First Look Inside Big Brother 14 House – FOTH Update

We’ve got first look inside the Big Brother 14 house and so far it’s out of this world. Knuck, knuck, knuck. On Monday’s episode of The Talk, Julie Chen was absent due to her Big Brother production responsibilities which prompted the show to share a few seconds of her inside the Hamsterdome jokingly painting the walls.

Big Brother 14 house - first look

At first glance I thought it was the old pool room from BB11 due to the tiling motif, but no, that’s not it. Closer inspection revealed which room in the new Big Brother 14 house will have a space theme. Read on to find out the room you’re looking at here.

We’re definitely looking at the new bathroom design. Three main clues. 1) Shower door in the mirror’s reflection. 2) Towel bar next to the window. 3) Same mirror location as past bathrooms. Here’s that same picture marked up against last year’s bathroom.

To avoid further confusion, we have no issues with them reusing previous season’s furnishings. I am simply pointing out what is the same in the new Big Brother house to confirm we’re looking at the bathroom.

Big Brother 14 - bathroom details

I doubt the rest of the house will have a space theme, but if it does then I call dibs on the Buzz Lightyear bed! What do you think of the new BB14 house design so far?

Bonus Update: Here’s our first look at the front of the house. CBS released a new promo last night with the coveted FOTH image so now we’ve seen two small parts of the Big Brother 14 house. We’re getting closer! Join us on Facebook for more news!

Big Brother 14 FOTH


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  1. I like the space theme. And who cares if some items are reused except mattresses. A fresh coat of paint and props is all it takes to make it unique. Maybe they will use ant bait this year to prevent the yearly ant infestation about halfway through the season. Unless they are doing that on purpose. Hey are those trained ants?

  2. I wouldn’t want them to change this house much. It just wouldn’t seem like Big Brother if they did. I think that’s why they keep some things the same and not change them.

  3. Counting down the days. Wish I cold afford the live feeds. Guess I’ll have to just settle for SHO After Dark.

  4. I really hope that who ever is in the house this year learns how to play the game. House guests in the past few years have put too much stock in the HOH then thinking for themselves.  Plus I really don’t think it matters who wins comps as long as you truly play the game. 

  5. This is not enough…I need more…I need more! I can’t freakin wait, bout to go BB crazy!!! I tried watching Glass House just to curb my BB withdraws but it just makes me that much more impatient to see BB!! I know, I got major problems! lol :)

  6. I like this show, but if Rachel and Brenden return AGAIN, I will not watch it at all until at one of them gets sent home (I’ll still look online at who gets evicted, though).

    • Yes, they already went in the House and taped and it will shown on The Talk on the July 12th show, the same day BB premiere…..:-)

  7. Matt, this is off subject, but I was a regular last year in the chat. I forgot my password.  How can I change it?  Or do I just need to start over?

    • Nevermind!  Figured it out!  YAY!  I feel like a junkie about to get her fix!  Looking forward to it all.  I love BB, but this site, its commentaries and it’s chat makes it even better.  Keep up the great work!!!

  8. I wonder if Evil Dick will be back seeing how he had to leave last season. I love that man. He takes no s–t from anyone. He truly plays this game to the fullest and has a good sense on who is smart and a danger to him. Can’t wait!!!!

  9. I really having a feeling that the 4 surprises will be 4 returning houseguests!  I mean… what else could it be?  She said there will be 4 shocking surprises + 1 surprise that changes the game.

    If houseguests do return (I hope not), I would like to see Evel Dick and Daniele for sure. 

  10. if there are  returning houseguest i WILL NOT being watching and i WILL NOT buy the live feeds

  11. i just am so excited to find out what’s new in big brother, i know i will be surprised
    i allways am.great summer fun.

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