Big Brother 14 Cast Preseason Interviews: BBN Goes Inside To Meet The HGs

I’m excited to share the news that Big Brother Network will be interviewing the Big Brother 14 cast in-person this preseason before they move inside the Big Brother house. We finally got our foot in the door (Thank you CBS!) and are ready to kick it wide open to bring you the best cast reveal interviews out there. That’s where you come in. We can’t bring you all with us, but we can take your questions.

We want to hear what you’d want to ask these future HGs as they prepare for their chance to win the half-million dollar prize. The very best questions will be collected and posed to the BB14 cast members when we arrive in Los Angeles and turn the cameras on. Keep it serious and clean. You just might hear your question in our videos.

The “when” part of our Big Brother 14 interviews is still a secret, but get those questions to us sooner than later. Once we can share more details you know we will.

This trip won’t be cheap, so please consider using the links and banners here on our site to sign up for the Big Brother Live Feeds to help support our effort. It costs you nothing extra to sign up through us, but those referral credits go a long way to making all of this possible. Thank you for your help!

And yes, as a Big Brother fan since episode 1 I’m beyond excited. If I see Julie Chen I might mess myself. Just a little. We’ll edit that part out. Probably.


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  1. Will you lie at any cost ? I would and will if I ever get a chance to be on there, it’s a game after all! It’s just a game, can you remember that ?

  2. How much teeth whitener did you use before coming to the house, and how much did that cost?

  3. I know this is a very common question but I’m always interested to know…
    “Who is your favourite past Big Brother houseguest and why?” and “Which past Big Brother houseguest do you consider yourself the most similar to, in terms of game-play?”

  4. Will you form an alliance right away or see how things go first? Who had been your favorite game player?

  5. -What past seasons have you watched? Who is your favorite / least favorite past player?
    -First HOH competition – win or throw?

  6. If you are in the sequester house, will you use emotion to pick a winner, or will you pick a winner based on how they played the game?

  7. in past seasons we have seen that the challenges can at times be very strenuouse and mind bending. do you feel that you can hang with the best of them or are you going to be more dependent on your aliance to pull you through ?

  8. Do you have a strategy? Or do you think you should just roll with the punches and see what twists happen? Do you think formulating one and sticking with it can work?

  9.  YOU are at your best and are MOST REAL when:

    a) you’re comfortable with another soul
    b) when you’ve been plied with alcohol
    c) when you’re all alone
    d) when buck-naked, in the aftermath of a session of transcendent sex?
    Outside of the game, and in real life, when you blatantly tell a LIE to someone you’re supposed to love and/or trust, do you:a) feel  haunted and very guilty about itb) let it go without much further thought or concern
    c) say a silent prayer of forgiveness
    d) assume that that every one lies, so what’s the biggie?
    Often in the game of Big Brother, keeping a secret is not only an added element, but crucial to your gameplay.  On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the very height of  discretion, how well can you be trusted with a Big, HUGE, Juicy secret? 
    Questions created by Lin Ross, Port Chester, NY 

  10. How would your strategy and gameplay be different and unique from other previous houseguests?


  11. My questions for the HGs would be:  The past few years floaters have been advancing to the top 4.  When you realize that there are HGs just wanting to float through till the end would you try to get them evicted before the finale? 

    2).  Several of the “hated’ HGs have received threats to their families in the past few years.  If you realized that a move to evict someone might endanger your friends and family, would you think twice before actually acting on trying to get a popular HG evicted? 

    3).  In the past few years, Big Brother houseguests have found lasting love on the show.  Is anyone here hoping to find Mr or Miss Right on the show?  What lengths would you go to sway a member of the opposite sex to vote out a houseguest?  

    •  I love the first question – because everyone says they want to get rid of floaters, but they usually end up trying to get rid of a threat. Floating, Coastin, Piggybacking sometimes works!

      • Hey @twitter-330596503:disqus ! Welcome, welcome.

        Yeah, that’s one of those cringe worthy things you see from home when the HGs go after one target when they’re missing a real opportunity elsewhere.

      • Hey, Adam!  I actually think “floating” the right way, the way that takes you as far as you went, is a thoughtful strategy.  You still have to be careful who you float with, and not every floater is good at it.  Hope to hear more from you on here this year!

      • You would know for sure. Adam, you made the wrong move last season playing for the veterans. The only way you could have possibly won would have been to go to the end with another noobie. It is unfortunate that you couldn’t see that while you were in the game, because you let the DREADFUL Rachel win.

  12. Do you think being a “floater” IS a strategy? Do you think a successful floater strategy requires major lies, or do you think you would have to be more honest to get to the end?

  13. What do you plan on Doing once you enter the house? What do you want to be precieved as Hero/Villian?

  14. I can’t wait…have been a fan  since season one…bring it on BB.  We will laugh, cry and howl at the new HG’s, but above all it will be a great ride for the 2012 season.  Hello to my fellow bloggers………….cheers,  Annie T.

  15. what if you won big brother but there was a twist to where every one in the jury house won the money instead of you what would you do?

  16. Do you think season 15 of big brother should be an All star season?
    (all winners from previous seasons)

  17. Really the only question I have ever wanted to ask a house guest is, “What do you plan to do in all the down time? What will you do to survive the boredom?”

  18. If you could compare you’re game that you will play in the house to any past season houseguests’s game, who would it be?

    • Ummmmmm Danielle from BB3&7 she was very secretive, strategic, smart, a nd a great player overall!!!!!!!

  19. Is it acceptable to you that the BB prize is a mere half million dollars when other reality show prizes are twice that? 

    • I wouldn’t care it be sooooooooooo awesome just to be in the house and play the game…. It would be cool to strategize and stuff!!!! I’m very competitive though!! Hahahahahaha

  20. Do you think you are a good judge of character?  What about first impressions?  How do you think this may help or hurt you in the BB house?

    What is your take on making alliances, and how quickly will you make them?  Will you wait, or seek secret partners the first day? 

  21. Would you fake a showmance with someone of the same sex (or opposite sex if you’re gay) without their knowlege to further yourself in the game?

  22. Do you plan on giving a signal (sign of any type) during your diary room interviews and if so, what is the sign and who is it for?

  23. Knowing that playing both sides hasnt worked…would you still take the
    chance if you thought  YOU could get away with it…

  24. Big Brother is notorious for having costume punishments (Unitard, humilitard, elf suit, penguin, etc.). What costume/punishment are you the most afraid of?

  25. What is more important – winning the game or how you are portrayed on TV to millions of Americans?

  26. Have you actually watched previous seasons and if so what have you learned from past players?  If not what do you wish you knew about the game.
    Do you think old people (players over age say… 35+ ) are “worthy” of playing?

  27.  Have you actually watched previous seasons and if so what have you learned from past players? If not what do you wish you knew about the game.Do you think old people (players over age say… 35+ ) are “worthy” of playing?

  28.  No question, just hope that there isn’t any returning people.  If so quite a lot of us don’t intend to watch anymore.  Sooo sick of Rachel and others showing up
    on all shows.  Get some new people.  The world is full of people that haven’t been on before……

  29. OMG . ummm will you form a bromance early on? Will you use an Evil Dick approach? Will you lay low? Will you be nice in the beginning and like 3 weeks later attack? Will you eat a lot? Who will you be thinking about the whole time? 

  30. Floaters don’t deserve to win.  Will you be brave enough to vote out the floater and face a real challenger?

  31. Do you plan on aligning yourself solely with one group or being more of a floater and going between different groups?

  32. How are you going to stand out compared to the other contestants to make you memorable and popular among the other contestants?

  33. Will you let the fact that someone lied to you or about you interfere with the best strategic move you should make?

  34. 1) Are you more likely to try and get rid of people who could beat you in comps to further yourself in the game.
    2) Are you going to try and play both sides of the fence with people who are together and those who are not?
    3) Can you change your strategy in mid stream seeing how the game changes?
    4) Do you get along with most and if so, will you still try to cause caos in the house like the way Dick used to when people got him upset or in his space?
    5) Are you a non topping talker? That I don’t need again this year. LOL

  35. Adam, I think a floater only works if your really good at it and folks in the house really like you and really don’t think of you as a threat, because they figure they can get rid of you later and it never seems to be the case. I have no problem with a floater as long as you can see them working it on others. LOL

  36. Another question I have and don’t think it has ever been asked.
    1) Would you rather have a house full of people who were in shape and a athelete so that there would be no floaters, or would you rather have more floaters in the house?

  37. If you see Julie Chen please punch her in the face, ie her up, and mutilat her genitals.

    Afterall she’s one of the sick cunts who laughed at the woman drugging, tying up, and cutting off her husbands penis last summer and putting in garbage disposal. The whole The Talk hosts laughed as did the audience.

    This society is going to hell in a hand basket. I mean when gleefully laughing at a man being sexually tortured and mutilated by his wife, and women are openly laughing at this and it accepted on LIVE TV, you KNOW feminism hasong but taken over and brainwashed women to see themselves as the better sex and men as dirt.

    Women are sick sexist pieces of shit.

    And before you disagree, just ask yourself, would a woman ever laugh or see ANY humor in a man mutilating his wife? Please.

    Therefore women ARE sick pieces of sexist shit.

  38. Am I the only one that can’t  stand Racheal?   There is nothing worse than a crybaby.   She acts like the show owes her someting.

  39. Of all the past Houseguests, who do you think best fits your personality and game strategy??  and explain why??

  40. Do you understand that you are entering the house under your own free will and know what to expect on the show?  Do you feel you can compete without breaking down and acting like you’re a victim when you perceive others to be plotting against or do not like you?  How have you prepared yourself mentally and emotionally for your stay in the house?

  41. Which former house guest from Big Brother 2 onward would you say is the most similar to you strategy-wise?

  42. I would love to see a season where there is a whole new group and no former guess. I love seeing the old quess, but I still would love to see a show again with all new people.

  43. Why is CBS allowing cheating by Frank?  Is it just becasue they want him there?  His win should be disqualified and the next person should be the Veto winner.  No wonder I never watch CBS except for this show.

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