year. CBS has made special plans just for him, they’ve shown him on camera more than anyone else, I think that they have given him information to help him when he went into the Diary Room. If they rig it so he wins AFP, then I’m done with BB, and pretty much CBS.

      • For someone who spent about at least 65 days of his 88 days or so living in the HOH room and only living slop once .. it would be hard to imagine him surviving out their in Survivors living on rice and beans and whatever else they have to fend for themselves …
        Perhaps, will have Jeff Probst provide him with a custom bed and duvet to sleep on … Ha !!!

      • lool I’m pretty sure Survivor has a “No Glitter Allowed” rule, so I’m with Lavendargirl on this one yeah he wouldn’t last.

      • Oh, but just for the fun of it, they should make an exception so everyone else who actually applied can put him in his “real” place than the one he’s tried to convey to others differently that doesn’t include “gross” living conditions! :-)

    • And btw–he pledged his earnings to BuildOn before coming into the house. Like, TO the charity’s workers. Just because he didn’t mention it in an interview doesn’t mean anything.

      • Okay so that makes him a hero??? So he talks about raping a girl, another girl killing herself, calls another girl the “c” word but he donates to charity. If I was that organization I would tell him to keep his filthy money!

      • I tried to point out that organization’s “link” (which would have alerted that org to this site) here while he was still in the BB house that he has given to and my reply wasn’t accepted…maybe because they didn’t want that org to know about Frankie’s true colors going on outside of their org???

      • I sincerely hope that Frankie is giving everything he made on BB to BuildOn. They could use the funds. I also sincerely hope that they ask him to never mention them or be associated with them in any way ever again.

    • He said several times inside the house that he got most of his Big Brother knowledge from Wikipedia. I would be surprised if he saw any episodes before casting.

      • me too. I think they watch 2 or 3 season while in sequester before entering the house. That’s why when asked who their fav player is, it’s always someone from the last few seasons.

      • Right. He did say once that he never watched the show but went on Wikipedia and memorized all the winners names.

    • Oh I wish that he would make it to survivor. Those people would rip him apart. Gay men have done well on there, but not one that is as silly and useless as Frankie, and they wouldn’t give a flip about who his little sister is. I mean she is a tennie bopper singer, and he’s a 31 year old man, and he’s clinging to her fame…….get real.

      • I love your logic in wanting to see him on survivor, but I’ve had my share. I consider myself a super fan and he’s my least favorite player ever!!! & usually i can respect someone that wins as many comps as him, but not this guy. Finale night will be enough for me!

      • I love your logic in wanting to see him on survivor, but I’ve had my share. I consider myself a super fan and he’s my least favorite player ever!!! & usually i can respect someone that wins as many comps as him, but not this guy. Finale night will be enough for me!

  6. Matt, thank you for trying to include the hard questions. I think it just goes to show once again how far CBS is willing to go to protect this _______ .

    • Dang, no multiple choice? I always hated those fill in the blanks in school….swine..putz…so many possibilities.

  7. This was a pretty horrible interview, to be honest. Horrible journal work–completely biased. Would have expected better.

      • Don’t worry, Matt. She’s a die-hard Zankie fan (per her twitter). Anything that isn’t pro-frankie will receive hate.

      • We forgot ONE important question: “Frankie, are you excited to meet the other contestant’s families, particularly Victoria’s?”

      • OMG…wouldn’t that have been a hoot, but again, Matt has an obligation to all the fans, not just a select few and has to maintain a neutral stand! :-)

    • Anyone who still likes Frankie after the vile things he said and did on BB are …
      A: Too young to watch the show and/or understand what happened.
      B: Family
      C: Has not looked on the internet AT ALL for BB information and is basing their sole opinion on the golden image that CBS tried to paint.

    • One has to consider “who” Matthew was interviewing…. I would guess its not easy questioning a lair and a fake…

    • Apparently, you have no concept of how to handle anyone who does not share your viewpoint. You are fortunate to only be 18, as it appears you have many lessons to learn.

  8. For his own safety, do you think that he will have to be put in solitary confinement in the Jury House ?? Ha !!! :)
    Hopefully, since the cameras in the Jury House is very minimal, if at all, wonder if he will apologize for his actions especially to those he may have negatively affected ??

    eta: That would assume that he believed and viewed some of his actions as not positive … Hmmm ..

    • All the people in the jury house have talked positively about him & have even expressed a desire for him wanting to win the game (Donny & Nicole for sure said they would campaign for him).

      • She was on slop for the 2 weeks back, as a result of him, (in)directly telling the HOH, at the time, to put her up … as well as, having done/said nasty things to/about her …
        Well, Derrick also told everyone to not be/talk to her alone or they would be targeted next, but, then he spent a lot of time with her, in particularly when they were Have Nots for mostly Jury Management strategy .. and, appearance of taking one for the Alliance .. Ha !!!

      • Like I said, there was an *explicit* conversation w/ Donny where they talked about campaigning for him in jury, and in her 2nd Jeff interview she said he was by far the best competitor and very funny.

      • You really are that delusional, the only conversation that was talked about in the house on who was playing the game was Derrick. The fact that you switched Derrick’s name for Frankie’s shows how desperate your trying to make Frankie look good with the jurors.

      • Um, no. They had a conversation where they said they needed to target Derrick/Cody and that Frankie was playing a good game, yada yada and then Donny said he’d campaign for him in jury and Nicole agreed. I WATCHED the conversation, Rose.

      • Genna watch the recent episode of the jury deliberation (Christine awkward reception) and hopefully then you’ll realize your fact-less base of an argument is up in the clouds hoping to rain but instead heading to space.

      • Plus, Nicole was CONVINCED at the time that Frankie was running the house. Donny knew what was up, but she was absolutely blind about it.

      • Just because she thought he was funny doesn’t mean she wanted him to win! She tried getting him out of the house numerous times. And Donny couldn’t stand Frankie either.

      • The last shot of the jury discussing the remaining HGs, they were all agreeing that Derrick had played a really good game. Even a newly evicted Christine had to agree! Naturally, time will tell if Derrick goes home with the prize. The one thing I do know for certain is that Frankie won’t be going home with anything, except for a lot of bad press and viewers who never want to be inflicted by him on TV ever again.

    • I’m sure they’ll all have a thing to say to him once he’s there, making him feel really small, just as they did regarding Christine. It’ll be a shame though that we won’t get to view that!

    • Keep in mind, the jury is not yet fully aware of all of Frankies words and deeds. Once they watch the show back, it would be my guess that he will need to bring his I own company to any season reunions and functions. Can’t imagine anyone will want to share any polite banter with him……

  9. I need these people to stop saying they tried to protect Donny. Donny stayed as long as he did because the dude protected himself. They don’t call him veto king for nothing.

  10. Frankie bitchiness grew and grew stronger during that interview… I suspect if you had been able to go on for a few more minutes you would have gotten close to the REAL Frankie Grande.

    • Maybe she can pay CBS to rig the votes so Frankie wins AFP. I don’t doubt that CBS struck a deal with A. Grande to make Frankies exit one of love and affection instead of a true exit of loathing and disgust. I wonder if the Grande family owns stock in CBS… After watching Frankie for 3 months u have to wonder if the rest of his family is the same.

  11. Perfect! Just perfect! The shade thrown at Frankie was perfect! Did I mention how perfect this interview was?

  12. BB did a really impressive job of stacking the audience with people who wouldn’t boo him. Christine’s eviction must have really scared them.

    • No, I think it made them mad. So instead of giving Frankie a black eye, they gave us one. They fight dirty! :(

      • KSJB I know you’ve been a bit disenchanted with this season but you’d better come back next year. Wouldn’t be the same without your amazing sense of humor.

      • This new chat member loves your posts, as well. It’s the smart, funny, and always straight forward comments from you, Red, Lavendar, and Cyril (names I can remember off the top of my head) that I decided to join all of you here. I joined in later in the season, when I could no longer remain silent about Frankie’s behavior. I am hoping to see all of you back here next season. This is a great place to discuss what I see on BB and get fun, intelligent responses back.

      • Wow, thanks, JeanJ. This has been fun and it takes a village! lol You know, one of my most memorable posts was one where the other poster disagreed, but it was done in a fun way from both of us and I loved it. So we can still have fun, agree or disagree. Not healthy to agree all the time!

    • Since it was taped and they did not want results “leaked”, I read that the audience was comprised of CBS employees because they also did not want an empty audience. Assuming that is correct, then of course they were polite and cheered. But who knows? Maybe they dubbed it in some, too. We will find out at Finale night, right?

  13. This is a repost …….

    There is so much cross promotion right now that its not even funny. Ariana’s manager is Scooter Braun. Justin Bieber’s manager is also Scooter Braun. Justin send out the congrats to Frankie tweet last week. In all likelihood he was asked to send that tweet by Braun to support Ariana.

    Scooter Braun also happens to be the exec producer for /scorpion. We have been hammered with ads for this new show during Big Brother episodes. I imagine that Frankie getting on Big Brother was part of the package that brought /scorpion to CBS.

    Also, a few weeks ago, Bieber performed on the CBS-aired Fashion Rocks show. Ariana has performed in the opening football game. CBS owns the rights to Thursday Night Football.

    Scooter Braun, CBS, and his stable of popstars seem to be one big messy family.

      • They used to own it. It’s changed hands several times, but they still own stock in it and have a vested interest in the company.

    • oh, what a tangled web we weave. They taint the show for a buck.

      More reason to keep pushing “vote for donny, zach, nichole (i.e. #anyonebutfrankie)” as much as possible for AFP. If Frankie wins AFP, then we know CBS’ plan worked and they sold us (the true fans) all out for a buck or two.

      • We can’t split the votes because that will only help Frankie. Everyone on this site needs to stick together and vote for one player. Looks like the majority want Donny. My votes are going to Donny.

  14. I am going to pray so hard that this little twit doesn’t show up on Dancing with the Stars next season. Yikes. Survivor should pair him up with Caleb next year. Is ok with me…I do not watch it. Lol

    • actually, I would love for him to be on Dancing With the Stars…Len would crucify him! (But he’s probably signed a long term contract with CBS, so that only leaves Survivor)!

      • Jeff Probst would chew Frankie up like he did Colton (One World and Fans vs Favorites) only difference is he would do it to him at tribal council where as Colton can’t even finish a survivor but they do have one similarity, if things don’t go their way they pout and whine.

      • Unless CBS requires him to only fluff Frankie. I would hope that Jeff would have the guts to say no to that. I’ve seen him on a variety of interviews and he seems like he’d stand up for himself.

      • Yea your right redroses, we are talking about CBS actually and after that sad excuse of an interview yesterday I wouldn’t put it past them fluff it up but with Jeff I’m pretty sure he learned his lesson about sexual harassment on Survivor so if Frankie ever pulled the stunts he pulled in the house or made a Tarzan and Jane jungle themed rape joke since it’s Survivor hands down Jeff would fire shots at Frankie regardless of who his sister is.

  15. I had no idea who this clown “Frankie Grande” was before Big Brother 16, and I will not remember who he is this time next year. His half-sister is in minute 10 of her 15 and his popularity has got to have taken a major hit with how he acted

    • I may not remember his name next year, but will remember the pink-haired one that earned the title “most hated HG ever!”

      • I don’t “hate” frankie as much as i am just completely annoyed by him. He definitely makes my top 3 for most annoying in BB history, but not hated.

        I mean, it’s bad if when he’s in DR or voting you have to close your ears and look the other way. Like nails on a chalkboard.

      • Wake up, Andy. You need to keep your eyes and ears open more. On second thought, were you being sarcastic? I often don’t pick up on that. :)

      • Aaryn was pretty bad, but she moved down to the #2 spot, IMO. I don’t think her despicable words and actions were even close to being as vile and vulgar as Frankie’s were.

      • Unfortunately, for Aaryn, yes, she was young and nieve, but that was no defence on her actions, but she has since paid the price .. lost her job, and got blasted by Production and the Media … and, acknowledged and apologized for her actions .. but, this will haunt her, even with her mother’s attempt to hire lawyers and a PR staff to rebuild her and her aspiring career ..

      • So Aaryn making a couple racist remarks is worse than Frankie talking about raping someone? Wow!

      • Frankie is irrelevant to me. I didn’t know who he was before this, and this time next year (or this time next month really) I won’t remember who he is. What Frankie said was despicable, Lavendar, but that doesn’t mean he has to jump to the top of my list. He’s irrelevant. His half-sister is irrelevant, she’s on minute 10 of her 15. The curtain is closing on the Grande family

      • if you’re curious
        1) Aaryn
        2) Jessie (the bodybuilder)
        3) “Jedi” Howie

        4) Matt the roofer from Season 9 because he gave Boston a bad name with how he treated Natalie and his post-Big Brother activities

        5) Adam (also from Season 9) because he used his winnings to bankroll a drug dealing operation…seriously.

    • I wish I could forget him. Maybe I’ll have frequent short term memory spells…who are we talking about..oh yeah, Pinkerbell. He’ll be one of those people that years from now, if you see them, you may not remember their names, but you recognize the face or actions…I know him.. he was that guy on..ugh,ugh

  16. Awesome interview! I’m still confused about the charity aspect though. In at least one pre-season interview he discussed needing the money because his sister doesn’t support him. Now he claims 100% is going to charity. Which is it, Rose?

    I’ve seen videos of his Manhattan apartment and (sister’s) home in LA, clearly SOMEONE supports him because Broadway bit roles and his paltry youtube “mogul-ness” would not come close to covering his lavish lifestyle.

  17. Funny thing is you all felt like this about Rachel, look where she ended up! Go Frankie, you were so much fun!

    • I, for one, didn’t hate rachel. She was who she was. There was no act. She didn’t go out of her way to disgust people. If she was disgusting to someone, then it was because that’s who she was.

      Frankie is an abomination. An annoying, self-serving twit. He has an absolute disregard for anyone who isn’t handing him money or praise.

      • He more than likely will be back because he is exactly the type that comes back on Allstars so get ready!

      • Not if CBS values saving their network. I am hoping that after Ariana’s 15 minutes of fame are up, he is 100% shunned by anything to do with a camera.

      • This season was like watching a train-wreck end when you didn’t know there was going to be one.

        If they invite Frankie back, we already know what to expect. Nobody runs to a train-wreck when they know it’s going to happen. They do their best to prevent it.

        This doesn’t make for good ratings.

        Remember: 12-16 year olds don’t buy stuff. Advertisers *hate* 12-16 year olds. They want the 25+ year olds to be watching. 25+ year olds buy stuff because they have jobs/money. 25+ year olds don’t want to watch Frankie ever again.

        Frankie won’t be back.

      • He’s a polarizing figure, that’s appealing to CBS. I hope they don’t bring him back but I would understand if they do. Although I’d rather watch Frankie again than deal with the horribly obnoxious TAR “twinnies” that are going to be on Survivor this season.

    • The problem with you Ariana fans is that you actually believe that by befriending Fakie on Twitter or FB or by cheering him on, somehow she will invite you to spend a day with her or get you backstage to a concert….when you get older, (like maybe 16), you will become wiser…Ariana and Frankie do not know or care to know you…as long as they can generate income off you, they win (just not Big Brother or any popularity polls)!!!!

  18. Can we assume that Caleb may no longer be getting an intro and duet with Frankie’s Sister in her next album and/or road show, nor will be be drag racing cars with Bieber ??? And, pretty sure that the $25K in lieu of AFP will also now be off the table, if he doesn’t win that award …

  19. If THAT guy in the video was the same Frankie we spent the summer with, I’d like him. Unfortunately, he turned into a preening, egotistical ass when he revealed his sister.

  20. Wonder if at the next “buildOn” fundraiser, they will introduce Frankie as “the man who tried to earn half a million for the poor children in Africa by a) condoning rape, throwing his friend under a bus and lying”…Pretty sure this “charity” is gonna drop this fraudster…..

  21. “Casting is open for #BB17! Details on how to apply to next summer’s Big Brother. Good luck! ” ….footnote…having a famous sister, a pink mohawk, and a face that contorts like a rubber band has already been done…..http://

  22. Have no doubt he got the fluff interview from Julie because of his sister. Same reason they have not discussed his bad behavior on the talk. His sister is getting some bad press and CBS is trying to make sure he doesn’t make it worse. Wonder how they would handle the sexual harassment lawsuit if one of the guys was brave enough to file it?

    • The problem is, none of the guys said “no” or “please stop it”. It’s only harassment if you actively try to stop it from happening but it continues to happen.

      I am assuming the guys saw frankie as a “girl” — those guys are so used to being flirted with, touched, manhandled that when frankie did it they just let it go because it’s what they know to do.

      Did it make them uncomfortable? Sure… but they can’t help it — they all believe they are God’s gift to the opposite sex.

      • I missed that — I just assumed they took it in stride as if an actual girl was doing it.

        If that’s the case CBS should have stepped in.

        If a guy was running around touching all the girls like that, he’d have been kicked out.

      • I remember Derrick saying that he even complained about it in DR. I’m assuming that Cody and Caleb did, too.

      • CBS should have responded immediately. In the workplace, if a supervisor is notified of any kind of sexual harassment, hostile workplace, etc., they are required by law to take action. Why is it any different in a situation like this?

      • Maybe like they are barely getting around the no family clause in their terms, they don’t consider the house guests “working”, so technically it isn’t a workplace for them. It’s a living arrangement.

        In other words, I have no clue!! You’ve raised a very valid point, though.

      • When Cody was drunk Frankie was all over him. Frankie even laughed to Christine about groping him. What would you call that?

  23. As for “BuildOn”, to be fair to Frankie, he did receive an award from them back in May for his awareness campaign for them last year, but nothing on their website suggested he had any monetary contribution nor plan to donate $$ from his participation in BB16 ….

    “buildOn presented Frankie James Grande with the Global Impact Award in NYC at the Builders Ball for his commitment to the work of buildOn across the U.S. and around the world. Using the power of social media, Frankie has raised awareness of buildOn’s mission both in the U.S. and developing countries.”

    but, no where on their site did it mention anything about teaching and/or bringing dance to the kids directly and/or indirectly …

      • Hard to say … as, if my math is any good … $20K for TA plus approx. $13K for stipend …. and, possibly $25K as AFP if his family has anything to do about it …
        So, if he is true to his words .. only enough $$$ for one new school ($30K per school) …

    • Well, he hasn’t got paid anything yet from BB …. Patience, Grasshopper, Patience !!!
      And, he has stated publicly that he would donate his winnings, so will be interesting to see a follow-up on his pledge …

      • Exactly .. though, Public Relations / Social Media is his handle and for him to get himself out of the hole that he has dug himself into this summer, he will need all the positive PR possible to rebuild himself socially …

  24. I hope at the finale they hand the mic to Victoria’s mother and she demands an apology from him in front of everyone. I wonder if he will make that silly wide mouth clown face? And/or blame it on…. pick a target, America, Zach, Donny….

  25. I am so confused as to why he can say that he fought to keep Donny and was honourable and loyal to his alliances when he in fact pushed for Donny to go home until the very last second only because he started to fear Nicole and Frankie made Zach a target by using him for TA missions, then blamed everything Frankie did on Zach then backdoored him and made Zach feel like it was all his fault when we saw it all play out 24/7!

    He is definitely living in a parallel universe!

  26. Anyone knows what Cody and Derrick are referencing at this moment “the big dog came in for this one”(Jokers)?

  27. It’s so unsatisfying that his exit interview was all fluff. This one is better, but I want someone to PLEASE rip him to shreds for being such a horrible person. No beating around the bush!

  28. If you take a lookie Frankie’s interview with Entertainment Weekly …

    Finally, what becomes of Zankie now that you are about to be reunited with Zach in the Jury house?
    I’ve never been more excited about anything in my entire life. I’m hoping he’s waiting there with a ring and a bouquet. If he asked me to marry him, I’d say yes! I’m walking into the jury house with my ‘Team Zach’ shirt.

  29. Excellent interview Matt. When I first starting reading this article and you stated some questions didn’t make the cut I thought oh no not another Julie Chen interview. But it was great. You asked some questions we all wanted Julie to ask. About his betrayals, him being a super fan, etc. I’m just wondering when you said those questions didn’t make the cut did you still ask them? Anyway if I don’t get a chance in the next few days to tell you I just want you to know I always look forward to reading all of your articles and look forward to another season next year.

    • I am sure he had nothing but terrible things to say about those three or Matt would have posted them. Horrible person.

  30. If i was Zach,would be waiting with a…but in reality Zach still cares about this person,hard to believe but true..beneath Zach’s loud bravado beats the heart of a decent guy,can’t say the same about Frankie.

      • He also said that he had a crush on Nicole, Amber and Brittany! I literally cannot believe anything he said unless it was about his brother/family! Hahaha

      • Indeed. He also said that everything with Frankie was game and he’s 100% straight and THAT I believe!

    • I’m Team Zach also but I feel like if all the fans who liked both Zach and Donny came together and voted for Zach (Donny won money) we could 100% beat Frankie but now all the votes are split so I may cry when Frankie wins it!

      • I agree.he didn’t win any money. he should get AFP. Donny was funny, but Zach didn’t give an eff. He wanted to entertain us. & he did.

      • Right! But Donny fans are way too stubborn so this may bite us all in the butt if Frankie ends up winning.

      • I’m just pointing out that if the votes are split neither Zach nor Donny will win it. If everyone decided to vote for one person we’d have more hope and since Donny has money I think Zach would be a more plausible option but hopefully even with the split votes either Zach or Donny takes the win.

      • Eh, Zach lives at home and he’ll do just fine after the show. Plus I can see him just throwing the money away. The popularity is enough for him. $25K could be a big deal for Donny’s life. Donny has my vote.

      • I don’t think it’s fair to assume someone’s behaviour and what they would do with money if they had it.

        Everyone is allowed to vote how they want who cares how the money is spent.

  31. “I was targeted because this is a game for $500,000 and greed will almost always win out over loyalty. It is not in my character to play that way”

    Frankie is such a liar!!!!!!!!! He was only loyal when it would benefit him, he threw Zach to the wolves because it would “ruin his game” so greed.

    • The game is not about who can be the most loyal. It is about winning $500,000.

      He is the biggest liar and if he calls himself loyal, oh my!
      This was his biggest audition and the charity bit became convenient to mention (not that he isn’t making a donation) but he is full of it!

      • I agree! I think what irks me the most is how he doesn’t own up to anything but instead lies about it when we know what went down!

        Yeah, it’s sad that anyone would try to use charity to further their game even if they would be donating! It’s about being selfless and we all know he doesn’t have an ounce of selflessness!

  32. Frankie also thinks that Cody turned against him because he put him on the block last week when in fact, Cody hasn’t liked him since the middle of the season! Ha, ha ha!

    • Pretty sure that Frankie has Derrick all figured out and knows that Cody has been his little puppy dog the entire season. I would like to see Derrick and Cody in F2..reminiscent of Dan and Memphis..they both deserve to be there..Victoria on the other hand………

      • He may but he made it seem like he thought it was Cody’s idea to get rid of him. I would love to see Derrick and Cody in the F2. They both played a good game and even though Cody didn’t make big moves, he did make it this far and without Cody, Derrick wouldn’t have made it as far so that’s something!

  33. Interesting Derrick and Cody convo transcript on Jokers…If you read carefully, Cody may have been on to Derrick for quite some time….

    • I think that if Cody is onto Derrick, he would have said something in his DR sessions. I haven’t heard anything.

      • Production probably edits them…..don’t get me wrong, I love Derrick, but find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that none of the people left since Nicole’s second eviction can figure him out….(not including Caleb for obvious reasons!)

  34. I wouldn’t be surprised if at the finale, the returning players who did not make jury, will be told by CBS to only say certain things, they probably won’t be allowed to say how much Frankie is despised..let’s hope maybe someone like Joey or Pao will say something anyway!!

    • They may not speak up out of fear of breaking their contract. Who knows what kind of papers they had to sign and agreements they had to make before this season started and even during the season. I’m sure it would be an intimidating process to deal with such a huge corp. as CBS.

      • I’ve heard that in the past they have had to sign contracts requiring that they didn’t speak about certain things until a specified time.

  35. I wouldn’t be surprised if at the finale, the returning players who did not make jury, will be told by CBS to only say certain things, they probably won’t be allowed to say how much Frankie is despised..let’s hope maybe someone like Joey or Pao will say something anyway!!

  36. Protecting Donny??? Really??? That is a lie; you (Frankie) talked really bad about Donny, and did nothing that I seen or heard to help his game. Had Donny, not been on Team America, you wouldn’t give him the time of day. i for one…am sorry you were voted on Team America. Rest assured if you happen to get enough votes to win America’s Favorite Player, I hope you get booed off the stage. Real America…has very little use for you…Frankie.

  37. It’s easy to say you are playing for charity when you don’t need the money. Mommy and daddy and sissy support Frankie, he doesn’t need the money. Frankie was on BB to try to get out from his sister’s shadow. The problem is he acts like a tween girl and not like a 31 year old and thus is not genuine. It’s a shame because I think he is intelligent and could be interesting, but the fake act he constantly puts on is annoying. Plus he is not loyal, I’d admire him more if he wasn’t delusional.

  38. why was the rape comments not mentioned , i am so disappointed with cbs for ignoring that last night was the first night i didn’t watch bbad i might not watch anymore idk

  39. Those are the questions you chose to ask? Is anyone ever going to ask for an explanation of his thoughts on lesbianism? Or why he used the worst possible word you could ever call a woman: a c*nt? Or maybe to explain why he thinks imitating raping all of Victoria’s ‘virginities’ was so hysterically funny…these are the things I’d like to know.

  40. No, Frankie, as he was leaving the BB house, became the definition of bitter. Those attempted low blows at the other housemates (especially Cody and Victoria) show what an ungracious loser he is, and is just one of the reasons why he is overwhelmingly considered one of the most hated contenders.

    As for that exit interview with Julie Chen, I was horrified. Not because I wanted Frankie to have tomatoes and fruit thrown at him while begin heckled, but because I wanted to see a little bit of ACCOUNTABILITY. At his best he’s been arrogant and quite heinous about other houseguests. At his worst he’s made rape jokes and spoken intricately (albeit jokingly) about murdering his other houseguests. This kid hasn’t earned “most hated” for no reason.

    I wanted to see that look, like the one we saw on Aaryn Gries’ face when she heard some of the things she’d said. The look of regret. Whether feigned or real, it still shows a bit of humanity, or awareness at the least — of what’s right and wrong. I really would’ve liked to have Frankie redeem himself, because the fact that he is so unrepentantly the person who he is, is quite frightening. How does someone like him, deserve an army of 14 year old Arianna Grande fans to influence and guide.

    Instead of a remorseful antagonist, we saw the sad villain we expected, so obviously overwhelmed with what he thought was America’s love (when the audience cheered), that he melted into that interview seat and was reduced to a slew of higher-than-thou lies and blatant fabrications. He played his game with honor and stayed true to his values? He wasn’t the main one who wanted Donny eliminated? Either he thinks very poorly of America’s intelligence, or he’s quite delusional.

    Julie Chen, embarrassingly, was right there, hand feeding his already morbidly obese delusions of grandeur. I can’t fathom how she found it appropriate to blast Christine in an interview for “making a fool of her husband,” but had nothing but love and admiration for America’s most hated houseguest. She made it clear, right then and there, that on Big Brother, houseguests without a famous sister and a large social media following are Second Class Citizens, and will be treated as such. Social Media Moguls can enjoy a nice edit and severely extended camera time, among other things.

    This season’s been quite tough to swallow, and last night didn’t make it any easier. I don’t care that Frankie was “good entertainment,” because those who refuse to ask him to show some responsibility just because he makes them chuckle a few times are absurdists in their prime.

    Seriously TL;DR, I normally wouldn’t, but I’m from California and legally medicated… if you catch my drift. And an episode like this calls for it, so all explains itself :/

    • i used to love julie chen now not so sure anymore , how come they filmed christines family re her actions but not victorias family re rape comment

    • Exactly, bloop—accountability. That’s what I want to see. I keep harping on two points: 1) his disrespect for women and 2) the outrageous comments about lesbianism being a choice. No, I’m not gay and I don’t care who is gay. Doesn’t bother me, never will. However, I know and have worked with probably hundreds of gay people who have had to struggle against the stereotype and persecution of their ‘lifestyle’ being a ‘choice.’ What if one of the HGs insinuated that maybe Frankie just decided one day that he liked men. Can you imagine the outrage? Can you imagine the liberal media running with that one? Can you imagine how fast that HG would have been expelled?
      I don’t know if it’s a choice or if one’s sexuality IS determined in the womb. But I personally know people who KNEW at a young age that they were different. They felt ashamed because they thought something was wrong with them. I guess my point is, I’ve seen my friends fight for rights. I’ve seen them discriminated against. I’ve seen them ostracized from family. So, Frankie, as a gay man, how can you possibly think that it’s OK to say women CHOOSE to be gay, but men ‘…not so much’? Accountability.

    • Hit the nail on the head. I usually don’t read when you have to click ‘see more’, but you said it perfectly. Bravo

  41. When I was watching BBAD last night, Victoria was asking Derrick what she should say during the……… can’t remember if it was the veto competition or a potential speech if she was F2……… Derrick was shamelessly telling her to start off with how many times she’s been on the block and all her other negative stats. Victoria kept telling him, no, no, she didn’t want to do that. He kept pushing. She looked, for a minute or two, as though she were starting to question his motives, but then got called out for a DR session. She said she’d be right back. I fell asleep. Does anyone know if the conversation resumed and what her reaction was. It was the first time I ever thought there might have been gears grinding in Victoria’s head, and the first time she was thinking of potentially being a winner. Maybe I’m just dreaming.

    • I’m not sure the convo was continued, but Derrick turned to the camera and said something like ‘never has there been a person who has had to coach another hg as much as this’

      He deserves the win just for babysitting for the past 3 months. I don’t think Vic realizes anything regarding his motives, but I too saw where it looked like the hamster wheel was starting to move ever so slightly…

  42. Great interview Matt…although it was quite generous for this HG and very tame as well than how the rest of us viewers saw him as! I’m sure it was difficult to sit through it yourself! But I get that you have to give your objective point of view to preserve the network’s and BB’s reputation than just Frankie’s alone deserves!

  43. Yeah if that would have been a live audience instead of the staff and family I bet he wouldn’t have gotten all those cheers. And as for protecting Donny that’s him trying to gain favor for Americas Favorite Player. Also I about laughed my tail off when he told the other guys that he was gonna be the one to pick the winner What a joke!!!!

  44. I am surprised that everyone here says it was the staff, it looked like a full audience. How do you know it wasn’t an audience? I think that if it was the staff it could be because producers expected Frankie to get voted off and thought that he may get a lot of inappropriate shouts form the audience.

  45. My mama always told me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say to be quiet. But, since I haven’t always listened to her… I cant stand this self- entitled jackass who lives in his little sisters shadow. He is 31, looks 41 and acts 13. Frankie, if you read this, I did tone it down and be as nice as I possibly can.

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